Season Eleven Episode Guide

Episode 431 (M 15-12-86 “Offences”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Annabelle finds her first day in court as a magistrate to be something of an anti-climax. Paul accidentally sets off Heather’s burglar alarm. Rod wonders whether he really stands a chance of making it into the police force.

Episode 432 (T 16-12-86 “Misplaced Loyalty”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Gordon and Annabelle are not impressed that Paul is gloating because Barry is still expecting Lucy to come home for Christmas. Charlie discovers that Nick is dead. Tracy arrives late at the salon on her first day.

Episode 433 (M 22-12-86 “Father Christmas”) Written by John Oakden

Jimmy brings a Christmas present for Billy, but Doreen isn’t convinced that he should accept it. Harry observes some suspicious behaviour involving Father Christmas and some hampers.

Episode 434 (T 23-12-86 “Robin Hood”) Written by John Oakden

It’s party time on the Close, and Gail is trying her luck with more than just one man. Harry overhears Jack explaining his scam, and turns it to his own advantage. Rod’s time alone with Kirsty is interrupted when burglars strike next door.

Episode 435 (M 29-12-86 “No Joke”) Written by Alan McDonald

Guy is distraught because Karen has finished with him and is moving to London. Rod receives potentially useful press coverage. While Doreen confides in Sheila about her financial problems, the electricity at number 10 is disconnected.

Episode 436 (T 30-12-86 “All Mod Cons”) Written by Alan McDonald

To Rod’s dismay, Billy just can’t keep his hands off the electrics. Gail gate-crashes a party Damon has gone to. Bobby and Barry have a long chat in the pub.

Episode 437 (M 05-01-87 “Give Us A Clue”) Written by Andy Lynch

Harry is speechless for once, and it’s time for Barry to leave again. Shelley lets Tracy go home early when she claims that her mother is awaiting the results of medical tests.

Episode 438 (T 06-01-87 “Not Even Ill”) Written by Andy Lynch

Damon is hanging around the school gates. Julia’s incessant chatter causes Harry to regain the power of speech. Doreen visits Tracy at the salon, and Shelley is surprised that she is looking so well.

Episode 439 (M 12-01-87 “Just Confused”) Written by Susan Pleat

Sheila is in need of spiritual sustenance. Billy is offered a job in Tunbridge Wells. Harry confronts Madge about her birthdays.

Episode 440 (T 13-01-87 “Good Turn”) Written by Allan Swift

Sheila is convinced that she needs to go to Rome, while Billy is convinced that he should go to Tunbridge Wells. Eric tries to convince Bobby that Martin’s claims about asbestos need not be taken seriously.

Episode 441 (M 19-01-87 “Double Talk”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

After rowing with Doreen while Kirsty is visiting, Billy turns off the electricity again. Bobby has lunch with the industrial relations officer of Billinge’s, and becomes more convinced that something funny is going on.

Episode 442 (T 20-01-87 “Reconnection”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Harry is not pleased that Ralph is going on holiday with Madge, and makes sure everybody knows. Billy returns from the bank with good news, but is not pleased about what he finds at home.

Episode 443 (M 26-01-87 “Accommodation”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Pat and Terry are both looking for a third tenant, and they both find one. Sheila looks for a job to help her save the money for going to Rome. Billy warns Doreen against over-spending.

Episode 444 (T 27-01-87 “Singing The Same Tune”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Sheila is determined to go to Rome, with or without Bobby. Bobby is certain that the shop steward at Billinge Chemicals is in the management’s pocket. Pat and Terry try to cope with the lodger from Hell.

Episode 445 (M 02-02-87 “Surprises”) Written by Andy Lynch

Paul rescues a drowning puppy, and Annabelle allows it into the house only until it can be taken to the RSPCA. Bobby wonders if he has got the wrong end of the stick regarding the asbestos scare.

Episode 446 (T 03-02-87 “Moving On Soon”) Written by Andy Lynch

A disturbing encounter galvanises Bobby into action – after meeting a man with asbestosis, he decides to call in the factory inspectors. Annabelle sets Lucky free, but Paul finds her and brings her back home. Mick’s pipe nearly burns the house down.

Episode 447 (M 09-02-87 “Little Messages”) Written by Peter Cox

Ralph and Madge return from their holiday engaged to be married. Bobby is accused of being a member of the Militant Tendency.

