Season Eighteen Episode Guide

Episode 709 (M 07-08-89 “Lumbered”) Written by Andy Lynch

Doreen changes all the locks. Another visitor arrives at the Collins’, but Paul finds the solution in a book of raffle tickets.

Episode 710 (W 09-08-89 “She Has To Go”) Written by Andy Lynch

Harry is not well, and an unexpected arrival doesn’t improve his mood.

Episode 711 (M 14-08-89 “Pizzas”) Written by Barry Woodward

Louise stumbles across some of Annabelle’s private things. Tracy disagrees with Julia about what Doreen should do. Harry is irritated by the amount of time Lana is spending on his telephone.

Episode 712 (W 16-08-89 “All Fixed”) Written by Barry Woodward

Louise promises not to tell anybody else about the contents of Annabelle’s letters, but can she keep a secret? Michael takes Alison for a meal at his father’s restaurant.

Episode 713 (M 21-08-89 “Hospitality”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Alison meets a rival, and gives Michael an ultimatum. The continued presence of Lana causes arguments between Harry and Ralph.

Episode 714 (W 23-08-89 “Expectation”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Louise has some disturbing facts to reveal. Caroline tells Alison that Michael’s family won’t let her take their only grandchild away from them.

Episode 715 (M 28-08-89 “British Culture”) Written by Allan Swift

Annabelle cannot convince Louise to name the guilty party. Just back from the Emerald Isle, Sheila is not so green about Bobby once Doreen has had her say.

Episode 716 (W 30-08-89 “Never Easy”) Written by Allan Swift

Sue wants to make sure that she will be able to hear her new baby puke from anywhere in the house. Harry acquires a new lodger, and assures him that it’s the colour of his money that he is interested in. Doreen admits defeat and leaves again.

Episode 717 (M 04-09-89 “Mutual Support”) Written by Susan Pleat

Stephen quizzes Caroline about how Michael got on with Amy. Chrissy wants Frank to call a proper builder rather than let Lenny attempt to put right the damage he caused. Sheila tries to convince Billy that he shouldn’t dwell on the past.

Episode 718 (W 06-09-89 “Mummy Doll”) Written by Susan Pleat

When Louise gives her a clue, Annabelle arrives at a dreadful realisation. Katie tries her hand at bereavement therapy, but isn’t very successful. Sue gives birth to a baby boy.

Episode 719 (M 11-09-89 “We All Need Help”) Written by Kay Mellor

Louise wants to speak about what her brother has done, but is frightened of the consequences. Chrissy has some ingenious ideas about where she can find some money. Harry reacts strangely when Mick plans to leave.

Episode 720 (W 13-09-89 “L-Plates”) Written by Kay Mellor

Annabelle stands firm when Louise’s father comes to take her away. It’s Rod’s first day at CID, and he is given a rough ride. So is Mick when he agrees to give Harry a driving lesson, and so is Jonathan when he buys Cheryl a car with child safety harnesses in the back seat.

Episode 721 (M 18-09-89 “Smartening”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Jessica brings Alison and Michael together. When Ralph returns from his holiday, he finds a hearse parked outside the bungalow, and fears the worst. Gary and Louise have a chance to talk through their problems.

Episode 722 (W 20-09-89 “A Good Catch”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Mick has a sleepless night thanks to Ralph’s weak bladder. Mrs Mackay seeks Annabelle’s help with Louise, but Annabelle is cautious. Hattie discovers that Alison is sleeping with Michael. Rod has his first success in CID, and Harry has a few words with Lana.

Episode 723 (M 25-09-89 “Trust”) Written by Catherine Hayes

Jessica walks in on Michael and Alison. There is trouble for Paul when he finds Louise is still at the house, and for Sammy when Owen sees her holiday photos.

Episode 724 (W 27-09-89 “Harpooned”) Written by Catherine Hayes

Rod finds his CID work rather dull, Frank receives the bill for the clearance of his dry rot, and Ralph proposes to Lana.

Episode 725 (M 02-10-89 “Staples”) Written by Chris Curry

Rod and Tommo discover that it’s not a good idea to talk about the woman they have shared while on a stake-out. Paul is annoyed to find that Louise has used all his staples, and takes drastic action.

Episode 726 (W 04-10-89 “Loyalties”) Written by Chris Curry

Stephen is convinced that Michael should be looking for a Chinese wife instead of going out with Alison. Rod and Kirsty consider whether they can really be “just good friends”.

