Season Five Episode Guide

Episode 181 (T 24-07-84 “Decision”) Written by Chris Curry

Sheila has made her decision about the tests the hospital has suggested, but will Bobby agree with her? Michelle decides to train as a beautician, and Marie advises her on how to dress.

Episode 182 (W 25-07-84 “Spoiling”) Written by Chris Curry

Marie and Michelle prepare for their cocktail party, but at least one of them may be in for a disappointment. Barry and Terry have to make a deal with Victor – but Celia isn’t satisfied with it.

Episode 183 (T 31-07-84 “Smoke”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Andrew asks Karen to go on holiday with him to the Lake District. Heather sorts out Alan’s boat, and Marie voices her suspicions about Michelle and George.

Episode 184 (W 01-08-84 “Flammable Material”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Marie is concerned when George fails to return from helping to quench a big warehouse fire. Celia receives money from her father to invest in the tool-hire business.

Episode 185 (T 07-08-84 “Equals”) Written by Barry Woodward

Bobby and Sheila receive a surprising telephone call. Michelle becomes an official partner in the tool-hire business, and Terry proposes to her – but they decide to try living together first.

Episode 186 (W 08-08-84 “Panic Stations”) Written by Barry Woodward

Sheila and Bobby arrange a Spanish reunion with Ken and Doreen, but it doesn’t quite go according to plan. Victor is in a spot of trouble.

Episode 187 (T 14-08-84 “A Few Questions”) Written by Kathleen Potter

The police call on the Jacksons’, and George is taken away for questioning. Rose tells Heather she is returning to Ireland, then her fiance turns up on the doorstep…….

Episode 188 (W 15-08-84 “Wistful”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Paul advises Annabelle to keep her distance from the Jacksons, but she agrees to stand bail for George anyway. Damon tells Linda what he heard about her and Danny. Rose leaves for Ireland.

Episode 189 (T 21-08-84 “Social Standing”) Written by Susan Pleat

When prospective bungalow buyers the Prides arrive, Harry shows them round his house instead. Some familiar faces return to the Close, and one of them desperately needs a bath.

Episode 190 (W 22-08-84 “Financially Dependant”) Written by Susan Pleat

Damon and his mates meet up with some girls from London. Barry accidentally reveals that he knows more about George’s predicament than he should. The Hardwicks visit Harry and Edna.

Episode 191 (T 28-08-84 “Not Helpful”) Written by Barry Woodward

George sees his solicitor, while Barry and Terry try to work out how they can help him. Damon and Gizzmo arrange to go to London with Yvonne and Dawn.

Episode 192 (W 29-08-84 “Getting Shaky”) Written by Barry Woodward

Celia warns Barry that he will have to mend his ways if they are to continue in business, but their problems are not over yet. Karen returns from holiday, but her lies are soon discovered.

Episode 193 (T 04-09-84 “Dealt With Delicately”) Written by Andy Lynch

Michelle returns from London and finds out what has happened to George from Terry – the couple spend their first night at the flat. George confronts Tommy McArdle, and soon regrets it.

Episode 194 (W 05-09-84 “Friendly Advice”) Written by Andy Lynch

Tommy McArdle assures George that he shouldn’t worry if he is sent down. The twins start their new school. It’s Karen’s 18th birthday – but will Bobby spoil it for her?

Episode 195 (T 11-09-84 “Hopeless”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Gordon receives a mysterious letter from a young lady demanding money from him. A depressed George tells Marie he is going to plead guilty. Can Annabelle or Paul talk him out of it?

Episode 196 (W 12-09-84 “Not A Robber”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Marie worries that George won’t turn up for his court appearance – but he does, and pleads not guilty. The young lady who wrote to Gordon turns up at the Collins’ house.

Episode 197 (T 18-09-84 “Justice For All”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Marie suggests to Edna that George can help them move house – but Harry won’t allow him to. Cathy suggests to Gordon that he has an ear pierced, so that he looks less like a bank manager.