Episode 448 (T 10-02-87 “Smooth Operator”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

There are complaints from around the Close about the Collins’ dog. Harry finds out how he can solve the riddle surrounding Madge’s birthday.

Episode 449 (M 16-02-87 “Bone Of Contention”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Annabelle is annoyed when Lucky gets to the paper before she does, and mistakenly believes that Damon is in trouble with the police. Pat loses a lot of money in a card game. Madge has a story to tell about her birthday.

Episode 450 (T 17-02-87 “Thinking The Worst”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Chinese whispers slur Damon’s name, and it isn’t long before he is allegedly a hardened criminal. Bobby faces an irate workforce at the factory.

Episode 451 (M 23-02-87 “Rumbled”) Written by Barry Woodward

Bobby discovers he has been spied on. Harry successfully impersonates a retired civil servant by putting on a stupid hat.

Episode 452 (T 24-02-87 “Shedding”) Written by Barry Woodward

Madge breaks off her engagement to Ralph, and Harry makes sure he retrieves the ring from her before she disappears.

Episode 453 (M 02-03-07 “Fast Workers”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Mike makes a pass at Doreen. Jamie, who is delivering supplies to the salon, asks Tracy out. Trish and Fran have a business proposition for Pat and Terry.

Episode 454 (T 03-03-87 “Snags”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Terry buys Heather’s bed, but then realises he will have a problem getting it home. Harry is keen to buy her answerphone, until he finds out the price. Annabelle and Paul are late for the sale because Paul gets caught in a fence while trying to entice Lucky out of an awkward position.

Episode 455 (M 09-03-87 “Our Lucky Night”) Written by Allan Swift

Harry finally confirms his suspicions, discovering that he has an extra tenant. Chris and Gordon act out a fantasy, with tragic results.

Episode 456 (T 10-03-87 “Gory Details”) Written by Peter Cox

Terry confronts Pat over his neglect of their business. Paul sets out to discover who killed his dog. Mick and Mike make a noisy departure, while Ralph prepares to make a much quieter one.

Episode 457 (M 16-03-87 “Who Is She?”) Written by Barry Woodward

A pregnant woman arrives looking for Mike. Terry is worried that he will be caught by the DHSS. Doreen witnesses the conditions Billy has been living in, and a series of strange encounters make her wonder what he has been up to.

Episode 458 (T 17-03-87 “Raw Nerve”) Written by Barry Woodward

Julia finds out about Tracy’s night out with Jamie and is concerned about how Doreen will react. Thinking he has discovered who killed Lucky, Paul is intent on revenge.

Episode 459 (M 23-03-87 “Reporting”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Pat’s foolishness causes more work to be lost, and Terry is not pleased. Paul continues to gather evidence and is determined to use it against them, when he should really be reading a letter Gordon has written to him.

Episode 460 (T 24-03-87 “Explaining”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Billy returns home unexpectedly. When he discovers what Paul has done, Gordon has a confession to make. Annabelle leaves Paul and Gordon to go to her mother’s.

Episode 461 (M 30-03-87 “Sunday Dinner”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Pat and Terry want the world to know that Paul has been spying for the DHSS, and place a banner on their roof pointing to his house. Paul and Gordon burn their dinner.

Episode 462 (T 31-03-87 “Crossfire”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Jimmy makes a suggestion which might end Billy’s bad luck. Sheila’s mind is made up, but Margaret may be having second thoughts. Annabelle returns home and takes swift action to have the banner maligning Paul removed. When Tracy gives a young girl the hairstyle she wants, she is sacked.

Episode 463 (M 06-04-87 “Bad Gamble”) Written by Alan McDonald

Doreen decides the time has come to make a shrewd investment – she asks Damon to place a bet on a horse race for her. Billy and Doreen discover Tracy has lost her job. There are new arrivals on the Close.

Episode 464 (T 07-04-87 “Hickory Dickory Dock”) Written by Alan McDonald

Damon and Mark use an old clock to extricate themselves from a financial predicament. Doreen goes to the salon to try to convince Shelley to give Tracy her job back.

