Season Sixty Nine Episode Guide

Episode 2826 (Th 10-04-03 “Up For It”) Written by Barry Woodward

Tim and Steve set off for Salford in search of Terry, but Steve wonders if Tim would really be capable of killing him. Josh suggests that Bev moves in with Ron, and proudly shows her how he can abseil off the balcony. Marty and Jan go shopping together.

Episode 2827 (Th 10-04-03 “Bricking It”) Written by Barry Woodward or Arthur Ellison

Steve encounters Terry when he least expects to, but will he recognise him? Marty asks Jan to move in with him again. Josh wonders why Mike is his father when Bev was living with Ron when he was born. But can Ron persuade Bev to move back in with him?

Episode 2828 (Th 10-04-03 “Just Shoot Me”) Written by Arthur Ellison

Tim has Terry at his mercy, but leaves him alone with Steve while he goes to retrieve the drugs from the van. Terry tries to convince Steve that he killed no-one in cold blood, and offers to give himself up to the police and compensate him – will Steve be tempted?

Episode 2829 (Sa 19-04-03 “Back On The Close”) Written by Roy Boulter

Steve and Jimmy help Bev to move back in with Ron. Jimmy realises that Ron wants to get Bev back into his bed, and advises him not to make himself look too desperate. Josh is keen to know whereabouts Uncle Max’s other wife landed when she fell down the stairs.

Episode 2830 (Sa 19-04-03 “Back On The Road”) Written by Roy Boulter or Andy Lynch

While Josh distributes leaflets promoting the new Mobile Moby, Brigid tries to discover just how old Ron is. Meanwhile, Bev is visited in her new home by Jimmy, and then by Lance – who gives her a few things to think about.

Episode 2831 (Sa 19-04-03 “On The Rebound”) Written by Andy Lynch

Josh wants to make Bev a bright red boiled egg for breakfast before their Easter Egg hunt, and Ron turns down customers to be with his family. But then Lance turns up, heartbroken because his boyfriend has dumped him – and so does Brigid, distraught at hearing the news that Jan and Marty are to remarry.

Episode 2832 (Sa 26-04-03 “Second Time Around”) Written by Peter Cox

Ron outlines to Bev the advantages of sleeping in the same bed. Jan is concerned with what people will think of her decision to remarry, while Adele and Laura can’t decide what to wear. Steve wonders if Marty is having last-minute doubts, and Brigid can’t come to terms with the wedding coming so soon after Diane died.

Episode 2833 (Sa 26-04-03 “Brothers”) Written by Peter Cox or Arthur Ellison

Jan seeks Anthony’s reassurance that he wants her to remarry, and Brigid agrees to come to the wedding – but Tim is still sulking over Terry. Marty reminds Christy that he never used to leave Jan alone with him because of the way he used to put it about – and his brother confesses to him that he once slept with Jan during his previous marriage to her…

Episode 2834 (Sa 26-04-03 “Getting Married”) Written by Arthur Ellison

Jan and Marty discuss Christy’s revelation, and Jan confesses that she led Christy on. Christy wonders if Marty will still want him to be best man, but Steve doubts that there will still be a wedding. Meanwhile, Sean installs Freeview channels for Jimmy, and the impression he makes on Nikki is seriously at odds with the way Ruth has described him to her.

Episode 2835 (Sa 03-05-03 “Wanting”) Written by Barry Woodward

Nikki goes out for a drink with Sean, and Tim is as surprised when she suggests that he should see more of Kerry as he is when he hears that Christy is engaged. But he can’t help Jimmy to urgently find £400 to pay his council tax; and as Jimmy is not willing to let Nikki ask Margi for some money, his only alternative seems to be to find himself a job…

Episode 2836 (Sa 03-05-03 “Interfering”) Written by Barry Woodward or Steve Lawson

Tim is feeling guilty, disturbing Nikki’s concentration, and is concerned by a silent phone-call. Jimmy’s boss tells him that there will be a manager’s job up for grabs soon – but Ron reveals something Jimmy didn’t tell him at his interview. Ruth feels that she is having to do everything at home, as Ali and Stuart aren’t helping – and she is worried about her mother.

Episode 2837 (Sa 03-05-03 “Doing”) Written by Steve Lawson

Tim warns Jimmy not to tell anybody any more of his business. Nikki decides to move out of Jimmy’s, because there is too much dishonesty there. Steve is becoming paranoid over Terry, Gary challenges Jacqui to a swimming race, and a strange internal audit takes place at a Southport pizza parlour…

Episode 2838 (Sa 10-05-03 “Trying”) Written by Neil Jones

Gabby is worried about her unborn baby, but Gary is fed up of listening to her talking about pushchairs, and thinks she is never going to forgive him for his past affair. Meanwhile, Jacqui is having doubts about whether she wants to move away from the Close – but Max seems keen for them to have another child. And Katie, with toilet problems, wishes she had told Nic of her doubts earlier.

Episode 2839 (Sa 10-05-03 “Sinking”) Written by Neil Jones or Judith Clucas

Katie is in a foul mood, as she finds out she may become homeless just as she is about to give birth. Gary has lost his car keys, and Gabby confronts Jacqui when she tries to return them, convinced that Gary is a serial adulterer and habitual liar. She then goes to see Max, to allege that his wife is having an affair with her husband – and has a furious argument with Jacqui at the top of a staircase…

Episode 2840 (Sa 10-05-03 “Scuppered”) Written by Judith Clucas

When she hears about Gabby’s fall, Katie wonders what Jacqui has done. Max also subjects her to serious questioning – and Gary, unwilling to accept that his marriage is over, is wanting to know exactly why she pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs. Meanwhile, Debbie advises Stuart and Ali not to rush into having sex for the first time.

Episode 2841 (Sa 17-05-03 “Getting”) Written by Heather Robson

Debbie gives each of her children a £2,500 share of the proceeds of Alan’s life insurance policy, but is not pleased with some of their plans to spend their windfall. Stuart agrees to get rid of the junk mail Alan has been getting, and close his e-mail account, but makes an unpleasant discovery. While Gary blames Jacqui for Gabby leaving him, the temptation to play a trick on Nic proves impossible for Katie, Sammy and Nikki to resist.

Episode 2842 (Sa 17-05-03 “Reminiscing”) Written by Heather Robson or Sue Mooney

Nic wants to buy a house to do up for Katie, who considers telling him the truth about the baby – but Sammy thinks she would be risking losing him. Ali is not in the mood to celebrate his 17th birthday when Stuart reveals what he has found. Ruth doesn’t believe that her father was having an affair – but Kirsty searches for more evidence, and soon finds it. By a majority vote, they agree not to tell Debbie.

