Season Fifty-Eight Episode Guide

Episode 2350 (T 28-03-00 “Keys”) Written by John Fay

The Murray family – Diane, Marty, Steve, Adele, Anthony and Minty the dog – are helped by Diane’s mother Brigid and Marty’s brother Christy, as they prepare to get away from next door neighbour Cheryl, and move house to number 9, Brookside Close…

Episode 2351 (W 29-03-00 “Lady Of Leisure”) Written by John Fay

Jacqui is shocked to discover that the new barmaid Bev has taken on is someone she knows, who has already spent a lot of time behind other bars. Nikki discovers that Emily and Tim have been to Blackpool. Victoria inherits a large sum of money from her mother-in-law, and starts spending it.

Episode 2352 (F 31-03-00 “Not A Nice Person”) Written by Sue Mooney

Dave recommends Lindsey applies for a casino manageress job, but she needs to get a reference from Susannah. When Shelley assures Bev that she has nothing to fear, as she would never fancy anyone ignorant and bigoted towards lesbians, Bev agrees to let her redesign her flat. Victoria is sacked, spends the afternoon getting drunk, and causes a scene at the opening of the walk-in centre.

Episode 2353 (T 04-04-00 “Wild Accusations”) Written by David Young

Susannah works out that Emily is behind the campaign of terror, and goes round to confront her. The Murrays’ dog goes missing, but Sinbad has a theory about where he might be. Jimmy is prevented from lodging his application to be a councillor, and Dave moves on to Bev after finishing with Victoria.

Episode 2354 (W 05-04-00 “Real Effort”) Written by Ed Jones

“Trina’s Tots” opens on the Parade, Jackie is annoyed to discover that Shelley plans to wave to her from Bev’s balcony, Katie comes up with a better idea than Debs for Jacqui’s hen night, and Ray accidentally kills a member of the Murray family.

Episode 2355 (F 07-04-00 “Flipping”) Written by Patrea Smallacombe

Bev is appalled when she finds out the truth about Dave. Max walks out on Susannah when she reveals her new theory about the manure, the stolen car and the pornographic pictures. After a policy disagreement with Craig, Jimmy declares a “happy hour” at “Bigger Burgers”.

Episode 2356 (T 11-04-00 “Enthusiastic Defending”) Written by Barry Woodward

Emily plans another new way of tormenting Susannah, and when Tim is given a hard time playing football, she invades the pitch. When Andrew worries because Sinbad is late in arriving, Kevin tries to convince him that he is not coming, then steals Mick’s car keys.

Episode 2357 (W 12-04-00 “Any Advance”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jessie invites the Murray kids to visit the bungalow, but Emily doesn’t want to get to know a meff and a plank, as she is too busy planting fake call-girl cards in “Bev’s Bar”. Jimmy has a new message to communicate – don’t vote, it only encourages them – and a rival bidder makes things difficult for Ron at the auction.

Episode 2358 (F 14-04-00 “Doing Rudies”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Nikki and Jerome tease Jessie when she spends all night in Ray’s caravan. Katrina believes Bev is responsible for rearranging her sign to read “Trona’s Tits”, and changes hers to “Bev’s Bra”. Jacqui is shocked to discover who is responsible for Victoria being pregnant, and Ron is shocked by the voice he hears when he rings a “Busty Blonde”.

Episode 2359 (T 18-04-00 “Moody And Secretive”) Written by Roy Boulter

Marty is in a mood, and Diane eventually realises why. Darren decides that Victoria needs cheering up with some flowers, and is delighted when she tells him she is pregnant – but she leaves out one small detail. Jerome thinks it is time he and Nikki moved into a flat together, but she asks Katrina to join them. Jessie treats herself to a shampoo and set, and tries to conceal the fact that she is going on a date with Ray.

Episode 2360 (W 19-04-00 “We’ll Manage”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jimmy tries to convince Jackie that taking all the money out of their joint account to put a smile on Lindsey’s face was a good idea. Mike and Sinbad try to persuade Rachel that Beth will be safely looked after, so she can still go on her hen party week. Darren believes Victoria is just apprehensive about her pregnancy and tries to reassure her, and Emily’s experimentation improves Adele’s suitablility for the role of “Annie”.

Episode 2361 (F 21-04-00 “Imposition”) Written by John Fay

When Susannah floods her home, Mick invites her to move in with him. Victoria pulls out of the hen party week, but someone else is keen to go along in her place. Anthony tries not to give in to temptation. Deborah listens in as Nathan and Jacqui argue over Harry. Nikki finds something incriminating, and Ray, worried about Jimmy’s state of mind, reveals to Jackie that he was sacked from his job.

Episode 2362 (T 25-04-00 “Afraid Of Change”) Written by Ed Jones

When Jackie tells Jimmy he has become a liability, he decides to move out and make the local bus shelter his new home. Nikki confronts Emily and tells her to watch her step, and Darren tells Victoria that if she goes ahead with having an abortion, their relationship is over.

Episode 2363 (W 26-04-00 “Something Internal”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Victoria has an abortion, Ron is involved in an embarrassing case of mistaken identity, Diane makes an appointment for her and Marty to see a doctor, and Jackie, seriously worried about Jimmy’s state of mind, tries to persuade him to come home.

Episode 2364 (F 28-04-00 “Can’t Let This Go On”) Written by Peter Cox

Nathan reveals to Darren that the baby Victoria aborted was not his. Nikki has some disappointing news for Jerome – he will have to give his mother’s kettle back to her. Leanne wonders why the bar never has enough 50 pence pieces, and thinks Mike is trying to make her look stupid. Ray persuades Jimmy to come home.

Episode 2365 (T 02-05-00 “Hens”) Written by Sue Mooney

Jacqui, Rachel, Katie, Deborah, Bev and Lindsey arrive in Benidorm for a double hen week, but not all of their luggage does. Bev sets her sights on finding some Spanish talent, romance is soon blossoming for Katie, but Jacqui begins to have second thoughts about marrying Nathan.

Episode 2366 (F 05-05-00 “Moping About”) Written by David Young

Jacqui feels guilty about snogging Robbie, especially when she discovers Deborah was watching and plans to get photographic evidence. Lindsey wishes she had stayed at home, especially when money goes missing and she is accused. Bev decides to hire some mopeds so that she and Rachel can go and find some real Spaniards.

Episode 2367 (F 05-05-00 “Adios”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Deborah apologises to Jacqui, and soon everybody has to apologise to Lindsey when the missing money turns up. On the last night of the hen party week, the girls compete in a karaoke competition – but will sleeping with the judge give one of them an unfair advantage?

Episode 2368 (T 09-05-00 “Feeling Guilty”) Written by Richard Burke

Returning from Benidorm, Rachel discovers that Ron nearly lost Beth, and Bev finds that her bar is out of everything except mild. Lindsey and Jackie are concerned about Jimmy’s state of mind, Darren is hurt by Dave’s revelation, and Marty just wants to get the day over with.

