Season Sixty Seven Episode Guide

Episode 2759 (W 06-11-02 “Men With Guns”) Written by Barry Woodward

Ali fails to conceal his presence upstairs, and, after being taunted, is sent out. Brigid is concerned that Diane is not able to protect her children by being with them. Sean offers Luke and Ruth temporary accommodation; the captors at number 10 confiscate their captives’ mobile phones; and when someone stands up to the captors at number 9, they are shot…

Episode 2760 (Th 07-11-02 “Nothing To Tell”) Written by Maurice Bessman

A body is thrown out of the Murrays’ and left for the police to recover. Jimmy and Lindsey suspect that their captors are losing their nerve – but when Jerome tries to be a hero, his actions merely provoke them. Ron wants someone to nip into his house to turn off the tumble dryer, and two hostages are released.

Episode 2761 (Th 07-11-02 “Impounded, Confounded”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Jimmy convinces the captors to let himself and Lindsey go by pretending to be on the brink of another nervous breakdown. Kirsty denies that she was raped, but Ali feels that he let her down. The robbers discover that Marty has been suspected of being a paedophile, and lock him in a cupboard. Max has to borrow clothes from Gary.

Episode 2762 (W 13-11-02 “No Escape”) Written by Tom Higgins

Adele is told to shoot Marty. Gary wonders how Jacqui ended up with an old wrinkly like Max. Anthony confesses to Jan that he killed Imelda. When Jerome admits to Nikki that he accessed her e-mails and sent a message to Jimmy purporting to be from her, she tells him she wants him out of her life for good.

Episode 2763 (Th 14-11-02 “Contained”) Written by Tom Higgins

Gary feels that Gabby doesn’t understand him, but maybe Nisha does. Stuart discovers that Luke’s face was cut while he was staying with Sean. Ruth thinks that Kirsty is holding something back. Psycho becomes increasingly frustrated at missing out on a pool final, and another hostage is released.

Episode 2764 (Th 14-11-02 “Drop”) Written by Roy Boulter

Emily tries to escape from her captors, but may be heading for a fall. Bev and Jacqui try to reassure Diane. Nisha and Gary go up to his flat. Three of the robbers want to surrender, but the others plan to make their escape using two of the girls as body-shields – and casualties and fatalities seem inevitable when a police helicopter crashes into the Parade.

Episode 2765 (W 20-11-02 “Where Is He?”) Written by Roy Boulter

At the hospital, Nikki and Tim anxiously await news of Emily. Debbie realises that Alan may have been moving her car for her when the helicopter crashed. Nisha and Gary take a long time to realise that they have not seen Katie since the crash – and when Bev is also missing, Ron realises just how much he loves her. Then a dead body is discovered…

Episode 2766 (Th 21-11-02 “Where Is She?”) Written by Roy Boulter

Margi flies in from Europe to be at Emily’s bedside. Although Tim is convinced that she will recover, others are less optimistic. Sammy is speechless at Katie’s news, Ali and Kirsty find it difficult to return home, and the police have devastating news for one of the Close’s families.

Episode 2767 (Th 21-11-02 “Withdrawals”) Written by Neil Jones

Margi blames Tim for Emily’s condition, and Debbie is puzzled over Alan’s whereabouts – but the police have some theories. Ron finds his missing box, and Nikki thinks she has dropped Matt right in it. Jan tells Marty about Anthony’s confession, and Katie tells Sammy that Nic is the father of her unborn baby. Or it could be one of four other men she slept with.

Episode 2768 (Sa 30-11-02 “Feeling Pathetic”) Written by Neil Jones

Gabby almost walks in on Nisha and Gary. Adele is not pleased that Jan is likely to stay around for a while. Tim shocks Jimmy by revealing how he plans to pay for Emily’s treatment. Katie narrows down the possible fathers of her baby to three, and Anthony explains to Marty how Imelda died.

Episode 2769 (Sa 30-11-02 “A Shoulder To Cry On”) Written by Neil Jones or Peter Cox

Dan offers to help Debbie deal with the loss adjuster, Christy offers to support Jan if she needs it, and Lance wants to start collecting for a memorial to those who died. Leanne wants to claim compensation for post-traumatic stress, Nisha tries to persuade Katie that she didn’t see what she thought she saw, and Marty doubts that Anthony will be able to keep his secret.

Episode 2770 (Sa 30-11-02 “New Understanding”) Written by Peter Cox

Debbie hunts through Alan’s belongings in search of a clue as to where he has gone. Gary reluctantly prepares for a fortnight away. Emily is stabilising after an operation, but Ali is vomiting after a night out drinking. Marty goes to check out Anthony’s story – but he is seen at the pond, and loses his car keys there…

Episode 2771 (Sa 07-12-02 “Normality”) Written by Barry Woodward

Bev is discharged from hospital, and Ron needs to borrow a car to bring her home. Marty burns everything he was wearing at the pond, but finds it difficult to remain calm. Sean wants Luke to have a normal Christmas, even though Alan is still missing and Debbie is refusing to get out of bed. Sammy encourages Katie to get back with Nic.