Episode 198 (W 19-09-84 “Forgetting Something”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

While on a day trip, George heroically rescues a drowning child, but his glory is short-lived. Sinbad tells Edna that he didn’t place her bet, and she panics because she has already given Marie her share of the winnings.

Episode 199 (T 25-09-84 “Ideal Tenant”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Harry produces a questionnaire for prospective tenants to complete and tries it out on Edna, who scores 23%. Michelle wants Terry to tell his father that he is moving in with her – or, failing that, to bring his record player over.

Episode 200 (W 26-09-84 “Nurses”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Prospective tenants Sandra and Kate arrive at the Crosses, and Harry incorrectly assumes that the third tenant, Pat, is also female. When Linda finds out that Damon has lied, he has no girlfriend and no job.

Episode 201 (T 02-10-84 “A Good Story”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Cathy and Gordon plan to turn a bathroom into a darkroom. After watching their new tenants move in, the Crosses begin to suspect that one of them is a man. George reads of his heroism in the newspaper – but will Marie respect his decision not to reveal his identity?

Episode 202 (W 03-10-84 “Twiddling”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Harry confronts Pat. George receives another unexpected visitor – but will he be able to help? Things develop for Gordon and Cathy.

Episode 203 (T 09-10-84 “Aggrieved”) Written by Susan Pleat

Paul complains to Harry about Pat’s mode of transport; but, surprisingly, Harry defends his tenants. Andrew suggests to Karen that they go away for a weekend to look at universities. Damon tells Sheila he is thinking of moving to London.

Episode 204 (W 10-10-84 “Men’s Attitudes”) Written by Susan Pleat

Karen refuses to spend the night with Andrew. Sheila tries to help Damon to find a job. Ralph offers Harry and Edna a cheap holiday.

Episode 205 (T 16-10-84 “Precedents”) Written by Andy Lynch

George’s solicitor tries to reassure him. Paul discovers that getting a repair done late on a Friday is not easy. An elite group selected by computer includes everyone living on the Close and visiting it.

Episode 206 (W 17-10-84 “Exploitation”) Written by Andy Lynch

Paul’s never-ending search for a spare part crucially depends on finding a man called Wilf. Marie asks Michelle for money to pay for George’s barrister. Damon telephones Linda.

Episode 207 (T 23-10-84 “Regina v. Jackson”) Written by Barry Woodward

The case against George begins, with the prosecution calling a key witness, and his chances look poor.

Episode 208 (W 24-10-84 “New Evidence”) Written by Barry Woodward

On the second day of his trial, George speaks in his own defence. Barry and Terry finally decide to help him, but fear they are too late.

Episode 209 (T 30-10-84 “Through The Worst”) Written by Janet Goddard

Barry gets Sheila a pram, but discovers that she won’t allow it in the house before the baby is born. Marie reflects on the outcome of the trial.

Episode 210 (W 31-10-84 “Not Insured For This”) Written by Allan Swift

Pat, Sandra and Kate throw a party. Terry and Barry hear that their shop has been burgled and hope to turn this to their advantage, but something nastier is planned for them.

Episode 211 (T 06-11-84 “Truth Will Out”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Paul makes a morbid discovery. The atmosphere at the hospital is tense. Celia and Michelle consider what to do about the tool-hire business.

Episode 212 (W 07-11-84 “Sold Out”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Heather realises that she is the victim of a confidence trick, but by chance she has the last laugh. Bobby is annoyed with Barry, and Sheila is worried.

Episode 213 (T 13-11-84 “Ethics”) Written by Andy Lynch

Heather begins her audit of NSAOS. Bobby asks Barry to clear out the garage while he recuperates. The Crosses return from holiday, but Harry is still grumbling.

Episode 214 (W 14-11-84 “Falling Out”) Written by Andy Lynch

Heather impresses her boss by her handling of a delicate matter on the NSAOS audit. Pat warns Harry not to turn up uninvited at the nurses’ home. Barry makes a major decision, and Edna finds out that Grace has died.