Episode 727 (M 09-10-89 “Too Fast”) Written by Barry Woodward

Lana plans a honeymoon in the West Indies, but Ralph is terrified of flying. Michael reveals that he may be able to move to the USA with Alison. Sammy and Owen plan a trip to Wigan, but their journey has tragic consequences.

Episode 728 (W 11-10-89 “Killed?”) Written by Barry Woodward

Sammy and Owen are in a critical condition after the car crash, and the bad news has to be broken to Frank and Chrissy. Harry overhears something he wishes he hadn’t. Paul discovers that Louise has run away to Kendal.

Episode 729 (M 16-10-89 “Kids In Love”) Written by Andy Lynch

Lana and Ralph prepare to leave, but there’s a huge rift which looks as if it will not be healed. Sammy waits by Owen’s bedside, but there appears to be no hope.

Episode 730 (W 18-10-89 “Curry”) Written by Andy Lynch

The police interview Sammy again when there is a discrepancy in the joyriders’ statements. Rod is finding it hard to be “just friends” with Kirsty. Michael makes a decision. Paul talks to Louise about curry, and Harry needs Mick’s help when he has a puncture.

Episode 731 (M 23-10-89 “Mars Bar”) Written by Allan Swift

Sammy is blaming herself for what happened to Owen, but things take a turn for the better. Caroline returns from Hong Kong, and is not pleased with what she finds at home.

Episode 732 (W 25-10-89 “Bad Taste”) Written by Allan Swift

Frank suspects that he is being set up by management. Rod gatecrashes Kirsty’s first date with Tommo.

Episode 733 (M 30-10-89 “Give Me A Chance”) Written by Kathleen Potter

When Louise’s father calls, she runs and hides, and Paul makes a decision. Rod’s obsession with Kirsty continues. Sue tells Cheryl she wants to have another baby.

Episode 734 (W 01-11-89 “Natural Wastage”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Frank’s suspicions that he is being set up by management prove to be correct. Paul discusses the possibility of fostering Louise with Mrs Mackay.

Episode 735 (M 06-11-89 “Sorry”) Written by Chris Curry

Cheryl confronts Jonathan, Caroline unblocks a sink, and there is an unexpected arrival at the Corkhills’. Feeling guilty over Owen, Sammy turns to drink. Paul discovers that Louise has stolen a wallet to give him as a birthday present, and arranges for her to have a severe talking to by the manager of the shop…after which she runs away again.

Episode 736 (W 08-11-89 “Coppers”) Written by Chris Curry

Sheila receives a letter from the girl she met at the deaf school, but Billy receives a letter from Doreen’s solicitor which adds to his financial worries. After her latest theft, Paul begins to have second thoughts about fostering Louise. Michael finds an alternative supplier of raw materials for Caroline’s work.

Episode 737 (M 13-11-89 “Pitch And Toss”) Written by Peter Cox

Lenny encourages Frank to join a group of workers tendering for the maintenance contract. Paul is even more uncertain about Louise. Chrissy notices that Katie is stealing money, and is keen to find out why.

Episode 738 (W 15-11-89 “Rough”) Written by Peter Cox

Chrissy is worried that Frank may become too involved with Lenny’s tender. Sheila has a job interview at the school for the deaf. Gordon confirms Judith’s suspicions about the quality of a new wine.

Episode 739 (M 20-11-89 “Smart Earrings”) Written by Catherine Hayes

There is friction in the Rogers home, as Sammy doesn’t want to go to see Owen. Gary tries to turn Louise against Annabelle. Gordon investigates the bottling plant.

Episode 740 (W 22-11-89 “Panicking”) Written by Catherine Hayes

Paul decides to go to the Lake District for a few days. Sheila wants to get a part-time job at the pub, but Billy isn’t keen. Judith is scared she will lose her job, and Katie is seen giving in to temptation…

Episode 741 (M 27-11-89 “Your Money Or Your Door”) Written by Susan Pleat

Jimmy adopts a few strong-arm tactics to prove that Billy is being too soft on Mr Trevor. Michael doesn’t like the idea of freebies for favours. Paul tells Louise that Annabelle is going to stay with Lucy in France, which only makes her feel worse. Katie feels that everyone is against her.

Episode 742 (W 29-11-89 “It’s Your Fault”) Written by Susan Pleat

Billy finds that all the doors of his car have been removed. Growler and Bumper take matters into their own hands to try to help Katie, and blame Sammy when things go wrong. Caroline has an unexpected visitor bringing lights and a boomerang.

