Season Fifty-Seven Episode Guide

Episode 2316 (F 07-01-00 “Guilt Over Mark”) Written by Peter Cox

Victoria is convinced that she was responsible for Mark’s death, but Darren also feels guilty about it. Mick is relieved when Gemma regains consciousness, and Lindsey is disappointed when accommodation is all that Shelley wants to offer her.

Episode 2317 (T 11-01-00 “Hear Us Out”) Written by Barry Woodward

Nathan persuades Rose to cease her involvement with the “Millennium Club”. Max offers to become a partner in Susannah’s business. Rachel names her baby, but refuses to let Ron have it adopted by a local newspaper.

Episode 2318 (W 12-01-00 “Neat Solutions”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jackie is short-staffed at the petrol station, but Tim is looking for work. Sinbad wants to find new tenants for his house, and Mike and Rachel want to move out of Anthea’s – but they can only afford the rent if Katie moves in with them too. Jimmy talks to the press about his arch, and Victoria insists that Darren tells Charlotte about her.

Episode 2319 (F 14-01-00 “Arch Folly”) Written by Barry Woodward

After reading the local newspaper, Jimmy fears that everyone is going to think he is some kind of nutter. Max doesn’t react in the way Susannah expects when she offers him a job. Victoria insists that she and Darren go to Mark’s funeral as a couple, and tries to force him to choose her over Charlotte.

Episode 2320 (T 18-01-00 “Message Received”) Written by Gareth Roberts

Mike and Rachel announce a date for their wedding, but Ron is more concerned about not being invited to Cuddington Hall. Jerome’s attitude to Nikki changes when the letter she wrote to him from Madeira finally arrives. Tim is not sure he can convincingly impersonate Emily’s father.

Episode 2321 (W 19-01-00 “Unofficial Visit”) Written by Carmel Morgan

When Ron takes Anthea on an “unofficial” visit to Cuddington Hall, no-one is ever going to forget it…

Episode 2322 (F 21-01-00 “Last Minute Change Of Plan”) Written by Sue Mooney

Jackie helps out, and Max dresses up, at Emma’s birthday party. Tim points out the tiny flaw in Emily’s plan to withdraw cash using the credit card and PIN number that have been sent to the bungalow. Ron needs to find temporary accommodation, but where will he end up? Katie’s quest for justice gives Nathan the reason he needs to sack her.

Episode 2323 (T 25-01-00 “In The Wrong Place”) Written by Richard Burke

Jackie offers Lindsey a job at the petrol station, but she turns it down, and wants Jimmy to take his arch down. Gemma is expelled from her school, Susannah regrets sleeping with Max, and Ron manages to conceal his presence from Sinbad, but leaves himself with a slight problem…

Episode 2324 (W 26-01-00 “Come Down”) Written by John Fay

When he discovers that Lindsey has been reduced to accepting Jackie’s offer of work at the petrol station, Mick pays her in pennies. A council official visits Jimmy, and tells him the arch will have to come down. Emily and Tim discuss further scams, and Ron manages to escape from the broom cupboard…eventually.

Episode 2325 (F 28-01-00 “The Colour Of Money”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Emily wants Tim to wine and dine her, and give her some flash jewellery. Mick confronts the headmistress of the school over her expulsion of Gemma and the more lenient treatment given to a white pupil with a wealthy father. Frustrated at living in the same house as her ex, Victoria tries to seduce someone else in the same situation.

Episode 2326 (T 01-02-00 “Imagination”) Written by Patrea Smallacombe

Katie and Jacqui have a massive argument, which may put an end to their long friendship. Lindsey tells Mike a secret, Victoria reaches the end of her tether, and one of the residents is about to take delivery of a pile of horse manure – but who is going to end up right in it?

Episode 2327 (W 02-02-00 “Solidarity”) Written by Maurice Bessman

When they attend his lecture, Ray and Jessie suspect something is wrong with Jimmy. Gemma is annoyed by Mick’s determination to stick to his principles. Rachel prepares to tell Jacqui some bad news, and Emily plots revenge.

Episode 2328 (F 04-02-00 “Building Bridges”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Jacqui is angry to hear that Rachel no longer wants her to be one of her bridesmaids. Gemma makes a dramatic threat when Mick insists that she goes back to Brookside Comprehensive. Sinbad tries to make progress with Andrew, and Tim and Emily prepare for a night of passion.