Episode 2843 (Sa 17-05-03 “Knowing”) Written by Sue Mooney

On Ali’s 17th birthday, he tries out his new car, and wrecks Steve’s van – and Ruth is annoyed to find Sean and Nikki enjoying each other’s company. When the lads hold a contest to see who can lose their virginity first, Sammy seizes an opportunity to earn an easy £50. After finding out that Alan had revived an affair she thought ended years earlier, Debbie finally finds the perfect place for his ashes.

Episode 2844 (Sa 24-05-03 “Suffering”) Written by Heather Robson

Jimmy insists on planting an Alan Gordon memorial tree for Debbie, and she does to it what she would like to do to Alan. Gary is rude to Rachel, as he lets his personal problems interfere with his work. Jacqui tries to persuade Gabby to try to save her marriage, but she may just be making things worse.

Episode 2845 (Sa 24-05-03 “Smothering”) Written by Heather Robson or Neil Jones

Nic is driving Katie mad, while Max is becoming increasingly suspicious of Jacqui, but can’t find anything that confirms his worst fears. Sean invites Nikki for a walk in the park, but brings Luke too. Gary confronts Gabby at her office, and brings all her belongings home – but when he turns violent, Gabby is even more sure that their marriage is over.

Episode 2846 (Su 25-05-03 “Paying”) Written by Neil Jones

It is Katie’s last day at work, and it looks as if it will also be Gary’s, as he can’t convince her that she didn’t see him beating up his pregnant wife. And Rachel reports him to his partners, unwilling to be bribed into retracting her complaint. But although Gary does his best to see that Jacqui and Max’s marriage is also wrecked, Max finally realises that Jacqui wasn’t having an affair after all.

Episode 2847 (Sa 31-05-03 “Dumping”) Written by Barry Woodward

Katie is sick of waiting to give birth and forever going to the toilet, but Nic wants Sammy’s opinion about whether he would cheer her up if he asked her to marry him. Gary discovers that his new practice is a very different environment from what he is used to, and the incumbents are not particularly convinced that he is going to be able to adapt to his new surroundings.

Episode 2848 (Sa 31-05-03 “Dropping”) Written by Barry Woodward or Steve Lawson

Sean agrees to install a satellite dish cheaply for Marty, and they make a bet regarding the sex of Katie’s unborn child. Katie has to be rushed to hospital to give birth – and when they arrive there, Nic discovers that her bag has dropped off the roof of his van. Then she refuses to allow him to be with her while she gives birth, and tells him why…

Episode 2849 (Sa 31-05-03 “I Need To Know”) Written by Steve Lawson

Nic needs to know if the baby is his or not, and wants a DNA test. Jacqui encourages Katie to fight for Nic – but when Sean questions his motives, will Nic allow the result to influence his decision regarding whether to stay with her? Meanwhile, Josh is sent home from his new school, for altering other pupils’ paintings because they were rubbish.

Episode 2850 (Sa 07-06-03 “Learning”) Written by David Hanson

Sammy can’t believe that Katie doesn’t want to know the DNA test results, and requests another copy. Stuart discovers that his father’s ashes are missing from his urn, and decides to replace them with cat-litter. Ali owes Steve for repairs to his van, and suggests that Kirsty repays him in kind. Sean wants to take Nikki for a night on a town, but sees her “angry face”.

Episode 2851 (Sa 07-06-03 “Plumbing”) Written by Andy Lynch

Stuart and Ali agree to act out one of Sammy’s sexual fantasies, but things don’t go the way either of them expect. Luke walks in on Sean and Nikki when they are naked in bed together, and Sean is furious…when he finds out about some of the things Dan did to Luke. Tim thinks Jimmy needs a change of direction.

Episode 2852 (Sa 07-06-03 “Screaming”) Written by Arthur Ellison

Sean asks Nikki to look after Luke while he confronts Ruth about Dan, and explains to his ex-wife that she is not seeing her son for a few days. Debbie visits Sean to plead with him to re-think, but he is even more annoyed to find out that she also knew what Dan had done. Bev believes that a role in the school play could be the start of something good for Josh.

Episode 2853 (Sa 14-06-03 “Star”) Written by Judith Clucas

Bev needs to make Josh a detachable arm, and Josh wants to learn his lines so that he knows them off by heart. But then he realises that he has left the script behind at school. Ron has plans to cheer Bev up on her birthday, but faces a dilemma when she tells him that he will not be allowed to sell from the Moby outside the school unless he donates the proceeds to the school fund.

Episode 2854 (Sa 14-06-03 “Performer”) Written by Carol Cullington

Ron apologises to Bev for taking her for granted, and Bev apologises to Brigid for giving her the wrong impression about her relationship with him. Lance discovers that everything that Ron is donating to the school is past its sell-by date – and, after seeing his performance in the play, becomes even more concerned about Josh.

Episode 2855 (Sa 14-06-03 “He Needs Help”) Written by Peter Cox

Lance tells Josh that he left the play before the end because he was ashamed, and Josh’s teacher advises Ron that Josh has behavioural problems, and should see an educational psychologist. But Bev is not convinced that he needs specialist care – can Ron persuade her? Steve is short of money and bored to death, but has Tim any ideas?

Episode 2856 (Sa 21-06-03 “Planning”) Written by Roy Boulter

Ron tries to convince Bev that Josh’s behaviour will improve if he sees the psychologist. Making a delivery of furniture to a strip and lap-dancing club gives Tim some money-making opportunities, but Jimmy reminds him that any robbery will need to be carefully planned. Steve is willing to help – but then discovers that the plan involves him and Tim becoming lap-dancers…

Episode 2857 (Sa 21-06-03 “Training”) Written by Roy Boulter or Maurice Bessman

Candy offers to be Tim and Steve’s dancing teacher as they need to prepare for their audition in front of Dirty Don. But Steve is not convinced that he can cope with wearing a thong, or taking his clothes off in front of women. Jimmy walks in on the pair as they apply fake tan to each other, and doesn’t believe their story that this is only a career change for them.

Episode 2858 (Sa 21-06-03 “Dancing”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Steve and Tim find that they need to rely on help from Candy to steal the takings from the lap-dancing club. But Dirty Don discovers that the money is missing, and no-one is leaving until it is found – even if this means opening up and searching through every bag of garbage. Meanwhile, someone else has already discovered and claimed it…

Episode 2859 (Sa 28-06-03 “Landscaping”) Written by Steve Lawson

Tim is frustrated that he still needs to continue lap-dancing, although he suspects that Steve is actually enjoying his new career. Jimmy starts up a gardening services business, and soon gets his first customer. As he needs help, Debbie volunteers Stuart to be his assistant – but Stuart wants to be suitably rewarded…

Episode 2860 (Sa 28-06-03 “Casing”) Written by Steve Lawson or Arthur Ellison

Jimmy needs to raise £30,000 to buy Jackie’s share of the house, and would prefer to do so by legal means. However, Tim persuades him to consider thieving from his employer – and he takes advantage of an opportunity that arises, without thinking it through. But can he conceal what he is doing from Stuart?

