Season Ten Episode Guide

Episode 401 (M 01-09-86 “Disagreement”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

When Carol discovers that Gordon is gay, she refuses to go on working for Annabelle. Karen and Guy have a row. Heather is back from Hong Kong, and her first visitor is Charlie. Nick throws him out.

Episode 402 (T 02-09-86 “Flares”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

When Andrea calls, Terry locks Pat out in the cold with only his pants to keep him warm – and his appeals to Heather for help lead to her discovering that Nick has lied to her. Ruth has tea at the Corkhills’, and Paul and Annabelle meet Chris.

Episode 403 (M 08-09-86 “Under Pressure”) Written by Jan Needle

While Pat is with Andrea, her husband turns up and Terry has to distract him. Harry challenges Paul to a race. Sandra is determined that Pat is not going to force her out of the house.

Episode 404 (T 09-09-86 “Pedal Power” Written by Susan Pleat

Sandra disapproves when Pat continues to see Andrea. Billy has a narrow escape from a serious accident at work. Harry and Paul’s race to Delamere Forest ends in a draw.

Episode 405 (M 15-09-86 “Connection”) Written by Allan Swift

Nick and Charlie have a brush with the law. Dr Hurrell returns to say goodbye to Sandra, and stays overnight. After Damon catches them in bed together, Karen and Guy go to view a flat. Damon meets a girl.

Episode 406 (T 16-09-86 “Wondering”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Gordon is appearing on a television interview, and Paul and Annabelle try to ensure that none of the neighbours watch it.

Episode 407 (M 22-09-86 “Newspapers”) Written by Barry Woodward

Karen tells Sandra she plans to move in with Guy. When Sally comes to stay, Harry wants Ralph to give up his bed. A mix-up by the paper boy causes Billy to discover that Gordon is gay.

Episode 408 (T 23-09-86 “Flowers”) Written by Barry Woodward

Bobby and Sheila go to tea with Guy and Karen, and Bobby ruins everything with one remark. Heather is being tormented by Nick and Charlie’s behaviour.

Episode 409 (M 29-09-86 “Could Have Been”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Ruth seems to know more about Nick than Heather does. Gail plans to have sex with Damon in a hotel room, but there’s a man in the bath. Sandra leaves the Close with Tony.

Episode 410 (T 30-09-86 “Nobody Wants To Know”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Terry has a small problem with the rent. Damon has to run to catch Gail. Harry buys a huge teddy, but no-one seems interested to know why. Ruth is forced to reveal the horrifying truth about Nick to Heather.

Episode 411 (M 06-10-86 “Too Much, Too Soon”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Harry insists on helping to select a new flatmate for Pat and Terry.

Episode 412 (T 07-10-86 “Double Glazing”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Nick has some hard choices to make. Sheila tells Damon he can leave her alone in the house – but a salesman calls and unwittingly reminds her of the rape.

Episode 413 (M 13-10-86 “Misconceptions”) Written by John Oakden

Annabelle begins her training to be a magistrate, and isn’t very successful. Pat wonders why Gill keeps staring at him. When Bobby comes home, he finds Gail has taken over.

Episode 414 (T 14-10-86 “For His Own Good”) Written by John Oakden

Heather is determined to reform Nick. Annabelle is reluctant to give Damon driving lessons.

Episode 415 (M 20-10-86 “Shortcomings”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Andrea makes it clear that she’s only after one thing. Sheila tries to be left alone, and Nick is going to be found out.

Episode 416 (T 21-10-86 “Schemes”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Gordon goes for a job interview. Barry takes Sheila shopping. Harry does some scheming.

Episode 417 (M 27-10-86 “Impure Thoughts”) Written by Barry Woodward

At his interview, Rod begins to worry about the reputation of the Corkhills. When Sheila finds Gail and Damon coming out of his bedroom, she doesn’t believe they were just tidying it. Barry decides it’s time to take the law into his own hands.