Episode 743 (M 04-12-89 “Drunk”) Written by Barry Woodward

Annabelle reassures Louise that she and Paul still want to foster her, and that she won’t forget her while visiting Lucy in France. Gordon’s idea lands him in police custody. Sammy finally goes to see Owen, but only after getting herself drunk.

Episode 744 (W 06-12-89 “Lone Ranger”) Written by Barry Woodward

Gordon is questioned at the police station, and has to think fast to explain his presence at the bottling plant. Chrissy confronts Katie about the money she has been taking. Billy is annoyed when Jimmy’s visit to the wool shop causes more retaliation involving the windows of number 10, but is talked into taking further action against the Trevors.

Episode 745 (M 11-12-89 “Proposal”) Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Jonathan proposes to Cheryl, but what will her answer be? James wants to take Caroline for breakfast in Amsterdam – but what are his true intentions? Judith makes a discovery about Gordon, and the wool shop war escalates further, as a bulldozer arrives on the Close…

Episode 746 (W 13-12-89 “The Right To Know”) Written by Frank Cotterell-Boyce

As one vendetta comes to an end, it looks as if another war may be about to begin. Michael has more conflicts at work, and doesn’t show very good judgement when selecting a babysitter for Jessica.

Episode 747 (M 18-12-89 “Eyes”) Written by Allan Swift

After her run-in with Alison, Sammy hits back. Coral attempts some Christmas matchmaking. Growler forces Katie to tell Mr Jenkins that she is being bullied, and Bagga is suspended.

Episode 748 (W 20-12-89 “Nothing But Trouble”) Written by Allan Swift

Alison is annoyed with Sammy, and Barry is furious when he finds out what has happened to his money. After angling for an invite all around the Close, will Harry get his Christmas cheer?

Episode 749 (M 25-12-89 “Tree”) Written by Peter Cox

It is Christmas Day on the Close, and Terry and Sue end up with more dinner guests than they are expecting. Tracy invites Barry to a party, and Jimmy and Sinbad’s present for Billy results in a cold, dark Christmas for Katie.

Episode 750 (W 27-12-89 “Badly in The Wrong”) Written by Peter Cox

Michael tries to explain to his father the contradictions involved in being a Scouse Chinese. Harry finds out the truth about Billy’s Christmas present. Jimmy and Sinbad become lumberjacks.

Episode 751 (F 29-12-89 “No”) Written by Peter Cox

When Michael and Stephen are reconciled, Alison feels isolated. Katie tells her mother about the bullying. The Christmas tree has to be returned.

The Cast

Caroline Choi – SARAH LAM (713, 714, 717, 731, 735-737, 739, 742, 745, 748, 750, 751)
Michael Choi (Choi Wing Foo) – DAVID YIP (710, 712, 713, 715, 718, 721-723, 725-727, 729-731, 733-737, 739, 741, 742, 745, 746, 748-751)
Jessica Choi (Tam Hing) – ANNA SUNG (710, 713, 718, 721, 723, 726, 729, 741, 742, 746, 750, 751)
Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (709-712, 714-723, 725, 743)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (709-711, 723, 725, 727, 728, 730, 731, 733-737, 739-741)
Gordon Collins – MARK BURGESS (727, 728, 730, 731, 736, 738-741, 743-745)
Billy Corkhill – JOHN McARDLE (715, 717, 736, 740-742, 744-746, 748-751)
Doreen Corkhill – KATE FITZGERALD (709, 711, 714-716)
Rod Corkhill – JASON HOPE (709, 712, 714-716, 720-722, 724-726, 728, 730, 732, 733, 735)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (709, 711, 714-716, 728, 732, 733, 739, 748-751)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (710, 711, 713, 714, 716, 719-724, 726-730, 747, 748, 750, 751)
Jonathan Gordon-Davies – STEVEN PINNER (719, 720, 729, 732, 734, 735, 743, 745-747, 749)
Cheryl Boyanowsky – JENNIFER CALVERT (719, 720, 729, 732-735, 743, 745)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (715-717, 736, 738, 740-742, 744-746, 748-751)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (709, 712, 715-719, 746, 748-751)
Claire Grant – AMY LYNCH (715, 716, 741, 745, 749)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (709-711, 713, 714, 721-724, 727-729)
Mick Johnson – LOUIS EMERICK (710-713, 716, 719-724, 730)
Chrissy Rogers (nee Morgan) – EITHNE BROWNE (717-719, 724, 728-732, 735, 736, 739, 740, 743, 744, 747, 749, 751)
Frank Rogers – PETER CHRISTIAN (717-719, 724, 728, 731, 732, 734-740, 749, 750)
Geoff “Growler” Rogers – KEVIN CARSON (738-742, 744, 747, 750)
Katie Rogers – DIANE BURKE (718, 727, 731, 735, 737-742, 744, 747, 749, 751)
Sammy Rogers – RACHAEL LINDSAY (723-726, 728-732, 734-736, 739, 740, 742, 743, 746-748)
Sue Sullivan (nee Harper) – ANNIE MILES (710, 712, 714, 716-719, 733, 734, 743, 745, 749, 751)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (709-714, 716-719, 734, 743, 745, 746, 748, 749, 751)
Daniel Sullivan – SAM EVANS (718, 719, 732-734, 745 OOV, 746, 749, 751 OOV)