Episode 2861 (Sa 28-06-03 “Fish-napping”) Written by Arthur Ellison

Jimmy urgently needs to off-load the fish he has stolen when he finds out exactly how valuable it is – but he isn’t able to find a willing buyer. Eventually, a plan forms in his mind – but Steve and Tim need to be persuaded to dress up, and unfortunately Stuart is only capable of providing the stupidity…

Episode 2862 (Sa 05-07-03 “Escaping”) Written by Roy Boulter

Jimmy and Debbie have both received letters from a company offering to buy their houses. Jimmy is keen to discover more, when Stuart reveals that he has stolen a theodolite from some surveyors in the woods. But none of Debbie’s children have any intentions of moving with her – Ali is particularly keen to move out – and the decision to sell isn’t one that she is ever going to have to make anyway…

Episode 2863 (Sa 05-07-03 “Guessing”) Written by Roy Boulter or Maurice Bessman

Ruth regrets not being more helpful to Debbie at times of need, and arguing with her on the subject of showing good judgement when it comes to relationships. Debbie is certainly correct about one thing – she has left it too late to help Ali with his drinking problem…

Episode 2864 (Sa 05-07-03 “Asking”) Written by Maurice Bessman

Stuart regrets buying vinyls that Debbie specifically told him he couldn’t have, and Kirsty regrets planning to travel again, as the Gordons realise that they will have to make more of an effort to look after each other from now on. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to persuade Adele and Steve to go out, so that they don’t discover something he hasn’t told them about his friend Jonesey.

Episode 2865 (Sa 12-07-03 “Snogging”) Written by Peter Cox

Adele discovers why all her baby oil has been going missing, as Laura reveals what Steve’s new line of work is. Marty is more concerned that Anthony now has a girlfriend, and believes that he ought to have a chat with him about the facts of life. But after a chat with Jan about keeping secrets in relationships, Anthony tells Elena the worst thing he has ever done…

Episode 2866 (Sa 12-07-03 “Embarrassing”) Written by Barry Woodward

Elena wants to know all the details of how Anthony killed Imelda, promises not to tell anyone, and assures him that she still wants to go out with him. But soon everyone else in the school knows…Adele finds something incriminating in Jan’s wardrobe, which leads to a furious row between Jan and Marty. Jimmy discovers that the incinerator builders now only want to buy two of the houses on the Close.

Episode 2867 (Sa 12-07-03 “Mattering”) Written by Judith Clucas

Marty feels that Anthony will probably have to change schools again. Anthony dumps Elena, and blames Jan for giving him bad advice – and, although Marty withdraws his objections to her past promiscuity, she is still not happy. Mike’s teacher-training information arrives, but he is more keen to sleep than read it – and Rachel badgers him to fix a dripping tap.

Episode 2868 (Sa 19-07-03 “Leaving”) Written by Neil Jones

Jan leaves Marty, although Mike, her taxi-driver, tries to persuade her that she is doing the wrong thing by walking out on her family. Then she discovers that he is in the process of doing exactly the same thing. They both feel guilty, but end up in a B&B together – where they discover that in some respects they have more in common with each other than with their spouses.

Episode 2869 (Sa 19-07-03 “Talking”) Written by Neil Jones

Marty apologises to Anthony for letting Jan come back and walk out on them again – while Jan and Mike talk about the mad ideas everyone gets from time to time, and he agrees to drive her on to Salford. But a shock awaits him when he returns to their bedroom in the B&B and finds Rachel there. He tries to persuade her that Jan is just a fare, but she wonders what he is receiving as a tip.

Episode 2870 (Sa 19-07-03 “Regretting”) Written by Neil Jones

Mike tries to persuade Jan to go away with him – but she won’t let him walk out on his young family, as his approach of taking the easy option is how she ended up missing out on eleven years with her children and husband. Jimmy reveals to Nikki new information he has discovered about Cinerco, but finds that Ron is not the only one who may take the company up on their offer.

Episode 2871 (Th 29-07-03 “Caring”) Written by Peter Cox

Staying with Ron after Rachel throws him out, Mike is missing Beth – but Jan is back home with Marty. Jimmy discovers that Cinerco plan to demolish two of the houses on the Close and built a through-road. Nikki is getting ready for her graduation, but Margi is not pleased when she finds out that her new boyfriend has a child whose mother lives next door, and that Nikki has been sleeping with someone else…

Episode 2872 (Th 29-07-03 “Sharing”) Written by Peter Cox

Ruth wants Sean to miss Nikki’s graduation by looking after Luke while she goes to the dentist – not that she is being deliberately obstructive, of course. So Sean sends Jimmy to attend in his place, despite Margi’s objections. But both Jimmy and Nikki try to assure her that he never led her on, and he would never ever do anything to hurt her – will Margi be convinced?

Episode 2873 (Th 29-07-03 “Meeting”) Written by Peter Cox

Jimmy holds a residents’ meeting, which goes better than he expects in creating a greater understanding of the threat facing the Close. Ron, however, is accused of splitting the community down the middle by remaining keen to sell. Can Jacqui, visiting the Close to collect Matthew and Emily’s trees and take them to their new home, persuade him to think again? Meanwhile, Margi meets Sean, and reveals something he didn’t know about Nikki…