Episode 2369 (W 10-05-00 “Synchronicity”) Written by Gareth Roberts

Susannah receives her decree absolute, but then is furious to learn that Max is moving into a flat on the Parade and is determined to remain a major part of his children’s lives. Darren is visited unexpectedly by his mother and, feeling that he has to lie to her, gives Victoria an ultimatum. Sinbad breaks a promise he made to Andrew and Kevin.

Episode 2370 (F 12-05-00 “Not Healthy”) Written by Marianne Colbran

Katie is disappointed that she has not heard from Clint. Rachel goes to Manchester, leaving Ruth with Sinbad, but Barbara arrives with some shocking news for him. Jackie is desperate, as Jimmy doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Darren humiliates Victoria in “Bev’s Bar”, but begs her for another chance. Then Dave is stabbed…

Episode 2371 (T 16-05-00 “Sick People”) Written by Debbie Oates

Darren patches Dave up after his stabbing, and Bev, believing his claim to be a reformed character, lets him stay with her, so long as he doesn’t bleed over the sofa. Sinbad is upset by the allegations made against him, Jimmy refuses to get out of bed, and Katie and Clint are reunited.

Episode 2372 (W 17-05-00 “Bridegrooms’ Revenge”) Written by Peter Cox

Barbara refuses to let Sinbad visit Andrew. While Jimmy has a bath, Jackie changes the sheets on his bed and gets into it. Bev is tempted by Dave, and since Ron is the only one keen on having a proper stag night for Mike and Nathan, it’s only fair that it’s him who should end up losing his trousers…

Episode 2373 (F 19-05-00 “Ready, Steady, Cook”) Written by Peter Cox

Sinbad faces an interrogation at the police station. Rachel gives Bev an invitation to her wedding. Jacqui discovers that Max and Susannah are calling in their solicitors over Harry and Emma. Jimmy sends Kylie to get something to eat from the kitchen, and she nearly burns the house down.

Episode 2374 (T 23-05-00 “Madhouse”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jerome can’t find anything in the bungalow, and regrets not moving out into a flat. Then Ray gives him an idea – but how will Nikki react? Darren tells Diane and Mandy that there is no reason why they shouldn’t have children. As her wedding day approaches, Rachel plans to run away with Beth.

Episode 2375 (W 24-05-00 “Loose Ends”) Written by Sue Mooney

Although Jacqui is looking forward to a new life in London with Nathan, she needs reassurance first from Max that Harry is going to be all right. Shelley causes friction between Bev and Dave. Rachel is preparing to call off her wedding to Mike.

Episode 2376 (F 26-05-00 “I Do”) Written by John Fay

In a special double-length episode, Rachel refuses to come out of the bathroom to go to her wedding, while Deborah sabotages Jacqui’s shoes, tries to convince Nathan that fillet steak is better than corned beef, and reveals to his parents that his bride-to-be has a “womb to let”. Will either couple tie the knot?

Episode 2377 (T 30-05-00 “No, Nay, Never”) Written by John Fay

Jacqui and Nathan have a lot of talking to do to make sure they are not about to make a big mistake. The Dixons return to the Close for an old-fashioned shindig, and Ron has to face humiliation from his ex-lover, his ex-wife and his estranged wife.

Episode 2378 (W 31-05-00 “Corners”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Dave convinces Bev to give him the job of looking after her accounts at the bar. Marty attempts to produce a sample and despatch it to the doctor. Tim cleans windows, and Sinbad tells Mick about Andrew’s false accusation.

Episode 2379 (F 02-06-00 “I Know It All”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Emily is confident of passing her French exam, and of finding an empty house to burgle after she chats to Cheryl at the salon. Adele finds something that worries her, and Max finds that he is asked to help out in more ways than one when Katrina needs a lift.

Episode 2380 (W 07-06-00 “In Fear”) Written by Joe Fraser

Ron plans to make a through lounge for Anthea, and Mike suggests that they film the transformation for a local public-access cable channel. Marty and Diane notice that Adele and Anthony are behaving strangely. Sinbad realises that Mick has told Susannah his secret, but Mick doesn’t realise that Darren is doing more in the surgery with Susannah than giving her injections.

Episode 2381 (W 07-06-00 “Relief”) Written by Marianne Colbran

Steve overhears Adele and Anthony planning to send Marty to Lourdes, and makes some enquiries of his own, leading Marty and Diane to reassure everyone that nothing is seriously wrong. Tim wonders what all Ron’s women have seen in him, since it can’t be his looks, his personality or his money – and Ron’s work on Anthea’s house suggests that it might not be his DIY skills either…

Episode 2382 (F 09-06-00 “Companionship”) Written by Carmel Morgan

When Adele walks in on Emily and Tim trashing Cheryl’s bedroom, Emily teaches her a new game. Ray explains to Jessie why he was feeling jealous of Ron, and they end up in bed together – just as a relative of his is coming to the end of a long journey…

Episode 2383 (W 14-06-00 “Nothing More”) Written by Barry Woodward

Rachel thinks Ron should contact Anthea to tell her what he has done. Kitty persuades Nikki and Jerome to move into the caravan so that she can have their bedroom. Darren tells Susannah no-one can take Victoria’s place, and Max challenges Steve to a boxing match. Tim is fed up with being Emily’s pet poodle, and tells her they are finished.

Episode 2384 (W 14-06-00 “Discretion”) Written by Richard Burke

Lindsey tells Shelley she is thinking of disappearing. Diane wonders if she can so anything else to improve her chances of becoming pregnant. Leanne wants to be the bar manager, but Bev is having none of it.

Episode 2385 (F 16-06-00 “Get-together”) Written by John Fay

Bev tells Dave she loves him, but she doesn’t know that he is still taking drugs. When Susannah sees Jackie leaving Wills with Sinbad, she tells her about Andrew’s allegation. Lindsey and Shelley kiss on the balcony – but someone is watching them from below…

Episode 2386 (W 21-06-00 “Crossed Wires”) Written by Ed Jones

Jackie and Jimmy go to talk to Sinbad about his predicament. When Emily tells Tim she now feels ashamed of herself, he takes her back. Dave is feeling tense, and Bev tries to find out why. Before he can apologise to her, Anthea makes her feelings about Ron painfully clear.

Episode 2387 (W 21-06-00 “Starting Pistol”) Written by Gareth Roberts

Bev fears that Dave has done a runner. Max and Steve run a race, but only one of them manages to finish it. Lindsey convinces Shelley to go away on a holiday with her. Mike confronts Sinbad with what he has heard – and Ron soon knows all about the allegations too, and believes them.

Episode 2388 (F 23-06-00 “Room For One More”) Written by Sue Mooney

Diane suggests that Steve could go on holiday with Nikki’s group, but Max would also like to be involved. Brigid isn’t convinced that Diane should take tablets that interfere with her plumbing. Bev thinks she might have hurt Katrina by falling off a ladder onto her head.

Episode 2389 (W 28-06-00 “Differences”) Written by Patrea Smallacombe

Callum tells Lindsey that he wants then to work out their differences. However, when he tells her she must marry him or die, she isn’t keen on either option. Meanwhile, Bev and Shelley share a few secrets.

