Season Sixteen Episode Guide

Episode 633 (M 21-11-88 “Bitter Thoughts”) Written by Susan Pleat

Sue has to explain her reaction to Martin, and Terry doesn’t find her explanation entirely convincing. Sheila has to face the anniversary of Damon’s death alone.

Episode 634 (W 23-11-88 “So What?”) Written by Susan Pleat

Gordon confronts Brian over what he is up to with Annabelle, and is surprised by his reaction. Kathy enlists Julia’s help to get rid of Linda.

Episode 635 (M 28-11-88 “Ex Nihilo Nihil”) Written by Andy Lynch

Kathy and Julia’s cunning plans turns out not to be cunning enough. Gerrard returns from his holiday, determined to convince Tracy to go out with him. Katie is upset because Growler makes her believe she was adopted.

Episode 636 (W 30-11-88 “Arabs”) Written by Andy Lynch

Harry is expecting a family of Arabian brain surgeons to move into his house, but is about to be disappointed. Julia is causing conflict.

Episode 637 (M 05-12-88 “Ticklish”) Written by Kathleen Potter

The furniture is getting on top of Harry, and Gerrard is getting Tracy down. Terry looks for a partnership, while Sheila looks for somewhere else to live.

Episode 638 (W 07-12-88 “A Lot To Learn”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Brian thinks that Gordon lacks motivation. As they await Doreen’s return, Billy and Rod argue. Tracy confides in Sheila, and Terry receives an offer.

Episode 639 (M 12-12-88 “Perestroika”) Written by Allan Swift

Tracy tells Gerrard to back off, and there is bad news for Billy as Julia confesses to telling a lie. Rod’s superintendent tries to persuade him to reveal more about Operation Hickory.

Episode 640 (W 14-12-88 “Deceived”) Written by Allan Swift

Gordon learns a few tricks and makes a sale. Brian and Annabelle get their cover-stories mixed up, and Rod is confronted about his lost trousers.

Episode 641 (M 19-12-88 “Cuddly Seals”) Written by Barry Woodward

Barry and Sinbad enter a Christmas venture together, but it gets off to a slow start. Billy receives a card and a note from Doreen. Sheila and Julia argue.

Episode 642 (W 21-12-88 “Sacked”) Written by Barry Woodward

Terry sees something disturbing at a wine-bar, and Tracy gets the sack. Paul discovers Brian’s Christmas present to Annabelle. When Ralph receives some bad news, Barry and Sinbad need to act quickly.

Episode 643 (M 26-12-88 “Stuffed”) Written by Peter Cox

It is a rowdy Christmas Day at the Corkhills’, and there is a surprise arrival. Chrissy has a theory about Growler’s problem, while Frank is called into work. Sue tries to convince Terry that he was mistaken, and Paul confronts Annabelle and Brian about their affair.

Episode 644 (T 27-12-88 “So Proud”) Written by Peter Cox

As Christmas Day continues, Billy dishes out the rosaries, and makes a major admission about Doreen. Sinbad and Barry are breaking and entering, while Paul is a broken man.

Episode 645 (W 28-12-88 “Nearly Finished”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Tracy seeks help from the Citizens Advice Bureau, while Sheila consults a priest. Gordon tries to help reconcile Paul and Annabelle. A dramatic rescue is required, and Terry is the hero.

Episode 646 (Th 29-12-88 “My House Is Your House”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Jonathan wants to pay his dues, and Sheila is saying her goodbyes, as Sinbad and Barry continue to hunt for the missing seals.

Episode 647 (F 30-12-88 “Party Time”) Written by Kathleen Potter

It’s New Year on the Close, and a particularly subdued one for the Collins’. Sinbad has something for Ralph, and Barry’s scheming causes Kirsty and Rod to be apart as 1989 arrives.

Episode 648 (M 02-01-89 “Relationships”) Written by Allan Swift

Tracy is grilled by her lawyer. Gordon plans to leave Brian’s employment, but is persuaded to stay on. The workforce want Frank to call a strike, and Paul forbids Annabelle to use his car.

