Season Eight Episode Guide

Episode 321 (M 25-11-85 “Defending”) Written by Jimmy Oakes

Rod arrives home with a black eye, but finds that it wasn’t worth getting. Doreen’s turkey fund becomes a little under-done.

Episode 322 (T 26-11-85 “Missing Money”) Written by Jimmy Oakes

Pat and Terry are summoned by their bank manager. Doreen confronts Julia. Heather has a visitor, but does she still have a job?

Episode 323 (M 02-12-85 “Work”) Written by John Oakden

Lucy invites James home. Pat and Terry meet a potential new customer. Damon starts work in a stately home. Ralph and Harry are bored.

Episode 324 (T 03-12-85 “Conscientiousness”) Written by John Oakden

Damon is in a spot of bother at work, but won’t blow the whistle on the guilty party. Harry and Ralph man the phones.

Episode 325 (M 09-12-85 “Moral Scruples”) Written by Alan McDonald

Damon confesses that he has been suspended. Pamela encourages Karen to crib an essay. Pat and Terry blame Harry for sending them on a wild goose chase.

Episode 326 (T 10-12-85 “A Quiet Word”) Written by Jan Needle

Sheila takes steps to clear Damon’s name. Sandra is not pleased when Harry wakes her up. Karen obtains a second-hand essay to save her some time.

Episode 327 (M 16-12-85 “What’s The Catch?”) Written by Andy Lynch

Sinbad tries to interest the residents of the Close in fresh turkey for Christmas. Karen discovers that her tutor originally wrote the essay she handed in to him.

Episode 328 (T 17-12-85 “Fresh Turkey”) Written by Andy Lynch

Sinbad introduces Trevor the Turkey to the residents, most of whom decide that it’s slightly too fresh for them. Karen is flattered by the weirdest Guy she knows.

Episode 329 (M 23-12-85 “Surprise Visit”) Written by Allan Swift

Lucy feels trapped as Annabelle sets a date for James’s visit. Billy is asked to work over Christmas. Sheila is surprised that Father Christmas knows so much about Claire. Pat, Sandra and Terry celebrate early.

Episode 330 (T 24-12-85 “A Bed For The Night”) Written by Allan Swift

At Billy’s factory, many of the men are made redundant just before Christmas, and it’s time for Bobby to take action. An ex-girlfriend of Barry’s turns up and has a few surprises for everyone.

Episode 331 (M 30-12-85 “Installing”) Written by John Oakden

Barry discovers that Jane hasn’t kicked her habit, and confiscates what he finds. There’s trouble between Billy and Bobby at the picket line. Joyce turns up at Heather’s in need of somewhere to stay.

Episode 332 (T 31-12-85 “Fraternising”) Written by John Oakden

Bobby and Sheila learn from Barry that the heroin belongs to Jane. Joyce tells Heather she is setting up in business, and invites Heather to join her.

Episode 333 (M 06-01-86 “Forgetful”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

James has dinner at the Collins’, and Annabelle and Paul soon suspect that he has something to hide. Jane receives some good advice – but will she listen?

Episode 334 (T 07-01-86 “Birthday Girl”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

It’s Claire’s first birthday. Paul and Annabelle’s fears about Lucy are confirmed. Pat and Sandra discover that Jane has left during the night, taking a few of their things with her.

Episode 335 (M 13-01-86 “Difference Of Opinion”) Written by Barry Woodward

When the Clearys remove the wheels from Pat and Terry’s van, they get much more than they bargained for. Nicholas helps Heather with her decorating, and insists on staying to finish it. Bobby is annoyed with Billy because he crossed the picket line.

Episode 336 (T 14-01-86 “No Harm Done?”) Written by Barry Woodward

Barry and Pat have plans to stop a war. Vicki blames Terry for her brothers being beaten up. Paul and Annabelle try to discover where James really works.

Episode 337 (M 20-01-86 “Brass Tacks”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Pat defies Terry and takes the law into his own hands with Barry. When Paul discovers something about James, he gives him a week to reveal it to Lucy. Heather is disappointed to discover who her new boss is and, what he thinks of her.