Episode 418 (T 28-10-86 “A Personal Favour”) Written by Barry Woodward

Pat and Terry win a trip to Barbados. Billy is not keen on Tracy’s intentions of becoming a model. Nick begs Heather to let him stay with her.

Episode 419 (M 03-11-86 “Financially Embarrassed”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Julian Tyler is determined to find Billy. Pat and Terry collect their tickets for Barbados. Doreen reaches her credit limit. Heather asks Barry’s advice.

Episode 420 (T 04-11-86 “Custard Powder”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Gail prepares a meal, but is missing a vital ingredient. When she starts to talk about marriage, Damon starts to panic. Barry makes a prediction.

Episode 421 (M 10-11-86 “Taken For A Ride”) Written by John Oakden

Things get tight for the Corkhills. Pat and Terry set off for Barbados, and although they believe Mrs McArdle is slightly senile, she secretly conceals a package in a locker at the airport.

Episode 422 (T 11-11-86 “Getting Suspicious”) Written by John Oakden

Rod takes his police exams. Heather discovers that Nick has been using her cheque book. Pat thinks he’s in love. Harry decides to confiscate a hi-fi from his tenants’ home, and Paul treats himself to a video camera and recorder.

Episode 423 (M 17-11-86 “Discerning”) Written by Alan McDonald

Tommy McArdle’s attempts to chat up Gill are not appreciated. Mrs McArdle gives her minders the slip, and Annabelle is irritated when Paul video-records her in the kitchen.

Episode 424 (T 18-11-86 “How Could You?”) Written by Alan McDonald

Sheila discovers why the trial has been postponed, and is annoyed with others for interfering. Paul confronts Barry, believing he is being disloyal to Lucy. Gordon buys a motorbike.

Episode 425 (M 24-11-86 “Finishing The Job”) Written by Barry Woodward

Pat and Terry find out that they have been duped, and that Tommy now requires them to go to Glasgow. Nick reaches rock bottom when the council decide he is a liability. Annabelle has problems with her freezer.

Episode 426 (T 25-11-86 “One Careless Owner”) Written by Barry Woodward

Nick tries to raise money so that he can go into a clinic. Doreen wants rid of Jimmy in case he ruins Rod’s chances of joining the police. Annabelle has to ask her neighbours to look after a lot of food – and most of them eat it.

Episode 427 (M 01-12-86 “Something Missing”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

When Annabelle goes round the Close to collect all her food, she discovers there isn’t as much as she remembered. Vicki is suspicious of Terry. Harry puts pressure on Sally to move into his house.

Episode 428 (T 02-12-86 “Severe Food Poisoning”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

After the meal she has served has not been received quite as well as she hoped, Annabelle feels that she must makes enquires about the state of health of her neighbours. Harry blames himself for the loss of his grandchild.

Episode 429 (M 08-12-86 “Found”) Written by Susan Pleat

The police bring Heather the news that Nick has been found. Gordon discovers that Chris has gone on a skiing holiday. The Corkhills’ television is repossessed, and Annabelle decides to give up the catering business.

Episode 430 (T 09-12-86 “Too Many Memories”) Written by Susan Pleat

Pat receives a letter from Avril. Tracy signs up for a hairdressing job. Tragic news forces Heather to decide about her future.