The Cast

Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (2846)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (2829, 2830, 2834-2837, 2844, 2846, 2851, 2853, 2855-2862, 2864, 2865, 2870-2873)
Ron Dixon – VINCE EARL (2827-2832, 2836, 2846, 2849, 2852-2856, 2868, 2869, 2873)
Mike Dixon – PAUL BYATT (2846, 2867-2871)
Rachel Dixon, formerly Wright (nee Jordache) – TIFFANY CHAPMAN (2844, 2867-2870)
Beth Dixon (2844, 2867-2870)
Jacqui Dixon-Farnham (nee Dixon) – ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (2826, 2836-2841, 2844-2846, 2849, 2869, 2873)
Max Farnham – STEVEN PINDER (2826, 2838-2840, 2844-2846)
Harry Farnham (2839 OOV, 2845 OOV)
Emma Farnham (2839 OOV, 2845 OOV)
Debbie Gordon – ANNETTE EKBLOM (2839-2844, 2850, 2852, 2859-2864)
Kirsty Gordon – JESSICA NOON (2841-2843, 2850, 2862-2865)
Ali Gordon – KRISTOPHER MOCHRIE (2836, 2839-2843, 2850, 2851, 2862-2864)
Stuart Gordon – DAVID LYON (2839-2843, 2850, 2851, 2859-2864)
Nic Howard – JAMES SARSFIELD (2841-2843, 2845-2849)
Bev McLoughlin-Gonzales (nee McLoughlin) – SARAH WHITE (2826, 2827, 2829-2832, 2849, 2852-2856)
Josh McLoughlin – JACK McMULLEN (2826-2831, 2836, 2849, 2853-2856)
Brigid McKenna – MEG JOHNSON (2829-2834, 2854, 2855)
Jan Murray – HELEN SHEALS (2826, 2827, 2832-2834, 2865-2871, 2873)
Susannah Morrisey, formerly Farnham (nee Morrisey) – KAREN DRURY (2839)
Marty Murray – NEIL CAPLE (2826, 2827, 2832-2834, 2848, 2865-2870)
Steve Murray – STEVEN FLETCHER (2826-2829, 2832-2837, 2843, 2855-2858, 2861, 2864-2867)
Adele Murray – KATY LAMONT (2832-2834, 2864-2870)
Anthony Murray – RAYMOND QUINN (2832-2834, 2854, 2862, 2864-2870)
Christy Murray – GLYN PRITCHARD (2832-2834)
Tim “Tinhead” O’Leary – PHILIP OLIVIER (2826-2828, 2832, 2835-2837, 2851, 2855-2861, 2873)
Gabby Parr (nee Thaxter) – STEPHANIE CHAMBERS (2838-2840, 2844-2846)
Dr Gary Parr – BEN HULL (2836-2841, 2844-2847)
Lance Powell – MICKEY POPPINS (2830, 2831, 2853-2855)
Leanne Powell – VICKIE GATES (2832-2834)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (2838-2849, 2851, 2852)
Sammy Rogers, formerly Daniels (nee Rogers) – RACHAEL LINDSAY (2839, 2841-2843, 2847-2853)
Sophie Rogers (2848-2851)
Margi Shadwick (nee Benson) – BERNADETTE FOLEY (2871-2873)
Nikki Shadwick – SUZANNE COLLINS (2834-2838, 2841-2843, 2845-2849, 2851-2853, 2870-2873)
Ruth Smith (nee Gordon) – LYNSEY McCAFFREY (2836, 2841-2843, 2850-2852, 2862-2864, 2872, 2873)
Sean Smith – BARRY SLOANE (2834, 2835, 2841-2843, 2845-2852, 2872, 2873)
Luke Smith – CALLUM GIBLIN (2841-2846, 2851)

Scott Barry (“Baz”) – ADAM CAMPBELL (2841, 2843)
Terry “Psycho” Gibson – GREG MILBURN (2827, 2828)
Laura Stevens – ELIZABETH AVIS (2832-2834, 2865)
Eddie Wilson – BENEDICT RELTON (2827)
Kerry – JENNY SUMMERS (2833, 2835)
Shane Ladd – MATTHEW NUTTALL (2827)
Tommo – SHAUN MASON (2841, 2843, 2864)

Dr Ian Tripp – PHILIP McGOUGH (2847) [ Charlie Dawson (383, 399, 400, 401, 405, 406, 410, 412, 417, 426, 428, 431, 432)
Mr Wilson – ROD CULBERTSON (2859-2861) [ Probation Officer (349) ]
Dirty Don – IAN KEITH (2856-2858) [ James (152) / Alec George (2251) ]
Linda – JO-ANNE KNOWLES (2847) [ Jessica Haynes (134, 147, 197, 198, 298, 300) ]
Nurse – WENDY DUVALL (2848) [ Radiographer (2055) ]
Smackhead – PETER WASHINGTON (2847) [ Shop Raider (1139) / Ricky Garner (2496, 2498, 2517, 2518) ]
Woman – AMELIA STEPHENS (2847) [ Nurse (2552) ]

Martin Edwards – PAUL CODMAN (2836)
Sean Fay – SEAN WILSON (2854, 2855)
Elena “Jonesey” Jones – EMMA RIGBY (2864-2867)
Hannah – ALISHA COYNE (2866)
Moira – KAREN WEST (2834)
Randy – KRISTIAN WILKIN (2856-2858)
Stevie (“Candy”) – NICKY LADANOWSKI (2856-2858)
Chippy Man – WAI KEE CHAN (2827)
Loudmouth Boy – LEWIS DIVINE (2866)
Man (Ritchie) – JASON WARD (2847)
Mother (Ms Wilson) – EMMA DEARS (2847)
Policeman – MORGAN GEORGE (2826)

Mrs Hughes, Josh’s teacher (2854)
Jennifer, one of Gary’s partners (2846)
Julie, a lap-dancer (2856)
Mr Naylor, a potential housebuyer (2846)
Mrs Naylor, a potential housebuyer (2846)
Nigel, a pizza parlour worker (2837)
Paul or Adrian, one of Gary’s partners (2846)
Peggy, a cleaner (2857)
Rita Phillis, a patient (2847)
Sally, a health club receptionist (2837)
Steph, a lap-dancer (2858)
Trish, a patient (2847)
Tom, a mechanic (2869)

The appearances of Eddie Wilson and Shane Ladd in episode 2827, Susannah Morrisey in episode 2839, and Nisha Batra, Ron Dixon and Mike Dixon in episode 2846, are only in flashbacks to sequences originally seen in earlier episodes. Sean Fay is only seen and heard in episode 2855 on a video recording of a scene that was originally seen in episode 2855, and although Josh is seen and heard in episode 2856 only on a video recording of his performance that Ron and Bev are watching, it still includes new material (see “Goofs” below).

Marty and Jan listen to “The Look Of Love” by “ABC” in episode 2827; there is a montage of scenes involving Gary, musically accompanied by “You’re The Best Thing” by “The Style Council” in episode 2844, and there is a series of slow-motion scenes of him leaving the surgery, accompanied by the sound of a pulsating heartbeat, in the same episode. Mike plays a cassette of the song “Poor Misguided Fool” by “Starsailor” while leaving Rachel in episodes 2869 and 2870; and in the latter episode it then accompanies other scenes too – including one at the Murrays’, in which it seems to be playing on their radio. “Keep On Moving” by “5ive” accompanies several scenes at the beginning of episode 2871.

Incidental music is also featured in episodes 2827, 2839 (accompanying a montage of scenes involving only Gabby), 2843 (accompanying a lengthy montage of scenes of the Gordon family at the end of the episode), 2857 (accompanying a lengthy montage of scenes of Tim and Steve training), 2860 and 2861.

We hear at length the “thoughts” of Ron at the beginning of episode 2829 – and again, more briefly, on four further occasions – in his first scene in episode 2830, at the end of episode 2830, at the beginning of episode 2831, and almost at the end of episode 2831. We also hear just one brief “thought” each from Marty and Jan as they prepare to remarry at the beginning of episode 2832, and some “thoughts” from Jimmy at the beginning of episode 2853.