Episode 215 (M 19-11-84 “Right of Access”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

When Harry reappears in the nurses’ home with a donkey instead of an invtation, Pat decides to have the locks changed. Barry seeks help from Celia, but will she offer it? Michelle is reluctant to employ someone to take Terry’s place while he is recovering.

Episode 216 (W 21-11-84 “Terms”) Written by Jimmy Oakes

Sandra comes out of the shower to find Harry rummaging through her drawers. When she finally allows him to go home, he finds Ralph stripping in his lounge.

Episode 217 (M 26-11-84 “Pressure”) Written by Barry Woodward

Heather prepares for a dinner guest. Paul tries to convince the Board of the need to introduce external contractors. Edna has a run of bad luck with the horses.

Episode 218 (W 28-11-84 “Going For Good”) Written by Barry Woodward

Terry comes home from hospital. Barry says his farewells. Edna’s money worries increase, and she has to take drastic action.

Episode 219 (M 03-12-84 “Burdens”) Written by Susan Pleat

Edna continues to gamble, even though it means she has to pawn her rings to raise some cash. Bobby takes on a case of unfair dismissal, and Michelle becomes disenchanted with having to look after Terry.

Episode 220 (W 05-12-84 “Sympathetic”) Written by Susan Pleat

Kevin wants Edna to consider going to Gamblers Anonymous – but will Harry agree? Marie goes to see her MP – but can he help her?

Episode 221 (M 10-12-84 “Lunch”) Written by John Oakden

Paul receives a lunch invitation. Marie is supported by her neighbours, and Stuart gets a surprise from Heather. Sheila is depressed when Bobby brings a woman home.

Episode 222 (W 12-12-84 “Documentary Evidence”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Marie meets a journalist. Heather and Stuart’s plans are dashed. Bobby learns the truth about the case he is pursuing. Annabelle prepares for a dinner party, not realising that some of the guests are vegetarians.

Episode 223 (M 17-12-84 “Seasonal Gifts”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

The twins are sent home from school for fighting. Annabelle and Paul view Christmas with mixed feelings. A rift develops between Terry and Michelle.

Episode 224 (W 19-12-84 “Gestures”) Written by Allan Swift

Bobby is called on to assist with a case of sexual harrassment. Paul has a serious surplus of turkeys. It’s time to switch on the Christmas lights at the bungalow – but will they work?

Episode 225 (M 24-12-84 “Long Journey”) Written by Andy Lynch

On Christmas Eve, Sheila has to make a mad dash for the hospital…

Episode 226 (W 26-12-84 “False Alarm”) Written by Andy Lynch

On Christmas Day, Marie is depressed about George, and refuses to let the twins keep a donkey they find. Paul is annoyed because he has lost the television page from his paper. Sheila is confined to bed while the others cook dinner, and Harry fears that he is having a heart attack.

The Cast

Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (187-190, 195-198, 203, 207, 209-211, 217, 218, 221-226)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (188-190, 195-198, 203, 205, 206, 210, 211, 217, 218, 220-226)
Gordon Collins – NIGEL CROWLEY (187, 191, 192, 195-199, 201-206, 210)
Edna Cross – BETTY ALBERGE (189, 190, 195-204, 213-220, 223, 224, 226)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (183, 184, 189, 190, 195-204, 213-220, 223-226)
Bobby Grant – RICKY TOMLINSON (181, 184-186, 192-194, 198, 199, 203, 205, 212-214, 218-226)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (181, 185, 186, 192-194, 203-205, 209-212, 214, 218, 221, 223-226)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (182-186, 190-194, 201, 202, 207-218, 226)
Damon Grant – SIMON O’BRIEN (188-192, 199-206, 210, 218, 226)
Karen Grant – SHELAGH O’HARA (183, 184, 192-194, 198-201, 203-206, 215, 216, 218, 226)
Pat Hancock – DAVID EASTER (200-203, 207-211, 214-216, 223, 224)
Heather Haversham (formerly Huntington) – AMANDA BURTON (181-184, 187, 188, 195, 204, 210-214, 217, 218, 220-222)
George Jackson – CLIFF HOWELLS (182-188, 190-198, 201, 202, 205-209)
Marie Jackson (nee Jones) – ANNA KEAVENEY (181-198, 201, 205-212, 219-226)
Gary Jackson – ALLAN PATTERSON (187, 194-196, 198, 207, 223, 226)
Little George Jackson – STEVEN PATTERSON (187, 194-196, 198, 207, 223, 226)
Michelle Jones – TRACEY JAY (181-183, 185, 186, 193-195, 199, 200, 206-212, 215, 218-220, 223-226)
Sandra Maghie – SHEILA GRIER (200-202, 207-210, 215, 216, 223, 224)
Kate Moses – SHARON ROSITA (200-202, 207, 208, 210, 211, 219, 222)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (181-186, 191-195, 199, 200, 207-212, 218, 219, 223-226)