Episode 2772 (Sa 07-12-02 “No Respect”) Written by Barry Woodward or Maurice Bessman

Ron sets up a new “Trading Post” on the Parade using Ray’s caravan, but not everyone is impressed with his entrepreneurship or pricing. Josh doesn’t want to leave Bev alone, and Rachel ends up being at their beck and call. Steve and Tim want revenge, Nikki has lunch with Matt, and an arrest is made at a funeral.

Episode 2773 (Sa 07-12-02 “Charged”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Marty is interviewed again, shown the evidence the police have found, and charged with Imelda’s murder. Sean refuses to leave Luke with Dan. Ron tries to prevent Leanne and Christy setting themselves up in competition with him, and Tim and Margi are told that Emily is not doing as well as hoped.

Episode 2774 (Sa 14-12-02 “Blind Faith”) Written by Maurice Bessman

When his workmate Kevin turns up with a pitiful collection for Alan, Kirsty throws him out. She assures Steve that she doesn’t believe Marty is guilty, but Adele is wondering whether he really could have killed Imelda in order to protect Anthony. Leanne plans to set up a victims support group, and Katie tells Nic she is pregnant – but will he want to stand by her?

Episode 2775 (Sa 14-12-02 “There’s Always Hope”) Written by Sue Mooney

Tim tells Max he wants to buy “Trina’s Tots”‘ premises for Emily, whatever it costs. But Nikki is not convinced that her sister will ever get better. Ruth discovers that her father’s job is being advertised, Katie tells Jacqui of her plans to be a single mother, and Christy reveals his plan to keep Marty and Anthony out of prison – blame Diane.

Episode 2776 (Sa 14-12-02 “One Big Mistake”) Written by Steve Lawson

Jimmy tries to flush Tim’s nest-egg down the toilet, but Tim prevents him, and finds someone who reluctantly agrees to help him out. Ruth and Sean reach agreement on sharing Luke over Christmas, Anthony wants to go and visit Marty in prison, and Ron agrees to close his stall for a day – as long as Max compensates him.

Episode 2777 (Sa 21-12-02 “Delayed”) Written by Arthur Ellison

Sean is frustrated when Debbie takes Luke out and doesn’t return in time to give him the access Ruth had promised. Nisha is missing Gary – and when his plane home is delayed, she realises that she won’t see him for another fortnight. Steve and Jan reluctantly feel that they must tell Marty that Anthony has gone missing.

Episode 2778 (Sa 21-12-02 “Remanded”) Written by Roy Boulter

Anthony is interviewed by the police, and confesses to killing Imelda. Jacqui discovers that Ron has invited Bev to join them for Christmas dinner. Ali and Stuart find one of Alan’s secret stashes of cigarettes, Nikki wonders whether to go out with Matt, and there is a pair of brawling Santas on the Parade.

Episode 2779 (Sa 21-12-02 “Christmas Apart”) Written by Heather Robson

Marty is released, and joins the rest of the family taking Christmas presents to Anthony in the remand centre. At the Gordons’, Debbie tries to put on a brave face, but breaks down when Luke wants to telephone his grandfather. Ron invites Brigid to join the family gathering at the Farnhams’, and reflects on a year of tragedy and loss. Bev discovers the gifts she has bought from Christy are pornographic.

Episode 2780 (Sa 21-12-02 “Some Christmas”) Written by Neil Jones

When Ruth takes Luke round to see Sean, she finds him drowning in his bath. Max opens his electricity bill, and discovers why it is so high. Adele blames Jan for breaking up the family, but can Marty persuade her to stay? Although others would prefer to watch telly, Ron insists on playing “Trivial Pursuit” – and no-one can answer the “Geography” question “Where is Alan Gordon?”.

Episode 2781 (Sa 28-12-02 “Arguing”) Written by Barry Woodward

Tim tries to reassure Steve that things may not turn out too badly for Anthony, but Steve is appalled that Tim is planning to sell drugs. Lance turns up to invade Ron’s privacy just as Brigid is searching for a toothbrush. Ruth has a go at Dan for going to a Christmas party without her, and Katie calls Nic out on Boxing Day – but not because her toilet is blocked.

Episode 2782 (Sa 28-12-02 “Trying To Replace”) Written by Steve Lawson

Debbie is discovered peeling off the living-room wallpaper at four o’clock in the morning. Ron wants to increase his prices for the health club laundry, but loses the contract entirely when Jacqui admits to Max that she has been paying another firm to re-do it properly. Adele is convinced that Jan is trying to take Diane’s place, and Ruth is annoyed when she sees Sean with Kirsty’s friend Lizzie.

Episode 2783 (Sa 28-12-02 “Resolutions”) Written by Heather Robson

Mike and Rachel hope they will be babysitting at Jacqui’s, but Jacqui brings the children round to theirs. Mike feels that he is failing Rachel, and resolves to do better in 2003. Ruth is reluctant to allow Sean access to Luke because he is seeing an attractive 18-year-old. Nic calls in reinforcements when he is surrounded by women, and Kirsty and Lizzie decide on their New Year’s resolutions.

