Season Four Episode Guide

Episode 133 (T 07-02-84 “Worrying”) Written by Barry Woodward

When Damon is sent out of his domestic science class, he discovers an ingenious use for a piece of clingfilm. Kevin worries about how Harry will react to his secret.

Episode 134 (W 08-02-84 “Disgraceful”) Written by Barry Woodward

While waiting to see his head of year, Damon invites Pat to the Valentine’s Day disco. Harry confronts Edna about her betting.

Episode 135 (T 14-02-84 “Valentines”) Written by Barry Woodward

Everyone is waiting for Valentine cards, but who will receive them? Terry’s tricks rebound. Heather has an interview.

Episode 136 (W 15-02-84 “Going Without”) Written by Frank Clarke

Damon faces suspension, Matty wants to fiddle his electricity meter, and Annabelle bows out of the ratepayers’ association.

Episode 137 (T 21-02-84 “Market Forces”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Heather’s boss tries to convince her to change her mind about resigning. Barry thinks he has won a bet – but the arrival of a stranger from Ireland may change things.

Episode 138 (W 22-02-84 “All Or Nothing”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Bobby is more willing to help Matty with his problems than to help Sheila with hers. Terry pretends to be injured to avoid having to go jogging with Michelle.

Episode 139 (T 28-02-84 “Catalogue Stuff”) Written by John Godber

Marie is not convinced that the Jacksons now face a better future. Karen receives a letter from Mike.

Episode 140 (W 29-02-84 “Blind Drunk”) Written by John Godber

Damon plans to get drunk with Gizzmo to celebrate his 16th – or 4th – birthday. Heather has no shortage of willing helpers when her car won’t go.

Episode 141 (T 06-03-84 “Blabbermouths”) Written by Susan Pleat

Harry is not pleased to find that Edna has discussed his attitude to Kevin with Marie. Sheila spots a tiny flaw in Karen’s boycott plans.

Episode 142 (W 07-03-84 “Etiquette”) Written by Susan Pleat

Marie gets a shock when her long-lost father turns up. Heather gives Sheila some book-keeping advice. Harry and Edna try a spot of match-making.

Episode 143 (T 13-03-84 “King Rat”) Written by Andy Lynch

Ted tells Karen why he must refuse to support her campaign. Annabelle and Paul have a win on the premium bonds.

Episode 144 (W 14-03-84 “Tights”) Written by Andy Lynch

Robin asks Annabelle to be his election agent. Michelle finds that her tights have gone missing, but soon the Jacksons face a more difficult predicament.

Episode 145 (T 20-03-84 “Transport”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Even though Barry is without a car, he is determined to keep his promise to take Heather to the airport. Davey is shocked to discover the terms of Petra’s will.

Episode 146 (W 21-03-84 “Off”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Davey leaves, taking Michelle’s catalogue money with him. A “For Sale” sign outside Heather’s house causes speculation among her neighbours.

Episode 147 (T 27-03-84 “Dodging”) Written by Chris Curry

Edna goes with Jessica to choose a mother’s day present for Sally. Michelle insists that Barry takes Terry to hospital.

Episode 148 (W 28-03-84 “Mother’s Day”) Written by Chris Curry

There are surprises all round as Mother’s Day and April Fools’ Day coincide. Tommy McArdle turns up at the Grants’ with some advice for Barry.

Episode 149 (T 03-04-84 “Cynicism”) Written by Barry Woodward

Robin needs to deliver his election nomination papers, but the Jacksons’ dog is squatting on his car seat. Marie very nearly calls a truce.

Episode 150 (W 04-04-84 “Observer”) Written by Barry Woodward

Terry feels that Michelle is over-dressed for her first shift at the pub. There’s a shock in store for Matty.

Episode 151 (T 10-04-84 “Risks”) Written by Barry Woodward

Sheila feels guilty over what has happened to Matty. Paul receives an invitation to a reunion at PetroChem.

Episode 152 (W 11-04-84 “On Parade”) Written by Barry Woodward

Annabelle is embarrassed when she doesn’t realise that the potential buyers she has to show around Heather’s house are a gay couple.