Episode 649 (W 07-01-89 “Victory”) Written by Allan Swift

Sheila asks for forgiveness, and Frank has some explaining to do. Paul has a few suggestions for Annabelle, Debbie has advice for Barry, and Gordon gets his revenge on Brian.

Episode 650 (M 09-01-89 “Getting A Bit Silly”) Written by Allan Swift

When Jonathan and Cheryl return from their holiday, they discover that the decorating hasn’t been done yet. Harry prepares his proposal to Betty. Rod needs to come up with some good explanations for not wanting Kirsty to iron his shirt.

Episode 651 (W 14-01-89 “Not Fair”) Written by Allan Swift

Rod tells Kirsty about his suspicions. Gordon tells Paul about his last day at work, and Tracy has an interview at Head Office.

Episode 652 (M 16-01-89 “Lost Chances”) Written by Barry Woodward

Mona advises Annabelle to make up or break up. Billy is missing Sheila. Emma convinces Rod to do some overtime, and Frank realises he has been conned by the management.

Episode 653 (W 18-01-89 “Quick Off The Mark”) Written by Barry Woodward

It is a big day for Harry, but should he have listened to Ralph? Chrissy is visited by the mother of another child with dyslexia. Gordon makes a promising start towards his target.

Episode 654 (M 23-01-89 “Starting”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

After a lot of soul-searching, Sheila makes a major decision. Rod makes a horrifying discovery.

Episode 655 (W 25-09-89 “Love”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Billy and Sheila are alone together at last…until Barry walks in on them. Sammy and her friends make plans.

Episode 656 (M 30-01-89 “A Bad Start”) Written by Susan Pleat

Sheila is relieved that Barry won’t be telling Bobby what he has discovered. Growler’s first day at the remedial class goes badly, and Chrissy and Frank are so preoccupied with his problems that they don’t notice Katie is now played by a different actress.

Episode 657 (W 01-02-89 “Not All That Happy”) Written by Susan Pleat

Sheila moves furniture and comes clean. Sammy does her best to convince Nisha’s parents to let them stay overnight at Ronnie’s.

Episode 658 (M 06-02-89 “Tests”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Betty is less than impressed with Paul when she thinks she is being used to prove a point. An important conclusion is reached about Growler.

Episode 659 (W 08-02-89 “Breaking The Rules”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Sheila’s religious convictions are still troubling her, to Billy’s annoyance. Gordon’s dodgy deals start to get even more dodgy. Mona announces her engagement, and Sammy and her friends have a night out.

Episode 660 (M 13-02-89 “Down”) Written by Andy Lynch

Gordon takes further chances in his bid to meet his target. Harry receives another disappointment, as Kevin is unwilling to change or extend his grandson’s name.

Episode 661 (W 15-02-89 “Loving Care”) Written by Andy Lynch

Gordon tries to make Paul and Annabelle realise that they need each other, and things come to a head for them. Chrissy reaches the end of her tether, and makes a decision about Growler’s schooling.

Episode 662 (M 20-02-89 “Special Attention”) Written by Peter Cox

Annabelle cooks a special breakfast, but Paul still isn’t happy. Tracy’s solicitor tries to convince her to go ahead with her action. Growler finds that Chrissy is a much stricter teacher than he expected, but Frank and Katie are not as convinced.

Episode 663 (W 22-02-89 “Selfishness”) Written by Peter Cox

Annabelle is impressed with Paul’s handling of her brother Teddy, but Emma is not as impressed with Rod’s handling of a domestic incident. Growler finds it difficult to concentrate on studying, and Tracy tries to persuade Nikki to speak up on her behalf.

Episode 664 (M 27-02-89 “Hawaiian Magenta”) Written by Andy Lynch

Sammy is confronted by a young man bringing something from Ronnie. Tired of talking about his upcoming wedding, Rod seeks comfort elsewhere. Sue discovers she is pregnant.