Episode 2329 (T 08-02-00 “Women On A Mission”) Written by Debbie Oates

Katie is astonished by who she sees at the bridal fair. Emily is determined to continue a life of crime, and she and Tim have a narrow escape at Susannah’s. Shelley is waiting for love to find her, but has someone in mind.

Episode 2330 (W 09-02-00 “Forbidden Love”) Written by Sue Mooney

Jacqui and Rachel discover their weddings are scheduled for the same day, Katie and Deborah argue, Mike finds it difficult to look after Beth, and Lindsey lashes out at Max when he offers her a shoulder to cry on.

Episode 2331 (F 11-02-00 “The Final Straw”) Written by John Fay

Victoria finds someone new to talk to at Mark’s wake, which does not go entirely as planned, as a fight breaks out. The Shadwicks convince Ray to stay, and Max and Lindsey forget that Susannah has a talent for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Episode 2332 (T 15-02-00 “Enough Damage”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Darren gets some devastating news, Ron arranges to move Mike and Rachel’s wedding to another date so that it doesn’t clash with Jacqui’s, and Mick is visited by a woman he was hoping he would never see again…….

Episode 2333 (W 16-02-00 “Making The Moves”) Written by Marianne Colbran

Mick’s relationship with his children is threatened again, but he steps in to help when the chef at “The Shelf” quits. Ray parks his caravan on the Close, and an amusing evening tea at the Shadwicks’ looks likely, as Tim makes it his mission to impress Jessie.

Episode 2334 (F 18-02-00 “Big Disappointment”) Written by Peter Cox

Mick is devastated by Gemma’s plans. Lindsey invites Shelley for a big night out, but her plans are thwarted when Shelley asks Jackie to come with them.

Episode 2335 (T 22-02-00 “We Need To Talk”) Written by Joe Fraser

Leo tries to persuade Gemma to change her mind. Darren and Victoria fight with their feelings, and each other. Jacqui may have found a solution for the wedding nightmare.

Episode 2336 (W 23-02-00 “Splitting”) Written by Patrea Smallacombe

There are broken hearts in the Close as Gemma moves out, and Jacqui calls off her wedding to Nathan. Meanwhile, Emily continues to live dangerously.

Episode 2337 (F 25-02-00 “Fidelity Test”) Written by Richard Burke

Susannah comforts a distraught Mick and offers him a job at “The Shelf”. Paula warns Lindsey off Shelley. Nathan tries to persuade Jacqui to think again, while Deborah plans to trap Max.

Episode 2338 (T 29-02-00 “Professional Help”) Written by Patrea Smallacombe

Max feels used and abused, as Deborah, upset at being rejected by him, tells tall tales to Susannah. Emily and Tim plan to steal a car, and Jimmy takes matters into his own hands.

Episode 2339 (W 01-03-00 “The Writing’s On The Wall”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Mick feels like a pawn in a game between Max and Susannah, Shelley makes a meal for Lindsey, Jackie says she will leave Jimmy if he doesn’t abandon his latest project, and the punters at “Bar Brookie” are in for a very big surprise…

Episode 2340 (F 03-03-00 “A Lot More Intimate”) Written by Sue Mooney

In a special double-length episode, the Dixons are shocked by the behaviour, and identity, of the new owner of “Bar Brookie”. Tim and Emily find a new venue for their bad behaviour, Mick and Susannah get steamed up, and Shelley makes a declaration of love.

Episode 2341 (T 07-03-00 “Other People’s Feelings”) Written by Peter Cox

Shelley tells Lindsey that she is in love with a mystery married woman. Jackie finds it very difficult to cope with Jimmy. Susannah wonders if she could still be in love with Max. Dave’s charm impresses the ladies of the Close, but who will be first in the queue?

Episode 2342 (W 08-03-00 “Not Like You’re Attached”) Written by Roy Boulter

Things start to heat up between Max and Susannah again. Jimmy reaches breaking point, Katie tries to make Jacqui to admit that she has feelings for baby Harry, and Bev decides it is time to spice things up at “Bar Brookie”.