Episode 153 (T 17-04-84 “Job Prospects”) Written by Andy Lynch

Both Bobby and Paul feel that they are in with a good chance of landing a new job, while Tommy McArdle is looking for a car from Barry and Terry.

Episode 154 (W 18-04-84 “Sound Runner”) Written by Andy Lynch

When Alan shows his new girlfriend Liz his bungalow, she tells him they will have to move. The Grants go to church on Easter Sunday, except for Barry. who is worried about the car Tommy McArdle has borrowed,

Episode 155 (T 24-04-84 “Take The Money”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Liz deliberately misleads Gordon about Alan’s intentions, causing bad feeling throughout the Close and some embarrassing late-night outbursts.

Episode 156 (W 25-04-84 “Stupid”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Annabelle is concerned when Paul hasn’t returned home. Alan receives a rude awakening and some unpleasant truths, and Barry is subjected to some tough questioning.

Episode 157 (T 01-05-84 “Underpants”) Written by John Godber

Marie finds something unfamiliar in George’s bed. Bobby suspects that Barry is up to something and tells him to leave.

Episode 158 (W 02-05-84 “Bad Vibrations”) Written by John Godber

When Annabelle discovers Paul and Dorothy together, she decides to go and stay with her mother. Bobby is elected District Secretary.

Episode 159 (T 08-05-84 “Bad Books”) Written by Susan Pleat

George wants Michelle and Marie to come to an agreement about the house. Harry wants his bed moved downstairs while he recuperates. Heather’s senior manager receives a letter about her from Roger.

Episode 160 (W 09-05-84 “Conditions”) Written by Susan Pleat

Alan’s day begins with the arrival of a parcel, but then he discovers its contents. Heather’s meeting with an old acquaintance ends unhappily. Barry and Terry carpet everyone they can.

Episode 161 (T 15-05-84 “Unstable”) Written by Chris Curry

Paul resigns from the youth training scheme and, in Annabelle’s absence, celebrates with Dorothy. Heather has another visitor from Ireland. Alan becomes more depressed.

Episode 162 (W 16-05-84 “Unpredictable”) Written by Chris Curry

Alan digs up his tree and destroys Harry’s fence. Heather insists that Rose explains why she has arrived in Liverpool.

Episode 163 (T 22-05-84 “Little Pleasures”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

When Harry decides to get up, he finds that Edna has gone on strike. Karen tries to find out why Sheila is so moody. Will arrives at Heather’s to take Rose home.

Episode 164 (W 23-05-84 “Puzzles”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Terry and Michelle go to look at cars…….or vans. Karen encourages Sheila to think about going on holiday. Alan locks his keys in the car, and falls asleep on Edna’s bed.

Episode 165 (T 29-05-84 “Delayed Strain”) Written by Barry Woodward

The neighbours rally round when Alan finds himself fighting for his life after Liz returns to the Close with a sinister friend who beats him up and wrecks the bungalow.

Episode 166 (W 30-05-84 “Encouragement”) Written by Barry Woodward

Annabelle returns home to find a suspicious son and an absent husband. Sheila decides to go on holiday, but a visit to the doctors confirms her worst fears. Alan discharges himself from hospital.

Episode 167 (T 05-06-84 “Fellow Travellers”) Written by Chris Curry

Bobby and Sheila relax on holiday in Spain, but Sheila is trying to pluck up the courage to tell Bobby that she’s pregnant.

Episode 168 (W 06-06-84 “Extending”) Written by Chris Curry

Sheila and Bobby ponder on how the rest of the family will take their news. Michelle buys a car, and encourages Terry to teach her to drive.

Episode 169 (T 12-06-84 “Symptoms”) Written by Andy Lynch

Tensions mount in the Collins household, and Annabelle follows Paul to the tailors’. When Michelle comes home, she discovers that she has moved house.

Episode 170 (W 13-06-84 “Respectability”) Written by Andy Lynch

Barry tries to break into Heather’s bedroom. Annabelle meets an old acquaintance. Marie wants to send the twins to private school.

Episode 171 (T 19-06-84 “Irresponsible”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Karen realises that her parents have something to tell her, but isn’t at all prepared for what it is.

Episode 172 (W 20-06-84 “Impatient”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

There are differences of opinion in the Grant household about Sheila’s pregnancy. Barry and Celia discuss their tool-hire venture.