Episode 665 (W 01-03-89 “Hooked”) Written by Andy Lynch

Owen comes clean about his true motives, and Sammy is suitably intrigued. Cheryl tries to help Sue with a major dilemma. An educational welfare officer arrives to check on Chrissy’s teaching of Growler at home, but Growler has gone AWOL again…

Episode 666 (M 06-03-89 “No End In Sight”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Gerrard resorts to a variety of tricks to try to persuade Tracy to drop her case against him, and Rod is annoyed to find out about it from a newspaper. More than one member of the Rogers family is convinced that they are going to look foolish.

Episode 667 (W 08-03-89 “Ructions”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

It is Growler’s first day back at school, and Chrissy is depressed about her future. Rod and Tommo have conflicting views on the article about Tracy. Sue goes to have an abortion, but changes her mind.

Episode 668 (M 13-03-89 “Desperate Measures”) Written by Chris Curry

Gordon is determined to prove that he is not a loser, and stakes everything on a winner. Cheryl discovers Sue with her head in the oven. Frank tries to reassure Growler that he is still proud of him.

Episode 669 (W 15-03-89 “A Propensity To Act”) Written by Chris Curry

Gordon finds himself the worse for wear, and well out of pocket. Sue tells Terry that she is pregnant, but misses out one small detail. Unexpected revelations have a major effect on the final outcome of Tracy’s industrial tribunal.

The Cast

Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (634, 640, 642, 643, 645-650, 652, 653, 658, 659, 661-663)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (633, 641-652, 656-663, 668, 669)
Gordon Collins – MARK BURGESS (633, 634, 638, 640, 643, 645, 647-649, 651, 656, 659-662, 668, 669)
Billy Corkhill – JOHN McARDLE (633, 634, 636, 638-649, 651-655, 658, 659)
Rod Corkhill – JASON HOPE (637-640, 643, 647, 648, 650-652, 654, 663, 664, 666, 667)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (634-643, 645, 647-651, 658, 662-666, 669)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (635-637, 641, 642, 649, 650, 653, 657, 658, 660)
Jonathan Gordon-Davies – STEVEN PINNER (634, 635, 645, 646, 650, 653, 661, 664, 665, 667-669)
Cheryl Boyanowsky – JENNIFER CALVERT (634, 645, 646, 650, 653, 664, 665, 667-669)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (633, 634, 637-639, 641-649, 653-659)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (639, 641-649, 655, 656)
Claire Grant – AMY LYNCH (633, 636, 637, 641-644, 646-648, 653, 654, 656, 659)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (637, 642, 649, 650, 653, 656, 657, 660)
Chrissy Rogers (nee Morgan) – EITHNE BROWNE (635, 636, 368, 641, 643, 648-653, 656-663, 665-668 )
Frank Rogers – PETER CHRISTIAN (635-639, 641, 643, 646, 648-652, 656-660, 662, 665, 667, 668 )
Geoff “Growler” Rogers – KEVIN CARSON (635-637, 639-641, 643, 650-653, 656-658, 660-663, 665-668 )
Katie Rogers – DEBBIE REYNOLDS (635, 636, 641, 643) and DIANE BURKE (656, 657, 660, 662, 665)
Sammy Rogers – RACHAEL LINDSAY (636, 638, 643, 651, 655-660, 664-666)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (633, 635-638, 640-643, 645, 646, 653, 657, 664, 665, 668, 669)

Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (638, 655-659)
Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) – GLADYS AMBROSE (634-636, 639, 641-643)
Kirsty Brown – JOANNA BLACK (640, 643, 647, 650-652, 662, 664)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (633, 639, 642, 643, 652)
Kevin Cross – STUART ORGAN (660)
Chief Superintendent Delyle – IAN FLINTOFF (639)
Gerald Fallon – BRYAN MATHESON (643, 661)
Father Gibbons – STEPHEN BOXER (649)
Sue Harper – ANNIE MILES (633-635, 642, 643, 646, 653, 664, 665, 667-669)
Mona Harvey – MARGARET CLIFTON (643, 652, 659, 661)
Gerrard Holt – TOM SHARKEY (635-637, 639-642, 663, 666, 669)
Jeff Howard – BILL MONKS (648, 649)
Martin Howes – ANDREW HALL (634, 642)
Brian “Bumper” Humphreys – JAMES MAWDSLEY (637, 640, 668 )
Betty Hunt (nee Parkinson) – MARJI CAMPI (653, 657, 658 )
Simon Jackson – EDWARD HALSTEAD (664)
Margaret Jefferson – BARBARA MARTEN (653)
Mr Jenkins – STEVE MORLEY (651, 661, 667)
Ken – DAVID BOYCE (649)
Brian Lawrence – VINCENT MAGUIRE (634, 638, 640, 642, 643, 648, 649)
Linda – CAROL HOLMES (633, 635, 636, 645)
Lou – HELEN BLAKEMAN (655, 659)
Debbie McGrath – GILLIAN KEARNEY (643, 644, 655)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (633, 637)
Arthur Parkinson – EDWARD CLAYTON (649)
Kathy Roach – NOREEN KERSHAW (633-635, 642, 643)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (641-647, 649)
Michael “Tommo” Tomlinson – JOHN O’GORMAN (637, 654, 667)
Sarah Townes – JULIANNE WHITE (664, 665, 668 )
Nikki White – MICHELLE BYATT (635, 639, 642, 663, 669)
Ronnie (Veronica Williams) – CLAIRE ROBINSON (655, 658, 659)

Owen Daniels – DANNY McCALL (664, 665) [ Darryl Edwards (568 ) ]
Elvis Davis – RAY BURNSIDE (663) [Les (84)]
Peter Hume – ANTHONY WINGATE (668 ) [ Mr P.R. Spencer (8 ) / Mr Parker (270, 272, 274) ]
WPC Emma Reid – TRICIA PENROSE (637, 639, 652, 654, 663, 664) [ Ruth (283, 284, 288, 293) ]
Ted Morgan – GERRY FOGARTY (643) [ Shopkeeper (18 ) / Club Doorman (244, 248 ) ]

Mr Philip Andrews – GARY BROWN (656)
Krishna Batra – MOHAMMED ASHIQ (657)
Manju Batra – JAMILA MASSEY (657)
Mavis Davis – SHIRLEY-ANNE SELBY (663)
Diane Ellison – ANNY TOBIN (653)
Ray Gardner – GEOFF OLDHAM (638 )
Louise Gibson – JOANNA FOSTER (648, 650, 662, 665, 666, 669)
Teddy Harvey – GRAHAM WESTON (663)
Clive Marsland – KENNETH HADLEY (646)
Eddie Slattery – JEREMY GAGAN (661, 662)
Michael Wells – MICHAEL GUNN (643)
Di Williams – MERYL HAMPTON (659)
Danny Wood – LORNE WALKER (647)
Micky Wood – DAVID EDGE (646)
Young Micky Wood – ANDREW HILTON (646)

Mr Bradbury – MICHAEL COCHRANE (669)
Buyer – STACEY DAVIES (659)
Client – SAM DALE (668 )
Court Chairman – PETER HOWEL (669)
Mr Crawford – ROBERT WHEELAN (652)
Customer – DON CRERAR (656)
Mr Hignall – JACK ELLIOT (660)
Husband (John) – OENGUS McNAMARA (653)
Wife (of John) – VERONICA QUILLIGAN (653)
Lesley – HILARY DAWSON (667)
Man – STEVE O’CONNOR (640)
Dr Medley – MILTON JOHNS (658 )
Priest – RAY CALLAGHAN (645)
Mr Taylor aka “Stitch” – DAVID HOBBS (667)
Mr Thomas – PAUL RIDLEY (651)
Tony, reporter – ALBERT WELLING (666)
Mrs Twist, Educational Welfare Officer – LIZ GEBHARDT (665)

Dawn – MARY FAY (1)
Griff – GARY ROBERTS (2)
Jacko – PAUL STANTON (2)

Bob, Ken’s dog (649)
Baby Tim Haynes (642)
George (647)
Davey Lacey (643)
Simon McGrath (644, 649, 655)
Monty, dog (647, 649, 650, 658 )
Rommel, dog (637, 641, 642)
Vincent (656)
Miss/”Ma” Walker, teacher (640)
“Worzel”, tramp (654)

The “Magic Rabbits” music is heard again, although the creatures are not seen, as the programme is watched by Growler in episode 662.

