Season Sixty Five Episode Guide

Episode 2660 (W 20-03-02 “Taking The Plunge”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Jacqui plans to introduce a creche in the health club. Mike plans to tell Ron that he has taken in lodgers. Imelda plans to bully and humiliate Anthony again – but this time he fights back.

Episode 2661 (Th 21-03-02 “Abreaction”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Jacqui tries to persuade Max that “Bev’s Bar” is worth buying. Rachel gives Mike a night to remember. Leanne can’t interest Gary in a photograph of her buttock, and Anthony is having trouble sleeping.

Episode 2662 (F 22-03-02 “Back To Reality”) Written by Peter Cox

Mike feels that he and Rachel deserve better. Max is not convinced that Jacqui is doing the right thing by buying “Bev’s Bar” – but she has some even more unexpected news for him. Jessie agrees to pay Nikki’s tuition fees for her.

Episode 2663 (W 27-03-02 “Coming To Terms”) Written by Heather Robson

Jimmy realises that he has to fend for himself. Jacqui wants no-one to know her news yet – but Katie already does. Emily breaks a nail while putting up her course certificate, and goes to the walk-in centre for treatment. Jerome wants nothing more to do with Jessie, and Bev has a suggestion for Max.

Episode 2664 (Th 28-03-02 “This Can Work”) Written by Tom Higgins

Nikki volunteers to take care of Jimmy, no matter what Jerome thinks. Nisha is frustrated that Sammy is turning into “Goldilocks”. Max tries to reassure Jacqui. Marty has good reason to be annoyed by the results of Tim’s DIY work next door.

Episode 2665 (F 29-03-02 “Stressed Out”) Written by David Young

Sammy, Nisha and Katie enjoy a girls’ night in. Anthony goes to church to confess to his worst sin. Max forces Jacqui to tell him the truth. Emily isn’t convinced that Nikki is doing the right thing – but neither is Jimmy. Marty and Steve repair Tim’s repairs.

Episode 2666 (W 03-04-02 “Weepy”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jacqui thinks she will fail as a mother, and Rachel thinks she may be planning to get rid of her baby, although Mike thinks she’d be more likely to sell it. Anthony has a panic attack in church, Max interviews Lance, and Sammy continues to use Katie.

Episode 2667 (Th 04-04-02 “Too Preoccupied”) Written by Barry Woodward

Katie is sent home from work drunk. Rachel becomes jealous of Mike’s offer to help Bev. Emily’s plans are frustrated, and Jacqui admits that she doesn’t want to be pregnant, as she has so much else in her life.

Episode 2668 (F 05-04-02 “Coming Home”) Written by Peter Cox

Nisha gets Katie off the hook, but she isn’t particularly grateful. Steve becomes concerned about something he finds in Anthony’s room. Ron is released from prison, and Jimmy is released from hospital – but are they both ready to face the outside world again?

Episode 2669 (W 10-04-02 “Older And Wiser”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Anthony fights back when bullies attack him again. Jacqui feels that her life isn’t her own any more – and Sammy, Sol and Leanne are all getting on her nerves. Tim has trouble disposing of builders’ waste, and Ron admits that he felt suicidal in prison.

Episode 2670 (Th 11-04-02 “Trauma Therapy”) Written by Neil Jones

Nikki invites Jimmy to the opening night of the bar, but becomes worried when he starts drinking. Gary asks Katie to come and talk to him if things are getting too much for her. Max fears that history is repeating itself when he receives a telephone call about Jacqui…

Episode 2671 (F 12-04-02 “Second Fiddle”) Written by Neil Jones

Bad news about Jacqui is received at the bar – she has been in a car crash, but is still coming to the opening. Bev tries to reassure Ron with a cuddle, but he loses control and wants more. Imelda’s mother makes a television appeal, and another angry visit to the Murrays’.

Episode 2672 (W 17-04-02 “Reactions”) Written by Roy Boulter

When Sol’s wife discovers that he has been having an affair, both he and Sammy are going to regret it. Jimmy finds the account he wrote of the bungled heist, and resolves to take control of his life again. Anthony wrecks the science lab at school, Bev invites Ron to move in with her again, and Louise runs away.

Episode 2673 (Th 18-04-02 “Failure”) Written by David Young

Sammy thinks everyone regards her as an unfit mother. Ron visits several of his former clients, but isn’t able to convince anyone to use “Great Grannies” again. Tim’s first assignment as a “lifter and shifter” is not what he was expecting. Jerome desperately wants Nikki back, but will a new haircut help to convince her?

Episode 2674 (F 19-04-02 “Pig Sick”) Written by Roy Boulter

Rachel begins to feel that Jacqui is taking advantage and treating her like a slave. Sammy feels that she is being bribed. Jimmy offers to help Sylvia to find her mother, and Ron wants someone to explain why a pig has just run through his house. After putting Leanne in her place, Jacqui collapses in agony on the Parade…

Episode 2675 (W 24-04-02 “No Baby”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jacqui wakes up in hospital, unaware of what is going on. Tim and Steve liberate Rover the pig when Christy is only willing to slaughter it if they pay him. Helen and Jimmy have a drink together, and Marty discovers that Adele’s boyfriend has eaten the meal Diane left for him.

Episode 2676 (Th 25-04-02 “Nobody”) Written by Arthur Ellison

Jacqui struggles to cope with the consequences of recent events, and fears that Max will hate her. Jimmy is becoming obsessed with his research, and Nikki is worried that he is not ready for a relationship with Helen. Ron feels that he has lost his identity, but Anthony thinks that his nightmare may be over.

Episode 2677 (F 26-04-02 “Best Policy”) Written by Tom Higgins

Max becomes convinced that he and Jacqui should move away, but Ron fears that he will end up on his own. Jimmy and Helen become closer, but Ray strongly believes that Jimmy should tell her about his illness. Nisha decides that a cleaner needs to be found for the flat.

Episode 2678 (W 01-05-02 “Staying In Bed”) Written by Heather Robson

Tim’s latest quest for easy money turns into hard work. Ray discovers that Helen plans to introduce Jimmy to Stephanie. Sammy resents the amount of influence her estranged husband has over Louise, and Jacqui unsucessfully tries to persuade Ron to get out of bed.

Episode 2679 (Th 02-05-02 “Precautions”) Written by Peter Cox

Jimmy can’t bring himself to confide in Helen. Although Jessie advises him not to interfere, Ray threatens to tell Helen what Jimmy is concealing from her. Adele receives some unwanted advice about safe sex from Diane, and Emily embarrasses Tim by insisting that he cleans the toilet.

Episode 2680 (F 03-05-02 “Mercy Mission”) Written by Carmel Morgan

Jacqui asks Bev to try to convince Ron to get out of bed, and she delegates the job to someone else she is sure will succeed. Steve tries to lay down the law to Adele’s enormous boyfriend. Tim and Emily’s first wedding anniversary doesn’t go as they planned.