A close-up of part of a previously-seen newspaper article “BY ADAM ROWE” showing Terry’s photograph is briefly seen on-screen in episode 2827, as Steve remembers it in his mind; an unseen conversation between Jimmy and Nikki is heard as if in Jimmy’s mind as we see him on his way to a job interview in episode 2835; we see Jacqui and Gary as Max imagines them together on two occasions in episode 2844, and on two further occasions in episode 2845; and in episode 2845 there is also a series of cross-faded images of Gabby, with accompanying cross-faded sounds, as she listens to a lengthy series of messages left for her by Gary. An exciting montage of cross-faded scenes of Katie doing nothing is seen in episode 2848.

We see Josh dreaming of his performance in the school play at the beginning of episode 2854; and, while auditioning for Dirty Don, Steve briefly dreams of himself stripping in front of an adoring audience of women in episode 2857. Images of Randy, Dirty Don and others at the lap-dancing club are seen while Tim is heard explaining their procedures to Steve at home in episode 2856, and Jimmy is seen and heard at his computer while images of Tim, Steve and others at the club are heard and seen in episode 2858. Unusually, episodes 2856 and 2857 both have freeze-frame endings; and episode 2858 ends (accidentally?) with the previous version of the closing theme music.

Part of the same scene from near the beginning of episode 2862, in which Kirsty reveals to her siblings that Debbie is dead, is repeated at the end of the same episode – after earlier, previously unseen, events of the last few days are seen. Similarly, further previously unseen events are seen during the majority of episodes 2863 and 2864, which otherwise consist of only a few “current” scenes involving the surviving Gordons. However, the “earlier” scenes in episodes 2862 and 2864 also include several unrelated scenes involving characters other than the Gordon family, whose voices are briefly heard while the last of those “earlier” scenes, showing images of Debbie’s death in a car crash, are seen.

There are brief slow-motion scenes of Anthony and pupils in a corridor, accompanied by echoing sounds, in episode 2866; and episode 2868 contains several black-and-white, then blue-tinted, images of Mike and Rachel in scenes that took place “yesterday”, as Mike recalls them in his mind while he tells Jan what his life at home is like. Two of these sequences are similar to scenes featured in episode 2867, but are now seen from different angles, and there are some minor changes to the wording and to the tone of the dialogue – as Mike would seem to be recalling Rachel as being more demanding, and himself more put-upon, than was actually the case! And there is a strange “shock” picture effect in episode 2869, at the point at which Mike unexpectedly finds Rachel waiting for him, instead of Jan.

As these episodes continued not to be shown individually on Channel Four, but only as three-episode omnibus editions in a new “regular” Saturday afternoon timeslot – which occasionally turned out to be later than 11pm on a Saturday or weekday, and, in one instance, twelve hours later than the time at which the closing voice-over advised viewers to tune in for the next episode – each omnibus had an added pre-credits sequence of extracts from previous episodes, mainly featuring the characters who would dominate that omnibus. Characters who appeared in these pre-credits sequences, but did not then feature in the episode to which they were added, were Emily O’Leary and Adele Murray (2826); Jacqui Dixon-Farnham (2829, 2832 and 2868); Nisha Batra (2835 and 2847); Gabby Parr and Kirsty Gordon (2847); Jimmy Corkhill, Tommo and Baz (2850); Steve Murray (2859); Christy Murray and Moira (2865); and Max Farnham (2868). The voice of the Clerk of Courts from Anthony’s trial was also heard again in the pre-credits sequence added to episode 2865.


The storylines:

Bev moves back in with Ron, but Josh’s behaviour gives them increasing cause for concern; and Mike ends up back with them, when it looks as if his marriage to Rachel is well and truly over. But Jan remarries Marty, only to soon have doubts about whether this was really a good idea after all; and Katie gives birth to baby Sophie, although Nic doesn’t realise that only Sammy knows whether or not he is actually her father. After discovering that Alan was having an affair when he died, Debbie may be reunited with him sooner than she expects, as she is killed in a car crash – leaving the Gordon family even smaller, but not really any more likeable. Ruth resents Sean’s new relationship with Nikki, who graduates; Anthony’s attempts to make a new start in another school suffer a setback; and a serious setback to his career, and the end of his marriage to Gabby, are the end results of Gary’s unfaithfulness. But Max and Jacqui leave the Close to live happily ever after in Woolton. And, although their efforts to obtain revenge on Terry are unsuccessful, Tim and Steve discover more than once – as does Jimmy – that sometimes crime does pay after all. But Jimmy also finds out that there are proposals to build an incinerator nearby, which may pose a real threat to the future of all those who remain on the Close…

The dates:

It is Friday in episode 2829; it is the day after, Saturday, and Bank Holiday weekend in episode 2830; and it is Easter Sunday in episode 2831. Based on earlier dialogue from episodes 2523 and 2524, and dialogue in episodes 2832, 2833 and 2834, it is 3rd May 2003 in episode 2832 and the first half of episode 2833, then it is 4th May 2003 in the second half of episode 2833 and the whole of episode 2834. Based on dialogue in episodes 2850, 2851 and 2852, it is Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively in these episodes; and based on dialogue in episodes 2853, 2854 and 2855, it is Thursday in the first of these episodes and it is the day after – Friday – in the other two. The action in episode 2857 is spread over several days, starting on Tuesday and ending on Friday; and based on dialogue in episodes 2859, 2860 and 2861, it is Saturday in episode 2859, it is Sunday in episode 2860, and it is still Sunday, then Monday, in episode 2861. Based on an invitation seen in episode 2871 and dialogue in episodes 2871, 2872 and 2873, it is 26th July 2003 in the first two of these episodes, and it is 27th July 2003 in the third. The tax disc on Tim’s van, seen in episode 2827, is dated 04/03; we are also given another indication that the hostages were held for “two days” last year, in episode 2828; and the completion date of “the end of June” for the Farnhams’ house sale, mentioned in episode 2838, was apparently reached at some point between then and episode 2868 (see “Moments” below).