The Cast

Heather Black, nee Haversham (formerly Huntington) – AMANDA BURTON (401-420, 422, 424-430)
Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (401-403, 405-407, 413, 414, 416, 421-429)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (401-407, 410, 414, 416, 421-429)
Gordon Collins – MARK BURGESS (401, 402, 405, 406, 416, 421-424, 429)
Billy Corkhill – JOHN McARDLE (401-407, 415-422, 425-430)
Doreen Corkhill (nee Brogan) – KATE FITZGERALD (402-407, 415-422, 425-430)
Rod Corkhill – JASON HOPE (402, 403, 405-407, 415, 417, 420, 422, 425, 426, 429)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (402, 403, 405-407, 415-418, 420, 422, 429, 430)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (403, 404, 406-408, 410-412, 414-416, 418, 421-423, 426-428 )
Bobby Grant – RICKY TOMLINSON (407-418, 424, 425)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (407-418, 423-426)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (415-421, 423-425, 428-430)
Damon Grant – SIMON O’BRIEN (405, 406, 408-420, 423)
Karen Grant – SHELAGH O’HARA (401, 405-408, 410, 411)
Claire Grant – AMY LYNCH (410, 411, 413, 417)
Pat Hancock – DAVID EASTER (401-406, 408-416, 418-425, 427-430)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (403, 404, 406-408, 411, 412, 414-416, 418, 422, 423, 426-428 )
Sandra Maghie – SHEILA GRIER (403-406, 408-409)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (401-404, 406, 409, 410, 417-425, 427-430)

Barbara Black – BRENDA ELDER (411, 428 )
Nicholas Black – ALAN ROTHWELL (401-405, 407-420, 422, 424-426, 430 body double)
Ruth (Jasmine) Black – JOANNE SIDWELL (402, 409, 410)
Scott Black – PHILLIP GLANCEY (403, 404)
Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) – GLADYS AMBROSE (404)
Vicki Cleary – CHERYL LEIGH (420, 421, 423, 427)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (426)
Kevin Cross – STUART ORGAN (407, 408 )
Charlie Dawson – PHILIP McGOUGH (401, 405, 406, 410, 412, 417, 426, 428 )
Sally Haynes – ROBERTA KERR (407, 408, 415, 427, 428 )
Dr Tony Hurrell – MARTIN WENNER (405, 406, 409)
Cecile Malraux – PIA HENDERSON (401)
Tommy McArdle – MALCOLM TIERNEY (417-419, 421, 423-425, 427)
Jack Nelson – BERNARD ALEXANDER (413, 427)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (414)
Andrea Parkin – JANE MORANT (402-404, 415)
Billy Preece – BARRY McCARTHY (407, 412)
Madge Richmond – SHIRLEY STELFOX (404)
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (430)
Carol Thompson – GERALDINE GRIFFITHS (401)
Julian Tyler – EDWARD ARTHUR (405, 419)
Guy Willis – IAN MICHIE (401, 405, 406, 408, 411)
Desmond – IGGY NAVARRO (417-419, 424, 425, 427)
Milkman – JOHN WHITEHALL (416)
Radio voices – ROGER PHILLIPS (423)

Gill Beaconsfield – SALLY CRANFIELD (412-414, 416, 420, 421, 423, 426)
Frank Betts – GEOF ATTWELL (412)
Christopher Duncan – STIFYN PARRI (402, 406)
Avril Marshall – KAMILLA BLANCHE (421-424)
Jerry Martin – PHILOMENA McDONAGH (416)
Bernie Parkin – JOHN JUDD (403)

Checkout Girl – LORRAINE MICHAELS (419)
Ferryman – HARRY GOODIER (406)
Florist – HARRY CHAPMAN (402)
Francesca – PAULA KITT (405)
Gail – VALERIE BLAKE (405, 406, 408-413, 417, 420)
Hospital Doctor – VICTORIA PLUCKNETT (411)
Inspector Laraway – TERENCE HARVEY (426)
John – SIDNEY KEAN (410)
Lynda – JULIE-ANN TAYLOR (405)
Maggie (“Mrs McArdle”) – PEGGY SHIELDS (421-425)
Model Agent – DAVID FLEESHMAN (417)
Perkins – BRIAN DARNLEY (410)
Pete – LOUIS HILYER (405)
Police Inspector – ALEXANDER JOHN (417)
Policeman – STUART GOLLAND (429)
Production Manager – DUSTY YOUNG (404)
Rob – JOHN BASHAM (413)
Supermarket Manager – JOHN ASHBY (416)
Travel Agent Assistant – SAFKA GREEN (419)

Joanne, model (416)
John, quiz contestant (415 OOV)

John Basham previously played another role – the Gazette Rep in episode 296. Also returning are the Magic Rabbits, watched on television by Claire in episode 417.