Nisha Batra – SUNETRA SARKER (724, 727, 734, 736)
Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) – GLADYS AMBROSE (711, 714)
Kirsty Brown – JOANNA BLACK (726, 730, 732, 733, 735)
Stephen Choi – KWONG CHEE LEONG (712, 713, 715, 717, 726, 729, 733, 750, 751)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (741, 742, 744, 747-751)
Owen Daniels – DANNY McCALL (723-725, 727, 729, 731, 732, 743)
Alison Gregory – ALYSON SPIRO (710, 712-714, 721-723, 725-727, 730, 731, 734, 735, 746-748, 750, 751)
Hattie Gregory – KATE BALL (710, 713, 721, 722, 726)
Jane Harper – ANN BEACH (749)
Jeff Howard – BILL MONKS (731)
Brian “Bumper” Humphreys – JAMES MAWDSLEY (742, 744)
Mr Jenkins – STEVE MORLEY (747)
Clive Marsland – KENNETH HADLEY (731, 734)
Simon McGrath (744)
Louise Mitchell – JENNY HESKETH (709-712, 714-721, 723, 725, 727, 730, 731, 733-737, 739-741, 743)
Monty, dog (710, 713, 722, 728-730, 747, 748, 750, 751)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (716)
Sharon “Coral” Stevens – SHARON BYATT (747)
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (749)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (749-751)
Michael “Tommo” Tomlinson – JOHN O’GORMAN (725, 726, 732)
Sarah Townes – JULIANNE WHITE (747)
Ronnie (Veronica Williams) – CLAIRE ROBINSON (726, 727, 729)

WPC Keene – DIANE WHITLEY (730) [ Janice Tuomey (49, 50, 53, 54, 66, 82, 84, 88 ) ]
PC Kendal – JEFFREY LONGMORE (727, 728) [ Rick Sexton (201, 222, 228, 232, 233, 236, 237, 240, 242) ]
Mr Miller – BRIAN SOUTHWOOD (739) [ Bill Hargreaves (7, 73) ]
Nora – VAL ELLIOT (745) [ Mrs Christine Plunkett (354) ]

Judith Benison – CAROL ANN CRAWFORD (738-740, 743-745)
Lana Costello – DIANA RICARDO (709, 710, 713, 714, 721-724, 727-729)
Anthony Hampson (Tony) – ALEX MOUSLEY (724, 727)
Dr John Holmes – SAM DASTOR (741, 746)
Francis Kavanagh (Kav) – NICK LAMONT (724, 727)
Hazel Kershaw – JANE LANCASTER (720, 721)
Mrs Barbara Mackay – BARBARA PEIRSON (715, 719, 722, 734, 737)
James Markham – TOM MANNION (742, 745, 750, 751)
Gary Mitchell – GAVIN STANLEY (721, 731, 737, 739)
PC Kevin Philips – RUSSELL BOULTER (720-722, 724)
Lenny Roberts – STEPHEN McKENNA (718, 731, 734, 736-738, 740)
Mrs Ena Smart – FINOLA KEOGH (721)
Carl Trevor – MARK MORAGHAN (742, 746)
Rob Trevor – SEAMUS O’NEIL (742, 746)
Amy Ying – CHOY-LING MAN (713, 715)