Episode 2390 (W 28-06-00 “Grey Areas”) Written by Peter Cox

When Lindsey explains what happened during her weekend away, Shelley doesn’t believe her. Ron challenges Anthea to name one odd thing about him, and she doesn’t know where to start. Leo prepares a new CV, but isn’t revealing what kind of job he is looking for.

Episode 2391 (F 30-06-00 “Home Comforts”) Written by Roy Boulter

When Kitty tells Jessie and Ray she doesn’t want to become a burden, Jessie and Ray tell her she can stay as long as she wants then her furniture arrives. Dave regrets following a different career path from the one his mother suggested. The Corkhills set off on holiday, but Jimmy forgets to tell Bev he is going away.

Episode 2392 (T 04-07-00 “Truth Or Dare”) Written by David Young

Diane blames herself for Anthony going missing. Sinbad and Mick blame Ron and Susannah for spreading the news about Andrew’s allegation, but Susannah is more worried that she might be pregnant. The campers play “Truth or Dare”, and Leo reveals his career plans.

Episode 2393 (W 05-07-00 “Good Samaritan”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Anthea is seriously considering giving Ron another chance, but then she finds out that the insurance company will not pay out because she was negligent in letting him destroy her house. Jacqui volunteers Victoria to examine and try to repair Mick’s computer, but she finds something that may make things much worse for Sinbad, and won’t turn a blind eye…

Episode 2394 (F 07-07-00 “Irreplaceable”) Written by Sue Mooney

Mick tells Susannah he is thinking of having a vasectomy. Jacqui feels that she ought to warn Sinbad why the police may be on their way. Emily and Nikki can’t believe that Katrina and Steve were in a car for four hours and nothing happened. On their wedding anniversary, Rachel suggests that Ron makes a real effort – so he serenades Anthea.

Episode 2395 (T 11-07-00 “Simple Explanation”) Written by Patrea Smallacombe

Tim is appalled when he returns from his holiday and discovers that Sinbad has been arrested, but Emily is more surprised to find that Tim is ready and willing to put everything at risk to save his friend.

Episode 2396 (W 12-07-00 “Not Good Enough”) Written by Peter Cox

Jessie, Brigid, Anthea and Diane discuss Sinbad’s arrest at the salon. Susannah suggests that she and Mick give each other some space, as she’s not good enough for her – but he asks her to marry him. After Tim is interviewed, he thinks he may have made things worse as the police believe Sinbad has convinced him to lie on his behalf.

Episode 2397 (F 14-07-00 “Congratulations”) Written by Marianne Colbran

Max reminds Susannah that she only started seeing Mick to get back at him, so marrying him would be overdoing it. But, after taking advice from Jacqui, and despite her feelings for Darren, she decides to go ahead. Leanne refuses to serve Sinbad at the bar, and Bev supports her decision to bar him – so Jerome walks out. But Nikki thinks he is just using this as an excuse to quit.

Episode 2398 (T 18-07-00 “Old Flames”) Written by Roy Boulter

Katie is surprised when Clint turns up for Jacqui’s birthday drinks, but she’s not the only one. Lance has a cut finger, and long-distance lovesickness. Bev prepares to give Jimmy a sacking he will never forget, and Dave tries to persuade Shelley to give Lindsey another chance.

Episode 2399 (W 19-07-00 “The Time Is Right”) Written by Barry Woodward

Diane summons Marty home to try to get her pregnant, but Brigid turns up on a planting mission. Robbie asks Jacqui out, but she says it is too soon after Nathan. Steve and Max both have invitations for Katrina, but whose will she accept? Mike tells Rachel she must choose between him and Sinbad. Dave accidentally gets engaged to Bev, and Shelley and Lindsey sleep together.

Episode 2400 (F 21-07-00 “Keep It Quiet”) Written by Sue Mooney

Shelley is not convinced that Lindsey should tell her mother what they have done. Dave doesn’t want Bev to tell people about their engagement yet, but she announces it during the Murrays’ barbecue. When Max is looking for serviettes to wipe his hands, he finds something round and firm instead. Sinbad moves out of Mick’s and into the Corkhills’, but trouble follows him.