Episode 338 (T 21-01-86 “Some Mistake”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Barry is determined to continue sorting out Terry’s problems with the Clearys, but he is about to make a big mistake. Billy and Doreen meet with Tracy’s headmaster and the teacher involved in the allegations.

Episode 339 (M 27-01-86 “Rats”) Written by Andy Lynch

Damon and Neil have another cunning plan, but as usual it’s about to backfire. James’s attempts to dump Lucy don’t have the intended result.

Episode 340 (T 28-01-86 “Privatisation”) Written by Andy Lynch

Bobby is bothered by scabs on the Close. Lucy decides to tell her parents that she has stopped seeing James. Sheila wants to adopt, or at least, sponsor, a child. Nicholas takes Heather to dinner – but who will end up paying for it?

Episode 341 (M 03-02-86 “What’s She Been Doing?”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Lucy and Tracy have exactly the same problem – their parents don’t understand them or approve of their actions.

Episode 342 (T 04-02-86 “So It’s True??”) Written by Kathleen Potter

Tracy comes clean about Peter, who wishes she hasn’t when Billy exacts a brutal revenge. But James is still keeping Lucy blissfully unaware of a few things.

Episode 343 (M 10-02-86 “Spying”) Written by Jan Needle

Annabelle spots Lucy and James together in town, but isn’t prepared for what Lucy tells her. Sheila spots Barry handing over a bundle of money to a stranger.

Episode 344 (T 11-02-86 “Goings”) Written by Alan McDonald

Heather is attacked for political incorrectness. There are some unwelcome revelations for Lucy. Tracy disappears.

Episode 345 (M 17-02-86 “Listening”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Tracy is staying away, and Lucy refuses to face up to the facts about James.

Episode 346 (T 18-02-86 “Taking It Badly”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Lucy discovers that her boyfriend isn’t even called James when she decides it is time to pay a visit to his wife.

Episode 347 (M 24-02-86 “Personalising”) Written by Susan Pleat

Doreen fears that Billy will be sent to prison. Can someone with previous experience reassure her? Ralph tries to help Harry compose a “lonely hearts” ad. When Heather gives Nick a present, he recognises it.

Episode 348 (T 25-02-86 “Interpretation”) Written by Susan Pleat

Harry wonders if he is being disloyal to Edna. Ralph can’t make up his mind. Heather’s curiosity about Barbara gets the better of her – but she is not at all prepared for what she discovers.

Episode 349 (M 03-03-86 “Uncooperative”) Written by Barry Woodward

Harry receives nineteen replies to his advert, one of which is from a man. Billy appears in court, but refuses to cooperate with his probation officer.

Episode 350 (T 04-03-86 “Change Of Mind”) Written by Barry Woodward

After Harry posts his letter to Madge, he has second thoughts and wants to get it back.

Episode 351 (M 10-03-86 “Mistaken Identity”) Written by Jimmy Oakes

Sandra is offered a promotion, but to the private ward. Bobby receives a letter about a loan taken out in his name. At the art gallery at which Madge is due to meet Harry, she unfortunately isn’t the only woman wearing a green coat.

Episode 352 (T 11-03-86 “Be My Guest”) Written by Alan McDonald

Bobby is jealous of Sheila’s tutor when he holds a class in their front room. Sandra is annoyed to find Vicki cooking her steaks in the kitchen. Ralph wants to borrow Harry’s car.

Episode 353 (M 17-03-86 “In-Depth Interview”) Written by John Oakden

Sandra starts her new job, and Sally Dinsdale turns up at the Grants’ with a black eye. Karen interviews Paula Yates.

Episode 354 (T 18-03-86 “Born Romancer”) Written by John Oakden

Sandra and Jackie show the pest control man their cockroach-infested rooms. Sheila tries to convince Bobby that he has nothing to worry about.

Episode 355 (M 24-03-86 “Birthday Cards”) Written by Barry Woodward

On Bobby’s birthday, Damon gets his cards. Pat pesters Sandra about why she is so irritable, not expecting the answer he gets. A telephone call from Teresa forces Sheila to lie for matty.

Episode 356 (T 25-03-86 “Cruel To Be Kind”) Written by Barry Woodward

Sandra tries to let Pat down gently, but it’s almost impossible.