Episode 2681 (W 08-03-02 “Looking Back”) Written by Barry Woodward

Max, frustrated that Ron is always visiting for no reason and putting his DVDs in the wrong cases, wonders if he might be encouraged to get back together with Bev. Jimmy decides to tell Helen the truth, but finds that she has disappeared. Nisha wants to talk to Katie about Clint.

Episode 2682 (Th 09-05-02 “Self-Awareness”) Written by Andy Lynch

In a special double-length episode, Gary blames himself when his favourite patient dies in his surgery, Louise doesn’t appreciate being kidnapped from Richard’s by Sammy, a misunderstanding causes Ron to take off all his clothes, and Adele and Laura run out of fake tan embarrassingly quickly – but will gravy browning be a suitable substitute?

Episode 2683 (F 10-05-02 “Mixed Signals”) Written by Neil Jones

One year after Clint’s death, Katie still feels haunted by him, and Nisha tries to convince her to move on. Ron and Jimmy reflect on the lack of women in their lives, but Ron learns something he never knew about a pool table. Sammy and Bev discuss single parenthood.

Episode 2684 (W 15-05-02 “Another Go”) Written by Neil Jones

Ron has some proposals for Jacqui involving laundry and house-swapping. Ray denies that he plans to see Helen – but Tim sees them together, and encourages Jimmy to confront them. Josh causes trouble between Rachel and Mike.

Episode 2685 (Th 16-05-02 “Pain Killers”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Mike’s toothache is getting worse. Adele tries to dump her boyfriend . Nisha is worried about Katie, but goes for a drink with Gary after work. Ray explains prostate glands to Tim and Steve, and Leanne takes an interest in spontaneous combustion.

Episode 2686 (F 17-05-02 “Old Fashioned Values”) Written by Heather Robson

Adele’s latest boyfriend has a few drinks too many, and turns up at the Murrays’ absolutely poetic. Nisha invites Gary over again when she hears that Gabby plans another night of working late – but this time he turns her down. Josh’s bad behaviour becomes too much for Rachel, but Jimmy thinks he may have found what he is looking for.

Episode 2687 (W 22-05-02 “PR Work”) Written by Heather Robson

Jacqui shows Max around the house to which she is keen for them to move. Sammy needs to convince Nisha not to move out of the flat. Jimmy is frustrated that Nikki always has to be the voice of reason. After scaring Anthony, Russell brings Diane flowers as an apology.

Episode 2688 (Th 23-05-02 “Hot And Bothered”) Written by Peter Cox

Katie is welcomed back to work. Mike is in pain, and wonders why Ron is wandering around with pieces of paper and a tape measure. Beth has a temperature, and Gary diagnoses an ear infection. Bev is desperate for help – but will she get any?

Episode 2689 (F 24-05-02 “Heated Discussions”) Written by Peter Cox

Mike is furious when he discovers what Rachel has got him for their wedding anniversary, and how she has paid for it – and when he discovers the secret that Ron and Jacqui have been keeping from him, he storms out. Bev receives friendly support from Gabby after her taste in tablecloths is criticised, and not everyone is impressed with Gary’s advice when Beth’s temperature rises again.

Episode 2690 (W 29-05-02 “Too Much”) Written by Tom Higgins

Helen is not pleased when she discovers that Ray didn’t pass on the information Jimmy gave him for her. Brigid and Jessie plan a trip to London for the Queen’s Jubilee. Mike and Rachel’s relationship seems to be in big trouble, and Rachel blames Jacqui – but then she figures out who Mike is staying with…

Episode 2691 (W 29-05-02 “One More Chance”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jimmy begins work on his “Citizens’ Jubilee”, and receives some favourable indications that Helen wants to continue their friendship. Bev is summoned to Josh’s after-school club when Josh gets into more trouble – and when Adele and her boyfriend go to talk on Bev’s balcony while baby-sitting, he locks them out.

Episode 2692 (Th 30-05-02 “Peoples’ Jubilee”) Written by Neil Jones

Helen and Jimmy set off in search of her mother, but are not successful. Then they discover what went wrong, as Ray reluctantly reveals information that he has previously concealed. Marty plans to build a pond, but Brigid’s plans receive a major setback that she had hoped to avoid.

Episode 2693 (W 05-06-02 “Looking Up”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Jessie wonders what other secrets Ray is keeping from her. Nisha is not convinced that Katie is on the road to recovery. A mysterious stranger in a car is watching the parade, and Sammy is frantic with worry when Louise and her new friend Tanya go missing…

Episode 2694 (W 05-06-02 “Untold Damage”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Sammy is reluctant to allow Louise to go on holiday to Spain with her wealthy friend. Rachel panics when Beth’s condition worsens, and she has to be rushed to hospital. Katie laughs for the first time in ages – but not at Nic’s chat-up lines. Gabby pokes her nose into other people’s business, and Jacqui and Max celebrate an anniversary.

Episode 2695 (Th 06-06-02 “Looking Better”) Written by Andy Lynch

Sammy is missing Louise, and reads a newspaper article which makes her fear that her daughter may be in danger. Max foresees a logistical nightmare, and uncertainty regarding Jessie and Ray. Katie wants a night out, Bev feels that she is being used again, and Mike is furious with Gary’s incompetence.

Episode 2696 (W 12-06-02 “Neglecting”) Written by Roy Boulter

Jerome feels neglected as Nikki is spending too much of her time with Jimmy. Bev wants to invite everyone to her 30th birthday party, but Jacqui won’t let her put up posters in the bar. Anthony discovers Adele forging a letter from Marty giving her permission to go on holiday.

Episode 2697 (W 12-06-02 “Reconstruction”) Written by Barry Woodward

Anthony is a reluctant participant in a police reconstruction of Imelda’s last journey home from school. Beth is discharged from hospital, and Gary tries to stay out of Mike’s way – but eventually a heated argument between them ends in a brawl. Katie asks Nic out, and Nikki and Jerome reflect on how far they have moved on – or not – in the past year.

Episode 2698 (Th 13-06-02 “Bev’s Party”) Written by Roy Boulter

Helen is coming for Sunday lunch, and Jimmy needs to ensure that he doesn’t look as if he has wet himself. Then he and Helen have a big audience when they kiss in the back garden. Most of the people at Bev’s birthday party don’t really want to be there – and when Bev sends Josh to stand in the corridor outside for being naughty, he goes down to the parade, and is knocked down by a car.

Episode 2699 (W 19-06-02 “Scarlet Pimpernels”) Written by Barry Woodward

There are some last-minute hitches which prevent the Farnhams and Dixons from house-swapping as planned. Gabby receives a visit at work from someone she hoped she would never see again. Rachel is not pleased about the amount of time Mike is spending at the hospital with Bev and in her underwear drawer.