The Cast

Shelley Bowers – ALEXANDRA WESCOURT (2352-2354, 2361, 2363, 2364, 2372, 2374, 2375, 2384-2390, 2398-2400)
Dave Burns – SIMON CHADWICK (2352, 2353, 2355, 2364, 2368, 2370-2376, 2378, 2381, 2383-2386, 2388-2391, 2393, 2398-2400)
Jackie Corkhill (nee Walker) – SUE JENKINS (2354, 2360-2364, 2368, 2370-2374, 2384-2391, 2399, 2400)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (2352, 2353, 2355, 2357, 2360-2364, 2368, 2370-2374, 2378, 2379, 2381, 2383-2386, 2388, 2390, 2391, 2398-2400)
William Corkhill – MATTHEW and JACK FORAN, LEWIS DAVIES (2354, 2385, 2400)
David “Bing” Crosbie – JOHN BURGESS (2376)
Nathan Cuddington – MARCUS HUTTON (2360, 2361, 2364, 2368, 2372, 2375-2377)
Anthea Dixon, formerly Brindley (nee Russell) – BARBARA HATWELL (2376, 2377, 2386-2388, 2390, 2393, 2394, 2396, 2399)
DD Dixon (nee O’Farrell) – IRENE MAROT (2376, 2377)
Ron Dixon – VINCE EARL (2357-2359, 2363, 2369, 2372, 2373, 2376-2381, 2383-238, 2390, 2392-2394, 2398-2400)
Jacqui Dixon – ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (2351, 2358, 2359, 2361, 2365-2368, 2372, 2373, 2375-2377, 2380, 2381, 2392-2394, 2397-2399)
Mike Dixon – PAUL BYATT (2357, 2360, 2362-2364, 2368, 2369, 2372, 2374-2377, 2380, 2381, 2383, 2384, 2386, 2387, 2392, 2394, 2398, 2399)
Tony Dixon – GERARD BOSTOCK (2376)
Rachel Dixon, formerly Wright (nee Jordache) – TIFFANY CHAPMAN (2357, 2360, 2365-2368, 2370, 2373-2377, 2380, 2383, 2386, 2387, 2394, 2397-2399)
Beth Dixon (2357, 2360, 2363, 2368, 2370, 2374-2376, 2378, 2380, 2387, 2398)
Katrina “Trona” Evans – ANN MARIE DAVIES (2354, 2358, 2359, 2363, 2379, 2383, 2385, 2387, 2388, 2391-2394, 2399, 2400)
Max Farnham – STEVEN PINDER (2353-2355, 2369, 2373, 2375, 2376, 2379, 2383-2385, 2387, 2388, 2390, 2391, 2394, 2396, 2397, 2399, 2400)
Harry Farnham (2354, 2356, 2361, 2373, 2385, 2388, 2394, 2397)
Emma Farnham (2354, 2356, 2385, 2394, 2397)
Kitty Hilton – JEAN HEYWOOD (2382, 2383, 2385, 2391)
Ray Hilton – KENNETH COPE (2353-2355, 2357-2361, 2370, 2371, 2374, 2378, 2379, 2381-2383, 2385, 2391)
Mick Johnson – LOUIS EMERICK (2354, 2356, 2361, 2369, 2372, 2375-2380, 2384, 2385, 2392-2398)
Leo Johnson – STEVEN COLE (2363, 2390-2397)
Jerome Johnson – LEON LOPEZ (2355, 2357-2359, 2364, 2373, 2374, 2379, 2382-2384, 2391-2394, 2397)
Deborah Lawson – DEBRA BEAUMONT (2361, 2365-2367, 2376, 2377)
Brigid McKenna – MEG JOHNSON (2350, 2364, 2388, 2396, 2397, 2399, 2400)
Bev McLoughlin – SARAH WHITE (2351-2353, 2355, 2357, 2358, 2361, 2365-2368, 2370-2377, 2379, 2381, 2384-2391, 2393, 2394, 2397-2400)
Josh McLoughlin – ADAM McCOY (2363, 2372, 2374, 2385, 2390, 2394)
Susannah Morrisey, formerly Farnham (nee Morrisey) – KAREN DRURY (2352-2355, 2358, 2361, 2369, 2373, 2375-2381, 2383, 2385, 2392-2394, 2396, 2397, 2400)
Diane Murray (nee McKenna) – BERNIE NOLAN (2350-2352, 2356-2359, 2361, 2363, 2364, 2368, 2374, 2378-2382, 2384, 2386-2388, 2391, 2392, 2396, 2397, 2399, 2400)
Marty Murray – NEIL CAPLE (2350-2352, 2355, 2356, 2358, 2359, 2363, 2364, 2368, 2374, 2378, 2380, 2381, 2384, 2391, 2392, 2397, 2399, 2400)
Steve Murray – STEVEN FLETCHER (2350, 2351, 2353, 2356, 2357, 2359, 2379, 2381, 2383, 2385, 2387, 2388, 2391, 2392, 2394, 2397, 2399, 2400)
Adele Murray – KATY LAMONT (2350, 2351, 2353, 2355-2357, 2360, 2361, 2378-2384, 2392)
Anthony Murray – RAYMOND QUINN (2350, 2351, 2353-2355, 2357-2359, 2361, 2378-2381, 2385, 2388, 2391, 2392, 2396, 2400)
Christy Murray – GLYN PRITCHARD (2350, 2359, 2400)
Tim “Tinhead” O’Leary – PHILIP OLIVIER (2351, 2352, 2356-2358, 2362, 2378, 2379, 2381-2383, 2386, 2391-2396)
Lindsey Phelan, formerly Stanlow (nee Corkhill) – CLAIRE SWEENEY (2352, 2355, 2360, 2365-2368, 2370-2372, 2374, 2383-2391, 2398-2400)
Peter Phelan – SAMUEL KANE (2376)
Dr Darren Roebuck – TIMOTHY DEENIHAN (2352, 2353, 2359-2364, 2368-2372, 2374, 2376-2378, 2380, 2381, 2385, 2392-2394, 2398, 2400)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (2354, 2365-2367, 2370-2372, 2375-2378, 2380, 2381, 2383, 2394, 2398, 2399)
Jessie Shadwick – MARJI CAMPI (2353, 2354, 2357-2359, 2361, 2362, 2370, 2371, 2378, 2382, 2383, 2385, 2391, 2396)
Nikki Shadwick – SUZANNE COLLINS (2351, 2352, 2354, 2355, 2357-2359, 2361-2364, 2370, 2373, 2374, 2379, 2383, 2388, 2392-2394, 2397)
Emily Shadwick – JENNIFER ELLISON (2351-2360, 2362, 2364, 2370, 2379, 2381-2383, 2386, 2392-2396)
Kylie Stanlow – HANNAH DOWD (2373, 2383, 2384, 2391)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (2351-2353, 2356, 2357, 2360, 2363, 2368-2380, 2385-2388, 2390-2400)
Victoria Wilcox (nee Seagram) – PATRICIA POTTER (2351-2353, 2358-2364, 2368-2370, 2376, 2380, 2392-2394, 2397, 2398, 2400)

Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (2394, 2398, 2399)
Charles Cuddington – MATTHEW RADFORD (2376, 2377)
Lady Hilary Cuddington – ANGELA DOUGLAS (2376, 2377)
Lord Robin Cuddington – FRANCIS MATTHEWS (2376, 2377)
Craig Dutton – DAVID HART (2353, 2355)
Callum Finnegan – GERARD KELLY (2385, 2386, 2388-2390)
Barbara Newton – POLLY HIGHTON (2351, 2352, 2356, 2360, 2369-2372)
Leanne Powell – VICKIE GATES (2351, 2361, 2362, 2364, 2368, 2370, 2371, 2373, 2384, 2385, 2387, 2392-2394, 2397, 2400)
Andrew Taylor – SEAN HARRISON (2351, 2352, 2356, 2360, 2363, 2369, 2370)
“Quiet” Paul (2352, 2388, 2398, 2399)

Clint Moffat – GREG PATERAS (2365-2367, 2371, 2375, 2398, 2399) [ Barman (“The Lost Weekend”) ]
Detective Inspector Holden – RAY BURNSIDE (2373, 2394-2396) [ Les (84) / Elvis Davis (663) ]
Auctioneer – DAVID WILLIAMS (2357) [ Alan Torenson (7, 16, 31, 51, 73, 77, 96, 97, 105) ]
Registrar – MICHAEL FLEMING (2376) [ Brian Wynne (783) ]
Radio News Reader – CAITLIN GREY (2383 OOV) [ Tina Curtis (2165, 2169, 2173, 2189) ]

Leon Francis – GIL DARNELL (2355)
Bernard Hilton – KEITH SMITH (2382)
Robbie Moffat – NEIL DAVIES (2365-2367, 2398, 2399)
Lance Powell – MICKEY POPPINS (2393, 2394, 2398)
Carolyn Roebuck – LUCINDA CURTIS (2369)
Scott Saunders – RYAN HURST (2356)
Cheryl Smith – SHERRIL PARSONS (2350, 2379, 2386, 2400)
Kevin Taylor – ASHLEY McKECHNIE (2351, 2356, 2363, 2369, 2370, 2372)
Christine Walton – ANNIE FITZMAURICE (2395)

Duane – TONY BLUTO (2365-2367)
Cousin Jill – JANE ROSSINGTON (2376)
WPC Trainor – LOVEDAY SMITH (2354)

Appearing as themselves:


Ben, a footballer (2356)
Mr Collins, a patient (2374)
Easy Life, a horse (2377)
Ev, a cleaner at “Bigger Burgers” (2353)
Detective Sergeant Kelly (2395, 2396)
Jamal, a tot (2358)
Jamal’s father, a tot’s father (2358)
Mike, a delivery man (2378)
Minty, a dog (2350, 2351, 2353, 2354)
Mrs Naylor, a mother (2399)
Baby Naylor (2399)
Ramon, a rep (2365)
Rubie, a dog (2358, 2359, 2363, 2379, 2392)
Sandy, a creche assistant (2359, 2379, 2388, 2398)
Mr Spencer, a patient (2374)
Mr Winters (2379)

For scheduling reasons, ten episodes (2366/2367, 2380/2381, 2383/2384, 2386/2387, 2389/2390) were originally broadcast on Channel Four edited into five double-length omnibuses, each in a 60-minute time-slot.