Episode 2343 (F 10-03-00 “Trying To Impress”) Written by Roy Boulter

The Cuddingtons visit the Close, and Ron’s attempts to impress them with a meal lit by plastic candelabra don’t entirely succeed. Then he takes them to the “Topless Night” at “Bev’s Bar”. Max is in for a shock, and Jimmy’s world starts to crumble around him as Lindsey, Jackie and Jessie take down his boards.

Episode 2344 (T 14-03-00 “Off, Forever”) Written by Gareth Roberts

Jacqui tells Ron what she thinks of him humiliating her yet again, and he walks out on her. Leo is surprised to learn that Mick’s new girlfriend is Susannah, Max has to decide whether to leave the Close for good, and Bev has big plans for a St Patrick’s Day celebration.

Episode 2345 (W 15-03-00 “Lowest Of The Low”) Written by Sue Mooney

Dave has something for Victoria, and Darren is very worried about her. Jessie discovers that someone has been using Greg’s credit card, and Katie desperately tries to stop Jacqui from leaving Liverpool.

Episode 2346 (F 17-03-00 “St. Pat’s Day”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Darren is driven to take drastic action. Emily is on the warpath. Celebrity guests are due to arrive for the grand re-opening of the parade, but not everything goes according to plan.

Episode 2347 (T 21-03-00 “Breakables”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Jimmy first day of a new career at “Bigger Burgers” goes badly. Darren anxiously awaits Victoria’s response to his proposal. Jacqui and Max panic when Harry stops breathing, and Bev is concerned when she discovers Shelley is a lesbian.

Episode 2348 (W 22-03-00 “Outraged”) Written by Maurice Bessman

A distraught Max turns to Jacqui for a shoulder to cry on, while Susannah believes he has abducted Harry and Emma. Jackie and Bev feel uncomfortable when left in the company of Shelley, and Rachel’s dumplings turn into no laughing matter for Ron.

Episode 2349 (F 24-03-00 “Big Knockers”) Written by John Fay

Emily and Tim venture into the world of cyber-sex. Lindsey finally pays off her debts. Dave’s warning unnerves Victoria, and Rachel discovers that Bev has been taking money from Mike’s pay packet.

The Cast

Josie Brooks, formerly Johnson (nee Christie) – SUZANNE PACKER (2332-2336)
Jackie Corkhill (nee Walker) – SUE JENKINS (2316, 2318, 2319, 2322-2324, 2329, 2334, 2337, 2339-2344, 2346, 2348, 2349)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (2316, 2318, 2319, 2323-2327, 2334-2336, 2338, 2339, 2341-2344, 2347)
William Corkhill – MATTHEW and JACK FORAN, LEWIS DAVIES (2316, 2322, 2340, 2342)
Nathan Cuddington – MARCUS HUTTON (2317, 2319-2322, 2326-2328, 2330-2332, 2336-2338, 2340, 2342-2346, 2349)
Ron Dixon – VINCE EARL (2316, 2317, 2320-2324, 2339, 2340, 2342-2344, 2346, 2348)
Jacqui Dixon – ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (2316-2322, 2326-2332, 2335-2349)
Mike Dixon – PAUL BYATT (2316-2318, 2320, 2322-2332, 2336, 2339-2343, 2346, 2348, 2349)
Beth Dixon (2316-2318, 2320, 2322, 2323, 2326-2330, 2335, 2340)
Max Farnham – STEVEN PINDER (2316, 2317, 2319, 2320, 2322, 2323, 2325-2333, 2337-2344, 2346-2348)
Harry Farnham (2328, 2335, 2338, 2340, 2341, 2343, 2345-2348)
Emma Farnham (2322, 2323, 2328, 2332, 2335, 2338, 2340, 2346-2348)
Ray Hilton – KENNETH COPE (2319, 2324, 2325, 2327, 2331, 2333-2335, 2338, 2339, 2343-2346)
Mick Johnson – LOUIS EMERICK (2316, 2318, 2319, 2323-2325, 2327-2329, 2332-2348)
Leo Johnson – STEVEN COLE (2317, 2318, 2332, 2333, 2335, 2336, 2344, 2347, 2348)
Gemma Johnson – CARLA JARRATT (2316, 2318, 2323-2325, 2327-2329, 2332-2336)
Jerome Johnson – LEON LOPEZ (2319, 2320, 2333, 2343)
Deborah Lawson – DEBRA BEAUMONT (2322, 2329-2331, 2337, 2338, 2341, 2342)
Bev McLoughlin – SARAH WHITE (2339-2344, 2346-2349)
Susannah Morrisey, formerly Farnham (nee Morrisey) – KAREN DRURY (2316, 2317, 2319, 2320, 2322, 2323, 2325, 2326, 2328, 2329, 2331-2333, 2337-2348)
Tim “Tinhead” O’Leary – PHILIP OLIVIER (2318-2320, 2322, 2324-2331, 2333, 2334, 2336, 2339, 2340, 2343-2346, 2349)
Lindsey Phelan, formerly Stanlow (nee Corkhill) – CLAIRE SWEENEY (2316-2319, 2323, 2324, 2326, 2329-2332, 2334, 2337-2344, 2346, 2348, 2349)
Dr Darren Roebuck – TIMOTHY DEENIHAN (2316-2320, 2323, 2325, 2326, 2330-2332, 2335, 2345-2347, 2349)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (2318, 2320, 2322, 2323, 2326-2331, 2335, 2340-2342, 2345, 2346)
Jessie Shadwick – MARJI CAMPI (2319, 2322, 2324, 2325, 2327, 2331, 2333, 2334, 2336, 2338, 2342, 2343, 2345, 2346)
Nikki Shadwick – SUZANNE COLLINS (2319, 2320, 2322, 2331, 2333, 2336)
Emily Shadwick – JENNIFER ELLISON (2319, 2320, 2322, 2324-2331, 2333, 2334, 2336, 2338-2340, 2345, 2346, 2349)
Kylie Stanlow – HANNAH DOWD (2316, 2319, 2322, 2340)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (2317, 2318, 2320, 2323, 2324, 2327-2330, 2332, 2334, 2337-2339, 2343, 2345, 2348, 2349)
Victoria Wilcox (nee Seagram) – PATRICIA POTTER (2316-2319, 2323, 2325, 2326, 2330-2332, 2335, 2341, 2345-2347, 2349)
Rachel Wright (nee Jordache) – TIFFANY CHAPMAN (2316-2318, 2320, 2322-2324, 2326-2330, 2335, 2338-2340, 2348, 2349)

