Season Seventeen Episode Guide

Episode 670 (M 20-03-89 “Possibilities”) Written by Chris Curry

Sue is not happy about the accuracy of Jonathan’s guesswork. Tracy has to decide whether she wants her old job back. Jonathan is advised to move on sooner rather than later.

Episode 671 (W 22-03-89 “Tension”) Written by Kay Mellor

Cheryl is finding it difficult knowing Sue’s secret. Tracy wonders why Doreen has not been in touch. Jimmy finds Kathy’s son Sean loitering near her home, and brings him to the Close.

Episode 672 (M 27-03-89 “Talking Of Weddings”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Terry has one disappointment after another. The Collins family make preparations for Mona’s wedding. Matty is disappointed to find out about Sheila and Billy.

Episode 673 (W 29-03-89 “Violence”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Sheila confides in Kathy and seeks her advice. Annabelle has to make a tough decision in court.

Episode 674 (M 03-04-89 “Fish”) Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Tracy’s first day back at work turns out to be disastrous. Terry has to cope with some more difficult fares. Cheryl finds the pressure too great, and gives Jonathan an ultimatum.

Episode 675 (W 05-04-89 “Glasses”) Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

A dinner guest of Paul and Annabelle’s insults Gordon. Rod has a sobering experience when he attends a road accident.

Episode 676 (M 10-04-89 “Still Hurting”) Written by Barry Woodward

The past comes back to haunt Sheila as Tommo arrives to visit Rod, then Matty brings bad news about Bobby. Kevin is not impressed by Harry’s attempts to blackmail him and Sally into changing Tim’s name.

Episode 677 (W 12-04-89 “Till Death Us Do Part”) Written by Barry Woodward

It’s Billy’s 22nd wedding anniversary, and Mona and Gerald’s wedding day, but who will end up in the honeymoon suite? Terry’s first day in a new job is not quite as he expected.

Episode 678 (M 17-04-89 “Pusilanimous”) Written by John Oakden

Some remarks from Sheila cause an argument in the Collins household. Jonathan impresses a new client, but is not pleased when Cheryl promises that he will represent a friend of Billy’s.

Episode 679 (W 19-04-89 “Awkwardness”) Written by John Oakden

Owen and Sammy resolve their differences. Gordon reveals where he has been for the last two nights. Bumper is in two minds about Chrissy’s plans for Growler. Sheila reassures Paul that she has told no-one about Annabelle’s affair.

Episode 680 (M 24-04-89 “Howdy!”) Written by Susan Pleat

Mona and Gerald return from Las Vegas, bearing gifts that some recipients find difficult to appreciate. The Rogers family prepare to make a move, and Harry is concerned about who will be replacing them. There are teething troubles at Davies-Townes, and for Sammy.

Episode 681 (W 26-04-89 “Causes”) Written by Susan Pleat

Mona is feeling paranoid, and says some cruel and insensitive things. Sammy pushes things too far by staying out too late, which leads to a confrontation with Chrissy. The mystery of the missing £1 is solved, but it creates tension between Jonathan, Cheryl and Sarah.

Episode 682 (M 01-05-89 “China Tea”) Written by Allan Swift

Katie goes missing with the new girl on the Close. Harry decides he needs to have a high fence built to protect him, but soon changes his mind.

Episode 683 (W 03-05-89 “Dry Rot”) Written by Allan Swift

The Collins’ barbecue causes animosity, as Ralph loses part of his fence. Frank makes a discovery which dampens Chrissy’s spirits.

Episode 684 (M 08-05-89 “Appeal”) Written by Andy Lynch

Sheila feels sad as she sees her former home bustling with family life again. Sammy is annoyed by Owen’s behaviour at her decorating party. Growler is discussed in depth.

Episode 685 (W 10-05-89 “To Annabelle”) Written by Andy Lynch

It is party time, but have Paul and Annabelle finally put their differences behind them? A chance meeting stirs unwelcome memories for Billy, but there is a more promising encounter for Gordon. The reason for the absence of Michael’s wife is revealed.

Episode 686 (M 15-05-89 “Milk”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Growler receives good news, and Paul is visited by a stranger who wants him to meet someone from his past.

Episode 687 (W 17-05-89 “Apple Juice”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Growler asks Chrissy to wait for the phone-call he is expecting, but she goes out and misses it. Billy asks Tracy how she feels about Sheila moving into his room. Paul’s visitor has a confession to make about an egg he ate in the summer of 1943.