Episode 465 (M 13-04-87 “No Inner Peace”) Written by Andy Lynch

Bobby feels that too much is expected of him. Damon tries to impress Debbie with his culinary skills, but Mark has been trying to spice things up. Billy puts Doreen’s winnings on another “cert”…

Episode 466 (T 14-04-87 “Ti Amo”) Written by Andy Lynch

Bobby and Sheila’s holiday in Rome goes from bad to worse, and neither of them can see how to mend things. Billy consides breaking the law to resolve his financial problems, and Doreen meets Jamie for the first time, just as the Corkhills have run out of toilet rolls.

The Cast

Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (431, 432, 434, 435, 445-451, 453-456, 458-460, 462)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (431, 432, 434, 435, 445-451, 453-456, 458-462)
Gordon Collins – MARK BURGESS (431, 432, 434, 435, 445-451, 453-456, 458-462)
Billy Corkhill – JOHN McARDLE (431-444, 454, 456-458, 460-466)
Doreen Corkhill (nee Brogan) – KATE FITZGERALD (431-444, 453, 454, 456-466)
Rod Corkhill – JASON HOPE (431, 432, 434-436, 438, 439, 441-444, 453, 454, 456-466)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (432, 434, 436-438, 442, 444, 453, 454, 456-459, 461-466)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (433, 434, 437-442, 447-456)
Jonathan Gordon-Davies – STEVEN PINNER (463)
Bobby Grant – RICKY TOMLINSON (433-435, 437-441, 443-452, 460-466)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (433-441, 443-452, 460-466)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (431, 432, 434-437)
Damon Grant – SIMON O’BRIEN (433, 434, 436-438, 441, 442, 444, 460-466)
Karen Grant – SHELAGH O’HARA (434-436)
Claire Grant – AMY LYNCH (434, 435, 437-441, 443, 449, 451, 461, 463, 464)
Pat Hancock – DAVID EASTER (431-434, 443-450, 452-461)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (433, 434, 437-442, 447-456)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (431-434, 443-450, 452-460, 462)
Laura Wright – JANE CUNLIFFE (463)

Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) – GLADYS AMBROSE (438, 442, 450, 456-458 )
Vicki Cleary – CHERYL LEIGH (445, 446, 457, 459, 460)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (433, 462, 465, 466)
Charlie Dawson – PHILIP McGOUGH (431, 432)
Christopher Duncan – STIFYN PARRI (446, 455, 456, 464)
Father Gibbons – STEPHEN BOXER (439)
Margaret Jefferson – BARBARA MARTEN (461, 462)
Tony Jefferson – RICHARD WALKER (461, 462)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (434, 439, 440, 449, 463)
Madge Richmond – SHIRLEY STELFOX (434, 439, 441, 447-449, 451, 452)
Michael “Tommo” Tomlinson – JOHN O’GORMAN (431)
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (433, 434)
George Williams – DOC O’BRIEN (444, 451, 452)
Guy Willis – IAN MICHIE (435)
Gail – VALERIE BLAKE (434, 436)
Radio voices – ROGER PHILLIPS (454)

Mark Callaghan – DEAN WILLIAMS (436, 442, 460, 463-466) [ George (15) / Mike Hughes (231, 232, 236) ]
Trish Cosgrove – MAJELLA REYNOLDS (451, 453) [ Bernadette (216, 234) ]
Janice Richardson – JEANETTE DOBSON (443, 457) [ Pauline (6, 8, 11, 22, 41, 46, 66, 71, 72, 95, 96) ]

Ellie Blackshaw – GEDREN HELLER (451, 452)
Kirsty Brown – JOANNA BLACK (431, 434, 438, 441, 443, 457)
Martin Cox – GERARD HORAN (439, 445, 446)
Don Crawford – JOHN ATKINSON (446)
Eric Dempster – ROGER WALKER (440, 448, 450)
Jamie Henderson – SEAN McKEE (453, 458, 461, 466)
Susan Holmes – MICHELLE FENTON (457)
Mr David L. Howman – MICHAEL ROBERTS (459, 463, 466)
Jack Latimer – MARK BRIGNALL (441, 447)
Debbie McGrath – GILLIAN KEARNEY (436, 438, 442, 465, 466)
Fran Pearson – BERNADETTE FOLEY (451-453, 459)
Shelley Rimmer – LESLEY NICOL (432, 437, 438, 442, 453, 462, 464)
Mick Smith – CHRISTOPHER WALKER (444-446, 450, 455, 456)
Sarah Spicer – JOANNA WARE (431)
Danny Steele – MARTIN COCHRANE (456, 457)
Mike Stevens – SAUL JEPHCOTT (443, 445, 446, 448-450, 453, 456)