Charlotte Andersen – EMMA FERGUSON (2318-2320)
Shelley Bowers – ALEXANDRA WESCOURT (2316, 2318, 2329, 2330, 2334, 2339-2341, 2344, 2346-2348)
Dave Burns – SIMON CHADWICK (2331, 2335, 2341, 2345, 2346, 2349)
Lady Hilary Cuddington – ANGELA DOUGLAS (2321, 2343)
Karen Dalton – AMANDA HUMPHREY (2336)
Anthea Dixon, formerly Brindley (nee Russell) – BARBARA HATWELL (2317, 2321)
Katrina Evans – ANN MARIE DAVIES (2346)
Rose Finnegan – AMANDA NOAR (2317)
Mrs Tompkinson – CHRISTINE COX (2323, 2325, 2327)
Louise Whelan – AMANDA WHITEHEAD (2334, 2338)
“Quiet” Paul (2329, 2340, 2341, 2343, 2345)

Barbara Newton – POLLY HIGHTON (2343, 2349) [ Mediator (2068) ]
Shop Assistant – BEVERLEY EDMUNDS (2324) [ Sylvia (2034) ]

Charles Cuddington – MATTHEW RADFORD (2321, 2322, 2343)
Craig Dutton – DAVID HART (2347)
Adam Leigh – MARK TUNSTALL (2346)
Gillian Miller – JO CAMERON BROWN (2321)
Andrew Taylor – SEAN HARRISON (2328, 2334, 2338, 2343, 2345, 2349)
Brian Tunford – JOHN MILLINGTON (2340)
Marcella Turner – JOANNA SWAIN (2339)

Mr Morgan – TERRY RANDELL (2324)
Paula – AMANDA PERRY-SMITH (2329, 2330, 2337)
Reporter – GARETH BRYN (2318)

Appearing as themselves:


Christian, an employee of “The Shelf” (2320)
Debbie, a barmaid (2340)
Julie Evans, Katrina’s mother (2346)
Joe, an employee of “Better Burgers” (2347)
Mandy, a nurse (2348)
Margaret, a garage customer (2346)
Polly, a waitress (2337)
Mr Reynolds, a “Friend of Manor Park” (2327)
Sarah, a waitress (2341)
Ted, a slides-changer (2327)
Rob Wilde, a sad and lonely accountant (2331)

From episode 2347 onwards, the tenth “Brookside” opening sequence is used, which prominently features the recently renamed “Bev’s Bar” in the middle of an otherwise similar sequence to the previous one.

