In Brookside’s early days pretty much all of the action centred around the Close and its residents, with some glimpses of other where they worked or neighbouring streets where friends or family lived. In the early 90’s, the Parade was introduced with a changing line-up of shops and restaurants owned or run by people living on the Close. Here you will find a break down of who lived where over the years, and what was on the Parade over the series, as well as some other locations that frequently made appearances.

Brookside Close - overhead

The Close

The central location of Brookside was of course the real set of houses located in West Derby, Liverpool. Here's your guide to who lived where.

Brookside Parade - 90s

The Parade

Appearing for the first time to celebrate 1000 episodes, the Parade was a range of day and night entertainment for various characters to visit, work and live.

Other locations

It wasn't just the Close and the Parade the characters could be seen at, there were other locations in Liverpool and elsewhere that featured in the soap.