The Show

Brookside was first broadcast on Channel 4’s opening night in November 1982. The soap grew in popularity over the years and became one of the UK’s most popular TV shows and launched a hotbed of talent. Here you will find detailed information about every broadcast episode throughout it’s 21 year run along with the various spin-offs or ‘soap bubbles’ and some of the most memorable moments across the series.

The 80's Episode Guide

What happened in the early years of the soap - from it's first episode in 1982 to the siege, Sheila's horrifying ordeal and more.

The 90's Episode Guide

Brookie's peak years included Sue and Danny's fall on the newly opened Parade, Mandy stabbing abusive Trevor, that famous kiss, incest, gangs and plenty of explosions!

The 00's Episode Guide

The final years of the soap saw another seige on the Close, a school bully getting murdered and shocking revenge twist in the final episode.

Brookie spin-offs

The Spin-offs

Life outside the Close has it's dramatic turns for Damon and Debbie, Jamie and Tracy head South, and in direct-to-video episodes not everything goes to plan on a wedding day.

Lesbian kiss

Iconic Moments

We take a look at those water cooler moments when Brookie shocked and entertained us with some very dramatic storylines.