The “Magic Rabbits” music is heard again during Emma’s birthday party in episode 2322, although the creatures cannot be seen.


The storylines:

Plans and preparations continue and evolve for the weddings of Jacqui and Nathan, and Rachel and Mike, despite resistance from a worried, redundant Katie, and the break-up of Ron’s marriage to Anthea. Jackie has an unwanted admirer, Lindsey is keen to sell her house and become a lesbian, and Jimmy find new ways of lowering the tone of the Close. Tim reluctantly joins, but less reluctantly sleeps with, Emily as her quest for revenge on Susannah helps to develop her criminal tendencies, while Susannah tries to convince herself that she no longer wants Max back by having an affair with Mick, and Darren eventually persuades Victoria that marrying him might be preferable to jumping into bed with Dave. Meanwhile, the return of the long-lost Josie makes Gemma decide to go and live with her; Ray moves in with the Shadwicks; Sinbad forms a friendship with deaf boy Andrew; and the Parade is renovated and re-opened, with an unlikely new owner for the bar – Bev!

The dates:

It is Friday in episode 2322; and, based on dialogue in episode 2324, it is Friday in episode 2325. It is February in episodes 2326 and 2329; and, based on dialogue in episode 2327, the 27th May is “12 weeks away”, October is “ages away”, and it is Friday in episode 2328. It is still the same Friday at the beginning of episode 2329, but later in on that episode, and in episode 2330, it must be a day within the range 8th-10th February, as a banner seen in the latter episode reveals that those are the days on which the bridal fair at which certain characters are seen is taking place. The events of episode 2340 take place over at least two days, including a Sunday; based on dialogue in episodes 2341 and 2342, it is Friday in episode 2343; and, based on dialogue and a document in episodes 2345 and 2346, it is 16th March 2000 in the former and 17th March 2000 in the latter.


“Cruella” (2316); Tina Turner (2319); Maggie Thatcher (2320); Pinochet (2320); Tommy Steel (2320); “Indiana Jones” (2320); Cilla Black (2321); David Sylvian / “Japan” (2321); Paul Daniels (2322); “Winnie the Pooh” (2322); Arthur Askey (2324); Ken Dodd (2324); Dixie Dean and Billy Liddle, footballers (2324); Einstein (2325); Lizzie Christian, legendary flower-seller (2324); Max Bygraves (2325); Matthew Kelly (2325); “Stars In [“Your”] Eyes” (2325); Dr Anthony Clare, psychiatrist (2325); “Lord Snooty” (2327, 2329, 2339); David and Goliath (2327); Sir Christopher Wren (2327); “Gilbert and George” [“George and Gilbert”] (2327); The Queen (2328); Lord Lucan (2329); “Posh” and “Becks” (2330); “Jack” [as in “Beanstalk”] (2332) Clare Rayner (2337); “Thelma and Louise” (2338); Bill Gates (2339); Jeremy Beadle (2339); Ainsley Harriott (2340, 2348); “Bert and Ernie” (2342); Rolf Harris (2343); Judas (2343); “Walking With Dinosaurs” (2344); U2 (2344); Val Doonican (2344); “B*Witched” (2344); the Corrs (2344); “Westlife” / Shane / Brian (2344); Toyah [Willcox] (2344); “Handy Andy” (2345); “Penelope Pitstop” (2345); Bernie, absent Nolan sister (2346); Mo Mowlam (2346); “Punch and Judy” (2346); “The Spice Girls” (2346); “Changing Rooms” (2347); Noel Coward (2348); “Bros” (2348); “OMD” (2348); “Johnny Bravo” [cartoon character] (2349); “Cartman” [“South Park” character] (2349); and Rory Bremner (2349).


While the majority of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, there are scenes set in the home of Victoria and the late Mark in Didsbury, Manchester in episode 2316; the whole of episode 2321 takes place in or near Cuddington Hall, Cheshire; and there are many scenes set in, and clearly recorded in, Blackpool in the extended episode 2340.