Episode 2784 (Sa 04-01-03 “No Matter What It Takes”) Written by Neil Jones

Nisha is convinced that Gary is going to stay with Gabby. Marty plans to mend the hole in his wall. Ron has plans for the shop Tim wants, but Jacqui wonders why he is only selling tea and peas. Debbie goes for a walk with old friends, Rachel feels ashamed at Beth’s birthday party, and someone is going to regret calling Emily a vegetable.

Episode 2785 (Sa 04-01-03 “Vetting”) Written by Andy Lynch

Max faces a tough interview panel at the golf club, including Nic, with whom he has recently argued on the Parade, and Ron, who threatens to blackball him. Sean tries to make Ruth realise that she has no right to dictate who he should and shouldn’t see. Marty and Adele are missing Diane, and Jimmy returns to the Close – as does one of his long-lost relatives.

Episode 2786 (Sa 04-01-03 “Appearances”) Written by Steve Lawson

Tim decides against selling the drugs, makes a deal with Nic, and attends Anthony’s court hearing with Steve. Dan is looking forward to going to a wedding reception with Ruth, but Luke doesn’t want to go and stay with Sean. Rachel and Mike are approved for a mortgage, and Mike wants to start spending straight away.

Episode 2787 (Sa 11-01-03 “Remembering”) Written by Barry Woodward

Back from the Maldives, Gabby is shocked to hear the news about Anthony. Brigid shows Adele photographs of herself, Diane and other relatives when they were younger. Tim has two young ladies chasing after him, and Ruth and Sean are not able to agree on anything in court.

Episode 2788 (Sa 11-01-03 “I Want You”) Written by Heather Robson

Nisha feels that Gary is making promises to both herself and Gabby which he won’t keep. Debbie is concerned about Luke’s well-being. Rachel and Mike extend their credit further, Kirsty doesn’t want to claim compensation for her ordeal, and Steve and Tim steal a car.

Episode 2789 (Sa 11-01-03 “I Love You”) Written by Judith Clucas

Steve and Tim kidnap Mozza in order to find out where Terry lives. Debbie is not impressed when Ruth goes to a hairdresser instead of a solicitor. Rachel wants to spoil Beth for a change. and Nisha intends to finish with Gary – but she is not prepared for what he tells her.

Episode 2790 (Sa 18-01-03 “Bits And Pieces”) Written by Peter Cox

Adele wonders if Diane’s clothes should be given to charity, and Brigid helps her sort through them. The contents of Alan’s locker are returned to the Gordons, including a possible lead on his whereabouts. Jimmy searches the internet for legal precedents to help Marty, and Gabby tells Nisha that their holiday brought her and Gary back together.

Episode 2791 (Sa 18-01-03 “Undermined”) Written by Neil Jones

At her session with the family court advisor, Ruth finds out that Debbie waylaid Sean on his way to his session and battered him. Rachel wants to go and look at houses, and discovers that Mike has bought a car without telling her. Ali and Steve want to go and visit Alan’s hypnotherapist, and Nisha encourages Gabby to come to the surgery for a pregnancy test.

Episode 2792 (Sa 18-01-03 “Repercussions”) Written by Andy Lynch

Ron plans to use a golfing challenge to wipe out the debt he owes Max. Nisha and Katie are both becoming more confident that Gary will leave Gabby – but there’s something they don’t know yet. Debbie and Ruth try to find out from Luke whether Sean has been hitting him, and Steve has to resort to extreme measures to prevent Tim from making a big mistake.