Among the guest performers in this season are Liz Gebhardt, who was one of the pupils in “Please Sir”; Jamila Massey, who was one of the students in “Mind Your Language”; and Joanna Foster, who was one of many Wendy Barlows in “Coronation Street”!


The storylines:

After Paul confronts Annabelle over her affair with Brian, they try to patch up their marriage; Chrissy unsuccessfully tries to educate Growler at home; and Sheila and Billy become closer, albeit without Barry’s blessing. Tracy is unfairly dismissed, but able to prove it; while Gordon is fairly dismissed after selling cars for a fraction of their true value. While Jonathan prepares to set himself up in business with Sarah, Frank has more troubles at work, Ralph gets a new dog, Sammy gets a new admirer, and Katie gets a new face. And there are a lot of weddings being planned – Harry’s hopes of marrying Betty come to nothing, but Kirsty and Rod, Mona and Gerald, and Terry and Sue are all still in with a chance of tying the knot, even though Rod is seeing someone else, Mona may not be of sound mind, and Sue is pregnant by another man…

The dates:

In episode 633 it is a year since Damon died, a year since Sue and Terry met, and, based on dialogue from episode 632, it is Monday. In episode 635 it is 12 months since the Rogers family arrived, and in episode 637 Tommo has been in hospital for 12 weeks. In episode 638 it is the middle of winter, and in episode 640 it is 1988, based on Bumper’s observation that Growler is 90 years too late in dating a poster “1898”. It is Christmas Day / Sunday in episodes 644 and 645; and New Year’s Eve, then New Year’s Day, in episode 647. It is 1989 in episodes 649 and 664, and 18th January 1989 in episode 653. In episode 651, the date set for Rod and Kirsty’s wedding is Saturday 15th July, and this is mentioned again in episode 667. In episode 659 it is Ash Wednesday and, later in that episode, it must be 9th February, based on an earlier reference to Ronnie’s birthday. It is Valentine’s Day in episode 660, and it will soon be Mothers’ Day in episode 665. In episode 650 the date of Tracy’s tribunal is set for March 6th at 10.30; in episode 664, it is “next week”; but in episode 666 it is rescheduled for March 15th, which is “a week on Wednesday”. When it finally takes place, in episode 669, the late arrival at work of Tracy and Nikki, seen in episode 642. is said to have occurred on 24th December.


Sarah Bernhardt (635); “Tarzan” (637); Rick Astley (638 ); Terence Trent D’Arby (638 ); T’Pau (638 ); The Christians (638 ); Count Dracula (639); Mike Tyson (639); Nureyev (644); Neville Chamberlain (644); Lord Lucan (654); Clark Gable (654); “Scarlet” [O’Hara] (654); “Macbeth” (655); Dr Beeching, who closed down a lot of Nottingham railway lines (657); Noah [as in Ark] (658 ); Mao (664); Confucious (664); Greta Garbo (667); and “Miami Vice” (667).


All of the action in this season takes place in Liverpool, with the exception of just four scenes in episode 653 which are set in Margaret’s home in Basingstoke, which Sheila and Claire are briefly visiting. It seems unlikely, however, that these scenes were actually recorded in Basingstoke.


One – Tim Haynes, son of Kevin Cross and Sally Haynes, is born in episode 642, and is “a couple of weeks old” in episode 660. Ronnie celebrates her birthday, which is 9th February / soon (655) and “next week” (657), in episode 659. We are also told that Paul is 13 years older than Annabelle (633), and that Claire is nearly 4 (636), Rod is 20 going on 49 (637), Debbie is 18 (647), Tracy is 18 (643, 651), Growler is 14 (651, 661), Mona is 80 (663) and Barry is 29 (655).