Episode 357 (M 31-03-86 “Are You Ready?”) Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Guy invites Karen to spend the night with him, and she agrees. Ralph sneaks out to see Madge. leaving Harry to spend the bank holiday on his own.

Episode 358 (T 01-04-86 “A Tricky One”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

A shop steward draws Bobby’s attention to some surprising payslips. Madge pays a visit to the bungalow, and Ralph’s planned trip to Torquay with her turns into a foursome.

Episode 359 (M 07-04-86 “Best Out Of It”) Written by Kathleen Potter

When Tracy is bored at home, the Corkhills’ telephone bill is about to start shooting up. Sheila confronts Mo, who tells her that Matty is leaving Teresa to marry her.

Episode 360 (T 08-04-86 “Differentials”) Written by Kathleen Potter

George tries to convince Bobby to take the “long view”. Heather and Keith return from Aberdeen. Sally Dinsdale turns up again, and this time Sheila insists that she stays. Damon gets a new idea about how he might find a job.

Episode 361 (M 14-04-86 “Diving”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Sheila has a frightening secret she doesn’t want to worry Bobby with. A visit by Jehovah’s Witnesses results in Pat and Terry missing “The Magic Rabbits”. Harry, Ralph, Julia and Madge enjoy a holiday in Torquay, while Damon looks for work.

Episode 362 (T 15-04-86 “Fraud Investigation”) Written by Jimmy McGovern

Sheila confides in Alun over the poison-pen letter. Pat and Terry appear to have dropped themselves in it with an unexpected visitor, but is there a solution?

Episode 363 (M 21-04-86 “Sexual Blackmail”) Written by Jimmy Oakes

Lucy seems to have got over losing James, as she meets another man; but Paul and Annabelle are not convinced that Barry is a suitable partner for anyone. Bobby is annoyed with Sheila again.

Episode 364 (T 22-04-86 “Making It Worse”) Written by Helen J. Wilson

Bobby faces a difficult choice – his job or his men? When Karen gets a nasty telephone call, Sheila explains that it was meant for her. Nick has a confrontation with Keith Tench over Heather, and comes off worse.

Episode 365 (M 28-04-86 “Rationalisation”) Written by John Oakden

Billy and Doreen anxiously go to court, as so much depends on the result of their appeal. Keith Tench is determined to make Heather’s life difficult.

Episode 366 (T 29-04-86 “Au Revoir”) Written by John Oakden

Rod and Damon are both convinced that they have won their bet. Petrochem is taken over. Lucy says her goodbyes as she prepares to leave for France with Barry, but she’s leaving something behind her. Billy regrets not mentioning something important to Doreen.

The Cast

Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) – DOREEN SLOANE (329, 333, 334, 336, 339-348, 356, 363, 365, 366)
Paul Collins – JIM WIGGINS (329, 333, 334, 336, 337, 339-348, 356, 363, 365, 366)
Billy Corkhill – JOHN McARDLE (321, 322, 329-332, 335, 336, 338-350, 359, 365, 366)
Doreen Corkhill (nee Brogan) – KATE FITZGERALD (321, 322, 329-332, 335, 336, 338-350, 359, 365, 366)
Rod Corkhill – JASON HOPE (321, 322, 337-340, 344, 359, 365, 366)
Tracy Corkhill – JUSTINE KERRIGAN (321, 322, 338, 339, 341-343, 345, 346, 349, 350, 359, 365)
Edna Cross – BETTY ALBERGE (327)
Harold Cross – BILL DEAN (321, 323-332, 336, 347-352, 354, 357, 358, 360-362)
Bobby Grant – RICKY TOMLINSON (325-332, 334, 335, 340-343, 351-364)
Sheila Grant – SUE JOHNSTON (321, 325-330, 332-336, 339-344, 351-355, 358-366)
Barry Grant – PAUL USHER (329-343, 363-366)
Damon Grant – SIMON O’BRIEN (323-330, 333-335, 339, 340, 351-353, 355-363, 365, 366)
Karen Grant – SHELAGH O’HARA (325-332, 334, 335, 337, 341, 342, 344, 349, 350, 352-355, 357-359, 364, 365)
Claire Grant – AMY LYNCH (321, 326, 328, 329, 334, 342, 344, 351, 352 OOV, 353 OOV, 363)
Pat Hancock – DAVID EASTER (322-329, 333-340, 351, 352, 355-358, 361, 362, 364)
Ralph Hardwick – RAY DUNBOBBIN (321, 323-332, 347-352, 354, 357, 358, 360-362)
Heather Haversham (formerly Huntington) – AMANDA BURTON (321, 322, 331-337, 339-341, 343, 344, 347-350, 360, 361, 363-366)
Sandra Maghie – SHEILA GRIER (323-329, 333, 334, 336, 338, 351-358, 363, 364)
Terry Sullivan – BRIAN REGAN (321-331, 335-340, 351, 352, 354, 357, 358, 361, 362)