Episode 688 (M 22-05-89 “Too Small”) Written by Allan Swift

Kirsty isn’t able to go to Blackpool with Rod, but he isn’t too disappointed. Frank, however, is disappointed when Growler is unsuccessful. Jimmy enlists Sinbad’s help to deliver a mattress to Billy – but are there strings attached?

Episode 689 (W 24-05-89 “Betrayed”) Written by Allan Swift

Michael and Caroline disagree on priorities, while Kirsty’s surprise appearance on the coach to Blackpool turns the trip into a nightmare for all concerned.

Episode 690 (M 29-05-89 “Chips And Mash?”) Written by Chris Curry

Cheryl suspects that Jonathan is avoiding looking for a new flat and believes he is taking her for granted. Caroline asks Chrissy to look after Jessica, but this leads to an almighty row.

Episode 691 (W 31-05-89 “I Am Not Gerrard!”) Written by Chris Curry

Kirsty decides that she’s had enough of Rod, and announces it in style. Preparations are underway for the summer fayre. Katie has romantic intentions towards Bumper, and Anthony tries to assure Tracy that not all bosses are the same.

Episode 692 (M 05-06-89 “Call Me Coral”) Written by Barry Woodward

Jonathan doesn’t approve of Coral’s accent. Tracy takes part in a hairdressing competition. There is a willing volunteer to retrieve Bumper’s football when he knocks over Cheryl’s glass.

Episode 693 (W 07-06-89 “Degsy”) Written by Barry Woodward

Sue and Terry discuss names for the baby, and Terry is convinced that he knows one that would be perfect. After her moment of glory, Tracy returns to the Close. Cheryl is at the end of her tether.

Episode 694 (M 12-06-89 “I Need You”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

For Sinbad, to be nearly hit by one lawyer’s car seems unlucky, but when he is nearly hit by two of them it begins to look like carelessness. Then his day brightens up when a naked lady steps out of the shower while he is cleaning her windows.

Episode 695 (W 14-06-89 “Dog Muck”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Jonathan’s distress over Cheryl is making him dangerous to be around. Chrissy decides to stand for school governor, without considering how the rest of the family will ever live it down.

Episode 696 (W 21-06-89 “Horse Muck”) Written by Barry Woodward [Double episode]

Alison realises that she needs to apologise to Michael. Harry is waiting for a visit from his grandson. but finds a load of sh-omething in next door’s driveway instead. Chrissy discovers Katie making jewellery, and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. Sinbad is up to his neck when his involvement is discovered.

Episode 697 (M 26-06-89 “Small Doses”) Written by Kay Mellor

Sue is rushed to hospital, and it looks as if something may be wrong with the baby. Michael and Alison share a romantic moment.

Episode 698 (W 28-06-89 “Separated”) Written by Kay Mellor

Jonathan tracks down Cheryl and forces her into a decision she isn’t ready to make. Sinbad has to do some grovelling to get back into Caroline’s good books. Harry makes a distressing discovery at the cemetery.

Episode 699 (M 03-07-89 “Children”) Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

A soldier’s runaway wife is causing a few headaches for Paul, Terry cuts Sue’s toenails, and Sinbad saves the day at Jessica’s party.

Episode 700 (W 05-07-89 “You Did What?”) Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Michael and Alison get their dates mixed up, Paul is out of his depth, and Harry is getting no support in his battle against a grave robber.

Episode 701 (M 10-07-89 “Into Proportion”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Harry decides that a sandwich board is an appropriate way of making his feelings known. A sudden phone call gives Billy and Sheila a lot to think about.

Episode 702 (W 12-07-89 “She’s Coming Back”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Everyone in the Corkhill household is feeling apprehensive as they await Doreen’s return. Harry is looking for signatures for his petition.

Episode 703 (M 17-07-89 “She’s Staying”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Doreen receives some support in her bid to move back into number 10, but faces opposition too. There is also a new arrival at the Collins’.

Episode 704 (W 19-07-89 “Old Habits Die Hard”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Tracy is determined that Sheila will not separate Billy from Doreen. Annabelle’s dressmaker admits defeat – but Louise doesn’t.