The Cast

Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (2763-2765, 2768-2770, 2772, 2777, 2783-2785, 2787-2792)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (2785)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (2759-2766, 2768, 2774-2776, 2785, 2790)
Little Jimmy Corkhill – GEORGE CHRISTOPHER (2761*, 2768*)
Ron Dixon – VINCE EARL (2759-2761, 2763-2767, 2771-2782, 2784, 2785, 2792)
Mike Dixon – PAUL BYATT (2765, 2766, 2769, 2779-2786, 2788, 2789, 2791, 2792)
Rachel Dixon, formerly Wright (nee Jordache) – TIFFANY CHAPMAN (2769, 2771, 2772, 2778-2786, 2788, 2789, 2791, 2792)
Beth Dixon (2771, 2772, 2779, 2781, 2782, 2784, 2786, 2788, 2791)
Jacqui Dixon-Farnham (nee Dixon) – ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (2759, 2761-2766, 2771, 2772, 2775, 2778-2780, 2782-2784)
Max Farnham – STEVEN PINDER (2759, 2761, 2771, 2772, 2775-2777, 2779, 2780, 2782, 2784, 2785, 2792)
Harry Farnham (2771, 2772, 2778-2780, 2782-2784, 2786)
Emma Farnham (2771, 2772, 2778-2780, 2782-2784, 2786)
Debbie Gordon – ANNETTE EKBLOM (2759-2761, 2764-2770, 2777, 2779, 2782-2784, 2786, 2788-2792)
Alan Gordon – JOHN BURTON (2759-2761)
Kirsty Gordon – JESSICA NOON (2759-2762, 2766-2771, 2773, 2774, 2779, 2780, 2783, 2785, 2786, 2788, 2789)
Ali Gordon – KRISTOPHER MOCHRIE (2759-2761, 2766-2771, 2778, 2779, 2783, 2788, 2791)
Stuart Gordon – DAVID LYON (2759, 2763, 2766-2770, 2778, 2779, 2783, 2788, 2791)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (2759*)
Jessie Hilton, formerly Shadwick – MARJI CAMPI (2767)
Nic Howard – JAMES SARSFIELD (2774, 2777, 2778, 2781, 2783-2786)
Jerome Johnson – LEON LOPEZ (2759-2763, 2765)
Bev McLoughlin-Gonzales (nee McLoughlin) – SARAH WHITE (2760, 2763-2767, 2771, 2772, 2778, 2779, 2781, 2784)
Josh McLoughlin – JACK McMULLEN (2764-2767, 2771, 2772, 2779, 2781, 2784)
Dan Morrisey – MATTHEW CROMPTON (2763, 2767-2770, 2772, 2773, 2775, 2779-2783, 2786, 2787, 2790)
Brigid McKenna – MEG JOHNSON (2759, 2761, 2766-2769, 2771, 2772, 2776, 2779-2781, 2786, 2787, 2790)
Diane Murray (nee McKenna) – BERNIE NOLAN (2759, 2764)
Jan Murray – HELEN SHEALS (2759-2774, 2777-2782, 2786, 2789)
Marty Murray – NEIL CAPLE (2759-2763, 2764*, 2765-2775, 2777-2787, 2789, 2790)
Steve Murray – STEVEN FLETCHER (2759, 2760, 2761*, 2762*, 2764*, 2768, 2772-2774, 2776-2782, 2786-2789, 2791, 2792)
Adele Murray – KATY LAMONT (2759-2768, 2772-2774, 2776, 2777, 2779-2783, 2785-2787, 2790)
Anthony Murray – RAYMOND QUINN (2759-2769, 2771-2774, 2776-2779, 2781, 2786)
Christy Murray – GLYN PRITCHARD (2769, 2772-2778, 2784)
Emily O’Leary (nee Shadwick) – JENNIFER ELLISON (2759-2767, 2771, 2773, 2774 OOV*, 2775, 2779, 2780, 2782*, 2783, 2785*, 2789, 2792)
Tim “Tinhead” O’Leary – PHILIP OLIVIER (2759-2792)
Gabby Parr (nee Thaxter) – STEPHANIE CHAMBERS (2763, 2768, 2772, 2776, 2787-2792)
Dr Gary Parr – BEN HULL (2761-2768, 2770, 2788, 2789, 2791, 2792)
Lindsey Phelan, formerly Stanlow (nee Corkhill) – CLAIRE SWEENEY (2759-2762)
Lance Powell – MICKEY POPPINS (2769, 2775-2777, 2781, 2782)
Leanne Powell – VICKIE GATES (2764, 2765, 2769, 2772-2778, 2784*)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (2764-2769, 2771-2775, 2777, 2781, 2783, 2784, 2787, 2792)
Sammy Rogers, formerly Daniels (nee Rogers) – RACHAEL LINDSAY (2766-2768, 2770, 2771, 2773, 2783, 2785)
Margi Shadwick (nee Benson) – BERNADETTE FOLEY (2766-2769, 2773-2775, 2780)
Nikki Shadwick – SUZANNE COLLINS (2759-2762, 2764-2770, 2772-2776, 2778, 2780, 2785)
Ruth Smith (nee Gordon) – LYNSEY McCAFFREY (2759-2761, 2763-2783, 2785-2792)
Sean Smith – BARRY SLOANE (2759, 2762, 2763, 2767, 2771-2773, 2776-2783, 2785-2788, 2790)
Luke Smith – CALLUM GIBLIN (2759, 2763, 2771, 2773, 2777, 2779, 2780, 2783, 2785-2789, 2792)
Gary Stanlow – ANDREW FILLIS (2759*, 2762*)

Detective Sergeant Casey – BARRY McCORMICK (2772, 2773, 2778)
Imelda Clough – BILLIE CLEMENTS (2763*, 2768*, 2770*)
Kevin Clough – THOMAS RYDER (2786)
Callum Finnegan – GERARD KELLY (2759*, 2762*)
Lucas George – MARCUS HERCULES (2759-2764)
Terry “Psycho” Gibson – GREG MILBURN (2759-2764, 2765*, 2766*, 2768*. 2769*, 2774*)
Lizzie Hunter – HOLLY STOCK (2759, 2760, 2761*, 2762, 2766*, 2768*, 2771, 2773, 2774, 2778, 2782, 2783, 2785, 2788)
Hookey Johnson – MICHAEL ATKINSON (2776, 2778)
Shane Ladd – MATTHEW NUTTALL (2759-2764)
Laura Stevens – ELIZABETH AVIS (2782)
Eddie Wilson – BENEDICT RELTON (2759-2764)
Billie – PAMELA SUMNER (2759)
Kerry – JENNY SUMMERS (2759, 2766, 2768, 2769, 2779, 2787, 2789, 2790, 2792)
Scott – KEIRON EDWARDS (2759-2764)
Tommo – SHAUN MASON (2778, 2779, 2888)