Andrew – PAUL BERRINGER (183, 184, 192, 194, 203, 204, 215, 216, 226)
Nigel Bannister – ELLIS DALE (217)
Donald “Ducksie” Brown – MARK BIRCH (189-191, 201, 210)
Kevin Cross – STUART ORGAN (197, 198, 219, 220, 225)
Grace Hardwick – RUTH HOLDEN (190)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (189, 190, 204, 215-220, 223-226)
Gizzmo Hawkins – ROBERT T CULLEN (189-192)
Jessica Haynes – JO-ANNE KNOWLES (197, 198 )
Sally Haynes – ROBERTA KERR (198 )
Sonia Heaton – JOAN BACKHAM (190, 197)
Roger Huntington – ROB SPENDLOVE (181)
Detective Sergeant Johnson – PAUL ANGELIS (187, 194, 208, 211)
Greg McAdam – NIGEL CALIBURN (181, 182, 184, 187, 222)
Tommy McArdle – MALCOLM TIERNEY (183, 184, 193, 194, 210)
Linda Myers – SUE DEMPSEY (188-190, 199, 200, 206)
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (226)
Teresa Nolan – ANN HADYN-EDWARDS (226)
Doreen Payne – STELLA TANNER (186)
Ken Payne – PETER GEDDIS (186)
Wally Peek – CARL CHASE (216)
Victor Scott – ROBBIE DEE (181, 182, 186, 192)
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (199, 200, 218 )
Celia Thompson – ANNETTE EKBLOM (182, 184-186, 191-194, 201, 202, 209, 211, 212, 214, 215)
Rose Thurley – PENELOPE FISCHER (181-184, 187, 188 )
George Williams – DOC O’BRIEN (213, 219, 220)
Radio voices (OOV) – ROGER PHILLIPS (184, 197)

Jackie Armstrong – JAMES GARBUTT (204)
Frank Bennett – JOHN GILLETT (219, 220)
John Crosby – PETER FAULKNER (220)
David Davis – TERENCE COATES (221)
Lynne Dearman – PAMELA BUCKLE (213)
Lisa Dibbern – DEBBIE BOWERS (205)
Mike Dickinson – COLIN RIX (205, 206)
Howard Drucker – IAN GARDINER (212)
Jane Drucker – ANN ARIS (212, 213)
Colin Arthur Dunn, Barman – AL ASHTON (193, 207)
Richard Gill – PETER JOHN (217, 218 )
Dr Stuart Griffiths – DANNY McCARTHY (210, 212, 217, 218, 220, 221, 222)
Janet Hansen – CHERYL KENNEDY (221, 223, 224)
Billy Harper – LYNDAM GREGORY (216)
Joyce Harrington – GIL BRAILEY (211, 212, 214)
John Laird, Building Enforcement Officer – DAVID BARRY (222)
Edward Laraway, Counsel for Prosecution – CLIVE GRAHAM (207, 208 )
Richard O’Connor – CHRIS SANDERS (190, 191, 205, 207, 208 )
Joseph Pride – CHARLES HAGGITH (189)
Sarah Pride – MAE STELFOX (189)
Rick Sexton – JEFFREY LONGMORE (201, 222)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (197, 198 )
Herbert Travis – GEOFFREY WILKINSON (207)
Colin Trent MP – TONY KAROL (220)
Arthur Sweeting – MARTIN OLDFIELD (202, 208 )
Cathy Walker – KATY NEWELL (196-198, 201, 202, 205, 206, 210)
Ken Watson – CHRIS JOHNSTONE (220, 222)