“Bagga” Bagley – TINA FAIRCLOUGH (739, 742, 747)
Mrs Caston – MAGGIE McCARTHY (738 )
Detective Sergeant Finch – PHILIP ROWLANDS (744)
Mr Mitchell – PHIL HEARNE (717, 720, 733)
Inspector Newall – JOHN GRAHAM DAVIES (720)
Manager – ROBIN POLLEY (735)
Midwife – ANNI DOMINGO (718)
Staff Nurse – SHARON AKERBOOM (743)
Tanker Driver – COLIN MEREDITH (743)
Traffic Policeman – SAM WEBSTER (728 )
Mr Trevor – FRED BRYANT (741, 742, 744)
Girl Walking Past – ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (747)
Mrs Smart’s goldfish (721)

Bob, policeman (727)
Mrs Holt (725)
Margaret, Michael’s secretary (741)
Mikey (750, 751)
Steven, baby (741)
PC Wally Woods (728)

The Magic Rabbits are seen again, this time watched by Katie, in episode 749 – which ends, like previous Christmas episodes, with an alphabetical listing of the whole year’s team instead of the normal cast list.

Part one of episode 750 ends with a giant Christmas tree falling over outside number 10 and blocking the road. As the tree falls, the picture cuts to a long shot of the Close, with three houses and four cars in the background, over which the “End of Part One” caption appears, accompanied by the normal music.


The storylines:

While Tranmere Rovers are keen to recruit Growler, things go much less well for his sisters, as Katie is being bullied at school, and Sammy turns to drink after a joyride results in some deaths and Owen needing a wheelchair. Elsewhere, Paul and Annabelle consider fostering abused child Louise, Sue gives birth to Danny, and Gordon and Rod’s new jobs doesn’t always go quite as smoothly as they might have hoped. While Caroline is wooed by James, Michael also has conflicts at work, and with his father over his choice of girlfriend, with whom he considers moving to America. Harry finds a new lodger, Mick, as Ralph does move to America with his new fiancee Lana. Cheryl walks out on Jonathan, and Doreen also disappears forever, leaving Billy with Sheila. Not too pleased about this, Tracy also decides to leave, with Barry…….but maybe she will be back?

The dates:

There are very few clear indications in this season: it is nearly the start of autumn in episode 718; it is Wednesday in episode 740; it is December, and Christmas in a fortnight or so, in episode 743; it is Christmas Day in episode 749; and it is Boxing Day in episode 750. The date on a cheque recently written by Jonathan in episode 719 is 10th September 1989.


Lucrecia Borgia (710); Hitler (710); “Worzel Gummidge” (713); Mickey Mouse (714); Elvis Presley (714); Sherlock Holmes (715); Joni Mitchell (720); Casanova (723); Tom Jones (724); John Travolta (724); “Captain Birdseye” (724), Shirley Temple (724);”Crimewatch” (725); “Romeo and Juliet” (726); “Neighbours” (726); Abraham and Mrs Lincoln (726); Wild Bill Hickock (730); John Wayne (730); Erasure (733); Kenny Dalglish (734); “Blue Peter” (737); Les Dawson (738); “The Man From Atlantis” (738); Stanley Matthews and Billy Liddle, footballers (740); “Batman” (741); “Rambo” (742); Oscar Wilde (745); “One Man And His Dog” (747); Picasso (748); Dick Turpin (748); the Queen (749, 750); and “King Kong” (751).


All of the action is set in or near Liverpool, except that the joyriders are seen on various roads, mainly near Rainford (and, ultimately, in a field) on the way to Wigan in episode 727; and there are scenes at, and in, a bottling plant in Chester in episode 739, which Gordon is seen revisiting under cover of darkness in episode 744.


One – Daniel John Sullivan is born in episode 718, and he is 2 months old in episode 733. Louise was 14 on 21st July, a couple of weeks ago (710); she was born in 1975 (715); and is still 14 in episode 711. We are also told that Terry is nearly 30 (710); Hattie is 8 going on 80 (713); Simon is 12 months old (713); Caroline was 17 five years ago (713); Gary is 16 (715); Jonathan is nearly 30 (720); Sheila is 49 (740). Mick’s son is 5 and his daughter is 2 (711); Sammy, Ronnie and Nisha are all 16 (728); Owen is 18 (728); Kav is/was 19 (728); Tony is/was 18 (728); Paul’s birthday is this week (733); Claire is 5 (738), then 4 (741, 746); Jessica is 6 (742, 750); Cheryl will be 30 in four or five years (743); and Barry is 11 years older than Tracy (751).