The storylines:

Doreen goes on spending, Billy loses another job, Sandra leaves the Close, Pat and Terry go to Barbados, a deaf tenant comes and goes, and Harry gains and loses a grandchild. But this short season is something of a showcase for original cast member Amanda Burton, now about to leave the series. Heather appears in almost all of the episodes, and is the focus of many of the cliffhangers, as she battles to discover her husband’s secret, then does all she can to save him and her marriage. Ultimately, however, she has to admit defeat and move on…

The dates:

It is a year since Tom Curzon proposed to Heather in episode 414, it is Monday in episode 415, and November in episode 419, in which we are told that Pat and Terry are to fly out to Barbados on November 10th and return on November 24th. This reveals the dates on which Barbados scenes occur in episode 422, when it is “three days” until they fly home, and in episode 423, when the plane flies “tomorrow”. In episode 427, there are 25 more shoplifting days until Christmas.


Jean Shrimpton, model (403); “Typhoid Mary” (406); Dr Kildare (410); Lewis Carroll (411); Little Bo Peep (411); Joan Collins (413); Crystal [Carrington?] (413); Dalglish, footballer (414); Rachman (418 ); Lord Derby (420); Guy Fawkes (420); “The Archers” (421); the Lone Ranger and Tonto (421); the Queen (422); David Bailey (423); Margaret Rutherford (423); Wild Bill Hickock (423); the ArchDuke Ferdinand (423); Winston Churchill (424); Bob Geldof (427); and Peter Pan (428).


While most of the action is set in Liverpool, there are several scenes in Delamere in episode 404 and in Chester in episode 419; and a considerable amount of action takes place in Barbados throughout episodes 421 to 424.


None. Sally’s baby, the unseen Harriet, due in the first week of January (407), is born prematurely in episode 427. Cecile is 32 (401); Karen is 20 (405); Damon was born on 29th February, so he is now four-and-a-half (409); Gail is Aries (409); Ruth is 16 (409); Gill is 30 (412); Tracy is 16 (429); and Nick is 45 (429). According to Bobby, Guy is 20 (408 ). Edna’s gravestone indicates that she was born on 4th March 1920 (408 ). In episode 421, Paul mentions that it was his birthday – which Lucy forgot – last week.


None. Heather and Nick have been married for two months in episode 404 and three months in episode 411.


One – Nicholas Black dies of a heroin overdose / hypothermia. His body is identified in episode 430, after a policeman reveals that it has been found in episode 429. Edna’s gravestone indicates that she died on 3rd September 1985 (408 );. Tommy mentions that his father is dead (418 ), and his elder brother was killed in a plane crash when he was in the RAF (421). Gail explains that her grandmother, famous palm reader Madam Zola, was killed in a plane crash when she was little (420) – and Damon, of course, queries why she didn’t predict that it was going to crash. Avril mentions that her mother is dead (424), and newly born baby Harriet dies in episode 428.

Toilet visits:

Damon says he needs to go in episode 409, but he may just be trying to avoid going to bed with Gail, and he changes his mind anyway when he finds a man in the bath. Gail goes on to create a speed record which is going to be hard to beat in episode 413 – after assuring Damon, “Won’t be a sec – just going for a pee, love”, the elapsed time between her first step onto the stairs to the Grants’ toilet upstairs, and hitting the same step on her way back down, is a mere 35 seconds. “Mrs McArdle” also pays a call, while on the plane home from Barbados (425).

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Adam (401); Lucy Collins (401, 403, 410, 416, 421, 422, 430); Cathy (401); Tom Curzon (401, 404, 414, 420, 428 ); Chris’s mother (402); Michelle (403); Fleming (403); Henty (404, 420, 430); Roger (404); Cribbs-Baker (405); Jessica (406, 408, 427); Edna Cross (407, 408, 412, 418, 427, 429); Pam (407); Grace (408 ); Kate (409); Teresa (410, 414, 418, 424); Ginnie (411); George Williams (414); Alun (414); Jane (414, 420, 425, 430); Lindsay (415, 416); Arthur Dutton (417, 421, 424); Michael Tomlinson [Tommo] (417); Drucker (419); Joyce (429); and Eileen (430).