Episode 705 (M 24-07-89 “I’m Your Wife”) Written by Kay Mellor

Sue is not impressed with Jonathan’s definition of “furnished”. Doreen offers to scrub Billy’s back for him. Paul cuts himself shaving, and Rod and Tommo are attacked by a particularly rare breed of dog.

Episode 706 (W 26-07-89 “Has It All Gone?”) Written by Kay Mellor

Paul is annoyed that Louise has eaten his bacon. Cheryl finds out that Jonathan has his own method for hanging pictures. Doreen tries to convince Billy to try again.

Episode 707 (M 31-07-89 “Bed Rest”) Written by Susan Pleat

Barry is back on the Close for Terry’s wedding, but Louise runs away. Harry receives a letter from the Queen.

Episode 708 (W 02-08-89 “Sue and Terry”) Written by Susan Pleat

Terry and Sue’s wedding day arrives, and Sheila returns, forcing Billy to make a final decision as to which woman he wants…

The Cast

Caroline Choi – SARAH LAM (682, 683, 685-687, 689, 690, 693-699)
Michael Choi (Choi Wing Foo) – DAVID YIP (679, 682, 683, 685, 687, 689, 690, 693-700)
Jessica Choi (Tam Hing) – ANNA SUNG (682, 683, 686, 687, 689, 690, 694, 696, 697, 699, 700)
Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (672, 673, 675, 677-682, 685, 687, 699-708)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (672, 675, 677-683, 685-689, 699-701, 703-707)
Gordon Collins – MARK BURGESS (672, 675, 677-680, 685, 687, 702, 704, 706)
Billy Corkhill – JOHN McARDLE (670-674, 677, 678, 685-689, 691-693, 701-708)
Doreen Corkhill – KATE FITZGERALD (703-708)
Rod Corkhill – JASON HOPE (671, 675-677, 686, 688-693, 701-705)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (670, 671, 674-676, 686, 687, 690-693, 701-706)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (676, 677, 680, 682, 696-698, 700-702, 707, 708)
Jonathan Gordon-Davies – STEVEN PINNER (670, 671, 674, 678, 680, 681, 690, 692-701, 705, 706, 708)
Cheryl Boyanowsky – JENNIFER CALVERT (670, 671, 674, 678, 681, 690, 692, 693, 698-701, 706, 708)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (670-679, 684-688, 690, 697, 693, 697, 701-705, 708)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (707, 708)
Claire Grant – AMY LYNCH (670-672, 674, 678, 679, 686, 708)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (682, 683, 707)
Chrissy Rogers (nee Morgan) – EITHNE BROWNE (678-688, 690, 691, 694-696)
Frank Rogers – PETER CHRISTIAN (678-688, 694-696)
Geoff “Growler” Rogers – KEVIN CARSON (679, 682, 684, 686-690, 692, 694-696)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (680, 682-684, 688, 691, 692, 694-696)
Sammy Rogers – RACHAEL LINDSAY (678-685, 695, 696)
Sue Sullivan (nee Harper) – ANNIE MILES (670-672, 686, 690, 691, 693, 695-701, 705, 707, 708)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (670-672, 674, 677, 686, 690, 691, 693-701, 705, 707, 708)

Sergeant Appleby – PETER BARTON (705)
Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (683, 684)
Kirsty Brown – JOANNA BLACK (676, 688, 689, 691, 692, 703)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (671, 672, 675, 688, 689)
Kevin Cross – STUART ORGAN (676, 677)
Father Daley – HENRY MOXON (672)
Owen Daniels – DANNY McCALL (679, 681, 684, 685)
Diane Ellison – ANNY TOBIN (684)
Gerald Fallon – BRYAN MATHESON (677, 680-683)
Mona Fallon (formerly Harvey) – MARGARET CLIFTON (672, 677, 680-683)
Ray Gardner – GEOFF OLDHAM (670)
Desmond Greenall – BERNARD BROWN (685)
Sally Haynes – ROBERTA KERR (697, 698)
Tim Haynes (677, 697, 698)
Brian “Bumper” Humphreys – JAMES MAWDSLEY (679, 690, 692, 694)
Simon Jackson – EDWARD HALSTEAD (670)
Margaret Jefferson – BARBARA MARTEN (704, 707, 708)
Dr Medley – MILTON JOHNS (684)
Monty, dog (676, 677 OOV, 680, 682, 695)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (672, 676)
Arthur Parkinson – EDWARD CLAYTON (700, 702)
WPC Emma Reid – TRICIA PENROSE (677, 688, 689, 702)
Kathy Roach – NOREEN KERSHAW (670, 671, 673, 675)
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (671, 708)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (688, 689, 694-696, 698)
Michael “Tommo” Tomlinson – JOHN O’GORMAN (675, 676, 689, 692, 705)
Sarah Townes – JULIANNE WHITE (670, 673, 674, 679-681, 692, 694)
Nikki White – MICHELLE BYATT (674, 691)
Ronnie (Veronica Williams) – CLAIRE ROBINSON (678, 684)