None. Sheila implies that she and Bobby were married for 30 years (746), and Mick says he broke up with his wife just before Christmas (711); but there are no other indications of when, or for how long, anyone else might have been married.


Three – Rod accidentally turns Mrs Smart’s goldfish into an ex-goldfish by putting it in hot water in episode 721; and we learn in episode 728 that when the car in which they were joyriding crashed, both Tony (Anthony Hampson, 18 ) and Kav (Francis Kavanagh, 19) were killed. The following unseen characters who are no longer alive are also mentioned: Lana’s husband Carter (710, 723, 727), who died in Scotland eighteen months ago (709); Mei Lin, Michael’s wife (713, 714, 721, 722, 733, 737); Stephen’s wife, who died 5 years ago (713); Frank’s father, who died when he was 8, and his mother (718 ); Big Bill Higgins, a fireman who was as strong as an ox and died six months after taking early retirement and emigrating to Australia (727); Paul’s father (737); and Mr Trevor’s wife Megan, who died nine months ago (741).

Toilet visits:

Alison (712); Barry (713); Mick (713); Katie (718); Kirsty (732); Lenny (738); Mr Trevor (741); Chrissy (747); and Sinbad (750).

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Mick’s two kids (710, 711, 716) and ex-wife (711); Terry’s mum, who died when he was young (711); and Owen’s mum and dad (740).

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Mona (709, 710, 713, 714, 721, 722, 723, 728, 729, 741); Gerald Fallon (709, 710, 713, 714, 721, 723, 727, 728, 729, 741); Kevin (709, 716, 747, 748); Lucy (710, 711, 712, 714, 715, 728, 740, 741, 743); Tim (710, 721); Edna (711, 719, 720, 729); Grace (711, 729); Ray (711, 712), who has had a heart attack (711); Brian Lawrence (711, 723, 728 ); Debbie (713, 745, 746, 748 ); Jamie (714, 750); Damon (715, 717); Teresa (716); Karen (717); Bobby (717, 740, 746); [Tom] Osbourne (719); Madge (722, 727, 728); Mrs Batra, Nisha’s mum (724, 742); Dave Lacey (732); Laura (732, 745); Pete (734); Chris (741, 745); Nisha’s dad (736, 742); Anthony (739); Eileen (743, 749); Geoff and Katie’s Grandad (741, 744, 749); Martin (746); Arthur (747); Betty (747); and Sally (747, 748 ).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Rob, Hattie’s father (710, 712, 721, 725, 734); Roger, a possible stand-in for Michael (712); Dr Bryant, a colleague of Michael (712); Lee Kwong, Stephen’s chef (712); Mr Ying, Amy’s father (712, 713); Jed, one of Lana’s sons, and his kids (713); Amy’s brother (713); Mei Lin’s parents (714); Peter, who Doreen has been seeing (714); Louise’s mum (715, 733); Maureen, Lenny’s wife, their three daughters, her brothers Michael and Mark, and her parents (718); Jessica’s grandpa and grandma in Hong Kong (718); Jonathan’s nephew (719); Mrs Williams, child minder (721); Lana’s boys (722); Mr Lippon, Rick’s boss (722); Luigi, in Sammy’s photos (723); Kav’s brother (724); Tony’s sister, who is Sammy’s age (724); Richard, a contact of Paul (725); Jimmy Holt, escaped prisoner (725); Sam Meade. who could blow Alison’s American job (725); Tommo’s mum (725); Chloe, an older friend of Hattie (726); Big Bill Higgins’s daughter and the Australian doctor she married (727); Kav’s cousin (727); Jim, a boss or mate of Frank (728); Detective Inspector Boyd, and his daughter-in-law Tina (728); Mrs Black at Chadwick House (728); Mrs Walton, who teaches Sammy General Studies (729); Lana’s friend Rocky, who owns a bar and has a small plane (729); Jackie Mac, a driver, and his wife who is nine months pregnant (731); Alison’s parents (734); Miss Francis, Louise’s teacher (735); Owen’s aunt and uncle (735); Caroline’s uncle (735, 736); Llewellyn, one of Jonathan’s new clients (735); Ellie, who got the low-paid job of care assistant at the deaf school (736); Mrs Chung, who Michael considers asking to look after Jessica, and her grandchildren (736); Marcel, wine-taster (738); Carmel, Katie’s friend (738); Alan, who used to be the treasurer of the sports club (738); Miss Donovan, teacher (739); Judith’s parents (740); Gerald’s son (741); Janet, Michael’s practice manager (741); Penny, a patient (741); Mr McCormack, who had a colostomy a year ago (741); Mrs Moss, Jessica’s teacher (741); Bumper’s 8-year-old sister (742); James’s father, who he worked for in Hong Kong (742); Mr Stevens, detective (744); Jacky Thompson, a contact of Billy (744); Mr Stevenson, patient (745); Rita Bailey, Terry and Barry’s strip-poker partner (746); Mary Fisher and Susanna Clayton in Katie’s class, and their form tutor Mrs Grey (747); Sally’s mother in Colchester (747); Denny, Jack’s mate (749); Mary, Mikey’s wife/woman (750); Mary Feeney, who was once bitten by Bagga (751).