For the special episodes which take place entirely in Benidorm (2365-2367), an eleventh “Brookside” opening sequence is used, in which ALL the images of Liverpool are replaced with images of Benidorm!

The appearances of David, Tony, Max, Harry, Peter and Andrew Collinge in episode 2376 are only within a superb series of twelve flashbacks from earlier episodes, as Jacqui fondly recalls the highlights of her ten years on the Close in just 30 seconds. And, although there is a large supporting cast in episode 2377, the highlights of a five-hour conversation between Nathan and Jacqui take up over half of that episode.

Musical juxtaposition occurs twice in this season – firstly, in episode 2357, the Matt Monro song “A Portrait of My Love”, playing on Ray’s radio in the caravan, continues in the background throughout the next scene, in which Emily and Tim talk and are reconciled at the bus stop, before we return to Jessie and Ray, still dancing to it, back in the caravan. And at the end of episode 2377, after we see the Dixons and their guests begin to sing “I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool”, we continue to hear them while we see Jacqui walking out of Cuddington Hall for the last time, and Nathan watching her go…….

Some of the last images of episode 2389, featuring Lindsey running down a spiral staircase, are repeated, slightly blurred, as part of a sequence at the beginning of episode 2390, in which Lindsey has a short nightmare about her recent ordeal. Although this sequence otherwise consists of new material, it includes some images similar to those seen towards the end of episode 2389, but with the angles changed so that the guns Dave and Callum are holding now seem to her to be much closer, or much bigger, than they actually were!


The storylines:

This season sees the return, after long absences, of Leanne Powell and Nisha Batra, and some very promising new arrivals – Ray’s mother Kitty, Leanne’s brother Lance, and the Murray family! While Diane and Marty have trouble conceiving, Steve is a rival of Max for the affections of Katrina, and Leo has a new career in mind. Jessie and Ray eventually sleep together, and so do Shelley and Lindsey, after Dave ensures she will have nothing more to fear from Callum. After damaging Victoria’s relationship with Darren by briefly getting her pregnant – she has an abortion – Dave also accidentally gets himself engaged to Bev, while Susannah gets engaged to Mick, although she is occasionally sleeping with Darren as well. Destroying Anthea’s house helps Ron to get back together with her; Katie finds a new boyfriend, Clint, during Jacqui’s hen party week in Benidorm; and, although Mike marries Rachel, Jacqui and Nathan decide not to tie the knot after all. While medical treatment and a job at “Bev’s Bar” help to relieve Jimmy’s depression, Tim is reluctantly dragged further into a life of crime by Emily, and becomes implicated in an attempt by the police to charge Sinbad with downloading child pornography, after Andrew is persuaded by his brother Kevin to make entirely false accusations of sexual abuse against him. And, although Sinbad has a number of loyal and unwavering supporters around the Close, others are more willing to keep an open mind about whether he has actually done what is alleged, and some are firmly of the view that he must be “guilty until proved innocent”…….

The dates:

Episodes 2350 and 2351 take place earlier and later in the same day – which, based on earlier dialogue, must be a Wednesday. The ticket Rachel looks at in episode 2360 shows a date of 21 April 2000 for the return flight from Alacante to Manchester [but see “Goofs” below], and Jimmy tries to persuade people not to vote in the upcoming council election on May 4th in episode 2360. It is Good Friday in episode 2361; based on dialogue in episode 2369, it is Saturday in episode 2370; and the events at the end of episode 2370 continue directly in episode 2371, so it is still the same Saturday in that episode. From dialogue in episode 2375 and earlier episodes, it is 26th May in episode 2375 and 27th May in episode 2376; and the events at the end of episode 2376 continue directly in episode 2377, so it is still 27th May in that episode. Based on dialogue in episode 2383, it is Friday in episode 2385, in which it is Father’s Day on Sunday; and in episode 2387, Shelley – not necessarily an expert on the subject – thinks the Olympics are a few weeks off. Episodes 2388 and 2389 take place on the same day – which, based on dialogue in episode 2398, was a Friday; based on dialogue in episodes 2390 and 2391, it is Thursday, then Friday, in episode 2391; and there is a 2000 calendar on the Johnsons’ wall in episode 2395. Based on the markings on the Murrays’ calendar, it is the 19th in episode 2399; and, based on dialogue in that episode, it is the following Friday [the 21st] in episode 2400.


Esther Rantzen (2350); Chris Waddle and Gareth Southgate, penalty-missers (2350); “Father Ted” (2351); the Krays (2351); Gary Glitter (2352); Sonia (2352); “Lassie” (2353); the Virgin Mary (2353); Evel Knievel (2353); Richard Branson (2353); “Mystic Meg” (2353); the “Liver Birds” (2353, 2367); Charles Dickens (2356); the “Chemical Brothers” (2357); “Abba” (2357); Matt Monro (2358); “The Human League” (2358); “Genesis” (2358); Bobby Darin (2358); Bobby Vinton (2358); “Friends” (2359); “Dr Mopp” (2359); Schumacher (2359); Kenny Dalglish (2359); Morecambe and Wise (2360); Jennifer Lopez (2360); “Annie” (2360: Adam [biblical] (2361); Rasputin (2363); “Billy Bunter” (2365); Robert Shaw [“Jaws” actor?] (2365); John Wayne (2367); “Granpa Walton” (2367); Suzi Quatro (2367); Duane Eddy (2367); Ricky Martin (2367); Clare Rayner (2367); Dick Emery (2367); the “Beatles” (2367); the “Diddymen” (2367); “Tarby” (2367); “Bucks Fizz” (2367); Bob Monkhouse (2368); “Countdown” (2369); “Inspector Morse” (2369, 2379); “Thunderbirds” / Virgil (2369); Muriel Spark, novelist (2369); “Prince Charming” (2371, 2376); “Reservoir Dogs” (2371); “Cupid” (2372); “Charlie’s Angels” (2372); the “Clampetts” (2372); “Emergency Ward Ten” (2372); “Ready, Steady, Cook” and presenters Ainsley and Fern (2373) / Ainsley Harriott (2385); Richard Burton / Richard and Liz Taylor / Liz (2375 / 2393); “Superman” (2375); Mark Twain (2378): Wilf Owen, war poet (2378); “Bart Simpson” (2378); Georges Clemenceau (2378); “Handy Andy” (2381); Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen (2381); Sophia Loren (2381); Mr [Cecil B] De Mille (2381); “Crimewatch UK” (2381); Henry VIII (2381); “Colditz” (2382); “Life Is Beautiful”, film (2382); “Aladdin” (2382); Gilbert O’Sullivan” (2382); Michael Douglas (2384), James Doohan / “Scotty” / “Star Trek” (2384); “Cocoon” (2384);”Cool Hand Luke” (2384); Meg Ryan (2384); “Casanova” (2384); Tyson and Francis, boxers (2385); “Romeo and Juliet” (2385); Leo and Kate [from “Titanic”] (2386); “The Brady Bunch” (2387); “Charlie Brown” (2387); “Hopalong” Cassidy (2388); “Barbie” (2388); Tom Jones (2389); Franny Jeffers, footballer (2392); Geoff Capes (2393); Maggie Philbin (2393); Andy Williams (2393); Donna Summer (2393); “Angela Lansbury” (2393); “P.C. Plod” (2394); Princess Caroline (2394); Barbara Windsor (2394); Dale Winton (2394); and “The Sound Of Music” (2400).