None. It is mentioned, by characters who may well be speaking in “round numbers”, that Paul and Annabelle have been married for 30 years (643); Sheila was married for 30 years (653, 654); and Harry was married for 40 years (653).


Two – Harry and Ralph’s dog Rommel dies in episode 642 after chewing poisonous cuddly seals, and “Worzel” the tramp is found dead by Rod Corkhill in episode 654. The following unseen and never-to-be-seen characters who are no longer alive are also mentioned: Frank’s mother and dad (638 ); the priest’s parents (645); Young Micky’s goldfish (646); and Betty’s late husband Reggie (653, 658 ).

Toilet visits:

Linda (633); Jimmy (639); Barry (641 and 647); Father Gibbons (649); Ralph (653); Growler, for the third time in the same lesson, according to his teacher (656); Mona (661); Teddy (663); and Gerrard (666). Although Sammy claims she has to go in episode 660, this is just an excuse to retrieve a bottle-opener.

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Miriam (645, 646); and Auntie Jackie [Corkhill] (652).

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Damon (633, 643, 644, 645, 646, 653, 654, 657); Bobby (633, 636, 637, 638, 642, 643, 644, 645, 648, 649, 653, 654, 658, 659); Karen (633, 638, 644, 649, 659); Ben [Deburau] (634); Donna (634); Jamie (634, 635, 636, 638, 651, 658 ); Doreen (634, 635, 636, 638, 639, 641, 642, 643, 648, 652, 654, 655); Chris (637, 645, 653, 659, 668, 669); Edna (637, 660); Grace (637, 660); PC Chalkley (639); Sally (642, 660); Avril (645); Pat Hancock (645); Lucy (645, 647, 660, 662); Madge (650, 660); Laura (650); Tony and Matthew [Jefferson] (653); Lucky (656, 658); Sizzler (657); Tom Osbourne (658 ); Maggie at Chrissy’s work (663); Jonathan’s mum (665); and Mr [Peter] Montague (666, 669).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Malcolm Clarke, a contact of Brian (634); Janice, Martin’s wife and her mother in Sheffield (634); Jacko, a policeman, and his parents who are in Tenerife (637, 638 ); Joanne (637, 640) and Kelly (637), Gerrard’s models/hairdressers (637); Father Moloney, who used to run a youth club Matty went to (637); Paddy Ryan, who used to knock around with Sheila (637); Woody, a policeman whose stag night was recently (637, 638 ); Ray’s daughter, her couple of kids, her husband who left her after three years and the woman he went off with (638 ); Nisha’s two younger sisters and two brothers (638 ); PC Peters (639); George, a mate of Rod (640); Jeannie, an aunt of Jonathan’s who knits (645); Reynolds, pub owner (646, 647) and his kid, Lee (647); Maggie, an emigrant who Jimmy used to go out with, and her father who had a shop (652); Mrs Ellison’s son Michael (653), who is 16 (652); Maureen MacNamara, who Billy “had” when he was 15 (654); Pete Forrest, a Sheffield railwayman Ralph remembers (657); William, club member (657); Miss Harker, Katie’s teacher (657); Mr Batra’s younger sister, aunt to Nisha and her brothers and sisters (657). Joe Mooney and Fred Tate, domino players (660); Mrs Slattery, Eddie’s wife (662); Teddy’s wife Rosalind (663); Nikki’s mum and dad, both unemployed (663) ; Kirsty’s Aunty Geraldine from Tasmania (664); Kirsty’s mum and dad, and their drinking mates Mr and Mrs Harrison (664); Clive Hopkins, offered a partnership instead of Sarah (664); Mrs Twist’s 16-, 19- and 22-year-old children (665); Gerrard’s wife and two kids (666); and Andrea Starkey, Liza Fields and Gemma Ross, other juniors employed by Gerrard in last 18 months, who all left within a few months (669).