Nicholas Black – ALAN ROTHWELL (322, 333-335, 339-341, 347, 350, 360, 363, 364)
Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) – GLADYS AMBROSE (321, 322, 329, 332, 341, 361, 362)
Lucy Collins – MAGGIE SAUNDERS (323, 324, 327, 329, 333, 334, 339-348, 356, 358, 363-366)
Ted Cook – BRIAN GRELLIS (323, 324, 326, 351)
James Fleming – GENE FOAD (323, 324, 327, 333, 337, 339, 340, 342-346)
Pamela Gregson – CAROLINE WILDI (325, 326)
Derek Halligan – BRIAN ABBOTT (355)
Joyce Harrington – GIL BRAILEY (322, 331-337)
Susi McSharry – HELEN MARTIN (358 )
Matty Nolan – TONY SCOGGO (333, 352, 354-356, 359, 366)
Teresa Nolan – ANN HADYN-EDWARDS (334, 357)
Jackie O’Shaughnessy – JILL DAWN (353, 354)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) – MICHAEL STARKE (327, 328 )
Jack Sullivan – WILLIAM MAXWELL (329, 330)
Keith Tench – ANTHONY SMEE (337, 343, 347, 349, 360, 363-365)
Carol Thompson – GERALDINE GRIFFITHS (324, 328 )
George Williams – DOC O’BRIEN (332, 360, 361, 364)
Neil Wilson – FRANCIS IVEDIEBO (339, 340)
Eileen – KIM KAIN (330)
Bank Manager – WILFRED GROVE (322)
Policeman – NEIL CONRICH (332)
Radio voices – ROGER PHILLIPS (337)

Gerry Blake – ROY BRANDON (323, 324, 326) [ Barman (57) ]
Dave Butler – MIKE KAY (358) [ Kenny (40) ]
Joe Cleary – CON O’NEILL (335) [ Leggers (199) ]

Adam Black – TOBY KING (341)
Barbara Black – BRENDA ELDER (348 )
Eddie Cleary – PHILLIP WALSH (335, 337)
Vicki Cleary – CHERYL LEIGH (324, 328, 335, 336, 338, 351, 352, 362)
Jimmy Corkhill – DEAN SULLIVAN (347, 349, 350)
Sally Dinsdale – KATE RIDING (352, 353, 359, 360)
Emily Fleming – SOPHIE KILMISTER (346)
Penny Fleming – JANE HEYWARD (346)
Mo Francis – STEPHANIE FAYERMAN (354, 359)
Desmond Greenall, Magistrate – BERNARD BROWN (349)
Mike Henty – PAUL HUMPOLETZ (323, 324)
Tony Hetherington – GORDON WHARMBY (329)
Jim “Nobbo” Holohan – PETER FAULKNER (362)
Dr Tony Hurrell – MARTIN WENNER (357)
Alun Jones – NORMAN ESHLEY (352, 354, 359, 362)
Giles Lloyd – PATRICK DUNCAN (353)
Paul McGinn, Duty Solicitor – DUNCAN GOULD (350)
Peter Montague – MARK DRAPER (332, 338, 342)
Mrs Christine Plunkett – VAL ELLIOT (354)
Madge Richmond – SHIRLEY STELFOX (351, 354, 358, 361, 362)
Derek Roberts – CHRISTOPHER GRAY (327)
Jane Smith – CLAIRE LEWIS (330-333)
Trevor The Turkey – ARCHIBALD (328)
Guy Willis – IAN MICHIE (326-328, 349, 350, 352, 355, 357, 359, 365)