None. Emma’s birthday party, which takes place in episode 2322, is “on Friday” in episode 2320; and it is Lindsey’s birthday, which is “next week” in episode 2341, in episode 2344. It is the 70th birthday of the yet-to-be seen mother of Susannah “on Friday” in episode 2327, and Max and Susannah are seen setting off to see her – and returning for the birthday present they forgot to take with them! – in episode 2329. Sinbad reminds Tim that it is his sister Mel’s birthday next week in episode 2328; Josie recalls that she missed Leo’s 18th birthday in episode 2336; and the [10th] birthday party of Andrew, who Sinbad guesses is “about 10” in episode 2327 / “what, 10?” in episode 2334, is “next Wednesday” in episode 2349, when Barbara reveals that he is currently 9. We are also told that Beth is a day old (2316), Gemma is 13 / a teenager (2316, 2335 / 2332), Emily is 16 (2327), and Josh is 5 (2340). Little Jimmy’s gravestone, indicating that he was born on 26th March 1974, is seen again in episode 2135; and Bev reveals the star signs of the Nolan Sisters in episode 2346 – Coleen is Cancer, the unseen (well, kind of…….) Bernie is Capricorn, Anne is Pisces, Maureen is Scorpio, and Denise is Taurus.


None. Mike and Rachel (2320, 2330, 2340, 2349) and Nathan and Jacqui (2330, 2340, 2349) all plan to marry on 27th May, which is “12 weeks away” in episode 2327. Darren and Victoria get engaged in episode 2347; Susannah and Max’s divorce is due “in a few days” in episode 2317; Ron and Anthea have been married for “coming up to six months” in episode 2321, although Anthea says it feels like a lot longer! – and for “six months” in episode 2322; Jackie says she has been with Jimmy for “20-odd” years in episode 2340; and Brian implies that he has been married for five years in the same episode. Deborah claims in episode 2337 that it is the 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow of an unnamed couple she once fidelity-tested, and Ron recalls in episode 2339 that he and Anthea were at her unseen cousin’s wedding.


None. Mark died “a few days ago” in episode 2317, his funeral takes place in episode 2319, and it is six weeks since he died in episodes 2330 and 2331 / five weeks after the funeral in episode 2331. Little Jimmy’s gravestone, indicating that he died on 29th November 1996, is seen again in episode 2319. Unseen characters who are dead but mentioned are: Nathan’s grandmother (2321); the 12th, 13th and 14th Earls [of Cuddington] (2321), Augustus Marland, a local artist commissioned by the first of those Earls (2321); the current Earl’s father [Nathan’s grandfather], and the Marquis of Upton, from whom he received a gift (2321); Jackie’s father (2324, 2334), who used to be a docker (2324); Ray’s wife Renee (2333); and Mrs [Lil] Harring”d”on, the former customer of “Great Grannies” into whose service Bev had entered, who died “a couple of months ago” (2340).

Toilet visits:

Ron (2321, 2324 – into a pot of paint, and 2346); Max (2330); Tim (2331 and 2345); Emily (2339); Carol Smillie (2346); Susannah (2347); and Lindsey (2349).

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Ray’s brother Bernard (2327, 2331); Susannah’s mother (2327, 2328, 2330); Andrew’s older brother / brother (2334 / 2338), Kevin (2339, 2343, 2345, 2349); Brian’s wife and his two children (2340). But NOT Bernie [Nolan] (2346). Oh no.