Episode 173 (T 26-06-84 “Bidding”) Written by Barry Woodward

Heather asks Rose to prepare an inventory and show a potential buyer around. Annabelle goes to an auction with Sonia. Harry discovers that someone has placed Heather’s “For Sale” sign in front of his house.

Episode 174 (W 27-06-84 “Trump Card”) Written by Barry Woodward

Sheila tries to find out more about Barry’s new girlfriend. Harry tries to find out who has bought Heather’s house. Teresa appeals to Sheila for help with her money troubles.

Episode 175 (T 03-07-84 “Like Old Times”) Written by John Godber

Alan rushes to the festival to see Samantha, and finds her surrounded by men. In desperation, he turns to drink again. Paul and Annabelle look forward to a dinner party.

Episode 176 (W 04-07-84 “Make A Wish”) Written by John Godber

Marie takes the twins to be interviewed. Alan has to thank Samantha for preventing him from being arrested.

Episode 177 (T 10-07-84 “Reversing”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Matty appears in court. Alan and Samantha spread the happy news of their impending marriage. Alan is offered a job abroad, and puts the bungalow on the market.

Episode 178 (W 11-07-84 “Negotiating”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Harry makes an offer for Alan’s bungalow, but Edna discovers that it involves blackmail. Marie receives some bad news about the twins’ prospects of private education, and confronts the headmaster.

Episode 179 (T 17-07-84 “Omen”) Written by Andy Lynch

It is Samantha and Alan’s wedding day – but there is a terrible accident.

Episode 180 (W 18-07-84 “Off To The Gulf”) Written by Andy Lynch

Alan prepares to leave the Close for good. Marie tries to persuade George to change his mind. The Grants visit Sheila in hospital, and the doctor has some disturbing news for Bobby.

The Cast

Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (133, 135, 136, 139, 143, 144, 147-149, 151-158, 166, 169-175, 179)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (133, 135, 136, 143, 144, 147-149, 151-158, 161, 165, 169, 170, 172-175, 179)
Gordon Collins – NIGEL CROWLEY (135, 143, 144, 146, 151, 152, 155-157, 161, 165, 166, 171, 173-176, 179)
Edna Cross – BETTY ALBERGE (133, 134, 139-142, 146-148, 158-166, 173-179)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (133, 134, 139-142, 146-149, 158-166, 173-179)
Bobby Grant – RICKY TOMLINSON (135-141, 144, 150-158, 163-168, 171-174, 177-180)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (135-139, 141, 142, 147-158, 163-168, 171-174, 177-180)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (135-137, 145-148, 150, 153-160, 167, 168, 170-174, 179, 180)
Damon Grant – SIMON O’BRIEN (133-138, 140-142, 147, 148, 150, 153-160, 167, 168, 170-174, 179, 180)
Karen Grant – SHELAGH O’HARA (133-144, 153, 154, 161-164, 168, 171, 172, 179, 180)
Heather Haversham (formerly Huntington) – AMANDA BURTON (133-138, 140-142, 144, 145, 155-166, 169, 170, 173, 174, 179, 180)
George Jackson – CLIFF HOWELLS (139, 141-146, 157-160, 169-172, 176-180)
Marie Jackson (nee Jones) – ANNA KEAVENEY (139-147, 149, 150, 157-160, 169-172, 176-180)
Gary Jackson – ALLAN PATTERSON (143, 149, 170, 176)
Little George Jackson – STEVEN PATTERSON (143, 149, 170, 176)
Michelle Jones – TRACEY JAY (133, 135, 137-140, 143-146, 149, 152-154, 159, 160, 163-170, 172, 177, 179, 180)
Alan Partridge – DICKEN ASHWORTH (133, 134, 137, 141-144, 146, 153-160, 162, 164-167, 175-180)