Tommy Evans – HARRY GOODIER (689) [ Ferryman (406) ]
Dinner Lady – GEORGINA SMITH (690) [ Annie Cross (4, 22, 24, 38 ) ]

Ian Anderson – PAUL BADEN (685)
Lee Burgess – VINNY ADAMS (673)
Miriam Charles – ROWENA COOPER (685)
Stephen Choi – KWONG CHEE LEONG (699)
Karen Davies – DEBBIE ANDREWS (681)
Alison Gregory – ALYSON SPIRO (693-701)
Hattie Gregory – KATE BALL (699)
Jane Harper – ANN BEACH (707, 708)
Anthony Hesketh – ROBERT SCHOFIELD (674, 676, 691, 692)
Vauneen Hughes – LYNDA STEADMAN (699, 700)
Mick Johnson – LOUIS EMERICK (677, 708)
Maeve McGowan – FENELLA NORMAN (708)
Peter McMahon – SIMON OATES (678)
Louise Mitchell – JENNY HESKETH (703-706)
Imogen Parker – HELEN WARBURTON (674)
Keith Patterson – JAMES SIMMONS (702, 704, 706)
Derek Reece – DICK BRANNICK (679, 680)
Sean Roach – DEREK HICKS (671, 673)
John Roberts – JACK McKENZIE (686)
Sharon “Coral” Stevens – SHARON BYATT (692, 693)
Keith Swift – RAYMOND SAWYER (673, 675)
Maurice Walsh – GEORGE MALPAS (687, 689)
Monica Winterton – KATE RUTTER (675)

Auctioneer – ALAN CODY (679)
Customer – CAROLE BOYD (674)
Defence Counsel – IAN LOVE (673)
Dorothy – LINDA POLAN (702, 703)
Mrs Driscoll – NINA THOMAS (684)
Mrs Edwards – ANNA WELSH (677)
Football Coach – JAMES QUINN (694, 696)
Lynette – KENDALL JEFFERY (673)
Malcolm – CHRISTOPHER SAUL (673)
Master of Ceremonies – DAVID KILLNER (692)
Omo – STEPHEN WALTERS (694, 696)
Pete – ADAM WARREN (684)
Prosecuting Counsel – LIZ STOOKE (673)
Vicar – TIM PREECE (677)
Victor – NIGEL BRADSHAW (675)
The Other Driver (675)
The Woman in The Supermarket Car Park (693)

The Late Mr Arthur Edwards (677)
Angie, WPC (689)
Josh (688 OOV)
Julie, WPC (689)

Julieanne White is the only “Brookside” performer who had previously appeared in the Australian soap “The Young Doctors”, while Nigel Bradshaw is the only performer who had previously had a long-running role, as Officer Dennis Cruickshank, in “Prisoner Cell Block H”.

Michelle Byatt is the third, and Sharon Byatt the fourth, member of the same family of performers to appear in “Brookside”. Their younger brother and sister have previously been seen, while their older brother, yet to make his debut, would ultimately go on to make more than 800 appearances!


The storylines:

A new family arrives on the Close – Michael, Caroline and Jessica Choi. Soon, it looks as if Michael wants Alison, while Sinbad wants Caroline, and Jessica just wants to play with Katie. Meanwhile, Billy wants Sheila, but Doreen wants Billy. Mona marries Gerald; Terry marries Sue, but Kirsty dumps Rod. Jonathan risks losing Cheryl, Tracy wins a competition, and Harry loses a grave. Chrissy, Paul and Gordon all find new outlets for their talents, but there are setbacks for Growler and Sammy; and someone Annabelle has recently sentenced now wants something more from her…

The dates:

It is Easter Sunday in episode 672, Spring in episode 673, Wednesday in episodes 677 and 704, Monday in episodes 692 and 703, and Sunday / June / Father’s Day in episode 696. The car crash seen in episode 675 was on Saturday (676), and the auction seen in episode 679 takes place on Wednesday (678) / 19th April 1989, starting at 2.00pm (679). In episode 672, Mona recalls meeting Brian Lawrence on Christmas Day – that meeting was seen in episode 643. In episode 682, the war ended 44 years ago. Based on references to Rod’s birthday in episode 688, it is Saturday in episode 689. In episode 691, Anthony’s wall-calendar shows May 1989. Episode 699 coincides with Wimbledon, which Alison is missing! The trip to Blackpool, seen in episode 689, was six weeks ago in episode 702. It is Summer, and Saturday 5th August, in episode 708, as Sheila is seen setting off on the holiday to Ireland she says is meant to start on that date in episode 704, and Terry and Sue are married, having set the wedding for that date in episode 686.


Verdi (671); “The Flame Trees Of Thika” (674); Caesar Augustus (675); Solomon (675); [Mike] Tyson (676); Clare Rayner (680); Mountbatten (682); Napoleon (683); Marie Antoinette (683); Tony Hately, Mark Hately, footballers (684); John Aldrich and Kenny Dalglish, footballers (686); “Carly Milogue”, as Billy calls her (686); Maradonna (687); Vincent Price (687); Dangermouse (687); Arnold Schwartzenegger (688); Asa Hartford and Gary Mabbutt, afflicted footballers (688); Alan Hansen, footballer (689); Jimmy Hill (689); Hitler (689); Mussolini (689); Hirohito (689); Nikki Lauda (694); Ayrton Senna (694); Dustin Hoffman (694); Mills & Boon (694); [Frank] Bruno (695); Lord Denning (700); Brahms (700); Denis [Thatcher] (701); “Mastermind” (704); and the Queen (707).


All of the action is set in Liverpool, except that in episode 689 there are several of scenes of Rod, Tommo, Kirsty and Emma in Blackpool, and of their coach journeys there and back with other PCs and WPCs; in episode 692 there are several scenes of Tracy and Anthony indoors at a hairdressing competition in Wembley, London (not necessarily recorded in London); and episode 699 features one scene outside, and several inside, the Manchester flat to which Cheryl has moved and at which Jonathan has tracked her down (again, not necessarily recorded in Manchester).


None. Sue’s baby is due on 3rd September (671). It is Annabelle’s birthday soon (678, 680), and she celebrates it in episode 688. It is Rod’s 21st birthday on Saturday (688), and he celebrates it somewhat misguidedly in episode 689. Jessica Choi’s birthday is next week in episode 697, and is celebrated in episode 698. It is Doreen’s birthday in episode 706, when she claims that she was 41 before realising running away wasn’t the answer. Harry is 70 in episode 697, it is his birthday in episode 707, and in episode 708 he is 71 and 3 days – which would mean that he was born on 2nd August 1918. Annabelle says that she gave birth in 1964, but doesn’t specify which child it was (703). It is also mentioned that Bobby was 52 yesterday (673); Kevin is 37 (677); Tim is six months old (696); and Hattie was 8 (697) in March (698).


Two. Two weeks away in episode 672, the wedding of Gerald Mainwaring Fallon and Mona Winifred Harvey takes place in episode 677; and, booked for 8 am on 5th August, a bank holiday, in episode 686, which is nine weeks away in episode 690, the wedding of Terry Sullivan and Sue Harper takes place in episode 708, a Saturday (707). We are also told that Edna and Harry were married for 45 years (697), Margaret and Tony have been married for 20 years (704), and it is two years since Jonathan and Laura’s wedding (707). It is Billy’s 22nd wedding anniversary in episode 677, and in episode 708 Mick says his wedding was “one too many”. In episode 703, the wedding of Rod and Kirsty was meant to have taken place “last Saturday” – and might well have done, but for some unfortunate occurrences beforehand! .