Bandit, dog – BANDIT (204)
Bernadette – MAJELLA REYNOLDS (216)
Bomber – JOHN WILD (216)
Bookie – TONY OSOBA (218 )
Caretaker – REG ROGERS (222)
Mr Carson, Social Security man – CHRISTOPHER HANCOCK (223)
Clerk Of The Court – ALEC COLEMAN (207, 208 )
Clinic G.P. – CLIVE CORNER (212)
Dawn – LETITIA DEAN (190)
Desk Sergeant – BILL CROASDALE (187)
Mrs Grove, Educational Welfare Officer – LESLEY STAPLES (224)
Judge Hamilton-Brown – WILLIAM ABNEY (207, 208, 209)
Jury Foreman – FRED BARTON (207, 208 )
Leggers – CON O’NEILL (199)
Mrs Lyons – BAY WHITE (197)
Marg – WENDY GERARD (200)
Pawnbroker – LOUIS RAYNER (219)
P.C. Reynolds – PIERS HENSCHEL (187)
Sammy – JIMMY GALLAGHER (198 )
Sammy’s Mother – MARJI CAMPI (198 )
Timmy – KILIAN McKENNA (187, 188 )
Usher – BERNARD ALEXANDER (207, 208 )
Westbrook, Counsel for Defence – JIM BARCLAY (207, 208 )
Wilf – ARTHUR KELLY (206)


The closing credits continue to be rolled over an image of the Close. Episode 208, however, ends with George Jackson being led into a prison cell – there is a long freeze-frame of him, and the picture suddenly turns black with the accompanying sound effect of a slamming cell door – the credits begin on this black background, then the normal image of the Close gradually fades in. Episodes 225 and 226 end with a short fade to black, followed by the cast and crew waving from the Close. For these two episodes, a single alphabetical listing of all the crew and performers replaces the traditional format for the credits.

Arthur Kelly becomes the third performer to play a second credited role. Previously Dromgoole in episode 13, he reappears as elusive spare parts man Wilf. He would return later for a longer-running role as Laura Wright’s father.

Several of the performers of other minor roles in this season would also return as other characters later on – including Marji Campi, who, uniquely, would have played three different widows by the time the series ended!!

The storylines:

One storyline dominates this season – George Jackson’s accidental descent into crime and imprisonment, including its knock-on effects such as Barry and Terry being turned into “video nasties”…….. Elsewhere on the Close, Harry and Edna become the first couple to move from one house to another, heralding the arrival of new tenants Kate, Sandra and Pat. Bobby, Paul and Heather continue to be most frequently seen at work – especially Heather, who has some successful assignments at her new firm – while most of the younger characters develop their personal and business relationships.

The dates:

It is reasonable to suppose that most scenes are set on approximately the dates on which the episodes were originally aired. There are only occasional more specific references that it is Saturday (197, 202, 204); Sunday (198 ); Tuesday (199); and Friday (205). The T.U.C. conference is in progress during episodes 193 and 194, and the Liberals are in Bournemouth in episode 197. There is a November calendar on the wall in episode 200, and a big “13” on Joyce’s desk-calendar in episode 214. During George’s trial, his offences are alleged to have occurred between the 1st and the 8th of August 1984 (207), and the car containing incriminating evidence was found on August 8th (208 ). It is Christmas Eve in episode 225, and Christmas Day in episode 226.