Episode 2700 (W 19-06-02 “Goal Nearly Achieved”) Written by Heather Robson

A horde of teenagers descends on the Close. Steve is feeling guilty, and goes to visit Josh in hospital. Gary feels as if everyone is trying to trip him up. Max discovers that Ron is not planning to take Ray and Jessie with him when he moves.

Episode 2701 (Th 20-06-02 “Spooks”) Written by Peter Cox

Alan Gordon is not pleased when he discovers the mess his son Stuart has made of their new home. Anthony is interviewed by the police regarding Imelda’s disappearance. Diane discovers that Adele has sold a family heirloom, and Helen tries to get inside Jimmy’s mind.

Episode 2702 (W 26-06-02 “Lodgers”) Written by Barry Woodward

Marty is the next Murray to face police questioning regarding Imelda. Mike is determined to obtain an apology from Gary. Jessie barricades herself in, and Max and Jacqui suspend their move until she is evicted. Ron finds a box that he believes contains masonic regalia, and breaks the lock trying to open it.

Episode 2703 (W 26-06-02 “Bad Memories”) Written by Barry Woodward

Despite some of the unhappy times in their past, Max and Ron are both having second thoughts about the house-swap. Gabby fears that a stalking ordeal from her past is starting all over again, but is reluctant to involve the police. The police are not impressed when Marty doesn’t accurately remember where he was the day Imelda disappeared.

Episode 2704 (Th 27-06-02 “Reaffirmation”) Written by Andy Lynch

Gabby’s past catches up with Gary. Nisha takes Jimmy for a walk down memory lane. Marty is convinced that the police are treating Imelda’s disappearance as a murder enquiry, and they want to frame him. Tim can only suggest that he finds a good lawyer.

Episode 2705 (W 03-07-02 “Getting Heavy”) Written by Andy Lynch

Steve and Tim have different ideas on how they might retrieve Adele’s bracelet from Hookey, but will either of them work? Katie receives a promotion. Jessie feels that she is being taken for granted, and is determined not to be evicted from Ron’s. Nikki thinks Jimmy still needs her help.

Episode 2706 (W 03-07-02 “New Neighbours”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Alan and Debbie Gordon move into number 5, with their daughter Kirsty, who has just lost her mobile phone and her boyfriend, and sons Stuart and Ali, who argue over where their computer will go. In case they need to know Ron’s medical and family history, Bev fills in all the details. Nikki tries to persuade Jessie to move out of Ron’s, and Gabby is fed up with receiving unwanted calls and text messages.

Episode 2707 (Th 04-07-02 “Democracy”) Written by Maurice Bessman

After having a few words with Jessie, Ron becomes ashamed of his recent behaviour and invites the Hiltons to move next door temporarily after all. Marty is worried and frustrated, and grounds Adele. The Gordons have their first visitor – their other daughter Ruth, who has left her husband and wants somewhere to stay…

Episode 2708 (W 10-07-02 “Chasing”) Written by Andy Lynch

Max and Jacqui question Mike’s motives in continuing to take action against Gary. Nikki has second thoughts about going away on holiday with Jerome. Ruth’s husband, Sean, turns up and discovers that her former lover, Dan, is with her. Adele is nervous around her new boss.

Episode 2709 (W 10-07-02 “Late”) Written by Neil Jones

Leanne tells Alan and Debbie a few things about the Close and its residents that their estate agents didn’t mention – but they are more concerned about Ruth, and are convinced that it is no coincidence that Dan has suddenly reappeared on the scene. Ron has more to worry about than he thinks regarding his missing box, Ali comes home drunk and knocks on the wrong door late at night, and Gabby receives some shocking news.


Although, for scheduling reasons, fourteen episodes (2690/2691, 2693/2694, 2696/2697, 2699/2700, 2702/2703, 2705/2706 and 2708/2709) were originally broadcast in seven 60-minute Wednesday timeslots, all were shown in their entirety, with complete opening and closing credits, instead of being edited into artificial double-length omnibus editions.