Mark Callaghan’s brother, “Bob Glover” – PAUL NETTERFIELD (464)
Mrs Frazer – ROSALIE WILLIAMS (440)
Mr Healy – ANTHONY BENSON (431)
Linda – LINDA JEAN BARRY (457)
Mel – LAURA COX (455)
Ted, publican – DANNY REDDIN (443, 444)
Bank Manager – ALAN THOMPSON (432, 442)
Girl – SUSAN COOPER (462)
Girl’s Mother – SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY (462)

Appearing as himself – POPE JOHN PAUL II (466)

Mrs Andrews (432)
Mrs Battersby (437)
Mrs Bennett (453)
Beryl (457)
Charlie, parrot (443-446, 449, 455, 456)
Chrissie (457)
Donna (442)
Mr Edwards, magistrate (431)
Lucky, dog (446-451, 453-455, 456 body)
Paula, Mark’s girlfriend (460)
Sharon aka Beans-face (436, 442)
Terry (446)
Don Crawford’s son (446)

The full cast and production credits in episodes 433 and 434 are followed by an alphabetical list of names covering the whole year’s team. These roll over the usual image of the Close until near the end, when there is a fade to another view of the Close, from which many of those listed are seen waving. The closing music lasts for approximately 2 minutes in each of these episodes.

The caption at the beginning of part two of episode 454 reads “End of Part Two”.

Making her “Brookside” debut is Bernadette Foley, in the role of musician Fran Pearson – several years later she would rejoin the cast as Margi Shadwick (nee Benson).


The storylines:

Bobby has a major health and safety issue to deal with at work, and a holiday in Rome with Sheila. Damon dumps Gail and woos Debbie, and Karen leaves the Close. Harry eventually proves that Ralph’s friend Madge is just a gold-digger, and Paul looks after a puppy, until Gordon accidentally kills her. More short-term lodgers join and leave Pat and Terry, while the Corkhills continue to battle with their financial problems. And an engaged professional couple buy Heather’s house, looking forward to a happy life together on the Close……..but are they right to be optimistic?

The dates:

It is Monday 22nd December in episode 433, and 30th December 1986 in episode 436. In episode 438 it is “just after Christmas”, in episode 440 and it is eight months since Harry and Ralph were in Torquay, and in episode 441 mid-August is “a long way away”. It is Valentine’s Day and February in episode 447, and Monday afternoon in episode 451. It is 1987 in episode 452, and Saturday in episode 454, when the sale starts at 2 pm. The Mersey Marathon is nine months away in episode 455. It is Saturday in episode 457, and Sunday in episodes 458 and 461, which is also Mother’s Day. Mr Howman’s calendar shows “23 MARCH” in episode 459, and when telephoning the travel agent in episode 464, Bobby says the flight to Rome is on 13th April.


Sherlock Holmes (433); Billy Smart (434); Venezia Perrugio (434); Tears For Fears (436); Simple Minds (436); “Give Us A Clue” (437); Cyril Smith (440); “Dixon Of Dock Green” (441); “Wonder Woman” (444); Barbara Cartland (446); Red Robbo of British Leyland (447); Samantha Fox (448 ); Bette Davis (449); Philip Marlow (451); Derek Hatton (452); Jim Peters, runner (454); Jim Fixx (455); Paul McCartney (455); Bob Geldof (455); “Mastermind” (459); and the Eurovision Song Contest (459).


While most of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, some is set in Tunbridge Wells and Rome. There are brief scenes set in Tunbridge of Billy telephoning Doreen in the rain, very close to a road sign referring to Maidstone, Tunbridge, Penshurst and Sevenoaks in lettering similar to that which would appear on a real one, in episode 454; and in his caravan, seen in a field, in episode 456 – although these were not necessarily filmed there. There are, however, many scenes involving Billy, Doreen and others in Tunbridge Wells in episodes 457 and 458, and even more scenes of Bobby and Sheila in Rome throughout episodes 465 and 466.