Mrs Clayton, Senior Nursing Officer – ANNA MOTTRAM (351)
Clerk – COLIN BOWEN (349)
Mr Crane, Prosecuting Solicitor – ROLAND OLIVER (349)
Ginnie – JILL CONNICK (344, 348 )
Headmaster – HOWARD LLOYD-LEWIS (338, 346)
Joey – MIKE FLANAGAN (330)
Mr Lambert, Loan Shark – IAN McKENZIE (342, 353)
Personnel Officer – TONY GUILFOYLE (365)
Probation Officer – ROD CULBERTSON (349)
Woman In Green Coat – CAROL GATLEY (351)

Playing herself: PAULA YATES (353)

Belinda, secretary (353)
Bill, picket (332)
Mr Hart, barrister (349)
Jack, worker at Pollock’s / picket (329, 332)
Lorna Kay, Sutton’s secretary (327)
Marilyn, rat (339, 340)
Mick, worker at Pollock’s (329)
Mrs Prenton, mumbling private patient (354)
Dicky Sharrock (343)
Sally Dinsdale’s son and daughter (360)

The “Magic Rabbits” are seen again in episode 325, and their tune is heard again as Terry watches television in episode 331.

An alphabetical list of who “Brookside has been brought to you throughout the year by” follows the usual cast list in the closing credits of episode 330, which roll over a different, brighter view of the Close. Towards the end, the cast and crew are faded in, waving.

Unusually, the closing music begins well before the end of the dialogue in the final scenes of episodes 333 and 343.


The storylines:

Things are looking up for Sandra, as she receives a promotion, and for Pat and Terry, who begin to make a success of their van-hire business after some initial difficulties. Ralph, after encouraging Harry to move on by placing a personal ad, appears to have found a new companion; and so has Heather, although she is having a tougher time at work. Karen adapts to university life, but Damon’s YTS scheme comes to an end, and the course Sheila is taking seems to be leading her to interfere in other people’s affairs, including Matty’s. Annabelle and Paul battle to extricate Lucy from a doomed relationship, only for her to apparently embark on another one; and when Tracy sleeps with, and Billy deals with, a teacher at her school, he avoids a prison sentence, but loses his job…

The dates:

The only references to specific dates areas follows: in episode 329 Christmas Eve is tomorrow, and James’s visit to the Collins’ is set for January 6th – it takes place in episode 333. In episode 330 it is Christmas Eve, and in episode 332 it is New Year’s Eve, then New Year’s Day. Nick is unable to present the cheque Heather has given him early in the new year in episode 334 because she has dated it 1985 instead of 1986. In episode 335 it is a Monday night in mid-January 1986. It is Monday again in episodes 339 and 341, and Wednesday both tomorrow and today in episode 342. It emerges in court in episode 349 that Billy’s attack on Montague, seen in episode 342, took place at 4.50 pm on Tuesday February 4th. In episode 356 it is “nearly April”, in episode 357 it is a bank holiday, and in episode 358 it is April 1st. In episode 362 Harry reflects, reading an unseen plaque in Torquay, that it is 42 years since 6th June 1944.


Marvin Hagler (321); “The Sound Of Music” (327); Jane Mansfield, Red Rum, Admiral Sandy Woodward (328); Adolf Hitler (330, 362); Rockefeller (330); Rod Stewart (330); Barbra Streisand (331); Mrs Thatcher (331); Tony Benn (331); Laurel and Hardy (332); Bela Lugozi (334); “Punch” (336); “Private Eye” (336); The Ayatollah (337); John Wayne (338); Perry Mason (338); Christopher Wren (340, 360); Patience Strong (341); Boy George (344); “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” and “Smiley’s People” (344); Paul Getty (347); Pinnocchio (348); Fiona Richmond (349); Lois Lane (349); “Time” magazine (349); “Kings Of The Road”, film by Wim Wenders (350); Joseph Williamson, James Sadler, historical figures (352); Bob Geldof (353, 354); Oliver Cromwell (354); Huskisson, historical figure (354); Florence Nightingale (354); Julie Birchall of the N.M.E. (355); Dorothy Lamour (358); Sebastian Coe (359); Princess Di (360); Mr Ridley, government minister. mentioned in news broadcast (360); “Last Tango In Paris”, “Rocky 4”, “E.T”, “Popeye”, “Road Runner” (363); Crippen and Buck Ruxton, murdering doctors (364).