Kevin Cross – STUART ORGAN (133, 134, 140, 147, 158, 162, 177)
Father Daley – FRANK CROMPTON (153)
Jonathan Hargreaves – RANDALL HERLEY (134, 137)
Eric Harrison – CHRIS DARWIN (146, 149)
Gizzmo Hawkins – ROBERT T CULLEN (140, 142, 147, 151, 162, 173)
Derek Hobbs – NORMAN GREGORY (160)
Bobby “Mallet Head” Kinsella – ANTON BROOKES (146, 149)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (135, 136, 138, 140, 150-152, 177)
Teresa Nolan – ANN HADYN-EDWARDS (136, 151, 153, 174, 177)
Samantha Partridge (nee Davis) – DINAH MAY (175-180)
Victor Scott – ROBBIE DEE (145)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (133, 135, 137, 138, 142, 145-150, 152-154, 159, 160, 163-168, 170, 171, 179, 180)
Dorothy Tate – MARY CUNNINGHAM (144, 147, 148, 151, 158, 161)
Robin Tate – RICHARD TATE (136, 144, 147-149)
Rose Thurley – PENELOPE FISCHER (161-166, 169, 170, 173, 174, 179)
Will Thurley – DEREK THOMPSON (137, 138, 163, 164)
Mr P. Todd, Head Of Year – JOHN McARDLE (134, 137)
George Williams – DOC O’BRIEN (150, 153)
Registrar – JIM MARSH (179)

Clare Bannister – JEAN RIMMER (175)
Nigel Bannister – ELLIS DALE (170, 174, 175)
Geoff Cropper – HOWARD WARD (157)
Bill Cummings – ANTHONY NAYLOR (150, 152)
Eddie Cunningham – ADRIAN MILLS (146)
Andrew Dunn – RODNEY LITCHFIELD (152)
Ted Fowler – JOHN MASHIKIZA (136, 140, 142, 143)
Grace Hardwick – RUTH HOLDEN (175)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (175, 177)
Jessica Haynes – JO-ANNE KNOWLES (134, 147)
Sally Haynes – ROBERTA KERR (134, 147)
Sonia Heaton – JOAN BACKHAM (170, 171, 173)
Davey Jones – IAN HENDRY (142-146)
Greg McAdam – NIGEL CALIBURN (159, 160)
Tommy McArdle – MALCOLM TIERNEY (145, 147, 148, 150, 153, 154)
Erica Miller – JAN HARVEY (159)
Linda Myers – SUE DEMPSEY (161, 162, 167, 168, 180)
Brian Palmer – NOEL COLEMAN (156)
Doreen Payne – STELLA TANNER (167, 168 )
Ken Payne – PETER GEDDIS (167, 168 )
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (152)
Keith Tench – ANTHONY SMEE (135)
Celia Thompson – ANNETTE EKBLOM (167, 172, 179, 180)

Andrew – PAUL BERRINGER (179, 180)
Mr Baxter – PATRICK NYLAND (173)
Bert, auctioneer – TOMMY RYAN (173)
Big Man – ABE GINSBERG (165)
Clive, tailor – CHIC MURRAY (169)
Courier – DEBRA BURTON (167)
Mrs “Flubby” Daniels – SHEILA VAUDREY (133, 135)
Doctor – CHARLES WEST (180)
Mr Hume, headmaster – JOHN BURGESS (176, 178 )
James – IAN KEITH (152)
Detective Sergeant Johnson – PAUL ANGELIS (156)
Julie – NATALIE MELLING (141, 142)
Liz – STACEY CHARLESWORTH (153-156, 165)
Radio Newsreader (OOV) – ROGER PHILLIPS (153, 154, 158, 176)
Pat – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (133-136, 142)
Peter, fitter – DREW DAWSON (156)
Mr Phillips, insurance man – ANDY ABRAHAMS (167)
Policeman – PHILIP GOLDACRE (145, 175)
Ralph – CLIVE RUSSELL (157)
Mr Swift, shopkeeper – NEVILLE BARBER (140)
Tracey, Paul’s secretary – TONI LEVER (170, 174)

  • Dai, goalkeeper (146)
  • Dave, first-year boy
  • (142)
  • Sindy, the Jacksons’ dog (146, 149)
  • Trish, schoolgirl (135)


The closing credits continue to be superimposed over a view of the close, except that in episode 155 – uniquely! – the action continues all the way through to the “Mersey Television Production” caption – Alan Partridge bashes his head repeatedly on the road, until his horrible friend Liz takes him into the house. The fade into the closing credits of episode 179 is from a freeze-frame of Karen and Andrew, aboard the motorcycle which has just knocked Sheila down, and is accompanied by an echoing scream.