The Cast

Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (2663-2668, 2673-2675, 2677, 2679, 2681-2695)
Helen Carey (formerly Hart) – KERRY PEERS (2668, 2674-2677, 2682, 2684, 2690-2693, 2696, 2698, 2701, 2703, 2709)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (2663, 2665, 2667-2687, 2690-2694, 2696, 2698, 2700, 2701, 2703-2706, 2709)
Ron Dixon – VINCE EARL (2660, 2668-2684, 2686, 2688-2690, 2695, 2697-2700, 2702, 2703, 2706, 2707, 2709)
Mike Dixon – PAUL BYATT (2660-2663, 2666-2668, 2670, 2671, 2674, 2675, 2681, 2682, 2684-2686, 2688-2691, 2694-2702, 2704-2709)
Rachel Dixon, formerly Wright (nee Jordache) – TIFFANY CHAPMAN (2660-2662, 2665-2667, 2669-2671, 2674, 2675, 2678, 2679, 2681, 2682, 2684-2686, 2688-2692, 2694-2697, 2699, 2702, 2704, 2705)
Beth Dixon (2660, 2661, 2667, 2669, 2675, 2682, 2686, 2688, 2689, 2691, 2692, 2694, 2695, 2697, 2699, 2702)
Jacqui Dixon-Farnham (nee Dixon) – ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (2660-2681, 2684, 2686-2697, 2699, 2701-2705, 2708, 2709)
Max Farnham – STEVEN PINDER (2660-2667, 2669-2671, 2673, 2675-2678, 2681, 2687-2689, 2691, 2694, 2695, 2699, 2702-2708)
Harry Farnham (2660, 2661, 2665, 2666, 2667, 2673, 2675, 2679, 2681, 2688 OOV, 2691, 2692, 2694, 2699, 2702)
Emma Farnham (2660, 2661, 2665, 2666, 2667, 2673, 2675, 2678, 2679, 2681, 2688 OOV, 2691, 2692, 2694, 2699)
Susannah Farnham (nee Morrisey) – KAREN DRURY (2670)
Emily Farnham – VICTORIA BENNETT (2670, 2703)
Matthew Farnham – GARETH RYAN JONES (2670, 2703)
Debbie Gordon – ANNETTE EKBLOM (2706-2709) [ Previously Celia Thompson (167, 172, 179, 180, 182, 184-186, 191-194, 201, 202, 209, 211, 212, 214, 215, 237) ]
Alan Gordon – JOHN BURTON (2701, 2706-2709)
Kirsty Gordon – JESSICA NOON (2706-2709)
Ali Gordon – KRISTOPHER MOCHRIE (2706, 2707, 2709)
Stuart Gordon – DAVID LYON (2700, 2701, 2707, 2709)
Jessie Hilton, formerly Shadwick – MARJI CAMPI (2662, 2668, 2669, 2677, 2679, 2687, 2690, 2692, 2702-2707)
Ray Hilton – KENNETH COPE (2668, 2677-2678, 2683-2685, 2687, 2690, 2692-2694, 2698, 2700, 2702-2707)
Nic Howard – JAMES SARSFIELD (2687, 2690, 2692, 2694, 2697)
Jerome Johnson – LEON LOPEZ (2663, 2664, 2673, 2676, 2678, 2690, 2694, 2696-2698, 2707)
Bev McLoughlin-Gonzales (nee McLoughlin) – SARAH WHITE (2660-2663, 2666, 2667, 2670-2672, 2675, 2680-2683, 2688-2691, 2693, 2695-2703, 2705-2707)
Josh McLoughlin – JACK McMULLEN (2666, 2678-2682, 2684, 2686, 2688, 2689, 2691, 2693, 2695, 2698-2703, 2706) [ Previously played by ADAM McCOY ]
Dan Morrisey – MATTHEW CROMPTON (2708, 2709) [ Previously Darren Murphy (1071, 1072, 1077, 1079, 1082, 1084, 1087-1090) ]
Brigid McKenna – MEG JOHNSON (2666, 2687, 2690, 2699)
Diane Murray (nee McKenna) – BERNIE NOLAN (2662, 2664-2667, 2671-2673, 2677-2679, 2681, 2684, 2686, 2687, 2691, 2692, 2696-2699, 2701-2707)
Marty Murray – NEIL CAPLE (2660-2662, 2664-2666, 2668, 2671-2673, 2675, 2677-2679, 2681, 2686, 2692, 2696, 2698, 2699, 2701-2707)
Steve Murray – STEVEN FLETCHER (2661, 2665, 2666, 2668, 2673, 2675, 2676, 2678-2680, 2685, 2692, 2697-2700, 2702, 2704, 2705)
Adele Murray – KATY LAMONT (2669, 2673-2676, 2679, 2680, 2682, 2684-2687, 2690, 2691, 2696, 2699, 2700, 2702, 2706-2708)
Anthony Murray – RAYMOND QUINN (2660-2666, 2668, 2669, 2671-2673, 2675-2678, 2687, 2691, 2692, 2696, 2697, 2699-2702)
Christy Murray – GLYN PRITCHARD (2675)
Emily O’Leary (nee Shadwick) – JENNIFER ELLISON (2663-2665, 2667, 2668, 2673, 2678-2681, 2692, 2698, 2702, 2708)
Tim “Tinhead” O’Leary – PHILIP OLIVIER (2663, 2664, 2669, 2673-2676, 2678-2681, 2684-2686, 2692, 2696, 2698, 2700, 2702, 2704, 2705)
Gabby Parr (nee Thaxter) – STEPHANIE CHAMBERS (2670, 2682, 2686, 2689, 2692-2694, 2697-2700, 2703-2709)
Dr Gary Parr – BEN HULL (2661, 2667, 2668, 2670, 2682, 2684-2686, 2688, 2689, 2692, 2694, 2695, 2697-2701, 2704, 2705, 2708, 2709)
Lance Powell – MICKEY POPPINS (2666, 2703, 2708)
Leanne Powell – VICKIE GATES (2661, 2662, 2669, 2674, 2685, 2709)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (2662-2670, 2672-2678, 2681-2688, 2690, 2692-2695, 2697, 2704, 2709)
Sammy Rogers, formerly Daniels (nee Rogers) – RACHAEL LINDSAY (2660, 2662, 2663, 2665-2667, 2669, 2671-2676, 2678, 2679, 2682-2687, 2690, 2692-2695)
Louise Daniels – KIMBERLEY BEER (2666, 2668, 2669, 2672, 2682) / MARIELLA BROWN (2693, 2694)
Nikki Shadwick – SUZANNE COLLINS (2662-2665, 2667-2673, 2676-2678, 2680-2682, 2687, 2690, 2691, 2693, 2694, 2697, 2698, 2700, 2703-2708)
Ruth Smith (nee Gordon) – LYNSEY McCAFFREY (2707-2709)
Sean Smith – BARRY SLOANE (2708)
Luke Smith – CALLUM GIBLIN (2707, 2708)

Sol Bennett – DANNY LAWRENCE (2660, 2669, 2671, 2672)
Dr Burton – DAVID FLEESHMAN (2670)
Stephanie Carey – ZARA TURNER (2692, 2693)
Imelda Clough – BILLIE CLEMENTS (2660, 2661, 2663 OOV, 2669, 2672, 2675, 2676, 2697, 2700 OOV)
Mrs Jean Clough – ANNIE TYSON (2671)
Paul Clough – NEIL BORG-OLIVIER (2671)
Laura Stevens – ELIZABETH AVIS (2674, 2675, 2682, 2696, 2708)

Detective Sergeant Casey – BARRY McCORMICK (2701-2703) [ Detective Inspector Summerfield (1826) ]
Hookey Johnson – MICHAEL ATKINSON (2705) [ Mr Ted Powell (1205) / Detective Inspector Ferguson (1663) / Detective Sergeant Cox (1934, 1999) ]
Mr Lomax – BILL SPEED (2673) [ Detective Inspector Long (1869) / Austin Lowes (2192) ]

Lyn Bennett – LORREN BENT (2672)
Miss Julie Currie – VANESSA MASSI (2669, 2672)
Rob Dexter – PAUL SWINNERTON (2693, 2694, 2699, 2703, 2704)
Tanya Moran – ELISE BRAGARD (2693, 2694)

Chief Inspector – MALCOLM RAEBURN (2697)
Gaffer – PAUL SULLIVAN (2678)
Gareth – ASHLEY ROBERTS (2675, 2680)
Man From Bar – RICHARD GRICE (2692)
Russell – LIAM DOBIE (2685-2687)
Starmer – ROSS ARGENT (2669)
Tom – TERRY WELLS (2675)

Alison, an Imelda lookalike (2697)
Richard Caddick, a television reporter (2671 OOV)
Harriet Ainsworth, a pupil (2697)
Detective Sergeant Chambers (2697)
Alan Cox, a pupil (2697)
Lindsay Fielding, a pupil (2697)
Jacko, a student and friend of Jerome (2678)
Kelly, a dog (2675)
Lucy, a friend of Adele (2669)
Sylvia Morgan, an Indian (2692)
James Morgenstern, radio newsreader (2663 OOV)
Sian Naylor, a pupil (2697)
Paul, a work colleague of Gabby (2709)
Paul Ricketts, a radio breakfast show presenter (2694 OOV)
Ross, a relief barman (2688 OOV)
Rover, a pig (2673-2675)
Mr Turnbull, a customer (2673)

For the final six seasons of “Brookside”, a significant advantage of the previous sixty-four is lost, as the realism of video is replaced with the artificiality of filmised pictures. There are, however, still occasional opportunities to see the more effective pre-filmised versions in some of the “Next” sequences in the closing credits, and there is also the opportunity to see how much better parts of the storyline involving Anthony Murray and Imelda Clough in this season could have looked without this effect in the “Ten of the Best” feature on the 2003 VHS/DVD release “Brookside: Unfinished Business”.