There is a vast amount of birthday talk in this season. In episode 437 it is observed that in 2000 Damon will be 32, Barry will be over 40, Sheila will be 59, Bobby will be over 60, Karen will be 34 and Claire, whose 2nd birthday is tomorrow, will be 15; and Madge says her birthday is tomorrow. It is Claire’s birthday – if not Madge’s! – in episode 438, and it is revealed in episode 439 that she is now 2, and her date of birth is 6th January. In episode 439 Harry is already sure that Madge was born the same day that he started work – July 30th 1938. He makes Ralph remember more birthdays in episode 440 – Grace’s was 6th April, Ralph’s mum’s was 19th October, Ralph’s dad’s was 11th June, and Harry’s is 7th August, while Madge’s are still 6th January and 30th July. Harry finally proves that Madge’s true birthday is 30th July by studying her driving licence in episode 448. In episode 455, Harry observes that Edna would have been 66 next week, and Annabelle reminds Paul that he was in his early 20’s in 1946. We are also told that Rod is 18 (435), Tracy is 16 (454, 461), Doreen is nearly 40 (437), Debbie is 16 (465), and it is Bobby’s birthday in episode 461.


None. Doreen and Billy will have been married for 20 years “this summer” (444), and Bobby and Sheila have now been married for 28 years, according to Sheila (461), or 30 years, according to Bobby (461, 462, 465, 466).


Two – Paul’s dog Lucky is run over and killed by Gordon in episode 455, and, after Damon takes a telephone message that someone has died of asbestosis in episode 465, Bobby reveals in episode 466 that it is Don Atkinson. We are also told thet the following are dead: Julia’s husband, Albert (438 ); Martin’s uncle, a worker at Billinge’s, who died last week of cancer of the lining of the lung (439); and Ralph’s mother and father (440). Madge mentions that Tony Cagliorani (449, 452) died during the war on 30th July (449), and her husband Frank died nine years ago (451, 452). This may or may not be the same husband as the previously mentioned Desmond…….but Madge is a con-artist anyway!

Toilet visits:

Charlie (431); Terry (449); Billy (462); and, most memorably, Jamie – who finds that there is no toilet paper! (466)

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Heather (431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 453, 454); Inspector Laraway (431); Lucy Collins (431, 432, 434, 436, 445, 459); James (431); PC Moonan (431); Montague (431); Nicholas (431, 432, 435, 453, 454); Jane (431, 432); Adam (432); Henty (433, 443, 460); Tyler (433, 437); James (435); Susi (435); Tommy McArdle (436); Teresa Nolan (439, 449, 463, 466); Edna (439, 440, 448, 449); Father Daley (439, 465); Stephen [Nolan] (439, 449); Grace (439, 440, 448 ); Kevin (440, 442, 448, 451); Sally (442, 448 ); Avril (443, 446, 458); Sandra (443, 445, 460); Kate (454, 457); and Ruth (454).

Not seen yet, but definitely worth waiting for:

Gordon’s granny, Annabelle’s mother (435, 459); and Laura’s mum and dad (463).

And those that are also mentioned, but are sadly destined to remain unseen forever (in order of non-appearance):

Mr Paul Kirby of Vale Road, Crosby (431); Miss Carolyn Milner of Littledale Avenue, Rainhill (431); Tina, Tracy’s friend who has a telly (432); Johnny Clegg, hamper scam man (433); relatives of Doreen – Sylvia, who “took in lodgers” (sometimes three a night), and Alfie, who has done time and isn’t her cousin (433); the Grants’ Aunty Irene (435); Mal Holden, Billy’s contact (437); Piggy Morris, Barry’s contact, a labourer (437); Mrs Battersby’s “Jack” (437); Father Gibbons’ elder brother (439); Jacky Marsh, Billy’s supervisor in Tunbridge Wells (440, 456); “Karen from Aintree” and “Dave”, on the Chatline (442); Mrs Bradshaw (442); Janice’s brother Richie (443); Rosie, barmaid (444); Mike’s mum, dad, aunty and her four kids, his fiancee Kath(y), and Eric, who she married (446); Maureen from Rochdale, Kenny who has a pub in Lancashire, honeymooners Stephanie and Brian, Vult of the tourist board, in Christopher’s holiday snaps (446); Charles and Roland, two of Madge’s five other fiances (451); Martin, Ellie’s son (451, 452); Simon, a mate of Fran’s who has been known to get drunk (451); Bill, a steward (452); Ellie’s mum (451) and dad (451), who has arthritis (452); Trisha’s brother (453); Vicky’s father (454); Jane, Mel’s friend (455); Mrs Kirkwood, Julia’s bingo pal (457); Linda’s brother and sister (457); Nan Corkhill, who lost her teeth when she was not much older than Tracy is now (459); Mr Howman’s teenaged children (459), including a daughter (463); Sandra Underwood, Tracy’s friend who is going to Torremolinos (463); Murphy, work colleague of Laura (463); Dave, Shelley’s man (464); and Mark’s redundant dad and grandad (464).