Interrogated by the Superintendent, Rod refers to Tommo as PC “Thomson”, rather than Tomlinson, for a second time in episode 639.

In the same episode, Julia gets something slightly wrong when talking about Billy: “She’s married to my daughter.”.

In episode 642, Barry pronounces Danny Wood’s surname as if the second “o” is a “d”.

The first time Mr Thomas pronounces Gerrard’s surname in episode 651, he says “Holst” instead of “Holt”.

While Nisha’s parents interview Sammy in episode 657, the name a cashier is heard calling from downstairs, and to which her father responds, does not sound anything like “Mr Batra”. In the same episode, her mother’s observation that “There’s seven of us” would suggest that Nisha is one of five siblings, and since she has both “brothers” and “sisters”, there must be two of each. This, unfortunately, contradicts her earlier claim that she shares a bedroom with “three of” her sisters.

She’s not the first, but in episode 659, Annabelle gets two words the wrong way around: “Empire and Commonwealth Club”.

While referring to the firm she works for, a partnership, Sarah describes it as “this company” in episode 664.

The chart that Gordon draws, installs on his ceiling and periodically updates, seems to be different almost every time we see it. Initially, at the end of episode 652, it shows about 12 days at the end of January and the whole of March, but only about 20 days in February. In episode 653, there are only 6 days at the end of January, and he marks an “X” at the fifth last. In episode 656, there are 13 days shown at the end of January, and he marks an “X” at the last of these.


The Collins family moved house a dozen times in the past as Paul was promoted (642). Brian has been in business for 20 years (648 ), and employed Gordon for seven weeks (652). Paul suggests that Gordon, who is right-handed (661), looks for a job at Marshall Motors, another garage near Brian’s (651), The garage he moves to may be called “Central Self Drive”, telephone 051 420 4433 – or, if not, that’s who they got their wall-clock from (659). The telephone number of his customer, Mr Hignall, is 257 9106 (661). Having opened a share account, number 1724301210, with the Birmingham Midshires Building Society, Gordon makes his first deposit on 18/01/89 (653). Eddie Slattery worked at Saffron Polymers (661), and has now been self-employed for three years (662).

Claire has a toy called David (643, 644) and another one called George (659). Debbie got two As and a B in her “A” levels, and has a place at Lancaster University this coming September (644). When he was born, Simon was 3.8kg and 54 cm (644). According to Ralph, Grace lived three years longer than expected (660). Sue joined Jonathan’s firm, Murdoch Gilchrist (668 ), in June when she was 20, and Martin moved to London when she was 25 (633).

According to Rod, the location of the corpse he has found is between Edge Hill and Wavertree Road (654). Elvis and Mavis Davis have a dog (663). Tracy is seen eating Coco Pops (664). Her solictor, Louise, is right-handed (648 ), is seen writing in shorthand (650) and is “sort of” married (666). Gerrard succeeded Mr Tate as the manager of the Elton Road Salon (669).

The firm Frank works for is Huyton Truck Haulage Contractors, Merseyside, telephone 051 480 5888 (649). Chrissy shops at Sainsbury’s (649). Katie likes Rick Astley (638 ); and Sammy used to like Terence Trent D’Arby, but now she prefers T’Pau and the Christians (638 ). Nisha, who was born in the UK (638 ), has two younger sisters and two brothers (638 ) – which would seem to be the whole family, according to her mother (657). Her family lives in a flat (638 ), which is above their shop (657), and her younger brother receives extra coaching (657). Mrs Ellison lives at 37 Windrush Avenue (652).

“Blink-and-you-miss-it” moment:

In episode 636, after initially placing two shredded wheats on his plate, Terry then deliberately adds a third one, as.if determined to disprove a certain advertising campaign.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

For once, it’s a happy ending! Having won her case at the industrial tribunal, Tracy will receive £1,500 damages and her court costs for unfair dismissal by Gerrard. She thanks Louise, her solicitor, who concurs with Tracy’s view that she was “great”, and they leave the courtroom, together with Nikki, to have lunch – on Tracy.