Six scenes of Anthony and Imelda towards the end of episode 2660 have accompanying incidental music, as do five scenes from the same storyline in episode 2697.

The only episodes featuring new appearances by Imelda are episode 2660, in which she is alive, then dead; and episodes 2661, 2675 and 2697, in all of which she is seen in Anthony’s mind. Flashbacks of her appearances in episode 2660 are repeated in episodes 2661, 2669, 2672, and 2676, and some of her words from that episode are heard again in episodes 2663 and 2700 – again, as Anthony recalls his last encounter with her.

Two very brief scenes in episode 2661 are seen in black-and-white, from the point-of-view of a CCTV-camera; and several scenes in episodes 2673 and 2674 are from the point-of-view of “Rover” – a pig, who can also only see in black-and-white.

There are brief slow-motion scenes in episode 2661 (three teachers in a corridor) and episode 2672 (Anthony wrecking the lab); and parts of the similar, but not identical, scenes which end episode 2698 and are reprised at the beginning of episode 2699 (Bev rushing to Josh after he is knocked down) are also seen in slow-motion.

The Magic Rabbits are seen again in episode 2662, watched by Anthony; and the music is heard again at Ron’s in episode 2675 – although it is unclear which, if any, of his grandchildren are watching.

The appearances of Susannah, Matthew, Emily and Dr Burton in episode 2670 are only in material, also featuring Max, originally seen in episodes that were aired in April 1997; and the appearances of Matthew and Emily in episode 2703 are in a flashback to a 1996 episode set in the Cotswolds.

Some inappropriate images from the end of episode 2670 were removed from the Channel Four omnibus repeat of that episode on Saturday 13th April 2002 – vastly improving the conclusion, and indeed the episode as a whole.

From episode 2671 onwards, the twelfth version of the opening sequence is used. It is, however, very similar to the one which has opened the first eleven episodes of this season, more than 300 other previous episodes, and which is accidentally re-used to begin episode 2688. The main difference is that the bar no longer displays the name “Bev’s Bar”.

Episodes 2682 and 2683 were originally broadcast in a different aspect ratio from the norm.

In episode 2705, Michael Atkinson begins his longest-running role as “Hookey Johnson”, a record-equalling fourth different credited “Brookside” character played by the same actor.

On three occasions during one scene in episode 2706, we see separate split-screen pictures of Max and Jessie, as they converse with each other from opposite sides of the same door.


The storylines:

Despite Ray and Nikki’s reservations, Helen is keen to trace her real mother and develop a relationship with Jimmy, even when she finds out about his manic depression and recent hospitalisation. Ron also needs to readjust, and find some new business ideas, when he is released from prison – but he somehow succeeds in convincing Max to swap houses with him. And while Anthony struggles to come to terms with accidentally drowning Imelda, the police seem to think Marty is a more likely killer.

Meanwhile, Tim and Steve have mixed fortunes “lifting and shifting” ; Katie Rogers becomes an appropriate name; Adele is getting through boyfriends at an impressive rate; and Bev and Sammy both have so many other problems with Josh and Louise that neither of them notice their kids’ faces and voices have changed. A new family, the Gordons, arrive; Jacqui buys back the bar, and suffers an ectopic pregnancy; and Beth contracts meningitis – not diagnosed by Gary, who Mike reports for incompetence. And Gabby is menaced by a stalker from her past – but is her ordeal going to continue into the future?

The dates:

It is Easter Saturday in episode 2665, and it is Easter Sunday in episode 2666 – which, based on dialogue in episode 2663, is in April. Based on dialogue in episodes 2666, 2667 and 2668 and earlier appearances of Jacqui’s 2002 Year Planner, it is Thursday 4th April 2002 in episode 2667 and Friday 5th April 2002 in episode 2668. Based on dialogue in episode 2674, it is Wednesday in episode 2675; it is Monday, and Jubilee Day, in episode 2692; and reference is made to an England v Argentina football match due to take place “on Friday” – presumably in the World Cup, which is “still on” in episode 2698. It is a year since Max and Jacqui’s first kiss in episode 2694, Father’s Day is “on Sunday” in episode 2696, and in that episode Marty recalls “a Sunday afternoon in Summer 1998”. Based on dialogue in episode 2697, the events of episode 2660 took place on “March 20th of this year”; and “March 20th” is mentioned again as that date in episodes 2705 and 2706. Based on dialogue in episodes 2698 and 2699, it is Father’s Day, and Sunday, in episode 2698 and the first part of episode 2699, then it is the following day – Monday – in the remainder of episode 2699. Based on dialogue in episodes 2699 and 2700, it is the following day – Tuesday – in episode 2700; and, based on dialogue in episode 2702, it was April in episode 2668.


“Match of the Day” (2660); Jerry Springer (2661); “Miss Marple” (2661); the Queen / Lizzie / Liz / Her Majesty (2663, 2685, 2687, 2690, 2692, 2698 / 2683 / 2687 / 2677, 2692), her sister (2687, 2692), and the Queen Mum (2687, 2690, 2692); “the Grand Old Duke of York” (2663); “The Shining” (2663); “Goldilocks” (2664); “Changing Rooms” (2664); Charles Manson (2668); Lord Lucan (2669); “Tony Soprano” / “Sopranos” (2669, 2697 / 2701); “Countdown” (2670, 2678); “Darby and Joan” (2670); Jim, a “Royal” [“Royle”] (2666); Margot Kidder / “Lois Lane” / “Superman” (2676); “Big Brother” (2676); “Bert and Ernie” (2678); Charlie Dimmock / “Charlie’s Dimmocks” [bra-less breasts] (2679 / 2700); “Crimewatch” (2679, 2691); “Noddy” and “Big Ears” (2679); Eamonn Andrews (2680); Richard Branson (2680); John and Yoko (2680); “Cilla” / Cilla Black (2680 / 2687); “Chicken Run” [television programme?] (2680); “The Matrix” (2681); “Gazza”, Gascoigne, Gonzales [footballers] (2682); “Sex and the City” (2683); “Viz” [comic] (2683); George Clooney (2683, 2693, 2705); Burt Bacharach (2684); “Pet Rescue” (2685); “Romeo and Juliet” (2685) / “Romeo” (2686); “The Hunch-back Of Notre-Dame” / “Quasimodo” (2685); Barbara Cartland (2687); Gregory Peck (2687); John Parrott [snooker player] (2688); Gerrard, Wright, Dudek [footballers] and “Fergie” [football manager] (2688); “The Clampetts” (2688, 2703); William (2690, 2692) and Harry (2690), princes; Britney [Spears] (2690); Charles and Diana (2691); Earl Spencer (2691); “Big Ben” (2694); Tommy Lawrence [footballer] (2695); “Mastermind” (2695); “Sam Spade” (2696); “Lizzie Dripping” (2697); “Neighbours” (2697); “Home And Away” (2697); Archimedes (2697); Aristotle (2697); “Sleeping Beauty” (2698); Schumacher (2699); “Scarlet Pimpernels” (2699); Noel Edmonds (2702); “One Foot In The Grave” (2702); Maggie Thatcher (2703); Paul McCartney (2703); the [Yorkshire] Ripper (2704); Roosevelt (2704); Stalin (2704); Harrison Ford (2705); Nana “Mouskari” [Mouskouri] and Demis “Ouso” [Roussos] (2706); Slobodan Mlosovich (2708); “Emily” Pankhurst (2709); and “Steps” (2709).