Einstein (2826); Kate Moss (2826); “Sherlock” [Holmes] (2827); “Leonardo” [di Caprio?] (2829); Laurel and Hardy (2829); “Butch Cassidy” and “The Sundance Kid” (2829); David Cassidy (2829); the “Milky Bar Kid” (2829); “Big Brother” (2829); “Brett Maverick” (2830); “Groucho” [Marx] (2830); Cliff Richard (2830); Buddy Holly (2830); “Changing Rooms” (2830); “Blue Peter” (2831); Russell Crowe (2832); Mike Tyson (2834); “Ziggy Stardust” (2834); “Limp Bizkit” (2836); “Simply Red” (2836); Celine Dion (2836); “Massive Attack” (2836); “Ringo” [Starr] (2836); Florence Nightingale (2837, 2854); Shakespeare (2840); Pamela Anderson (2840); Dr Alex Comfort, author of “The Joy Of Sex” (2840); Mary Whitehouse (2842); “Mickey” [Mouse] (2845); Julie [bloomin’] Andrews (2846); Jamie Oliver (2848); “Alien” [film] (2848); “Saturday Night Fever” (2850); “Halloween” and “Blair Witch” films (2851); “Star Wars” (2851); “Norman Bates” (2851); Scooby-Doo (2852); David Attenborough (2854); John Wayne (2854); Van Gogh (2854); “Scrooge” (2856); “Robin Hood” (2857); “Spartacus” (2857); Fatboy Slim (2857); Michael Owen (2858); “Liberty X” (2864); “Jolly Jimmy Johnson” (2868); John Lennon (2868); the “Beatles” (2868); “Thelma and Louise” (2868); Woody Allen (2868); “Mac”, Wylie, Pete Burns, Courtney Love, and Julian Cope, musicians (2868); The “La’s”, “The Hoovers”, “The Real People”, “The Stairs”, and “The Farm”, groups (2868); Cher (2868); “High Fidelity” [film] (2868); “Casablanca” (2868, 2869); “The Golden Shot” (2869); and [Margaret] Thatcher (2872). Ron is alluding to Leonardo di Caprio when he refers to “Josh di Caprio” in episode 2854.


The majority of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, although episodes 2826, 2827 and 2828 include scenes set in Salford, and episodes 2868, 2869 and 2870 include scenes set in Cheshire. None of these, however, were necessarily recorded at these other locations.


One – while Gabby and Rachel both remain pregnant (Gabby is 20 weeks pregnant in episode 2838), Katie has “four weeks” to go in episode 2838, “three weeks” to go in episode 2842, when she is eight months pregnant, and is “nine months gone” in episode 2847 – and gives birth to baby Sophie in episode 2848. It is Ali’s 17th birthday in episode 2841, which he looks forward to in episode 2840, and is “tomorrow” in episode 2841; and it is Bev’s 31st birthday in episode 2853. We are also told that Jimmy is 50 / in his sixth decade / 51 / twice Nikki’s age, and then some, according to Margi (2826 / 2830 / 2837 / 2871); Ron is younger than Brigid / about 70, according to Josh (2830 / 2830); Marty and Jan are in their forties (2834); Max is “pushing 50” (2837); Jacqui is “not even 30” (2837, 2838); Stuart is 15 / under 16 (2839 / 2864); Luke is 5 / 6 (2841 / 2862, 2871, 2873); Kirsty is not yet 20 (2842); Nic is “pushing 30”, according to Sammy (2847); Nikki is the same age as Ruth (2850); Tommo is younger than Ali (2851); Josh is 10 (2854); Tim is over 21 (2857); Debbie is 44 (2863); Anthony is 14 (2864, 2865); Jan was 8 in 1967 (2868), and says she is 12 or 13 years older than Mike (2870); and Sean is 25 (2871). In episode 2830, Ron says he left school at the age of fifteen in “nineteen fif-“, before realising this would give Brigid a clue to his age; and in episode 2870, Mike tells Jan that he and Rachel are the same age [see “Goofs” below].


One – Jan Murray remarries Marty Murray in episode 2834, on the same day as the second anniversary of Tim’s marriage to Emily [4th May 2003] (2833). Christy also carelessly gets himself engaged to Leanne in episode 2834, just after we discover in episode 2833 that the wife to whom he was previously married for just six months was called Alison. Debbie married Alan when she was 20, and they were married for 25 years (2842) [see “Goofs” below”]; Jimmy married Jackie on 2nd December 1971 (2851) – and she is now apparently getting married again (2859, 2860); and Sammy married the unseen Richard in 1998 (2851).


One – Debbie Gordon is killed in a car crash in episode 2862. We learn more about the death of Alan Gordon in episode 2828 – it is revealed that he fell 200 feet into the Barnsley quarry in which he was found dead while running away from Terry – and we are reminded that Susannah died three years ago (2841), and both Emily (2856) and Diane (2865) died last year. Unseen, never-to-be-seen dead characters who are also mentioned are: Christy and Marty’s nan (2832); their father and mother (2833, 2868); Jan’s mother (2834); Nic’s mother (2850); and Debbie’s father (2863).

Toilet visits:

Steve (2826, into a bottle, twice); Ron (2829, while reading / 2831, walked in on by Bev); Marty (2833); Katie (2840 / 2842, seen sitting on the toilet for her ninth wee of the night / 2847, and now going “every ten minutes”); Tommo (2841); Stuart (2850 / 2851 – flushing after 27 seconds, returning after 33 seconds / 2861); Ali (2851); Luke (2851, and also wetting the bed again / 2852); Josh (2854); and Anthony (2866).

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing in the final season:


Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Em / Emily (2826, 2835, 2836, 2851, 2856, 2857, 2858 / 2828, 2833, 2835, 2836, 2837, 2851, 2871, 2872, 2873); Dave [Hunter] (2826); Jenny / Mrs Gibson (2826, 2828 / 2826); Helen (2826); Imelda Clough / Imelda (2826, 2865, 2867 / 2834); Diane / the McKenna family (2826, 2828, 2829, 2830, 2831, 2832, 2833, 2843, 2865, 2869 / 2834); Matthew and Emily (2826, 2873); Alan Gordon / “Flash” (2827, 2828, 2841, 2844 / 2841); Scotty (2828); Terry’s twin lads (2828); Ray (2837, 2840, 2870, 2871); Jessie (2837, 2872); Lindsey (2837); Georgina (2837); Matt (2841); Jase (2841); Clint (2841, 2847); Kevin Mallon (2842); Lizzie (2842, 2850); Dexter (2845); Jackie (2844, 2853, 2859, 2861, 2862); Wills (2845, 2851, 2853, 2859, 2860, 2861, 2862, 2871); Lou / Louise (2850 / 2852, 2871); Owen (2851); Dan Morrisey / Dan (2852 / 2863); Little Jimmy (2853); Hookey Johnson / Hookey (2855, 2856); Katrina (2866); Luke Musgrove (2871); Jerome (2871); Harry Cross (2873) and “Bing” Crosbie (2873).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Alex, Lance’s ex-boyfriend (2830, 2831); Carol Davis, gardening expert, and Chris Barnes, actress, mentioned on the radio or television (2821); Vinny, Marty’s ex-best friend (2833, 2834, 2866); Alison, Christy’s ex-wife (2833); Carol, an old flame of Christy, and her six kids (2833); Julian Perkins, Southport pizza parlour manager (2837); Gary’s father / Mr David Parr, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon (2838, 2840, 2847 / 2847); Gary’s mother (2838); Shane, at Stuart’s school, and his mother, a nurse (2839); Gabby’s mother (2840, 2844); Lee Hammond (2840), Sharon Hilton (2840), Sharon Stringer / the minger Stringer (2840, 2841 / 2843) and Maggot Davis (2840), at school with Stuart and Ali; Hank, a trucker friend of Alan in Newbery Springs (2841); Nic’s father (2841, 2850); Julie Jackson / Julie (2842 / 2860), Alan’s secret lover from Barnsley; Jules, with whom Gabby is staying (2844, 2845); Mr Davies, Gabby’s solicitor (2844); Jenny, to whom Linda delegates a task (2847); Eileen Thirfell, a patient (2847); Dr Collins, a doctor at the hospital where Katie gives birth (2848); the two teenaged boys of the nurse who delivers Sophie (2848); Nic’s favourite auntie (2851); Richard, Sammy’s husband (2851); Sean’s mother (2852); Dan’s mother (2852); Robbie, a contact of Mr Wilson (2860); Paul (2862), Tommo’s cousin (2862, 2863); Debbie’s mother (2863); Tommo’s sister (2863); Benny, Skimmer, Omar and Barton, mates of Ali (2863); Jenny Harvey, an old mate of Ruth (2864); Ellie, a friend of Kirsty (2864); Louise Sheridan, a mate of Laura (2865); Elena’s mother and father (2865, 2867); and Ryan Mathers, who Elena fancies (2866).