All of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, except that Harry, Ralph, Madge, Julia and Damon are seen travelling by train to Devon in episode 361, then in a variety of locations in Torquay throughout episodes 361 and 362. Although Damon is seen calling Rod in episode 366 from a phone box “not far from Chelsea’s ground”, nothing else but a wall appears in the background, so it is unlikely that these short sequences were actually recorded there.


None. It is mentioned that Tracy is 15 (322, 342, 345, 346); Damon is 17 (325), then 18 (361); Emily is 3 (346); Harry is now 67 (348), and Billy is 39 (349). It is Claire’s first birthday “tomorrow” in episode 333, and she celebrates it in episode 334. Sally Dinsdale’s children are 11 and 9 (353); It is Bobby’s 49th birthday in episode 355. Ralph is “60-odd”, and younger than Harry (358).


None. We are reminded, however, that Bobby and Sheila have been married for 27 years (341).


One – Marilyn the rat begins a long tradition of unlucky creatures who don’t manage to stay alive for long when they appear on the Close, as Barry Grant shoots her dead in episode 340. We are also told that Bobby’s father has been dead for years (353), and Billy’s mother is also dead (331). So is Madge’s husband Desmond (358), and Tommy Cagliorani, a Yank she knew during the war (362).

Toilet visits:

Sinbad (328), two schoolboys (337), Harry (351), Madge (351), Bobby and George – together (364), and Guy (365). The horse pulling the holidaymakers round Torquay in a cart also does its “business” on the way – but Harry refuses to let Julia scoop it up to use as manure (361).

Characters not seen yet, but there’s just a chance that they may be coming along later:

Nick’s two older children – Jasmine, who prefers to be called Ruth (334, 341, 350, 360), and Scott (334, 341); Jimmy’s wife Jackie and their kids (347); and Sally’s husband (364).

Gone but not forgotten – seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Tom Curzon (321, 322, 331, 337, 363); Howard Drucker (322, 332, 333, 337); Jessica (323, 362), David Hargreaves (325, 326, 329, 331, 349, 351); Margaret (328); Kate (328, 330, 355); Roger (331, 348); McArdle (335, 338); Janice (336); Marie Jackson (336); Camilla (339); Sonia (347, 363); Janet Hanson (355); Kevin (362); Greg (364); George Jackson (365); Brian Palmer (366); and Gordon (366).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever (in order of non-appearance):

Mr Henry, who needs manure shifting (322); Brian Moloney, who isn’t Tracy’s secret boyfriend (322); Peter Kelly / Fatso the Pervert, who fought with Rod (322); Henshaw, a cricket player in James’ office (323); Sean O’Brien and his wife at the Big Country Caff (324); Mr Clayton, Harry’s old depot manager, and Mrs Clayton (327); Sutton, from whom Lorna Kay is the secretary (327) Guy’s older brother and younger sister, Rachel and Simon (328); James’s parents (329); Arthur, a picket (331); Bill, Joyce’s husband (331,332); Nellie and Flo, relatives of Billy (331); Hayward, a married man who has been with the firm three years and got the head office job James missed out on (333); Ben, Emma and Ross, who sent birthday cards to Claire (334); Roy Nelson, Karen’s tutor (335, 349); Arthur, Barry’s contractor (335); Micky Ross, owner of Marilyn (339, 340); Colin Morris in Accounts (339), Mr Hargreaves, Doreen’s biology teacher (340); Ma Wright, her sports teacher (340); Frank Roach, loan shark (340); Mr Myers, shopkeeper (341); Mr Anstice, Nick’s next door neighbour (341); Sandra Underwood, Tracy’s friend (344, 359); Julie Roach, who Tracy stayed with on her 13th birthday (345); the Chadwicks and their son Michael, the same age as Lucy (345); Doreen’s aunty Joan, who ended up in a straitjacket (346); Richard, Karen’s editor (349) Edward Horton and Jane Markinson, released on bail (349); Margaret Winstanley, Rose Nelson and Pearl Norton, lonely hearts (349); Pearl, who Ralph once knew (349); Mike, on the telephone to Keith (349); Belinda, council secretary (353); Jonathan Plunkett, his mother’s 15-year-old next-of-kin, and her husband, who left her four years ago (354); Pat’s sister (355, 356), her three kids (355), and his mum and dad (356); Tommy Blair, a possibly fictitious mate of Matty’s (356); Aloysius, a mate of Damon’s (358); Jason, Suzi’s boyfriend (358); Archie Wright, shop steward (361); Rogers, who runs an antique shop (361); and Richard, Sonia’s son (363).