While the majority of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, there are many scenes set in and in the grounds of Cuddington Hall, Cheshire in episodes 2376 and 2377; and there are scenes in or near Bournemouth, and on a coach at a number of unspecified points between there and Liverpool, in episode 2382.


None. Victoria is pregnant by Dave, expecting a baby in November or December (2358), until she has an abortion in episode 2363. Ray reveals that but for the fact Renee once had an abortion, he could have had a child who would now be 36 (2364), Carolyn reveals that she lost a baby between Darren and his sister (2369), and Brigid reveals that she lost one before Diane (2388). It is Andrew’s birthday in episode 2351; it is the yet-to-be-seen Jan’s birthday in episode 2359; it is Bev’s birthday in episode 2385; it is Jacqui’s birthday – also mentioned in episode 2397, as Anthea has sent Ron to buy her a present – in episode 2398; and it is the birthday of the unseen Sarah, a friend of Adele, in episode 2384. We are told that Anthony is 9 (2350, 2356) / nearly 10 (2391); Emily is 16 (2353, 2354, 2357, 2364, 2379); Steve is 18 (2357); Victoria is 28 (2359); Jacqui is 23 (2365); Lindsey is 27 (2367) / in her late twenties (2384); Andrew is “not yet 10” (2371) / 9 (2387); Marty is over 40 (2381); Kitty is 84 (2382); and Tim is 19 (2388). Mrs Roebuck says she is the same age as her unseen daughter’s unseen boyfriend Kieran (2369); Max claims that he “just about qualifies” as under-40 (2388); and Alasdair’s coffin-plate indicates that he was born on 14th February 1953 (2390).


One – on 27th May, according to earlier dialogue, which is “in a fortnight” in episode 2365 and “tomorrow” in episode 2375, Mike marries Rachel is episode 2376; but the planned wedding of Jacqueline Teresa Dixon to Albert Nathan Cuddington, due to take place on the same day, is called off at the latest possible moment in the same episode, although we are told in episode 2378 that it was announced in “The Times”. Max and Susannah are divorced in episode 2369, it is Ron and Anthea’s first wedding anniversary in episode 2394, Susannah and Mick get engaged in episode 2397, and Dave and Bev get engaged in episode 2399. Ray says he was married for “30-odd” years in episode 2378, and Callum claims never to have been married in episode 2389 [but see “Goofs” below].


Four. While setting off by car to look for the Murrays’ missing dog, Minty, Ray accidentally reverses over him in episode 2354; Alasdair and Rose Finnegan are both shot dead, victims of a gangland assassination in episode 2383; and Callum Finnegan is shot dead by Dave in episode 2389. Alasdair’s coffin-plate, seen in episode 2390, reveals that he died on 13th June 2000. Unseen dead characters who are mentioned are: Adele’s grandad, who died when she was one year old (2356); Ray’s wife / missus / Renee (2354, 2383 / 2378 / 2364, 2382); Jimmy’s brother Franky (2364); Darren’s father, who was in the army (2369); Jerome’s father (2373, 2393); Ray’s uncle Ernest, who was a window cleaner (2378); Jessie’s husband / Tommy (2359 / 2382), who has been dead for more than 20 years (2382) [but see “Goofs” below]; Billy Lowndes, a runner for Alasdair, who has also been shot dead (2384); “poor Mrs H” [Lil Harrington] (2385); and Cheryl’s mother (2386).

Toilet visits:

Christy – audibly, as Diane and Anthony watch! (2350); Minty – visibly, over Christy’s driver’s seat (2350); Katrina – reappearing just 28 seconds after she sets off, and flushing after 18 seconds (2354); Jerome (2357); Andrew (2363); Dave (2372 and 2400); Jimmy (2372 and 2384); Mike (2376, three times); Mick (2377); Tim (2391 and 2394); and Victoria (2400). And let’s not forget the finest of “Brookside”‘s toilet humour, from episode 2368:


LEANNE: One of the mens’ bogs is blocked.
MIKE: So use the ladies’ then.

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Adele, Anthony and Steve’s mother / Jan, Marty’s former wife (2356, 2391, 2392 / 2359, 2380, 2388); Robbie and Clint’s mother (2365, 2367); Katrina’s father (2379, 2391); Frederico, Lance’s “other”, who lives in Rio de Janeiro (2398): Shelley’s younger sister in Bedford (2399); and Amber, a relative of Cheryl (2400).