John Carr, Family Court Advisor – BRIAN SOUTHWOOD (2790, 2791) [ Bill Hargreaves (7, 73) / Mr Miller (739) ]
Kevin Mallon – DEAN WILLIAMSON (2774) [ Les (618) / Des Sharp, Reporter (1111, 1330) ]
WPC Michelle Stuart – SUSAN CORMACK (2760) [ Cathy Baker (1638, 1643) ]
Jim Ward – JON KEATS (2784) [ Harry (1805) / Hugh McGlynn (2456-2458) ]
Mo Ward – ANGELA WALSH (2784) [ Carol Salter (1305, 1310, 1311, 1313, 1318, 1348, 1352, 1354, 1442 and others) ]

Mozza Brown – NICK McNEIL (2789)
Sharon Carter – STEPHANIE McGILL (2782)
Matt Henderson – JAMES LOMAS (2759-2761, 2762 OOV*, 2764-2766, 2772, 2776, 2780)
Dr Mittal – CONOR ALEXANDER (2773)
Detective Constable Parker – NICK MILES (2767)
Roger, Key Worker – MARC PARRY (2778, 2779)
Barman – RICHARD CADMAN (2777)

Mrs Arnold, a patient (2789)
James Bryance, radio newsreader (2772 OOV)
Dave, a mate of Christy (2775)
Alex Davis, a mate of Nic (2783)
Detective Constable Hamilton (2772, 2773)
Jed, a policeman (2759)
Jerry, a social worker (2778)
Sharon’s children (2782)
Hands of pilot (2764, 2765*)
Voice of co-pilot (2764, 2765*)

The final “Brookside” opening titles sequence, completely revised from previous openings, makes its debut, along with a new version of the theme tune, revised [and, for the first time ever, differing!] “End of Part One” and “Part Two” captions, and a new closing titles sequence, including a larger “Next” frame, in episode 2759 – the episode with the largest credited cast of the whole twenty-one years of the series. Thirty-three characters are listed, and that doesn’t even include those that are also seen in flashbacks!

“Flashback” sequences to earlier episodes follow the opening titles sequences to the first seven of these new episodes, and are also included at several other points during these and the later episodes of this season – although occasionally, what might appear to be a flashback is actually new material of earlier events seen from a different angle! In the cast list above, * denotes that the character appears (or is heard) only within one or more flashback sequences, and does not otherwise feature in the episode.

Incidental music is briefly used in places in episodes 2759, 2761, 2763, and 2764; episode 2766 begins with a particularly effective 90-second mix of scenes of the aftermath of recent events in a variety of locations, musically accompanied with a series of sombre chords; and, after initially being heard on Marty’s radio, the song “Softly As I Leave You” by Frank Sinatra accompanies a two-and-a-half-minute montage of events in several different households and locations at the end of episode 2780.

Episode 2761 begins a short “dream” sequence in which Anthony imagines that he and his family escape safely from their captors. However, it soon becomes apparent that they are all still being held as hostages.

Although, for scheduling reasons, six of the first nine episodes of this season were originally broadcast in three 60-minute Thursday timeslots on Channel Four, all were shown in their entirety, with complete opening and closing titles sequences. However, from episode 2768 onwards, “Brookside” was removed from its increasingly variable weekday slots, and the episodes were no longer shown individually, but only as omnibus editions on Saturday afternoons, typically at 4.00 pm. For the first two weeks only, re-edited versions of the previous week’s omnibus edition were also repeated on the lunchtime of the following Saturday, in a time-slot similar to one of the many through which the omnibus repeat had even more randomly moved in recent months.

Some of Mike’s words from earlier in episode 2769 echo in Rachel’s mind later in the same episode; during episode 2777, we briefly hear the voices of Marty, Jan and Steve as we see Anthony elsewhere; and parts of Anthony’s arrival at the remand centre in episode 2778 are seen as if through CCTV cameras, showing an imprinted date of 24.12.02.

A different version of what ultimately is heard in episode 2786 – “Anthony Murray, you are charged that on the 19th of March 2002 you murdered Imelda Mary Clough, contrary to common law. How do you plead – guilty or not guilty?” – is previewed in the “Next” frame seen at the end of the omnibus edition shown on Saturday 28th December 2002: “Anthony David Murray, you are charged that on the 19th of March 2002 you murdered Imelda Mary Clough. How do you plead – guilty or not guilty?”.