Although Josh has previously been right-handed – in episodes 2390 and 2480 – he has become left-handed in episode 2826; at one point in episode 2837, Jimmy refers to the audit as “interim”, rather than “internal”; and in episode 2838, Max observes that Gary and Gabby have a little one “along”, rather than “on”, the way.

It had previously been established that Debbie and Alan’s 25th wedding anniversary occurred at around the time that he went missing – so the revelations that she was 20 when she married (in episode 2842) and that she is now 44 (in episode 2863) are inconsistent with each other.

At one point in episode 2845, it is possible to see that when Max is accessing Jacqui’s e-mails there is the same message “Welcome, Alan” on the screen which had appeared when Alan’s were accessed in episode 2842…and at another point in the same episode, part of the address of the “invalid password” screen he reaches can be read – Documents and settings\Crawford\My Documents\globalgossinvalid.html. – which reveals that it is not a real internet page.

Ali is torn between “I think we’d better just forget about it” and “I think it’d be better if we just forget about it” in episode 2851 – “I think we’d better if we just forget about it.” – and he adds an “-ing” to his third word in episode 2863: “Anybody would thinking I was an alcoholic or something.” Perhaps he had been drinking! And Kirsty is torn between “make up my own mind” and “make my own decisions” in episode 2864: “I’m old enough to make up my own decisions.”.

We see Josh’s performance in the school play in episode 2854, and parts of the video recording of it that Lance has made in episodes 2855 and 2856. However, Josh’s words “Mum, tell them I need me line. I need me cue lines!” in episodes 2854 and 2855 change to “Mum, tell them I haven’t done all me lines. I need me line. I need me cue lines!” in episode 2856.

In episode 2870, Mike claims that Rachel is the same age as him – although it has been established many times previously that she is a few years younger. Then Jan stumbles over a line – “Which is why I’m standing here how – now, with no house or nothing.”; and the telephone message Marty spends 11 seconds leaving for her: “Jan, it’s me…I love you…I miss you…Can you come home, please?” only takes 6 seconds for her to play back. It would seem that Jan’s mobile phone doesn’t record pauses!


Terry’s flat in Salford is number 98, Swinton Court (2826, 2828), and the chip shop in which Steve meets him is “NEW MOON – English and Chinese Foods to take away (2827). The pond at which Imelda died is near Crookhall Farm, half a mile from the main road (2826), and Brigid gets hot cross buns for Ron at a bakery in Prescot Road (2829). Nic is working on a property in Woodland Drive (2849), and Ron suggests that he and Bev eat at a place in Bond Street (2849). Mr Wilson retrieves his fish in a rendezvous with the fish-nappers at the top of Rake Lane (2861), and Steve is going for a drink in Matthew Street (2864). He claims to get claustrophobia (2857), dances at the “Bare Pit” club (2865), whose main female lap-dancing section is “Bare Bar One”, and whose male lap-dancing section is “Bare Bar Two” (2856), and the wording on his van, “STEVE’S HOME SERVICING – QUALIFIED MECHANIC, COMPETITIVE RATES. TEL. 07700 949 649” is seen again in episodes 2836, 2843, 2866, and 2867. Mike’s taxi, bearing the name “County Cars” and the telephone number 0151 496 2222, is seen again in episodes 2868, 2869 and 2870; as is another taxi, bearing the name “Centurion”, in episode 2870.

Seen partly on Jimmy’s computer screen in episode 2858 as he creates it, and more fully on paper in episode 2859, is his flier: “JIMMY CORKHILL’S GARDENING SERVICES. HIGH QUALITY SERVICE FOR ALL YOUR GARDENING REQUIREMENTS. o LANDSCAPING o ROCKERIES o WATER FEATURES o REMOVALS. 07700 900 960”. His newspaper advertisement, seen in episode 2859, reads “JIMMY CORKHILL GARDENING SERVICES – No job too small – PHONE 07700 900960”; and he is seen searching for information on “Roccine Property Management”, which he discovers is a subsidiary of “Cinerco” (2866). Headlines of related newspaper articles, seen on his computer screen, are “PROTESTORS BLOCK ACCESS TO INCINERATOR SITE”, “INCINERATOR – OUR CHILDREN WILL SUFFER”, and “ASTHMA THREAT TO INCINERATOR RESIDENTS” (2866). The sign above the nail-bar, “Emily’s” is briefly seen in episode 2846, and the “For Sale” sign bearing the name “Fletcher’s” and the telephone number 0151 629 1876 is still outside the Farnhams’ in episodes 2835, 2836, 2840, 2841, 2846, 2853, 2854, 2866, 2870 and 2871.

Sean, who has two GCSE’s (2849), pays top-rate tax (2849), and was present at Luke’s birth (2848), originally met Ruth in a gutter in Faliraki (2850). Debbie has done all her own washing since she was 13 (2863); and Ali and Stuart once had a goldfish, which only lasted a week (2860). On the Gordons’ computer in episode 2842, we see a document headed “Movement EGR 17253 – Carrier: PAN/EURO” listing jobs 1740, 1723, 1724 and 1725, on which the consignors listed are Kafka, Orwell, Plumwood and Mowrem; then a www . globalgoss . com home page with the words “Welcome, Alan”, and lists of e-mails from Newberry Springs (“Route 66”), Geoff (“No Subject”), Ian Jones (“Mind Your Manners”), Liz Mullin (“No Subject”), Kibble-White (“Complaint”), Alan Newton (“I send you this…..”), Tom Jackson (“Opening Times”, Nigel Smith (“Club Membership”); Rachel Gregory (“No subject”); Search Alert (“Loose Weight in 40 days”), Jennifer Whiteside (“Health Club Membership”); Dave Scully (“No subject”); Martin (“Loose Weight in 40 days”) and several from “Jules”. On page 21 of 29 of “Trash” Kirsty studies one sent from her to Alan Gordon dated Wed 17th Jul 2002 – “Miss You! xx”; and print-outs of other e-mails he has sent her, dated 03/05/02 and 19/09/02, are seen later on in the same episode.