Among the performers playing the smaller roles, there are several interesting names. John McArdle and Justine Kerrigan would later play Billy and Tracey Corkhill, and Damon wouldn’t even notice that these new neighbours looked remarkably like his former teacher and schoolmate…….John Burgess, later to play David Crosbie, is the private school headmaster who wisely turns down the chance of educating the Jackson twins…….and Annette Ekblom, who would play Debbie Gordon in the closing years of the series, is young businesswoman Celia Thompson. There are also one-off roles for Adrian Mills (of “That’s Life”) as a footballer, Jan Harvey (Howards’ Way) as an accountant, and veteran comedian Chic Murray as Paul’s tailor.

Roger Phillips becomes the second credited performer in a different role – although having previously been seen as Petra’s boss Dave Simpson, this time he is only heard as a radio newsreader. Several more voice-overs would follow, and eventually he would also appear again in the series…….playing himself!!

Previously credited only as “Terry”, Brian Regan’s character finally gains the surname “Sullivan” from episode 133 onwards.

The storylines:

For some of the residents this is ultimately a positive time, even though some obstacles have to be dealt with first. The Jacksons and Michelle face the unwelcome return of their long-lost father, but then discover that Petra has left her money to them and not him, and consider how best to make use of it. Alan turns to drink, faces depression, and forms a misguided friendship, but is finally reunited with his true love. While Annabelle briefly goes home to her mother’s when Paul isn’t spending enough time with her, they too are reunited, and Paul finds a new role at PetroChem in which he is much happier. Heather takes the next step in her promising career, by moving to join one of the largest accountancy firms. Meanwhile, Harry stubbornly refuses to accept that Kevin is “living in sin”, has an angina attack, and is concerned that Edna is gambling again; and, following Bobby’s redundancy, Sheila runs an employment agency, which unfortunately results in the DHSS taking Matty to court. She is also shocked, firstly, to discover that, in her early forties, she is pregnant again, and, secondly, to find herself right in the path of a fast-moving motorbike…….

The dates:

It is reasonable to suppose that most scenes are set on approximately the dates on which the episodes were originally aired. In some instances, there is no doubt – it is Valentine’s Day in episode 135, February 29th in episode 140, Shrove Tuesday, March 6th, in episode 141, Mother’s Day, Sunday April 1st in episode 148, and April 10th in episode 151. In episode 144, aired in the middle of March, Paul brings “pre-budget” wine to Robin’s dinner party, after Annabelle jokes that it should really be shamrock wine. There are occasional other references that it is Saturday (145), Grand National Saturday (147), Easter Sunday (154), Cup Final day (162), the year of “Big Brother” (163); 1984 (166); and the 10th (177).


Vernon Scammell, a poet Harry has never heard of (134); Paul Getty (139); Maggie / Thatcher (141, 143, 153); [Ronald] Reagan (143); Hitler (143); Gandhi (144); “Mastermind” (146, 170); Dick Turpin (146); various characters from “Star Wars” (149); Sir Alfred McAlpine (150); Barry Manilow (150); “Grandstand” (153, 168 ); David and Goliath (155); “Rumpole Of The Bailey” (156); “The Birdman Of Alcatraz” (161); John Wayne (164); “Blazing Saddles” (169, 170), Mel Brooks (169); Mother Teresa (170); Christopher Columbus (171); Sir Francis Drake (171); Davy Crockett (171); Carlton Magee (171, 172); Bo Derek (172); [Arthur] Scargill (173); Arthur Negus (175); Saatchi and Saatchi (177); Vesteys (millionaires) (177); Percy Thrower (178 ), “Little Lord Fauntleroy” (178 ). Damon sarcastically refers to “Charlie” in episode 161; from the context, it is clear that he is referring to Prince Charles.

(What do you mean, you’ve never heard of Carlton Magee??)


All of the action in this season is set in Liverpool, except that several scenes in episodes 167 and 168 take place in Spain, where Bobby and Sheila are on holiday, and Doreen and Ken are picking these things up as they go along.