While the majority of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, Mike and Rachel appear in scenes set in a posh hotel in Buxton, Derbyshire – but not necessarily filmed there – in episode 2661.


None. Jacqui discovers that she is pregnant in episode 2662, and Max notes that the baby is due on the 27 NOVEMBER 2002 page of a diary in episode 2664. But in episode 2675 it emerges that the pregnancy was ectopic, and, following an operation to save her life, Jacqui is no longer pregnant.

It is Rachel’s birthday in episode 2661; it is Diane’s birthday in episode 2665; it is Steve’s 22nd birthday in episode 2691; and it is Bev’s 30th birthday – “next month” in episode 2683, and sooner in episodes 2696 and 2697 – in episode 2698 and in the first part of episode 2699. Emily, however, mistakenly believes it is her 40th birthday, and gives her a card with a large number “40” on the front.

We learn that Friday 13th is not Leanne’s birthday (2685), and that 21st May is not Jessie’s birthday (2706). And, in episode 2691, we are told that Katie was about one year old, and Nisha was about 3, at the time of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee [in 1977], and Nisha was six or seven when Charles and Di[ana] married [in 1981].

Jimmy is 50 (2663, 2687); Steve is 21 (2666); Max is 45 (2667); Imelda is [was!] 12 (2667, 2671); Ron is 54 (2670); Louise is 10 (2675, 2686); the unseen Mrs Coates is 81 (2675); Josh is 8 (2680); Diane is “nearly 40”, according to Emily (2681); Mrs Tucker is 82 / 84 (2682 / 2685); Nic is 27 (2687); Stephanie is 12 (2691); the yet-to-be-seen Sylvia is in her sixties (2691); Katie is over 16 (2693); the unseen bullying victim David Liptrot was 11 in 1997 (2703); Adele is nearly 17 (2706, 2707); Stuart is under 16 (2707); and Luke is 4 (2709).


None. Jacqui is exaggerating for effect when she mentions that Max has been married 19 times in episode 2661; we are reminded that Jimmy and Jackie were married for 27 years in episode 2675; and we are told that Gary married Gabby in the year 2000 in episode 2692. It is Tim and Emily’s wedding anniversary tomorrow in episode 2678, and it is Mike and Rachel’s wedding anniversary in episode 2689. Lance reveals that the unseen owner of the “Palm D’Or” and his unseen wife are getting divorced in episode 2666, and Adele and Russell reveal that his unseen parents are doing likewise in episodes 2686 and 2687.


The “Brookside” death count passes eighty, with three further additions in this season. Imelda Clough drowns in episode 2660, with help from Anthony; Mrs Tucker, an elderly patient, dies of natural causes in Gary’s surgery in episode 2682; and Rob Dexter commits suicide by throwing himself under a train in episode 2709. We are reminded that it was five years ago this week that Matthew and Emily died (2667, 2669), whereas Clint has been dead for one year (2687), and it was twelve months ago tomorrow / twelve months ago today / a year ago that he died (2681 / 2683 / 2695).

Unseen, never-to-be-seen dead characters mentioned are Jimmy’s mother (2677); Ray’s first wife, Renee (2683, 2703); Katie’s grandmother [Frank’s mother] (2691); Tim’s father (2692); Helen’s [adoptive] father (2698); Diane’s great-grandmother (2699); Linda / Rob’s wife (2699, 2703 / 2682, 2705, 2709), who died of cancer (2699, 2705) last month (2699); Mickey Edwards’ brother, who died of cancer and confessed to murder on his deathbed (2704); and Nikki’s grandfather [Jessie’s first husband, Tommy] (2707).

Toilet visits:

Sammy (2663), Ron (2681 – promising Max that he will only use two pieces of paper), Gabby (2693), Jimmy (2694), Diane (2701), Josh (2702, all over the floor), Alan (2708) and Ali (2709). Jacqui discovers that – to use her words – “Someone crapped in the pool” in episode 2673; and Ray is in the bathroom every five minutes, according to Ron in episode 2686.

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Sylvia / Sylvia who became Morgan / Sylvia Morgan / Helen’s mother (2674, 2677, 2686, 2693, 2694, 2696, 2698, 2707 / 2686 / 2687, 2690, 2691 / 2684, 2685, 2690, 2691, 2701); Tanya’s father / Ted Moran (2685, 2687, 2693, 2705 / 2693, 2695); Adele and Steve’s mother / “other mother” [Jan] (2673, 2686 / 2685); Kevin / Kevin Mallon (2701, 2708 / 2706, 2707), who works with Alan; and Tommo, a mate of Ali (2706, 2707). And we will also meet Baz, part of whose e-mail address – “baz@” – is seen on Stuart’s computer screen, as he e-mails pictures to his mate in episode 2709.