Harry’s second and third words seem to be the wrong way round in episode 722: “I even haven’t got a bed to sleep in”.

Michael misses out the word “at” in episode 726: “It puts me a disadvantage”.

Barry adds an extra “n” to the sixth word in episode 750: “I don’t know what you never saw in him.”.


Caroline answers the phone with the last four digits “9443” (742). Michael, who is her only brother (737), trained for six years (748), and received a Mini from his father for his 21st birthday present (733). Jessica’s Chinese name is Tam Hing (713). Alison is right-handed (725). Dr John Holmes is Michael’s senior partner (739), and there are three others, including practice manager Janet (741). Amy is a qualified accountant (712), her father is one of the finest surgeons in Hong Kong (712), and her brother is.also a doctor (713).

Annabelle has never been to America (709). The bottling plant Gordon visits in Chester, which supplied bad wine to client “Jolyon’s” (740) is Croces & Sons (739). Judith has a flat in Sefton Park (740). Gary and Louise are seen playing monopoly (739). Louise, who is left-handed (727), has never been abroad (712). Her father is a hopeless gardener (712) and broke a leg five years ago (715); and her mum left eight years ago (715).

The course Sheila is doing is “The Age of Enlightenment” (738). The pub she is working at is “The Queen’s Arms” (742). Barry sucked his thumb until he was 10 (719). Nikki lives in Manor Green (715). Mrs Smart is Rod’s chief inspector’s mother-in-law (721). Rod catches a thief of McConnell Fresh Scottish Salmon from J.C & W Balfour Ltd (722). Mr Trevor’s shop is called “Woollybacks” (741, 742). Katie was born early, whereas Geoff only arrived after two false alarms (717). The firm “Timberwise”, telephone number 051 647 9097, deal with the dry rot (719). Mr Jenkins is right-handed (747).

Harry, who hears on a radio news broadcast that the Christmas tree was stolen from outside a factory in Prescot (750), has known Ralph, who is Church of England (729), since he was 14 (722). Lana, a Baptist (729), has lived in Las Vegas for 22 years, and was previously from Bakersfield, California (709). She has three bathrooms (723), and books all about the Lake District by Rogue Harries and Judith Parris (713). Mick split from his wife just before Christmas (711). He lives in Scarab Street (711), then finds a flat off Bickerstaff Road (719). His mother brought up his family, and he was present at the births of both his children (711).

Although Terry covers the name printed on Jonathan’s cheque with his thumb, all the other details of Jonathan’s account are momentarily visible – it is with the Liverpool, Aintree Branch of Barclays, at 499 Rice Lane, Liverpool L9 8AR, and is account number 20-50-62 50734268 (719). Cheryl, who is right-handed (743) goes with Jonathan to the UCI Westbrook 10, in Warrington, to see one of the ten films on offer there: “Batman”, “The Abyss”, “Sex, Lies And Video”, “Young Einstein”, “Dead Poets Society”, “K9”, “Cookie”, “Eric The Viking”, “Star Trek 5” or “Lethal Weapon 2” (729).

“Blink-and-you-miss it” moment:

Almost a year before making the first of more than a thousand appearances as Jacqui Dixon/Farnham, Alexandra Fletcher appears fleetingly in a non-speaking role as a pupil passing by in episode 747.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Billy tries to persuade Tracy not to leave with Barry, but she is determined to go, and, as soon as there is space for their car to pass the lorry taking the children and their Christmas tree back, they are away. After looking on in disappointment, Billy walks away – as does Harry, who realises that he still has all the jam butties he was going to give to the children.