None. Sheila claims that Damon is already 16 when confronting Mr Todd in episode 137, but we are then told that he is 16 (or 4!) on 29th February 1984, so he was definitely born on 29th February 1968 (140, 155). Jessica is 14 (134), Sheila is still 43 (138, 163), In episode 144 the twins are still 10, and Bobby is still 46; however, Karen is now 17 and Gordon is 15. Since these characters were previously revealed to have the same birthday, with Karen a year older than Gordon, it’s difficult to see how she extended her lead…….She is still 17 in episode 180. It appears that Bobby has recently had a birthday, which Barry forgot, in episode 148. The twins are still “about 10”, according to Annabelle, in episode 152. According to Will, Rose is “teenage” (163). Ken and Doreen have children aged 19 and 23 (167), including Anita (168 ). Barry’s 25th birthday was “yesterday” in episode 167. Marie was born in the Dingles (178 ).


At last, the first “Brookside” wedding takes place in episode 179. as Cyril Alan Partridge and Samantha Helen Davis are hitched at the second attempt (and by the same registrar as the first time!!). In episode 177, Edna reminds Harry that they have been married for 40 years; she may, of course, just be rounding to the nearest 10 years…….


None. We are told, however, of the deaths of unseen and never-to-be-seen characters Scunner Jones, a mate of Bobby and Matty, who was killed by a bus while jogging (138), and Marie’s mother, who died when she was 14 (139). And, on this topic, the following cautionary tale from episode 162 surely merits a special mention:

HARRY: Years ago, when I worked in the shed in Edge Hall, a mate of mine came in one morning. And the foreman said to him, “You’re looking very worried, Fred. What’s the matter?”. He said, “It’s my uncle. He’s terribly ill.”. And this foreman said, “It’s all in his mind. He only THINKS he’s ill. And you tell him when you go home tonight.”…….Next morning, he comes in to work, and his foreman says to him, “Well, how’s your uncle this morning, Fred?”. Fred said, “He thinks he’s dead.”.

EDNA: Well, was he?

Toilet visits:

Only two – Davey Jones in episode 143, and George Jackson in episode 170.

Characters not seen yet, but there’s just a chance that they may be coming along later:

Annabelle’s mother (157, 161, 172); and Timmy, who got Rose pregnant (163, 164, 166, 179)

Gone but not forgotten – those seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Polly (134); Roger/Mr Huntington (134, 135, 136, 144, 145, 160, 165, 166, 173); Lucy (135, 144, 146, 152, 171, 172); Norman (136); Petra (139, 142, 145, 149, 157, 166, 176); Gavin (139); Jack [Turner, electrician] (139, 140, 150); Mike, now at Saffron Walden (139, 140, 141, 144, 165); Susi (144), Pauline (144): Val (154); Mrs Salter (165); Maureen [Lomax] (166).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever (in order of non-appearance):

Titch Doyle, mad midget from Damon’s school (133, 135); “Holy Joe”, Damon’s headmaster (134); Mr Hall, another of Damon’s teachers (134); George, of JD Hargreaves (134); Peter, a client of JD Hargreaves (134); John Quincy, a senior partner at Hamilton Devereux (134); “Bimbo”, who Pat went out with (136); Paul Adams, a 64-year-old employee of JD Hargreaves (137); Sean, hall porter (137); somebody called Brokenbrow, who reserved the restaurant table Barry sits at (137); “that Rothwell woman” and her husband Trevor, who mind the twins (141); Julie’s sister (142); Angela Davis, who looks after the twins and owes Michelle money (144); Barry Potter, Jimmy Smith, Jeff Howard and Johnny Cunningham, former colleagues of Paul and Dorothy at PetroChem (144); Eddie McQueen, who Harry says used to do a catalogue scam (146); Holmesey off the estate (146); Frank, football match-goer (146); Mrs Reardon of 73 Grantwell Road (148 ); Chris King, bricklayer (150); Martin Dunkley, convenor at Fontaine Engineering (150); Anita Taylor, MP’s secretary (151); the Dubois (152); Ronnie Morris, a rival of Bobby (153); Gizzmo’s uncle (154); Frankie Murray, work colleague of Bobby (155); Terry’s aunt in Shrewsbury (157, 159); Alec, who had a single bed George and Marie once shared (159); Karen’s aunt Claire (161, 163); Gary, Linda’s ex (162); Fred, about whom Harry tells an anecdote (162); Lance Corporal Fergus, who Harry boxed with during the war (166); Brian, Maureen’s husband (166); Edna’s drunken uncle Walter (166); Celia’s dad (167); Anita, Doreen and Ken’s daughter (168 ); Peter, Sonia’s husband (170); Liz/Lizzie, Sonia’s daughter (171); Hay, PetroChem Chairman (172); Cecil Hayes, works manager at PetroChem (174, 175); Ralph and Grace Hardwick’s seven children (174); Arthur Ritchie and Aggie Cox, who Harry knew during the war; Peter Gilmore and Jim, teachers (178 ); Mrs O’Rourke, Marie’s medium (180); Terry’s uncle in Shrewsbury (180).