Alan, who got drunk at Christmas 1992 and slept through Christmas dinner (2842), apparently had several of the same contacts as Jacqui…….when Max uses an unseen eight-character password to access her e-mail account – jacquifarnham@ – in episode 2845, the e-mails listed there are from Dave Scally (“Re: Personal Appearance”), Kibble-White (“Re: Complaint”), Punchy (“Booking – The Shelf”), Ian Jones (“Mind Your Manners”), Liz Mullin (“Re: Booking – Bar Brookie”), Kibble-White (“Complaint”), Alan Newton (“I send you this file in order to have your advice”), Freshest Veg (“Re: Recent order for the Shelf”), Bobby (“Pool Maintenance”); Michelle Griffiths (“Wine Order”); Dave Scally (“Personal Appearance”), Liz Mullin (“Booking – Bar Brookie”), Tom Jackson (“Pool Opening Times”, Nigel Smith (“Health Club Membership”); and Rachel Gregory (“Your Accounts”). In the same episode, Max also tries to access the account gary_parr@, but fails; and the last eight calls he finds displayed on Jacqui’s mobile phone in the same episode are from: 8 ) Health Club, 7) Boo, 6) Melanie, 5) Jo, 4) Melanie, 3) Mandy, 2) Health Club and 1) Katie. Mike’s mobile phone displays calls from BARBROOKIE, COUNTY CARS, DAD and HOME in episode 2869.

There is art by Sean Scully in the bungalow (2872, 2873), art by Richard Diebenkorn in Gabby’s office (2845), and posters of “Cypress Hill”, “Nelly” and “So Solid Crew” on Josh’s bedroom wall (2831). “Magnolia” is Gary and Jacqui’s favourite film (2836); lasagne is Stuart’s favourite meal (2861); and beef and yorkshire pudding is Lance’s favourite meal (2831), according to Bev – whose favourite colour is pink, according to Ron (2831). Lance’s unseen boyfriend, Alex, had a collection of naff Eurovision, skuzzy Britpop and white labels (2831); and Jacqui claims that a “Massive Attack” in their CD collection is hers, whereas those by “Simply Red” and Celine Dion are Max’s (2836). Ron claims that the first record he ever bought, at “Rothery Radio”, was “The Young Ones” by Cliff Richard, but Brigid persuades him that it was really “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly (2830). Jan and Marty used to dance to “The Look Of Love” by “ABC”, a favourite record of hers, in the “Babalou Club” (2827), and they originally met at “Eric’s” – where Jan used to work, and once served Courtney Love (2868). Marty has known Jan for 25 years (2833), and it is also that long since their first kiss (2834). Jan reveals to Mike – in room 9 of the “King’s Arms” B&B (2868, 2869), somewhere in Cheshire (2868) – that “Casablanca”, which he studied at university, is her favourite film (2868).

Gabby is seen reading a book “Tips For Tots” (2838); Tim, whose hourly rate for “lifting and shifting” is £9.00 (2835), says he has been reading a book called “Papillion” (2836); and Rachel, whose blood pressure is 115/80 (2844), asks Beth whether she would like to be read to from “Jazzy’s Circus” or “Sally’s Super Sandwich” (2867). Dirty Don is seen reading “Big & Busty” magazine (2857); the headline on an edition of the “Manor Park Reporter” that Jimmy is seen reading is “BUS STRIKE OVER!” (2859); and Tim and Steve watch “Fleshdance” videos to help them train as lap-dancers (2857). Tim’s character/alias is “Rough Rider” (2857), and Steve’s is “Thor the Impaler” (2857), and the false names they have given are “Tim Dixon” and “Steve Corkhill” (2858). The alias Jimmy adopts in episode 2837 to steal from the Southport branch of “Formula One Pizza” (2835) is “Peter Spicer”. Josh is in Class 7, and the character he portrays in the school play is “Soldier Sam”, a toy belonging to “Billy” (2854, 2855); and Lance’s shoe size is seven (2854). Nikki expects to owe £9,000 when she finishes her course (2849); the degree she obtains is a 2:1 (2870), which she describes as “just a B” (2871); the letters after her name are B.Sc.(Hons), according to her mirror (2871); and she is right-handed (2835, 2836, 2848, 2850) – as are Tim (2835), Jacqui (2839, 2840), Max (2840), Linda (2847), Ian (2847), Luke (2852), Lance (2853), Candy (2856), and a surveyor (2859). Josh (2826 – see “Goofs” above), Bev (2832), and Jimmy (2837, 2859), are left-handed.

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moments:

In episode 2829, it is not as easy to read the digits on Ron’s alarm clock with filmised pictures as it would be on video – but it is still possible to see that, while we hear his observation “I’m usually up by at least seven”, the time displayed is 08:32.

Right at the end of episode 2834, our very last glimpse of Leanne Powell in “Brookside” is also one of the funniest. As she prepares to catch the wedding bouquet thrown by Jan, Christy shoves her out of the way to make sure that she doesn’t!!

Jimmy does a deadpan delivery of a very old joke in episode 2851, after Tim asks him exactly what went wrong with his marriage to Jackie: “The gambling, the thieving, the drinking, the other women. Then again, I have to admit there were times when I was just as bad.”.

In more of a “jaw-dropping revelation” moment in episode 2868, Ron casually mentions to Rachel, “Did you know that our Jacqui and Max live in Woolton now?” WHAT??!!! After thirteen years on the Close, they’ve moved? And we never saw them go?!

Viewers have the opportunity in episode 2873 to spot that two letters are misplaced in Jimmy’s posters – “NO TRUKCS” – a few minutes before Tim, after listening to him speak about the importance of education, points out his mistake.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

It’s another minor tear-jerker this time – Nikki says goodbye to Margi, as she gets into a taxi to return home to Brussels. Margi reminds her daughter that there is always a bed there for her whenever she wants, and apologises for spoiling her graduation – but Nikki assures her mother that she would only have spoiled it if she hadn’t come. Margi can’t believe that she now feels ten times more proud of Nikki for sleeping with Jimmy, because she did it for herself and because she wanted to – and reminds her to look after herself, especially where men are concerned. Nikki reassures her that there’s nothing to worry about, as she’s a big girl now, living her life the way she wants to – and, as the taxi drives away, and Margi calls out, “I’m dead proud of you, and I really love you.” – she responds, “Love you, too.”.