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Beth [Jordache] (2316, 2317, 2318); Tony (2316); DD (2316, 2321, 2329); Tom (2316); Mandy (2316); Mark (2316, 2318, 2319, 2320, 2323, 2326, 2330, 2331, 2332, 2335, 2345, 2346, 2347); Alasdair / Callum Finnegan / the Finnegans (2317 / 2348 / 2348, 2349); Mr Crosbie / “Bing” (2318); Little Jimmy (2318); Barry Grant (2319); Mark’s mother (2319); Josh [McLoughlin] (2320, 2340, 2342, 2343, 2348, 2349); Harvey (2320); Nathan’s father / Lord Cuddington / Robin (2320, 2322, 2330, 2344 / 2321 / 2321, 2343); one of Nathan’s parents (2332); Megan (2321); Ruthie / Ruth (2321 / 2327, 2328); Faye (2323, 2347); the Pope (2323); Sammy (2323, 2326, 2332); Greg / Mr G. Shadwick (2325, 2342 / 2345); Margi / Margi Shadwick (2325 / 2329); Mel (2328); Mr Howard (2328); Lorraine Kelly (2330); Patricia (2332, 2347); Jason / “Jase” (2336 / 2340, 2345); Kiev (2340); Ian Leigh (2346); Matthew (2348); Emily [Farnham] (2348); and the Musgroves (2318, 2326) / Joey Musgrove (2316) / Joey (2317) / Luke (2317, 2319) / Kelly (2317, 2319) / Niamh / Matt Musgrove (2318) / Kelly Musgrove (2318) / Luke Musgrove (2318, 2320, 2322, 2326, 2329, 2345) / “from one Musgrove to the next” (2331) / “this Musgrove business” (2342).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Janice, receptionist at “The Shelf” (2317); Caroline (2318, 2324) and Pippa (2335), friends of Gemma; Shelley’s mother (2318); Mrs Saunders, an x-rayed patient of Darren (2319); David, from Max’s bank (2319); Una, a friend of Hilary (2321); Vera Powers, a “Great Granny” (2321); Lizzie, an ex-girlfriend of Charles (2322); “Magic Merlin”, a magician who lets Max down (2322); Tamara Donaldson (2323, 2324, 2325), who was suspended from Gemma’s school for a day for bringing in drugs (2323), and her father (2323, 2324, 2325), Mr Donaldson (2325), who paid for a gymnasium for the school (2323, 2325); Mr Morgan’s mother and father (2324); Sharon, a possibly fictitious mate of Emily, and her possibly equally fictitious mother (2325); Douglas, Victoria’s boss (2325); Mrs Hudson / Miss Hudson (2327, 2328), Emily’s history teacher (2327); Darren Shaw, a university student who was in Tim’s class (2329); Old Mrs Aldridge, a patient of Darren whose ankle needs manipulating (2332); Leroy [Brooks], Josie’s new husband (2333, 2335); Jackie’s mother (2334); Naomi, an almost certainly fictitious friend of Emily (2338, 2339), and her parents (2338) – her father, “Paul Tyrell” (2339) and stuttering mother (2339); Anthea’s cousin (2339); Brian’s mother (2340); Jamie, an employee of “The Shelf” (2345); Grace Rowden, a motorist (2346); Kelly, an employee of “Better Burgers” (2347); and Julie Davis, a stunning brunette who Shelley had a crush on at school (2348).


Rachel adds an extra “about” in episode 2316: “Don’t go and ask her about advice about boyfriends, ‘cos she’s always getting it wrong herself.”.

Jacqui appears to be meaning the Close in episode 2319 when she claims “I’ve lived around here most of my life” – but she was revealed to be 15 in episode 864, shortly after she arrived, not much more than nine years earlier! And in the same episode, Little Jimmy’s grave is in a large and very full graveyard, whereas it was in a small and nearly empty one when he was buried in episode 1859.

Ron seems to be forgetting or ignoring Jacqui’s six GCSE passes again in episode 2321, proudly telling the Cuddingtons that she is “without two “O” levels to rub together”; there are no expiry dates shown on either of the credit cards seen in close-up in episodes 2322 and 2326; and Mike stumbles over a line in episode 2324: “Still, I’d rather take……not take any chances.”.

Emily refers to one of her teachers as Mrs Hudson in episode 2327, and Miss Hudson in episode 2328; and Bev mispronounces the surname of her late employer as “Harringdon”, rather than “Harrington”, in episode 2340, then gets her second, third and fourth words in the wrong order in episode 2347: “I’ll let them still work for me.”.