In episode 149, one of the Jackson twins says “C P 3 O” instead of “C 3 P O”; and in episode 159, Edna mispronounces “coronary”.


Paul is right-handed (174). His former job title at PetroChem was Production Manager (144). Dorothy Tate worked there for five years (151), starting in the typing pool and rising to secretary to Barry Potter – now she is a headmistress (144) of a primary school (165). Nigel Bannister has worked at PetroChem for 22 years (170).

Gordon goes to Park Royal School, where he is taking two ‘O’ levels a year early – Maths and Computer Studies (171). While working on Alan’s computer, Gordon takes a telephone message for Alan to call someone back on 267981 (which should perhaps have been a seven-digit number?) (143).

Twenty years ago, Edna and Harry were in debt, until they were rescued by “The Laird”…….a horse ridden by J. King at 12/1 (179). Sally and Jessica have lived with Kevin for three months (140). Jessica is one of his pupils (133).

Linda was in the year above Damon at school, and, according to Karen, is an only child (162). Tommy McArdle’s star sign is Virgo (145). Matty has worked since he was 15 (138 ). His full name is Matthew Arthur Nolan (150). Eddie Cunningham was made redundant a month ago. The football club he used to play for is Newtown (146)

Heather prepares for an interview at Hamilton & Devereux in episode 134. We don’t discover until much later that her interviewer there is Keith Tench, but we do learn that he isn’t married (135). She was one of 36 applicants, and refused to be tempted to stay at JD Hargreaves by being offered James Haulage and Harrisons, a chain of butchers, as clients (136). Her junior as Hamilton & Devereux, Greg, has a sister, a nephew and a younger niece (160). Derek Hobbs’ new firm is “Hobbs, Hall and Wallace” in episode 160…….so there must have been some renegotiation since episode 75, when it was going to be called “Wallace, Hall & Hobbs”.

George went to Pitfield Secondary School (171). Marie’s former address was 169 Brooklands South, and her late sister’s full name was Mrs Petra Mary Taylor nee Jones (145). The school she fails to enrol the twins in is Langley Hall (171, 172, 178 ).

Alan Partridge is left-handed (154). His telephone number is still 2599232 (160). The estate agents he uses to sell the bungalow are the same ones that Heather is using (173) – Menskip Pearse, whose telephone number is 2599271 (178 ). The sign is installed by Normington Signs, Northwich, telephone number 0606 484312 (177). Before leaving for the Gulf, Alan sells his computer to a place in Widnes called Barclay’s (180).

The honours board at “The Swan” prominently lists J.E. Balfour as Club Captain and J. Robinson as Secretary (152).

A “Blink-and-you-miss-it” moment:

Episode 147 offers viewers the opportunity to spot that Barry has not made quite the deal he thought he had, some time before he comes to realise it himself. Although he has said he is picking up video recorders, the box we see him loading into the boot of his car is marked “video disc player”…….

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

A sombre end to an above-average season, as the closing music fades up, and Bobby’s voice fades down, while the camera pans away from the couple, through the hospital ward and into the corridor outside, as Bobby begins to patiently explain to Sheila what the doctor has told him following her accident: “He did say I’m going to be all right, didn’t he?”; “Yeah, yeah, there’s just one problem, love. He wants you to have this test done. Because you were bleeding so much, if they do the test now, it could cause a miscarriage. And if they don’t do the test, Sheila…….”