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Anth’ / Anthea (2660 / 2670, 2672, 2677, 2678, 2680, 2686); Sinbad (2661, 2697, 2698, 2699); Lindsey (2661, 2662, 2663, 2664, 2665, 2667, 2668, 2670, 2672, 2682, 2691, 2698, 2705); Mrs Plummer (2662, 2669, 2672, 2673, 2675, 2676, 2681, 2691, 2699, 2702, 2703 – and her name, “Mrs Jill Plummer” is visible on the “Brookside Comprehensive” school sign seen in episode 2661); Kitty (2662 – and the name “Kitty Hilton” appears on the “Order Of Service” that Ron finds in episode 2676); Paige (2662, 2666, 2701); Joanne (2663, 2664, 2667, 2673); Kylie (2663, 2665, 2682, 2686, 2698, 2705); Jackie (2663, 2672, 2677, 2680, 2698, 2704, 2705); Clint / Clint Moffat (2664, 2667, 2670, 2672, 2677, 2679, 2681, 2682, 2683, 2684, 2685, 2687, 2693, 2707 / 2686, 2703); Wills (2665, 2691, 2696, 2698, 2705, 2709); Imelda’s brothers, including Kevin (2667); Graham Norton (2670); Carol Smillie / [Carol] Smillie (2670 / 2700); Patricia / Max’s estranged family in Canada (2671, 2688 / 2705); Faye (2671); Becky (2672); Fred (2672); Cracker (2674); Michelle (2674, 2696); Mick “Johnno” / Mick Johnson (2678 / 2700); Sotto (2678); DD (2680); Robbie (2683); Nisha’s father (2683, 2686, 2687, 2691) and mother (2683, 2687) / her parents (2685); Tony (2688, 2702); Ben (2692); Melanie / Mel (2692 / 2698); Bernie Connor / Bernie (2696 / 2697); Val (2698); Dave (2703); Greg (2705); and Bing (2707).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Sol’s daughter (2660); Richard / Dick, Sammy’s husband (2660, 2664, 2666, 2667, 2669, 2672, 2673, 2674, 2675, 2676, 2678, 2678, 2681, 2682, 2683, 2684, 2686, 2690, 2693 / 2678, 2686); Mr Carrington, of a maintenance firm (2660); Mrs Dawson, a former receptionist (2661, 2663, 2670); Mrs Lewis, a teacher (2661); Robert, a mate of Anthony (2664); Lewis and Peters, sportsmen mentioned in a television commentary (2666); Kuldeep, in an anecdote told by Sammy (2666); Claude from Hyton, ex-head waiter at the “Palm D’Or” (2666); Dr Reece, a psychiatrist (2667); Becky’s mother (2672); Julia Raven, Diane’s old area manager (2672); Paula, a randy laundry rep (2672, 2673, 2677, 2684); Mrs Rita Coates, a good customer of “Great Grannies” (2675); Helen’s ex-husband / Clive (2675, 2677 / 2679, 2709); Ian, a friend of Jerome (2678); Carl from form class, a mate of Anthony (2678, 2681, 2686), and his mother (2678); Bella / Mrs Brown, Bev’s babysitter (2680 / 2682); Lesley, a possibly fictitious friend of Adele (2680); Gemma, a barmaid at “Bar Brookie” (2680); Gareth’s father (2680); Jimmy Cash, the Bionic Boot (2680); Rui, Josh’s best mate in the next street in Brazil, and his mother (2681); Matty, a short-term boyfriend of Adele (2681, 2682, 2684); Thomas, a patient (2682); Mrs Tucker’s family / sister (2682 / 2686); Fat Lennie, a mate of Mike (2684); Belinda, an ex-best friend of Louise (2685); Tanya’s mother / Lucy (2685, 2687, 2693, 2694 / 2693, 2694); Bobbie, an old school-mate of Gabby (2685); Nisha’s brothers and sisters (2685), including Anna (2683), her sister (2683, 2684, 2687), and her brother Ravinder (2695); Natalie / Natalie Buller (2682 / 2706), Sally (2691, 2696), and Joanne (2691, 2696), holiday drop-outs; Gary’s father (2682, 2685); Lindy Hughes, who Gary didn’t get to know when he was younger (2685); Mrs Calsall, a patient (2686); two Sylvia Morgans in York (2686), and three of the four Jimmy traces to Liverpool (2687); Russell’s mother (2686, 2687) and father (2686); Mr Howard / Nic’s father (2687 / 2687, 2697), Nic’s mother (2697), and his relatives on his mother’s side in Australia (2697); Margaret, Bev’s next babysitter (2688); Mrs Ryan, a patient (2688); Samuel White, who started a fight with Josh (2688); Jack, Melvin and Charlie, kids at the same after-school club as Josh (2691); Baad / Baad Johannsson (2692, 2694, 2698 / 2696), Sylvia’s Scandinavian husband; Caroline (2691) and Danielle (2693), friends of Stephanie (2691); Mrs Kennedy, the least efficient of Tanya’s three cleaners (2693); Big Juan, a friend of Bev in Brazil (2693); Lynne Ralph, a representative of the British Heart Foundation (2694); Catherine Easton, Mary McCarthy and David Schofield, patients (2694); Mr Silver from the infirmary (2694); Martinez, Tanya’s stableboy (2694); Mrs Blackwell and her family, Mr Wilson and Mr Griffin, patients (2695); Michelle’s mother (2696); Laura’s mother (2696) and father (2696, 2708); Michael Grace, Georgia Middleton, David Lawson, Elliott Nottman, Paul Oliver and Nicola Pearce, pupils of Brookside Comprehensive (2697); Nigel, a contact of Max (2699); Jennifer Black, a missing bully formerly of St Wilfred’s (2702, 2703, 2706); David Liptrot, her victim (2703); Mickey Edwards (2704, 2705, 2707), a mate of Marty who spent two years in prison (2705) for a murder he didn’t commit (2704); Mickey Edwards’ wife (2704); Sarah, a work colleague of Gabby (2707); the Wood sisters, perm customers (2707); Ellie, Kirsty’s mate (2707, 2708); Pete, Kirsty’s ex-boyfriend (2708); Johnny Dyers, a wagon-driver at Alan’s work (2708); and Debbie’s uncle, who had a garage (2708).


One of Gabby’s lines in episode 2682 sounds incomplete, or otherwise mangled: “As long as you accept that if only you hadn’t gone and let your temper get the better of the situation.”.

Mrs Tucker’s age is given as 82 in episode 2682, and 84 in episode 2685.

In episode 2693, Jacqui surely means that she is “not trying” to be funny: “I’m trying not to be funny here, but you know he’s not the best-behaved kid in the world, is he?”.

Ray points out to Steve that the tax-disc on his car is out-of-date in episode 2698 – but it would be impossible for him to see this from the position in which we see him standing relative to the car’s windscreen.

Gabby answers the telephone at work as “Gabby Parr” a few times in episode 2699, although it has previously been revealed that she uses her maiden name, “Thaxter”, for business purposes.

One of Jessie’s lines in episode 2707, “People used to help out in that years ago.”, doesn’t sound quite right.


Jimmy is seen with a bound document “The Stigma of Mental Illness” (2677) and a book “Walking With Both Feet”, which has a foreword by Jo Brand (2701); and he discovers a book at Helen’s entitled “New Hope – Bipolar Disorder” (2691). Among the items on his collage are a flier for a “KEN DODD SHOW” (2692, 2693), and the previously-seen newspaper article “The Class Divide and Drug Abuse” (2692). His internet searches, which are for “Sylvia Nancy Morgan” as well as “Sylvia Morgan”, trace the address 26 Bowker Grove, Tuebrook (2686), which he and Helen visit (2692). She split up from her husband Clive when he took a promotion to Southend, to which she didn’t want to move (2677). He got a job in a bank after studying business management, and they were living in Luton when Stephanie was born (2677).