Josie and her new husband Leroy now live in Bodmin, Cornwall (2333). Mick says that Susannah’s height is 5’6″ (2345), and when he tries to contact the headmistress of “Heathbank”, the school Gemma has been expelled from (2327), he is told that she is at a meeting of “LASH” – Liverpool Association of Secondary Heads (2324). Gemma is seen reading a book called “Secrets” (2318), while Tim is caught reading “A Sensual Act Of Love – A Beginner’s Guide” by Jared Egerton, claiming on its cover to be “A step by step guide to getting the most out of your partner in the twenty first century” (2328). Emily has seen a coat she fancies in a shop off Bould Street (2320), and intercepts a letter addressed to her father dated 10th January 2000 which is signed by John Stapleford, Credit Manager, and accompanied by a Phoenix credit card (2319). The number on this card is 2546 3728 2829 9923, and the name appearing on it is MR GREG SHADWICK (2322). Later, she steals a Greenfields Building Society credit card, number 4929 4012 3456 7008, bearing the name MS SUSANNAH MORRISEY (2326). The room in a guest house in which she and Tim stay in Blackpool is number 14 (2340), and the internet search engine he uses, which finds 6,540 websites matching his request for “big knockers”, is “Sniffer Dog”. The website they are then seen visiting is “Erotica Galore” (2349).

Darren and Victoria have been friends for eleven years (2347). Her boss, Douglas, has taken her off the “Tyrell account” (2325), and she makes an appointment to get the morning-after pill from Cedar View Health Centre, 15 Malvern View, whose telephone number is 0151 692 5941 (2332). When leaving for Shelley’s, Lindsey, who earns £57,000 for the sale of her house on the Close (2348), asks her taxi driver to take her to “Hill Village” (2316). Bev implies that the fee she has paid for the Nolan Sisters’ promotional appearance is £10,000, while Graham Norton – whose Channel Four programme she doesn’t watch – and Carol Smillie imply that they have received much less than that (2346). Jacqui plans to live in Holland Park, London (2321, 2326, 2327, 2345) with Nathan, who needs the file of the “Deary case” for the London office (2322), and finds a bill for £235.15, dated 17th March 2000, for Ron’s three-night stay at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Lime Street, Liverpool (2346). Ray’s favourite meal is liver and onions (2327); Max bought Susannah’s mother a pendant for her 55th birthday, which she gave away the first time he divorced Susannah (2328); and Barbara has fifteen years’ experience of fostering (2349).

A “For Sale” sign bearing the estate agent name “Fletcher’s” and the telephone number 0151-629-1876 can be seen outside number 9 in episodes 2320, 2324, 2327, 2328, 2332, 2336, 2341 and 2342. There is a Janet Jackson poster on Gemma’s bedroom wall (2318, 2335, 2349), posters of Oasis (2319, 2320, 2322), Radiohead (2326) and the Beatles (2333) on the wall of Tim’s garage, and a poster of Natalie Imbruglia on Nikki’s bedroom wall (2325). A milk float bearing the initials “HD” and a Belmont Road address is seen again in the Close in episode 2337, and the captions on the television programme on which Jimmy is seen being interviewed by Elaine Willcox reveal that it is “News N.W.” (2341). Mrs Tompkinson (2323) and Jimmy (2324) are left-handed, while Max (2326, 2341), Katie (2327), Andrew (2338, 2345), Ray (2339), Susannah (2341, 2342), Jackie (2341), and Victoria (2345, 2347) are all right-handed.

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moments:

In episode 2331, a disc-jockey in the background announces a record Deborah has asked him to play and dedicate to Katie – Pulp’s “Common People” !

In episode 2342, whereas other characters refer to the arrival of the Cuddingtons “on Friday”, Ron tells Jimmy to take down his signs because they are coming “tomorrow”, presumably in the hope of addressing the problem sooner rather than later…

In a somewhat surreal moment in episode 2346, Bev wonders why she has ended up one Nolan sister short for her St Patrick’s Day celebration:


BEV: Where’s your Bernie?

COLEEN NOLAN: Oh, she couldn’t make it. She’s got another job.

Luckily, Coleen doesn’t go on to reveal that her sister’s job is playing a new regular character called “Diane Murray” in a Liverpool-based soap opera…

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Number 9, Brookside Close has finally been sold – and after helping Lindsey to clear it and leave things tidy, Jackie assures her almost tearful daughter that she will be able to afford another house some day. Before looking around sadly, and closing the front door for the last time, Lindsey expresses her hopes that the new arrivals will look after the house, and that they will have better luck living there than she did. As the Corkhills pass by the living-room window, we see that on the window-sill they have left a bottle of wine, a few flowers in a vase, and an envelope addressed to…….”THE MURRAY FAMILY”.