Paul Heiney and Gaby Roslin (182); Bruce, Craig, Sam and Alan, Liverpool footballers (185); Joe Fagin, Liverpool manager (185); Princess Diana (186); “The Sweeney” (186); Roger McGough, poet (190); “Jackanory” (192); Ronnie Biggs (194); Ned Kelly (195, 196, 199); Cordelia and Lear, from Shakespeare (197); Boy George (198 ); Danny La Rue (198 ); Nat King Cole (198 ); Karl Marx (199); the Beatles (199); Margaret Thatcher (199, 205); Frankie Goes To Hollywood (200); The Duke of Westminster (202, 203); Evel Knievel (203); Mark Thatcher (205); Prince Charles (205); Marconi (205); Al Capone (207); “Grandstand” (207); Mary Whitehouse (207); Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (212); Spielberg Enterprises (212); the Kennedys, US presidents (212); Gilbert & Sullivan (212); Gary Cooper (214); Grace Kelly (214); “News At Ten” (214); Rudigore, opera (215); [Ian] McGregor (217); “Coronation Street”, celebrating its 24th birthday (220); Twiggy (221); (recently born Prince) Henry (225); Scrooge (225); Mary and Joseph (225); Adam and Eve (226).


All of the action in this season is set in Liverpool, except that Karen and Andrew visit Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where they encounter Jackie Armstrong and Bandit, in episode 204; and Heather and Stuart are seen in Manchester in episode 220, and in Birmingham in episodes 221 and 222. The Birmingham scenes in episode 222 also feature Greg and the un-named Caretaker, who was evidently born there!


None, though by episode 210 Sheila is seven months’ pregnant, We learn, however that Rose has given birth to a baby girl in Ireland (220), and that Samantha is also now pregnant (226). We are also told that Marie is 35 (186), the twins are now 11 (187), Damon is still 16 (192), Barry is still 25 (213), Harry is 66 (216), Gordon is still 16 (221), and Annabelle is 47 (222). Sandra is a year older than Pat (201), and Edna is two years younger than Harry (202). There are a few birthdays mentioned, especially Karen’s – in episode 192, she is 18 “next week”, in episode 193 it is “tomorrow”, and in episode 194 the great day finally arrives. In episode 187, Heather’s birthday was “last week”; and in episode 207 it is Sheila’s birthday – by episode 221, she is 44. In episode 210, it will be Paul’s 60th birthday on Friday [presumably 2nd November, or possibly 9th November], so his star sign is Scorpio. In episode 211 Heather gives him a belated birthday present.


None, although we are told that Rose and Timmy have become engaged (195), Edna and Harry have been married for forty-seven and a half years (203). and Annabelle says she has been a wife and mother for 20 years (222).


One – in episode 214 Edna learns that while she and Harry were on holiday, Grace Hardwick has died of pneumonia, following a fall, and was buried two days later. Terry mentions in episode 185 that his mother died three years ago this month, although it would later transpire that he had been slightly misled about this…….. Bobby mentions in the same episode that he had an uncle Brendan, so presumably he doesn’t any more. In episode 190, Yvonne’s opening gambit in her bid to chat up Gizzmo is that she really loved her gran, who died last year. Mrs Lyons’ husband has recently died in episode 197, and Sammy’s mother reveals in episode 198 that his father is no longer alive. In episode 206, it is a year since Petra died.

Toilet visits:

Just three – Rose (187), Sheila (193), and Terry (224). George, however, has the “runs” in episode 190.

Characters not seen yet, but there’s just a chance that they may be coming along later:

Terry’s late mother (185); Betty, who often looks after the Jackson twins (185, 188, 190, 192, 212, 219, 223, 226) and her two lads, who, according to Michelle, are a right pair of headcases (226); Ian, Sandra’s husband (210); Kate’s mother and family (222); eighteen-year-old Cheryl Potter (223, 224, 225) and Dwyer (223), the parties involved in a case of sexual harrassment.