Four. In episode 675, two car drivers die following a road accident attended by Rod – although one of them, Victor, has time for a very long conversation with Rod first. Mrs Edwards’ husband, Arthur, has died in his bed, holding his cocoa and the Echo, in episode 677; and the woman who suffers a heart attack in the supermarket car park in episode 693 cannot be saved even though a doctor (Michael) and a horrible car rug (Alison’s) are both nearby – she dies in intensive care. The following unseen and never-seen characters who are no longer alive are also mentioned: Mona’s late husband, Gordon’s grandfather, Jack (672, 677); Kath’s mum, who died at the age of 56 (673); Lee Burgess’s father (673); Sheila’s mother and father (673); Karen Davies’s dad, who died 18 months ago (681); Michael’s wife Mei Lin (685, 686, 693, 696, 699), who died 6 months ago (683) / 8 months ago (698), in November (685); Caroline and Michael’s mother (685); old Mrs Chen’s husband, who died last year (687); and Keith’s lover Alistair’s father (702). According to her gravestone, Edna died on 3rd September 1985 (707).

Toilet visits:

Jonathan (670); Nisha (684); Chrissy (685); Sue (690 and 699); Tracy (692); Sammy (695); Sheila (708) and an unnamed female wedding guest (708). It’s worth noting also that Sinbad is seen stepping in dog muck, becoming the first character to do so (maybe in ANY soap!) in episode 695.

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Len/Lenny, Frank’s mate (684, 685); Dr Holmes, Michael’s partner at the practice (689); Terry’s late mother, who used to say it was lucky for a bird to plop on you (690); and Judith, who works for Keith (706).

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

[Peter] Hume (670); Gerrard Holt (670, 674, 675, 691); Martin (670, 686, 695); Bobby (672, 673, 678, 684, 688, 691, 703, 705, 708); Teddy (672, 677, 680, 681); Mo (672); Teresa (672, 676); Lucy (672, 677, 701, 705); Brian Lawrence (672, 673, 678, 679, 680, 685); Karen (674); Laura (674, 681, 690, 693, 694, 698, 699, 700, 707); Damon (676, 684, 691, 697, 703); George Williams (676); Christopher (680, 702, 704, 705); Sonia (680); Lou (683); Tom Osbourne (685); The Magic Rabbits (687); Katie and Sammy’s grandad (696); Edna (696, 698, 700, 701, 702, 707, 708); Simon [McGrath] (697); Jamie (702, 706); Tony [Jefferson] (704); Linda (706); and Eileen (707).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Danny, Ray’s brother-in-law, and his wife Maureen, Ray’s sister (670); Terry’s Auntie Mary and their Steve (671); Mrs Green, in Mona’s home, and her daughter (672); Kathy’s sister Jen (672, 673, 675) and nine other siblings (673); Benson, a re-offending thief (673); Mr Pearson, involved in his case (673); Lynette’s mum (673); Sister Patricia from Kathy’s convent (673); Andrea, Sean’s ex-girlfriend (673); Dave, Kathy’s ex-husband (673); Brian Lawrence’s wife (673); Imogen’s father (674); Janice, a mate of Kirsty, and her brother, who designed Kirsty’s invites (676); Tina Carroll, hairdresser (676); Philip, Claire’s friend (678); Old Appleton, teacher of French (678); Miss Murray, teacher of another subject (678); Derek’s four grown-up children and nine grandchildren (679); Tommy H, who is covering for Frank (679); Botterill, Growler’s primary teacher (680); Mary Fletcher, who has a brace (680); Mr Moss, Karen’s manager (681); Brian, who got Frank a bike (684); Frankie Morgan, his mum, dad and family, known by Pete (684); Gazza Campbell, Janet Morrison and the dreaded Gail, mates of Pete and Owen (684); “Poxy Lisa”, not Pete’s sister (684); Caroline’s uncle, who exports jewellery (686, 693), and his former employee, John Chung (693, 696); Old Mrs Chen, a patient of Michael (687, 689); Mr Webb, who rings regarding the Tranmere trials (688); Sandra, a WPC who isn’t on the coach (689); Mr Bryant, Melanie’s teacher (690); Judith and Tina, models (691); Kirsty’s Auntie Pat and Uncle Joe (691); old Annie in the staff dining room (691); Rod’s Auntie Kathleen (691); Sally, hairdresser (691); Mrs Wallace, salon customer (691); Coral’s dad and mum (692); Jill, salon employee (692); Jimmy Clare, psycho footballer (692); Mr Hall, estate agent (693); Roger, a client of Jonathan (693); Hobbs, science teacher (694); Sinbad’s auntie Mary (695, 696); Michael’s grandmother, who lives in Hong Kong (695); Alison’s brother (697); Rob, Hattie’s father (697); Margaret, Alison’s child-minder (697); Ali/Alistair, who is ten years older than Keith, his lover for nearly 8 years (702); Peter, another man Doreen has been seeing (704, 708); and the Dubois (704).