Gabby appears only for a brief moment in episode 2788, as a nightmare image in Gary’s mind as he fears her catching him with Nisha.


The storylines:

There’s doom and gloom on the Close, as several of the residents are held at gunpoint for days, and a helicopter crashes into the Parade – Diane is killed, Alan disappears without trace, and Emily goes into a coma from which she is unlikely to awaken. Nikki finishes with Jerome, and Nisha starts with Gary – but he may be tempted to stay with Gabby when she becomes equally as pregnant as Katie, albeit rather more certain of who the father is. The police become more certain that Marty killed Imelda – but when they arrest and charge him, Anthony finally confesses that he was responsible, and spends Christmas in a remand centre, pending an appearance in court. Ruth and Sean go to family court, both believing that the other’s home is not a suitable environment for Luke – but it doesn’t really help them to resolve their differences. Meanwhile, Rachel and Mike become frustrated with the differences in their lifestyles from those of Max and Jacqui, and resolve to better themselves in 2003, even if this means going heavily into debt again. And while Tim is dividing his time between setting up a nail-bar and planning revenge on Terry the Psycho with Steve, both Adele and Kerry would like to tempt him in their directions…

The dates:

It is 2002 in episode 2772, based on the sign on Ron’s stall; and in episode 2774, goods marked “November 2002” are out-of-date while those marked “January 2003” are fine! Based on earlier and later dialogue, it is Christmas Eve in episode 2777; it is still Christmas Eve / 24.12.02 in episode 2778; and it is Christmas Day in episodes 2779 and 2780. Although it is said to be Josh’s birthday in episode 2781, perhaps his family are celebrating it a day late [or 364 days early – see “Goofs below!] to separate it from Christmas Day, as there are clear indications elsewhere that it is Boxing Day in this episode. Based on dialogue in episodes 2782 and 2783, it is 30th December and New Year’s Eve [then New Year’s Day, right at the end] respectively in these episodes; and, based on dialogue in episodes 2772, 2783, 2784, 2785 and 2786, it is New Year’s Day in episode 2784, it is January 2nd in episode 2785, and it is January 3rd in episode 2786. September is “a long way off” in episode 2788 – when, based on dialogue in episodes 2788 and 2789, it must be a Thursday; and it is the day after, Friday, in episode 2789. Based on the revelation that Muhammed Ali is 61 today in episode 2792, it must then be 17th January 2003.


Mao Tse Tung (2760); Princess Diana (2760); “Big Brother” and “Big Brother’s Little Brother” (2762); “Spiderman” (2763); Bruce Willis (2767); Elvis [Presley] (2770, 2783); the “Beverley [flamin’] Hillbillies” (2771); Jerry Hall (2771); Mick Jagger (2771); Gordon Brown (2772); Napoleon (2773); Liz Hurley (2773); Liam [Gallagher] and Patsy [Kensit] (2773); “Butch Cassidy” and “Sundance” (2774); Bobby Moore [expression] (2774); “Homer Simpson” (2775); “I Love Lucy” (2775); Kennedy, US president assassinated in 1983 (2775); “Cinders” (2775); Dr Spock (2778); “The Sopranos” / “Tony” (2780, 2791 / 2791); “[James] Bond” / Sean Connery (2780); “The Soup Dragons” (2780); “Happy Mondays” (2780); “Ebenezer” (2780); “Casablanca” (2780); Jason Orange (2782); Michael Jackson (2782); [Kenny] Dalglish (2786); Madonna (2786); George Best (2788); John Lennon (2788); “Galloping Gourmet” (2789); “a Stepford Wife” (2789); and Muhammed Ali (2792).


The majority of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, although there are scenes set in Manchester (not necessarily recorded there) in episodes 2777, 2789 and 2792.


None. Katie discovers that she is pregnant in episode 2765, and she is three months pregnant in episode 2775; and Gabby reveals that she is also pregnant in episode 2792. It is Jimmy’s birthday in episode 2762; it is the birthday of both Ron and Josh in episode 2780, although the tenth birthday of Josh is celebrated in episode 2781 [see “Goofs” below”]. It is the 13th birthday of Anthony – who is 12 in episodes 2762, 2769 and 2771 – in episode 2781 [see “Goofs” below]. Diane was born on 30th March 1964, and died aged 38 years, according to her coffin-plate (2772); and we are also told that Jackie is 50 (2760); Nikki is younger than Lindsey (2762); Imelda is [was!] 12 (2772); Tim is over 18 / 22 (2774 / 2775); Ali and Tommo are under 18 (2778); Lizzie is 18 (2783); Ruth gave birth to Luke when she was 19 (2783); Brigid was “about 22” at some point in the 1950’s (2787); Luke is 4, according to Dan (2786) / 5, according to Debbie (2788); and Alex is 28 (2788).