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Mark (2352, 2353, 2358, 2362, 2393); Mark’s mother (2352); the Finnegans (2352, 2355); Val (2354, 2362, 2384, 2385); Bernie (2354); Jason / Jase (2354, 2355, 2357, 2392, 2393 / 2359); Margi Shadwick / Margi (2355 / 2371, 2393); Gemma / Gemma Johnson (2355, 2356, 2374, 2378, 2381, 2393, 2395, 2398 / 2371); Cracker (2357); Greg (2361, 2382, 2396); Luke Musgrove / Musgrove (2362 / 2374, 2393); Sinbad’s mother (2363, 2392); Jerome’s mother (2364, 2374); Mandy (2370); Ruth (2371, 2373, 2375, 2376, 2397); Faye (2373); Megan (2376, 2390); Brian Kennedy (2379); Carol Smillie (2380, 2381, 2393); Brian [Tunford] (2381); Geoffrey [Fletcher] (2383); Chloe (2383, 2389); Alasdair (2383, 2384, 2389); Rose (2383, 2384, 2389); Gary (2384); the Nolans (2393); Graham Norton (2393); and Nisha’s parents (2399).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Mrs Casey, Anthony’s former teacher (2350, 2380); Janice, a member of Cheryl’s family (2350, 2386, 2400); Paul, who tries to sell Marty windows over the telephone (2350); Paul, Brigid’s cousin in the merchant navy (2350); The Pinningtons, who are moving into the Murrays’ old house (2350); Leanne’s nan in Coatbridge (2351); Wayne Baylis, a bully at the childrens’ home Sinbad was in, and Andrew, the bed-wetting child he bullied (2351); Jane and Joanna Imrie, twin bullies in the childrens’ home Barbara was in (2351); Jerry, Marty’s cousin on the council, in the environmental health department (2352): Bob Foster, a businessman who used to work at the same surveyors’ as Max (2353); Eddie Rimmer, an unavailable footballer (2356); Kevin’s mother (2356); Sister Aloysius, at whom Diane once threw rancid fudge at her convent (2356); Mrs Simpson, Anthony’s new teacher (2359); Adam Grey, from Adele’s year at school, and Louise Pollard, who has a ring in her nose and used to go out with him (2360); Robbie and Clint’s father (2365, 2367, 2375); Clint’s auntie Maureen (2367); Jo Mason, whose eczema earned her the sympathy vote in a 1982 karaoke competition and prevented Bev from winning £20 for the second year running, she claims (2367); Marino, Clint and Robbie’s boss (2367); Dr Latchford, a colleague of Darren (2368); Darren’s sister, and her boyfriend Kieran (2369); Michael, referred to by a footballer on television (2369); Sylvia, an unmarried friend of Ray and the late Renee from bingo (2370); Mrs Holt, a patient (2370); Celia, a contact of Barbara (2371); Sheila, who is looking after Andrew and Kevin for Barbara (2371); Margaret, a character in the film Ray and Jessie are watching on television (2371); Clint’s nan (2372); Dave’s mother (2372, 2376, 2391) and father (2372), who both disowned him (2372); Madame Renault, mentioned by television documentary commentator (2374); Brian, Rachel’s stepfather (2374); Shirley Titherleigh, a friend of Hilary who takes size 5 shoes (2376); Sarah, Nathan’s first wife (2376, 2377); Elliot, a friend of Anthony, and his mother (2378); Mr Adams at number 59, former neighbour of the Murrays (2379); Anthea’s sister (2380, 2381, 2383); Mrs Cooper, a patient (2380); Jean, Bernard’s wife (2382); Kitty’s cousins (2382); “Shady Pines” residents Eva White, whose bingo winnings went walkies, and old Mary Dalton, who disappeared two days after complaining about rice pudding (2382); Anthea’s brother-in-law (2383); Paul Longton, a patient of Darren (2383); Sarah, a friend of Adele, and her mother (2384); Lindsey’s cousin Gina (2384, 2391); Selina, who Paula is now seeing (2385); Julie, who will do Lindsey’s shift (2387); Chris from Jackie’s work (2388); Maureen Smith at Brigid’s bingo (2388); Mrs Kelly, a salon customer whose hair Diane nearly turned pink (2391); Tracey O’Connor, a friend of Lance (2393); Shelley’s mother, who is having a hysterectomy (2399, 2400); Jackie’s cousin (2400); and Tommy, Cheryl’s husband (2400).


One of Steve’s first lines in episode 2350 becomes unintelligible, as he is torn between “when I’ve had the time to finish it” and “by the time I’ve finished with it”: “When I’ve had the time I’ve finished with it”; and in episode 2352, Tim ends his sixth word with an “s”, instead of his fifth: “What happens if she find outs it’s us?”.

As Ray begins to say “Well, maybe this council stuff’ll help you to get started again” about four minutes into episode 2353, a boom microphone can be seen bobbing down above him. He then replaces “after” with “about” in episode 2357 – “Don’t you think it’d be a bit embarrassing ABOUT what’s happened to Minty?” – and says “Roast lamb is definitely my favourite!” in episode 2358, although he had said that liver and onions was his favourite in episode 2327!

The ticket Rachel looks at in episode 2360 shows a date of 21 April 2000 for the return flight from Alicante to Manchester, which is not consistent with the wedding date of 27th May being only a fortnight away during the hen party week. And, in the same episode, Emily either adds a “with”, or replaces “bothering” with “asking”, telling Adele, “Don’t be asking me with all sorts of stupid questions.”.

Jimmy misses the last two letters off “any” in episode 2368: “Do you know someone who’s on the lookout for a middle-aged, ex-con scallies, do you?”; and in the same episode, Diane omits her third and fourth words, “want to”: “I don’t look back over me life when it’s too late and think even for one second that I didn’t have the guts to try this.”.

Two of Katrina’s lines in the same scene are messed up in episode 2379. Firstly, “Me dad can’t get me to model a job.” is probably meant to be something like “Me dad can’t take me to my modelling job.”. Secondly, her sixth word, “at”, is omitted: “And I’ve got to be a modelling job in half an hour.”

Jessie says her husband Tommy has been dead for more than 20 years in episode 2382, but not much more than a year has passed since episode 2196, in which she mentioned that he died ten years ago; and Callum’s claim in episode 2389 that he has never been married contradicts dialogue from episodes 1985 and 1987, in which his wife Sheena was mentioned!


The “For Sale” sign in the window of the Murrays’ former home, 57 Meadowbank Road (2354, 2379), near the Meadowbank Baths (2354), and next door to Cheryl at number 55 (2379), bears the name “Shannon Estates” and a telephone number beginning 0151 264 56- (2350). Adele, who is reading “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens (2356), used to go to singing lessons (2360), and carries a folder bearing the name “KATE BUSH” (2383), has lived there all her life (2350), but her stepmother Diane has only been there for six years (2357). She is the new manageress of the “New You” Hair and Beauty Salon on the Parade (2353, 2387, 2397), she used to do the hair of the “stars” – including Sonia (2352), and in episode 2351 she is seen reading the note that Lindsey left in episode 2349: “Hope you’ll be very happy here. If you need anything, knock next door (no 10). Good luck, Lindsey Corkhill and family”. Marty, the caretaker of Brookside Comprehensive (2350, 2351) was present at the birth of Steve (2374), and hires a video from “PIXEL VIDEO” (2384).

According to Steve, Brookside Close is the second turning off Prescot Road (2393). Adele is seen defacing (2350) one of his posters in which “The North West Counties Amateur Boxing Assocation presents a North West Counties ABA Belt Fight – STEVE MURRAY vs ED TURNER”. Other boxers involved in bouts in the same event – at Everton Park Sports Centre on Saturday 9th May – are Peter Burdett, Chris Peterson, Toby Drew and Keith Rice (2350, 2351). Christy’s employers, named on the van in which he takes the Murrays’ furniture to the Close, are E&M WHOLESALE BUTCHERS, and their telephone number is 0151 496 0007 (2350, 2351). The jukebox Anthony looks at in episode 2359 contains records by the Swinging Blue Jeans, Care and the Scaffold, none of whom he has heard of – but musical preferences, mostly of the Murray family, revealed in episodes 2357 and 2358 are the Chemical Brothers (Anthony), Abba (Adele), the Human League (Diane), Genesis – particularly “A Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” (Marty), Bobby Darin (Ray), and Bobby Vinton (Brigid – who has been to “Knock” in episode 2364).

After living with her son Bernard and his unseen wife Jean for nine years, Kitty has spent the last six weeks in “Shady Pines” rest home (2382). She and Bernard have been eating at “The Granary” restaurant (2382), and she was in labour for 18 hours with him (2382) and 36 hours with Ray (2385), who used to have a mongrel (2354). Max is surveying a development in Shore Road (2369), and won a silver medal for boxing from the Lancashire Schoolboys ABA (2383); Barbara lives at number 11 (2372); Ron buys lot 23 in the auction, 8 Brookside Close, for £54,500 (2357); Anthea, who has lived where she is now for 20 years (2394), once lost Megan, who now has a new job in Baltimore (2376) in Paddy’s Market (2390); and when he was eight, Tony went missing on the front at Blackpool (2390).