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Diane (181) Alan Partridge (181, 183, 185, 191, 223. 226); Pauline (183, 184, 192, 193); Samantha (185, 226); Susi (183, 184, 192, 193, 218); Will (183, 188 ); Petra (186, 206, 211, 218 ); Gavin (186); Robin Tate (188, 217); Pat (188 ); Lucy (190, 192, 196, 203, 221, 222, 226); Mike (192, 194), Maureen Lomax, who is from Newcastle (203, 204); Erica (211); Father Daley (212); Stan/the Broadbents (218 ).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever (in order of non-appearance):

“Dodge”, fireman (184); Terry’s uncle Albert in Shrewsbury (184); Ken and Doreen’s daughter Anita, and Ken’s sister, who had two babies after she was 40 (186); Danny, Linda’s ex (188 ); Peter, Sonia’s husband (189, 190); Ginny Evans, a mate of Linda’s (192); Jimmy Perkins at school (195); Cathy’s brother (196); Mrs Lyons’ two daughters and son (in?) Edinburgh, Newcastle and Cardiff (197); Kelly, betting shop manager (198 ); Mrs Stamp, Pat’s former landlady (202); Anne, Grace Hardwick’s sister (204); Martin, a foreman who telephones Paul (205); Karen’s auntie May in Blackbrook (206); Hilda Culshaw, owner of “The Sentinel” in Wilberforce Street, which has been in liquidation since July (208 ); Teddy Palmer,a mate of Barry’s (212); Sylvia, a member of NSAOS with a brat called Christopher (213); Mr Williams. general manager of razor-sharp building sub-contactor Billy Harper (216); Fredericks, Ken Watson’s predecessor as PetroChem’s personnel manager (217); Brian, who Stuart speaks to on the telephone (217); Ronnie at the betting shop (218 ); Grace’s brother, who lived in the next street to Ralph (218 ); Susi’s Jeff, now living with her family with his wife and a new baby (218 ); Geoff Irons, convenor at ACG (219); Mr Adams, a constituent heard OOV (220); Mr Crosby, one of the twins’ teachers (223); Billy Thompson and his big brother, who are picking on the twins (223); Alan Wilson, Janet Hansen’s predecessor (224); Michael, a shop steward, and Angela, his wife (224); Ben, a 5-year-old son of a friend, whose birthday party Annabelle is doing the catering for (224); Mrs O’Rourke, Marie’s medium (225, 226); Mr and Mrs Loscovicz, Polish/American engineers working in Liverpool for a year (225, 226); Dubois (226)


A question we were possibly meant to hear Annabelle asking, “Where do they live?” appears to have gone missing in episode 197. Asked whether she has any children, Mrs Lyons replies: “Two girls and a boy…….Edinburgh, Newcastle and Cardiff.” (If Annabelle wondered why the widow had named all her children after cities, she was too polite to mention it!)

In episode 202, Harry’s tenses seem confused: “I knOw all about that sort of thing before you were thought of”.

Karen has two goes at saying “Liverpool” while talking to Jackie Armstrong in episode 204.

In episodes 207 and 208, the fire George attended was at “Carson’s Bonded Warehouse”, but in episode 184 it had been at “Spence’s Warehouse”.

At one point in episode 212, Joyce refers to NSAOS as “North Thames…….” instead of “North Sands…….”.

In episode 217, Stuart asks Heather how many hours a week she works; and, ludicrously, she replies “I don’t keep a count.”. As a chartered accountant in a major firm, in which all of the professional staff would be working on the affairs of several different clients, billed on the basis of the grade of staff used and hours spent, she would have to maintain a detailed ongoing record of her work and the time spent on it, and complete a weekly or monthly time-sheet.

In episode 222, Heather introduces Greg to Stuart as “McAdams” instead of “McAdam”. She’s his boss, so he doesn’t correct her!


Annabelle, who was named after her grandmother (207), suggests to Paul that they should get the latest gadget, a Teletext television (226). Paul isn’t convinced, although he could probably afford one – his current annual salary is £13-14k (190). This is their first Christmas alone for 19 years (225). Mike Dickinson has worked at PetroChem for 38 years (205). Frank Bennett is the convenor there (218 ).