Not seen yet, but hopefully worth waiting for:

Doreen’s boss, Mr Howman, is mentioned yet again in episode 420.

And those that are also mentioned, but are sadly destined to remain unseen forever (in order of non-appearance):

Gail’s grandad (405); Sally’s mother (408 ); Doreen’s aunt, who went into a mental hospital (407); Archie, drug supplier (409); Gareth, one of Gail’s brothers (412); Damon’s aunty Irene (413); Sue, Heather’s secretary (413); Gail’s father and mother (413) and “loads” of brothers and sisters (414); Rob’s father (413); Pat’s mother (418 ); Mike, who sells Gordon a motorbike (421); Pierre (421, 429); Jeff in Planning, who Nick claims loaned him money (422); Sammy, Barry’s friend (425); Jack Nelson’s sister (425); Joey Kavanagh, for whom Billy did a job (426); John and Wendy Hughes, for whom Annabelle has agreed to cook on New Year’s Eve (429); and Gina, Tracy’s friend (430).


Bobby says the opposite of what he means in episode 415: “….talk me out of not going to the members….”

Harry seems to regard the wrong person as his offspring in episode 416: “It’s gonna be for Kevin and my Sally”.

Nick (417) and Heather (418 ) both carefully cover with their thumbs the names appearing on the cashpoint cards seen in close-up shots on-screen…… but unfortunately it is a Midland Bank card that is received in episode 417 by Nick, after he has requested a replacement for the National Girobank card which is cut up in episode 416, and seen again in episode 418! It is Heather who banks with the Midland – her cheque book is seen in episode 422.


At Annabelle’s lunch there were 25 people queuing to be sick (428 ). Lucy is now managing a hamburger joint (416). Jack Nelson is a Mason (416). Rob’s father is a judge (413). Cecile speaks five languages (401).

Billy has worked for Tyler’s Plant Hire since May (426). Michael Tomlinson, “Tommo”, is in the Park Royal “B” Division of the police (417). Kevin teaches English, and is Head of Department at a big school (407). He is right-handed (408 ).

Bobby was a fitter for 20 years (408 ). Sheila reads the “Daily Post”, in which the front page headline is “DANILOFF FLIES TO FREEDOM” (424). Barry once wet himself in Lewis’s (417). Guy is in his last year of university (408 ). Gail has two CSEs (411). She wants three boys and two girls (420),and her father hates foreign food (413). The rapist, Arthur Dutton, is on remand in Risley (417). Billy Preece has multiple sclerosis (407). Tommy McArdle has been presented with trophies by the Merseyside and North West Caged Birds Society (417).

Pat’s mother’s birthday is 11th May, her favourite flowers are tulips, and she was married in 1953 (418 ). Pat and Terry’s telephone number is 2599643 (411). They collect their plane tickets from L G Travel in Chester (419), and are flying with Carribean Airways (419). Gill has otosclerosis (413), and has been deaf for two years (421). She used to have a house in Birmingham (412). “Mrs McArdle” reads a Catherine Cookson novel (422).

Heather needs Cranson’s VAT file (413). Nick reads the book “Earthly Powers” by Anthony Burgess (404). He has been doing drugs since the “swinging sixties” (411), and is sacked from his job after 20 years there (425). He sells his car to Harry James & Son (426). Ruth is about to start the sixth form (402). She steals a plant from Caroleann Florist, whose telephone number is 737 1171 (402). Charlie was in Hong Kong in 1976 (401). .

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Late at night, as Barry looks on, Heather leaves her home, drops a note through the Collins’ letterbox, and drives away from the Close forever, pausing only briefly to look back before she reaches the main road. Barry looks through, then leans on, her window for a few moments, then heads for home.