None. It is Debbie and Alan’s 25th wedding anniversary “next week” in episode 2767, and they have been married for 25 years in episode 2792; and Tracy says she got married on a beach in Antigua in episode 2785 – in presumably her second marriage, as we were previously told that her first took place in Australia. Gloria, an unseen friend of Ruth, Dan and Sean, is to marry an equally unseen friend, Tony, on January 3rd (2772), and Dan and Ruth are seen getting ready to go to the reception in episode 2786; and the unseen Paul, a member of Lizzie’s family, has split from his equally unseen wife (2778).


Two – it is confirmed in episode 2766 that Diane Murray was the unlucky resident who was fatally hit by a falling helicopter in episode 2764, in an accident that also claimed the life of the helicopter pilot, whose hands were briefly seen at the controls just before it happened. It also emerges in episodes 2767, 2768 and 2769 that the co-pilot, heard calling for help but not actually seen on-screen, was killed at the same time – both men were apparently “young dads with families” (2769). Diane’s coffin-plate records that she was 38 years old when she died on 15th November 2002 [see “Goofs” below] (2772); we are reminded that Tony Dixon was 14 when he died (2767); and three unseen, never-to-be-seen dead characters are mentioned: Sean’s father, who died at Christmas (2772), Diane’s grandmother / Brigid’s mother (2777 / 2790); and Jan’s father (2780, 2786).

Toilet visits:

Scott (2759); Tim (2760); Anthony (2761); Jan (2761); Ali (2770); Brigid (2781); Marty (2782); an unnamed mate of Mozza (2789, against a wall), and Gary (2791, audibly). Leanne needs to go in episode 2776, but Max refuses to let her use the facilities at the bar; and Ron is “bursting” in episode 2784, but Rachel and Mike are busy having a heart-to-heart in the bathroom.

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:


Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Jackie (2760); Helen (2760, 2761, 2762); Kylie / Kyles (2762 / 2785); Wills (2762, 2775); Sinbad (2764, 2781); Jason / Jase (2766, 2774, 2780); Ray / Ray Hilton (2767 / 2771); Clint (2767); Tony Dixon / Tony (2767 / 2768); Owen (2768, 2771, 2773); Rubie (2768); Lou / Louise (2768, 2781 / 2773, 2783); Joanne (2769); Dexter (2770, 2791); Mrs Plummer (2791); Nisha’s mother (2772) and father (2772, 2773, 2777, 2783, 2784, 2785, 2788); Bev’s mother (2772); “those Cloughs” / the “Clough lads” / “the Cloughs” (2773 / 2774 / 2777, 2786) – including Paul; Lance’s mother (2777); “the Clough family” (2778), including Mrs Clough (2783, 2786); Baz (2780, 2783); Sotto (2781, 2782, 2783, 2788); Ruth [Sinbad’s daughter] (2781); Ted [Moran] (2783); and Snowy [Steve’s mate] (2788).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Shane’s wife, Jackie (2760, 2762, 2764); Lizzie’s family / mother / father / brother / Paul / his ex- wife (2760 / 2761 / 2771, 2774 / 2773 / 2778 / 2774, 2778); Franny, another robber (2762); Ravi / Nisha’s brother (2764, 2777, 2783 / 2785); Celia, Brigid’s friend who has a cottage in the Lakes (2767); Nisha’s sister (2767, 2783, 2788); Chris from Bootle, and “Fat Fella Ken”, possible fathers of Katie’s baby (2768); Kerry’s father (2769); Mr Mitchell (2770) and Mr Goddard (2788), patients; Maggie of the General [Hospital], a contact of Katie (2770); Julie, looking after the salon (2771); Nic’s father (2771); Richard, Sammy’s estranged husband (2771, 2773); Gloria and Tony, engaged mates of Ruth, Dan and Sean (2772); Sean’s mother (2772, 2778, 2781, 2792); Jennifer Black, missing pupil (2773); Randy Rob, a driver (2774); Nic’s father (2777); Dan’s mother (2778); Ruth’s grandmother (2778); Jan’s uncle Mick (2780); Linda, who ran the windsurfing society at university, and John Stilgoe in West Derby, mates of Dan (2781); “Pirate Pete”, the entertainer at Sharon’s kids’ party (2782); Tommo’s mother (2783); Baz’s mother (2783); Mrs Moran / Sheena (2783); Ian, a disc-jockey and Kerry’s ex-boyfriend (2787); Bluey Jackson, whose car Tim plans to steal (2787); Stanley McKenna, Brigid’s husband (2787); Sally, in a story about elephants that Debbie reads to Luke (2789); and Mrs Johnson, Luke’s teacher (2789).


In episode 2761, Ruth either replaces “We’re” with “It’s”, or adds an “off” – “It’s better off all round if we just carry on.”; at one point in episode 2767, Jimmy pronounces “Margi” with a soft rather than a hard “g”; and in episode 2768, Anthony and Marty recall how Rubie chewed up one of Anthony’s favourite toys when he was much younger – but Rubie is their current dog, so the animal responsible was surely the family’s previous pet – Minty.