Pat in episode 323: “If Terry hasn’t…….doesn’t have any luck…….”

At one point in episode 332, Harry refers to the “Empire and Commonwealth Club” instead of the “Commonwealth and Empire Club”.

Although Keith Tench has apparently contributed an article to “Accountancy”, the picture seen of him in episode 350 has clearly been superimposed on a feature actually credited to Sean Franklin and Tony Hall.

Ralph in episode 354: “I pay rou rent for living here”

Sheila in episode 362: “Why are you acting like this for?”

Hamilton & Devereux is referred to as “the company” – which it can’t be – by Keith Tench in episode 365.


Lucy’s work telephone number is 7091010 (336). She is still left-handed (347). James has been with the firm for three years, spent four months in France, and is originally from Leeds (333). The tax disc on his car expires on 31.5.86 (345).

William John Corkhill stands accused of attacking Peter Neil Montague (349). Doreen failed her ‘O’ levels (340). Tracy is in class 4N (344). She is seen with a book “Manual of Public Relations” by Pat Bowman and Nigel Ellis, which, presumably, she has just been using to lean on (322)! Jimmy Corkhill was in the Territorial Army for two months (332), and was once sent to jail for six months by “Hanging Herbert”, who he jokingly makes Billy think is the Chairman of the Bench before whom he is appearing (349).

Harry’s “box” for the replies to his personal ad is number 426 (348). In Torquay, he, Ralph, Madge and Julia stay in the Derwent Hotel (361), and Damon eats at Hooper’s Cafe (362).

The Grants’ telephone number is still 9875 (355). Teresa is Sheila’s oldest friend (358). Alun Jones is unmarried (364). Barry is left-handed (342, 343) and, according to Terry, 5’8″ tall (330). Karen reads “Media Week” (358), and has to read six chapters of the book (by) Bordwell and Thompson, while Pamela is going to bed with (law text) Granville and Williams (325). Jane gets her drugs from an address in Kewley Road (333, 334). Paula Yates stays at the Atlantic Tower Thistle Hotel (353).

Sandra gave up smoking three months ago (333). Dr Tony Hurrell is a Registrar (354). The firm called in to deal with the cockroaches in the private wards are “Verminators” (354). According to Pat, the Clearys are based at the corner of Maddox Road (337).

Hamilton & Devereux have over 100 partners, and only two of them are women (332). Clients include Prothero’s, planning to diversify into oil (347) and Barnaby’s (347, 349). Nick is an architect (363), and has had a horrible flat for two years (333).

In episode 338 the bin men are on strike, and in episode 342 they have gone back to work.


In episode 327 there is a flashback to Edna, Ralph and Harry turning on the previous year’s Christmas tree lights (from episode 244), and in episode 337 there is a flashback to Joyce and Heather discussing the implications of Heather seeing Tom (from episode 256).

“Blink-and-you-miss-it” moment:

How Annabelle ever managed to find anyone in her address/phone book is a mystery – in episode 336 it can be seen that Tom Swift (312 19742), Alan James, 14 South Break Street, and Lucy’s work number are all listed on the same page!

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Doreen has been out on a shopping spree after Billy has won his appeal in court – but returns to hear bad news: “I wasn’t out celebrating last night. I just couldn’t face coming home, that’s all. That fella yesterday didn’t want to see me about the Llandudno trip. He sacked me. No redundancy pay, nothing – sacked. No more income, no money, nothing…