Gordon gets “A”s in his Maths and Computer Studies “O” levels, which he has taken a year early (190). His girlfriend Cathy lives in Walton, a 102 bus ride away (196). Lucy is spending Christmas in Switzerland (226). Edna’s telephone betting account number is 21972 (217). She has been a gambler for 30 years (220). Her 22-carat wedding ring was bought in 1937 for £10 (219). Her son Kevin is a graduate in English Literature (203).

Sheila’s telephone number is 9875 (210). The hospital she asks the taxi-driver to take her to is in Oxford Street (225). The business set up by Barry, Terry, Michelle and Celia – who the lads occasionally refer to as “Snow White” (182, 183, 184) – is called “Riverside Tool Hire” (209, 210). John Crosby has three children (220) and used to work for Carstairs South West (220, 222). Victor Scott’s middle name is Martin (194). Janet Hanson studied Industrial Relations at Warwick University (223), and worked in the research department of the Equal Opportunities Commission (223). Barry observes that Wally is now bald: “What’s happened to your hair?” (216).

Damon’s girlfriend Linda goes to Oak Vale Comprehensive School (199). Karen was nearly born in a lift (204). When she was younger, she was kicked out of the Brownies (183). Her boyfriend Andrew works in a DIY shop in Bootle (203). Ducksie has now become a trainee cook at the Adelphi (189). Jackie Armstrong is an ex-shipyard worker, and has a son who has never worked (204).

Nurse Sandra Maghie works on Ward 14 (215). She left Glasgow three years ago (210). She is divorced from Ian (210), a finance worker at Ravenscraig, who she married when she was 20 (223). Patrick John Hancock’s previous landlady was Mrs Stamp (202). He has a skeleton called Vivienne (207, 209, 211, 214). Rose has no sisters (187).

Heather is an only child (187). Her telephone number is now 2599180 – presumably she had it changed after Roger went? (210). Greg works for her on the “Owens” audit, which includes “Owens Refactories” and “Owens Tilings” (181, 182), and on an acquisition by Cosgroves Engineering (222). The managing partner (the “great white chief”) at Hamilton and Devereux is Howard Drucker (211). The North Sands Amateur Operatic Society (NSAOS) was established in 1937, and has always been audited by Hamilton and Devereux (212). It has been the bane of Joyce’s life for six years (212). Lynne Dearman is its honorary treasurer and, according to Jane Drucker, sings like a fingernail on a blackboard (212).

George Edward Jackson had been in the fire service for 14 years (208), earning an annual wage of £8k (190), before drawing some incriminating directions to a warehouse in Martins Lane, off Great Howard Street, near Dock Road (184). He had performed with the “Blazing Saddles” (191). Arthur reminds him that he used to bring blue videos in to the fire station, which, without Marie knowing, he obtained from his brother-in-law [= Gavin!!] (202).

Gary and Little George go to Brookside Comprehensive (224). Michelle has been out of work for over a year (185). Colin Arthur Dunn has been a barman for nine years (207). Jack Sullivan, who lives at number 247, was previously a docker and has been out of work for six years (199). Colin Trent MP’s office is at 101 Derby Road (220). Reporter Rick Sexton is left-handed (222).


In episode 181 there are three flashbacks of Roger and Heather from earlier episodes; and episode 209 features a flashback of Marie and George from an earlier episode, plus some repeated sequences from episode 208, including previously unseen images of the judge delivering his verdict, “You will go to prison for eighteen months”, during which George’s reaction had originally been seen on-screen.

“Blink-and-you-miss-it” moment:

This has to be the appearance of Letitia Dean, who would go on to play Sharon Watts in “EastEnders”, in episode 190. Still credited even though all her dialogue as Dawn is cut from the episode, she can only be seen on-screen for a few seconds, climbing a stairway.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

After most of the residents have rallied around Harry, who appears to be having a heart attack (it transpires that he is merely being pricked by a pin left in the new shirt he is wearing), Sheila, who has already made one abortive dash to the hospital, pretends that her baby is really now on the way. Bobby races out to the car, then into the house to get Sheila’s bag. By the time he has reversed the car in front of the bungalow, however, everyone is outside, with glasses raised, and they wish him a merry Christmas.