There would only appear to be two precise indications, inconsistent with each other, of the number of days that elapsed between the arrival of the robbers on the Close, revealed to be November 5th in episode 2758, and the helicopter crash. It would seem, however, to be much less than the ten days suggested by the “15th November 2002” appearing as the date of Diane’s death on her coffin-plate in episode 2772, but possibly more than implied by Jan in episode 2777, when she says that Diane died “two days after” walking out on the Murrays.

Jan’s ninth and tenth words arrive in the wrong order in episode 2778: “We wanted to tell you, but the less that people knew the better.”; Anthony’s birthday continues its disturbing trend of arriving slightly earlier every year, moving as it does to Boxing Day in episode 2781; and, in the same episode, Bev and Mike’s recall is somewhat flawed:

BEV: Aw, ten years old, eh? Hasn’t time flown?
MIKE: Ten years since the biggest fright of my life.
JOSH: What are you talking about?
BEV: The day you were born.

….which was just over NINE years earlier, on 25th December 1993!

In episode 2785, Sammy seems to be forgetting everyone else in Nisha’s large family when, referring to her father and brother, she tells her that “They’re the only family you’ve got.”.


Ruth dumped Dan for Sean when she was 18 (2783). The collection for Alan at his work raised £63 (2774, 2775), the card found in his locker reads: “TOPAZ STUDIO – BODY PERFECT – RELIEF FROM STRESS – ALL HABITS TREATED. CALL TAMSIN OR SERENA 0151 496 2809” (2790), and the wording of the advertisement in the “Manor Park Reporter” for his job, seen briefly on-screen in episode 2775, is as follows:

TRANSPORT MANAGER – NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS – TO START IMMEDIATELY, SALARY TO BE NEGOTIATED. As part of the senior management team, you will work cross-functionally to achieve cost-effective and accurate deliveries. As a team player, you will require excellent transport and people management skills and the ability to contribute towards the ongoing success of client relationships. Contact KEVIN MALLON, Tele: 01632 960009 Fax: 01632 960000.

Alex owns his own electrical company (2788), and Sharon is the area manager of a mobile phone company (2782). It is her recollection that Rachel was the netball captain at school that leads Rachel to invent a series of lies to improve the impression her friend is given of her life since they last met (2782). Having taken an hour to get as far as leaving infant school at his interview panel for the Leawood Golf Club, Woolton Village, Liverpool 25, whose telephone number is 0151 496 2809 (2792), Max claims that he was a borderline case for grammar school when he sat his “11+”, and went to Crewe Secondary Technical School (2785). The pub at which Terry planned to play pool is the “Angel” (2761); Tim arranges to meet Sotto “down Cork Street”, on which there is a pub called “The Grapes”, and he gate-crashes a party by claiming that he knows “Dave” (2783); Josh hates smokey bacon flavoured crisps (2767); and Jessie reveals that, following their move to Spain, Ray got prickly heat on the second day! (2767). Brigid reveals that the husband she met when she was a nurse, and left after he hit her, is now a retired top surgeon living in Glasgow (2787).

The robbers find the hate-mail sent to Marty in a video case for the film “The Devil’s Own”, whose cover lists its stars as Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt (2761). Marty was charged with being drunk and disorderly on a stag night in Blackpool when he was 18 (2786), and reads a Christmas card to “Diane, Marty and family” from “Roger and Hannah” (2781). He is seen on Coolton Hill Road, L2 on his way to the pool (2770), and is charged with murdering Imelda on 20th March 2002 (2773). Anthony is later charged with murdering Imelda Mary Clough on 19th March 2002 (2786), and the posters of her on the Parade are seen being taken down in episode 2774. The “For Sale” sign bearing the name “Fletcher’s” and the telephone number 0151 629 1876 is also seen being taken down from the property formerly known as “Trona’s Tits” (2784), and Ron plans to open a new shop there called “TP2U”, but struggles to make Jacqui understand his reasoning for the name (2784). Anthony (2766), Debbie (2769, 2788), Dan (2770), Ruth (2770), Jacqui (2772), Gary (2788); Luke (2789) and John (2790) are all right-handed.

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moment:

As “Brookside” has just passed its 20-year anniversary, but is rumoured to face an uncertain future, something Jimmy says in episode 2763 sounds like a subliminal (almost bordering on “liminal”!) appeal to the powers that be:

RON: Yeah, we’ve been through a lot together, me and you, haven’t we?
JIMMY: Tell me about it!
RON: Yeah – deaths, fires, fights, houses burning down. Wonder what else could go wrong?
JIMMY: Well, give us another twenty years – and probably twice as much.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Kerry is at Emily’s bedside, when Steve drags Tim in and reminds him that she is all he should be thinking about. Steve reveals that Tim was just about to make a big mistake, about which Tim doesn’t want Kerry to know the details. She tells him not to do anything stupid – Emily needs him, and would want him to promise not to do anything that would take him away from her. He promises, and Kerry hugs him: “She’d hold you, she’d put her arms round you and squeeze you close, ask you to say how much you really, really, want it. You won’t do anything stupid, will you, Tim? Because I’d really miss you if I couldn’t see you every day.”. Tim holds her too: “I won’t.”…