Paul uses his own unique pronunciation of “Sonia” – to rhyme with “begonia” – again in episode 680.

Nisha misses out the word “ago” in episode 683: “Seeing as the French Revolution happened almost 200 years to the day”.

When Caroline says “The headline’s at seven” in episode 689, she probably means “deadline”.

Cheryl misses out the letter “G” while listing the other letters of the alphabet as far as “J” in episode 692.

Sinbad refers in episode 699 to a “mutant teenage”, rather than a “teenage mutant”, ninja turtle.

Perhaps Tommo has been renamed by episode 705, in which Sergeant Appleby is the second character who refers to him as Thomson instead of Tomlinson.

In episode 707, Edna’s gravestone has different wording from that seen on several previous occasions, no longer stating her date of birth.


The Chois move to the Close using Pickford’s (682). Michael’s Chinese name is Choi Wing Foo (699). His medical practice is in Lennox Avenue (682), His father has used the name “Stephen” for 30 years (699). Sinbad claims, conveniently rather than accurately, that his mother’s name was Caroline (694). Tracy, who is right-handed (702), now works for High Style, Liverpool (692). Sheila shops at Asda (671). Sean is Kathy’s eldest son (671). She is one of eleven children (673). Josh, the policeman Emma speaks to on the radio, is at least 50 (688).

Paul, whose telephone number is 259 9921 (707), was a Captain in the army (689). Maurice was a Corporal in the Lancashire Fusiliers (686), and Tommy was an Able Seaman on the HMS Ajax (687, 688). Teddy misses his mother’s wedding because he is in Dubai for a month (672). Gerald was jilted once, in 1932 (677). Gordon’s grandfather once had a little fling, according to Mona (672). Annabelle, who shops at John Lewis’ (701), sentences Lee Burgess to four months for the violent incident that occurred after he left the “King’s Head” pub (673). Her dressmaker, Dorothy is left-handed; Gordon is right-handed, and his new boss Keith is left-handed (702). Louise lives at Chadwick House (706).

Jonathan’s clients include the “Pritchard thing” (670) and the Phillipson account, offered to Jonathan and Sarah by Simon (670) – probably because he knows, as they later discover (674), that Phillipson is being taken over by Villiers, who have their own legal team. Derek Reece has worked for the company that are now dismissing him for 19 years (678) / 20 years in August (679). Peter McMahon has 200 employees, and a moral MD holding 6% of the shares (678). Coral’s previous employers are Mallam & Reid (692). The address Cheryl moves to is Flat A, 15 Barton Road, Manchester (697).

Harry is right-handed (702). Growler’s IQ is 115 (684). When he has set off for “Mike’s Bikes” near the “Robin Hood” with his new bike, Frank hurriedly checks with his supplier, Brian, that that isn’t where it came from! (684). Terry is advised to consider working for Dawson’s Limos (670, 671) – and later does (677). The artists featured on the records Sheila gives to Chrissy for her white elephant sale include the Lollipops, Duke Ellington, Russ Conway and Tony Bennett (691).

The auctioneers in episode 679, selling the house formerly owned by the Grants for £43,000, are Edward Jackson, Church Street, Ormskirk. They are working on behalf of Assurance Trust, 46-48 Kennedy Road, Liverpool, telephone 259 9180, on whose “For Sale” sign the date and time of the auction have been added. The previous buyer [Tom Osbourne] has gone bankrupt (676).

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moment:

One of the funniest moments in twenty-one years of “Brookside” occurs in episode 688, in which Jimmy and Sinbad are delivering a new mattress for Billy. When Sinbad points out, with little time to spare, that they are approaching a red light, Jimmy brakes suddenly, and Sinbad accidentally lets go of the string which is holding the mattress on the roof. It flies off onto the other side of the road, where it is immediately driven over by a lorry coming the other way.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Doreen realises that, despite all her efforts to persuade him otherwise, Billy has decided to join Sheila on her holiday to Ireland. She begins to put away in the wardrobe some of the clothes he has left on the bed, no doubt considering what to do next…