Ron refers to his family as “the Dixons from Scotland Road” (2703). His number at H.M.P. Longley is 3645987, and the card he takes home shows his age as 54, his cell location as Wing D, Block F, Landing 4, and details of his crime: “30.11.2001 Guilty of possessing a shotgun without a certificate and the illegal possession of a prohibited weapon.” (2668). He comes home in a taxi whose tax disc expires at the end of June 2002 (2668), and finds out from Jacqui that he has lost 73% of his customers (2669). She says she has owned her own business since she was 20, she swam for the county, and she qualified as a lifeguard (2667), and offers Bev £12,000 to buy back the bar, for which Bev recalls she originally paid over £90,000 (2662). Bev reminds Mike she has had no support from him [regarding Josh] for “nine and a half years” – which presumably includes the period during which she was pregnant, as well as the eight and a half years since he was born (2700).

Rachel receives in the post an offer for “£2,000 TO SPEND AS YOU LIKE”, if she calls 0151 496 2501, in episode 2675, sent to her correct address, including the postcode L43 6TZ; and a similar letter, referring to a “cheque verification hotline” whose number is 0151 996 2022 in episode 2686. This one includes a mock-up of a cheque for £500.00, dated 10/05/02, payable to “Mrs Rachel Dixon” and drawn on account 43785126-32 of North Mersey Securities Ltd, the same company who have previously won a CCJ against Mike and Rachel, which they are paying off at a rate of £5 per week (2674). The sort code displayed is 77-04-64, and the cheque signatory is J. R. Ewing [!].

Diane celebrated her 30th birthday at “Flanagan’s” (2696). Marty has worked at Brookside Comprehensive School for four and a half years (2702), since late 1998 (2702, 2703), and he previously spent five years (2703) at St Wilfred’s (2702, 2703) in Mossy Lea (2702). A promising footballer of that school, David Liptrot, survived an attempted overdose after being bullied in 1997 by Jennifer Black, who was suspended and readmitted, then went missing (2703), two months before Marty left the school (2702). A poster displaying a photograph of Imelda , who lived in Middlewood Drive (2697), and the words “HAVE YOU SEEN IMELDA CLOUGH? PLEASE CALL 0151 906 2022 WITH INFORMATION”, is seen in episodes 2684 and 2699. Steve is reading a magazine, “Formula Too”, in episode 2680. Brigid asks Jessie to book a coach with “Liver Drivers”, and not “Manor Park And Ride” in episode 2690 – but she discovers in episode 2692 that Jessie booked with “Manor Park And Ride”, who have since gone bust. Jessie and Ray both watch “Countdown” – but Ron claims that Jessie can’t spell, and Ray can’t see the letters properly (2670).

Jerome has just finished reading the books “The Ways Of White Folks” (2690) and “Native Son” (2694). Tim’s advertisement, surrounded by classified ads including the telephone numbers 795 159, 939 6752, 286 7222, 07961 885582 and 489 9550, reads “Lifter ‘n’ Shifter. Man with a van moves anything. Very cheap. Call Tim 07700 963909” (2673). While his father is recovering from a hip replacement operation, Nic is running “Howard & Son, Building Contractors”, whose telephone number is 0151 496 2602 (2687). Hookey Johnson’s telephone number is 0151 496 6674 (2704). Christy used to work in a slaughterhouse (2675), and Nisha worked in A&E for four years (2682). Her sister Anna was sent back to India after becoming pregnant at the age of 17 (2683), and her brother Ravinder, a market trader, once appeared on “Mastermind” (2695). Just before she dies, Mrs Tucker’s blood pressure is 105/80, and her heart rate is 120bpm (2682). The ambulance called for her is late because there has been a big crash on Queen’s Drive [where else!] (2682).

Gabby, who is giving a presentation to “Ormerod Pharmaceuticals” (2699), studied in Leeds, and lived in Kilford at the time (2682). She first met Gary in 1998, at Christmas (2692). After Gary punched him, they paid a £30,000 out-of-court settlement (2705) to Rob, who Gabby thought was lecturing in Zambia (2682), but is in Liverpool, and has seen an office in Manor Park Avenue which he claims would be ideal for his consultancy (2699). Gabby has heard of the school Louise and Tanya attend – Ravenspeak – and says it is near Weybridge (2693). The school she went to was Carlton Grange, which Tanya says her school have played at hockey (2693). Louise started boarding school at the age of seven (2674). Leanne has one GCSE, in Divinity (2685). The Gordons’ removalists are “The Gentlemen of Removals, CRELLINS” (2706). When she was a child, Debbie’s family moved from Stanley Road to West Derby (2706). Ruth arrives in a taxi bearing the name “COUNTY CABS” and an 01 632 telephone number (2707). Dan once bought Stuart a “Steps” fan-club membership for his birthday (2709).

There is a “Star Wars” poster on Anthony’s bedroom wall (2663), and posters of Kate Bush and Abba on Adele’s (2682, 2699). The telephone number of Mersey Travel, 0151-236 5676, is seen again on the bus shelter in episode 2693; a “for sale” sign bearing the name “Fletcher’s” is seen again on the Parade in episode 2662 and, with at attached “SOLD”, in episodes 2667, 2668, 2684 and 2698; and a different estate agents’ “for sale” sign, also with a “SOLD” banner, and bearing a telephone number beginning 0151 692 69-, is in the garden of number 5 in episodes 2669, 2687 and 2701. Max (2661, 2664, 2708), Jessie (2662), Anthony (2664, 2671), Nisha (2665, 2684), Beth (2667), Katie (2667), Harry (2667), Nikki (2676, 2677), Gary (2688), Ron (2688), Jacqui (2693), and Gabby (2701) are all right-handed, and Jimmy is left-handed (2665, 2675, 2680, 2690, 2693).

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moments:

In episode 2685, viewers who, like Rachel, don’t notice that Ray is flicking through a small laminated book of fabric / lino / carpet samples from “Robert Allen” in the background as she examines Mike’s teeth in the foreground, may well be as shocked as she is:


RAY: Jessie and me were gonna have a shag in the new bedroom, but…

RACHEL: You what ?!?

Jimmy has some interesting news about Lindsey in episode 2698, bearing in mind that the performer who played her, Claire Sweeney, has gone on to play “Roxie Hart” in a West End musical, “Chicago”: “The company she works for loves her. There’s even a chance she might go over to their headquarters in the States to do some training with them. Imagine that, our Lindsey in Chicago…….”

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Gary feels that Rob had serious problems, and no-one could have helped him – if anyone is to blame for his death, it is the police, who should have gone round to see him as soon as Gabby reported him. He is sorry that Rob committed suicide, but thinks he took the easy way out, and it is the people he left behind who will find it tough. But Gabby is convinced that she is to blame – she could have called Rob back, as he only wanted to talk, nothing else. She told him she never wanted to talk to him ever again, even though his response was that he would kill himself if he didn’t hear from her. “I said, go ahead and kill yourself. I told him to do it. And he did!”.