Nisha has been in nursing for eight years, after failing her second-year law exams, and lives in Aigburth (2394). She split up from her boyfriend six months ago (2394), and it emerges in episode 2398 that she was engaged to him, and it was Clint! He is from Parkside (2365), attended “Rodney Bennett”, the Catholic school, with Robbie (2366), and their local pub is now the “Swan” (2366). The house in Holland Park at which Jacqueline Teresa Dixon (2376) and Albert Nathan Cuddington (2376) plan to live has eight bedrooms (2375). Charles was the best man at Nathan’s first wedding (2376). Their father’s horse “Easy Life” wins at Haydock Park (2376) at odds of 6/1 (2377). Mandy and Ruth are unable to come to Rachel’s wedding because they have chickenpox (2375). Victoria inherits £30,000 from Mark’s mother (2351), and the full name of Leanne’s brother is Lance Timothy Powell (2393).

Susannah is reading a Muriel Spark novel (2369); Rachel gets Sinbad a book entitled “Working With Children With Hearing Difficulties” (2370); Sinbad finds the book “The Elves and the Shoemaker” in Jimmy’s bedroom (2371); Shelley is seen reading “Wallpaper” magazine (2374); and Anthony reads a book called “Caring For Your Dog” (2378, 2380), and quotes some of the most embarrassing parts from it (2378). A headline in the “Liverpool Echo” seen more than once in episode 2385 is “ANOTHER GANGLAND KILLING – Man Executed”, and after reading a newspaper article headed “PHONE BOX SCANDAL OF HIGH CLASS CALL GIRLS”, Emily produces cards reading “BUSTY BLONDE AVAILABLE FOR GOOD TIMES, SENSUAL MASSAGE, ESCORT SERVICE. CAN VISIT OFFICES AND HOTELS. CALL 0151 692 6149” (2356). Ron discovers, by ringing it, that this is Susannah’s number (2358); and more of the same cards are seen in episodes 2359, 2361, 2362 and 2395.

The art by Richard Diebenkorn which was previously seen in Victoria and Mark’s house is now on the wall of her flat (2358, 2360, 2361, 2392), along with art by Mark Rothko (2368, 2369, 2392, 2398). There is still a Britney Spears poster in Emily’s bedroom (2383), there is still a Janet Jackson poster in Gemma’s bedroom (2393), and there are posters of the “X-Files”, the “Blair Witch Project”, and one referring to the Valley Stadium, Sheffield, showing a “Ticket Hotline” number 0870 128 2000, on the wall of Tim’s garage (2395). The telephone number of Merseytravel – 0151-236 7676 – appears on the bus shelter that becomes Jimmy’s home-away-from-home in episode 2363, and there is a logo “MONIKA HOLIDAYS” in the window of the apartment in which the “hens” are staying in Benidorm in episode 2365. Anthony (2353), Jackie (2354), WPC Trainor (2354), Rachel (2357), Mick (2372, 2378), Sinbad (2372, 2400), Shelley (2374, 2387), Susannah (2378), Ron (2378, 2380), Dave (2378, 2381, 2392), Kitty (2382), Andrew (2388), Josh (2390), Max (2394), Christine (2395) and William (2400) are all right-handed, whereas Duane (2367), Bev (2393) and Diane (2396) are left-handed.

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moments:

Towards the end of episode 2350, the outright winner of the “this really must have seemed like a good idea at the time” award must surely be the “materialisation” of the entire Murray family from nowhere into a virtually empty room of the home they are shortly going to leave, which is strangely reminiscent of the way that aliens might transport themselves from one location to another in a science-fiction television series or movie…

Bev’s words in the original broadcast of episode 2352, “If I’d have known you were a rug-muncher I’d have never agreed to you getting the job.”, are changed in the Saturday teatime omnibus repeat, in which a different recording of the same scene is used: “If I’d have known you were a lesbian I’d have never agreed to you getting the job.”.

At the beginning of episode 2359, the same song – “A Heart As Big As My Home Town” by Pete Wylie – is being listened to on the radio by three different households.

Cousin Jill’s surname is not revealed in episode 2376 – but it is strongly implied that the performer Jane Rossington is playing the same character that she portrayed in Midlands-based soap opera “Crossroads” for many years! Before she appears, there is this clue:


HILARY: You should see cousin Jill’s home. Makes me feel positively like a council tenant.
RON: Oh yeah? And, er, where did she get her money from, then?
HILARY: She started very modestly with a motel in the Midlands, invested wisely, and hey presto…

And, later, when she makes her fleeting appearance, this is what happens:


CHARLES: Jill! Long time no see.
JILL: Charles! [they kiss]
CHARLES: Oh, let me introduce Beverley.
BEV: Hi, queen.
CHARLES: There we are, Jill – treated like royalty at last.
JILL: I wish I had her money.
BEV: I believe you’re in the hospitality trade, Jill. We’ll have to have a good chin-wag.
DEBORAH: Beverley, did that waiter find you?
BEV: No.
DEBORAH: There’s a phone call in the drawing room.
BEV: What, for me?
DEBORAH: Someone called…Leanne, was it? Apparently your bar is on fire.
BEV: You’re joking!
JILL: Oh, how dreadful. I remember when the motel went up in smoke…

Episode 2378 begins with an old gag best known for its appearance in the first episode of “Porridge”, although it had previously been heard in “Love Thy Neighbour” – as Marty reads in bed, and Diane comes into the bedroom with a specimen bottle:


DIANE: Right, lover boy – I want this fillin’ today.
MARTY: What, from here?

In episode 2380, while Jacqui and Victoria are discussing whether they would be better off with or without Nathan and Darren respectively, the song “Better The Devil You Know” is playing on their radio…and, just as Ray and Jessie begin to become intimate in his caravan in episode 2382, the scene changes to a close-up of one of Ray’s wind-ornaments outside, driven into action by a sudden gust – a woodcutter with an axe begins to frantically and repeatedly chop his wood…

In episode 2391 a photograph of Anthony as a baby held by his mother, Jan, is briefly seen on-screen a couple of times – and, although Jan is not destined to make a physical appearance for another two years yet, it is a performer who actually looks not dissimilar to the woman in the photograph that would eventually be cast in that role!

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

The 2,400th episode of “Brookside” ends with something happening that’s we’ve already seen quite a few times before…a projectile comes flying through the Corkhills’ window! Although this seems to confirm Sinbad’s fears that there may be worse trouble to come if he stays at number 10, Jackie insists, and Jimmy takes a moment out of his dish-wiping to agree, that he is not leaving – he is like one of the family, and she wouldn’t let any one of her family be treated the way he has been. She goes to the door, and looks around the Close, but there is no sign now of the brick-thrower – Leanne.