In episode 432, Barry’s third and fourth words are in the wrong order: “You’re better not off entertaining the likes of him.”

Harry refers to Julia as “Julie” at one point in episode 439, and says “girl’s friend” instead of “girlfriend” in episode 440.

During episode 441, Jack Latimer refers to “employers”, when he surely means “employees”.

Damon pronounces “specific” with a silent “s” in episode 442.

Terry says “clear them out at cards first”, when he means “clean….”, in episode 452.

Matty misses out the word “me”: “I’ll talk to him if you want to” in episode 463.


The Collins family pay “Scruples”, then “Scrabble” (435). Paul, who had a dog called “Red” when he was a lad (445), came third in his regimental cross-country championships in 1946, in which cramp prevented him from winning (455). Annabelle’s mother has sent Lucy a postal order for 25 pence at the address at which the Collins family used to live in Hoylake (459). At their previous home they used the decorating firm “Critchley’s” (445). Lucy is spending Christmas in Verona with her new unmarried young Italian boyfriend (431). The van driven by “Bob Glover” bears the name “W.J.Forshaw” (464).

Doreen and Billy look at houses advertised in the window of Wood & Pilcher, estate agents in Tunbridge Wells – one costs £69,000, another is in Goudhurst (458 ). Rod’s telephone number is 2599053 (458 ). His starting salary will be £7,752 pa (444). Tracy claims to be 23-year-old “Sue from Wallasey” on the Chatline (442). In episode 438 Julia, claiming to be “not religious”, buys for £29.99 a coat marked down from £49.99, and demonstrates for the very first time her unique approach to pronunciation, referring to “homopathetic” medicine! Her late husband, Albert, worked in the city for a shipping firm (438 ). Mr Howman is on the golf club committee (459).

To trap Madge, Harry pretends to be “Mr Hislop”, a retired civil servant – and Madge claims she thought he was “Mr Collier”, who worked with her late husband “Frank” (451). Ralph had a dog when he was a boy (448 ). He refers to “Household Physician Vol. 1 (McGregor Robertson)” to check out Harry’s symptoms (437). Mick and Mike are kiln-builders (443), and are moving on to Staffordshire on Tuesday (453). Mike’s full name is Michael James Stevens (457). His mum and dad split when he was 9 (446). He was engaged to Kath for 10 months and one week (446). Fran works in the print room (459). Trish’s brother’s car has failed its MOT (453).

Sheila’s rapist gets 12 years (439). After looking in the window of the temp agency “Wilmington – Better Staff, Better Jobs”, she spots an advert for staff at the “Swan” in the window of M. Kirkness’ newsagent at 4 Mill Lane (443). It pays £20 per week (444). Karen is in her second year of university (435). Claire’s books include “Dragon In The Wood” (463). Matty went to see the European Cup Final in 1977, in which Borussia Monchengladbach lost 3-1 (440).

Don Atkinson lives at number 3 (446). Eric Dempster has worked at Billinge Chemicals plc for 12 years (448 ), and has known Jack Latimer for 8 years (448 ). Eric is the union convenor there (439). “Militant” Martin, who was in the army for three years (446). got six votes when he stood against him for that role (440). Heather is now working in London (453). She spent four years building a home (454), whose burglar alarm code is 1658 (435). The sale of her property is supervised by Joseph Henry & Co, Solicitors, whose telephone number is 987 3456 (454). Laura shops at “Next” (463)

“Blink-and-you-miss-it” moments:

As Billy tries unsuccessfully to get the portable television he has got from Jimmy to work in episode 436, a little of the quiz show “Blockbusters” can (only just) be seen on the screen.

Among Heather’s property, up for sale in episode 454, is the book by Anthony Burgess which Nick had previously been seen reading!

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

In Rome, Bobby realises he still loves Sheila, and tells her – first in English, then, after consulting his phrase-book, in Italian too – “Ti Amo”. The camera pans up to a nearby ornamental statue as the couple embrace…