South was a two part mini-series comprising of 25 minute episodes and produced as part of the ITV Schools ‘The English Programme’ strand. The storyline focused on Tracy Corkhill and boyfriend Jamie as they head to London in search of new opportunities. The series explored the class divide of the North and South as well as difficulties facing young people.

The series is also notable for being shot on film unlike regular Brookside episodes that used video as well as featuring a cameo appearance from The Smiths’ lead singer Morrissey.

Jamie and Tracy on train

Part One – broadcast 14th March 1988

The episode begins with Jamie on a National Express coach interspersed with flashbacks of Jamie with Tracy at a party talking about plans to go to London.

The pair arrive in London late at night and begin searching for jobs and a place to stay but things don’t go to plan when they get robbed.

Eventually they find a house to stay which features a mix of young people from different backgrounds. Jamie manages to get a job as a dishwasher in a kitchen, but Tracy feels alone and regrets having gone to the big city.

Aztec Camera’s Somewhere In My Heart plays over the credits.

Tracy meets Morrissey

Part Two – broadcast 21st March 1988

This episode begins with Jamie now working on a building site getting the sack over a dangerous incident, whilst Tracy is working with a young woman and a baby in the building where they are staying making Christmas decorations.

Jamie goes with Vinny to the job centre in search of something new, whilst Tracy goes with Louanne to deliver some items to Capital Radio where she ends up meeting Morrissey.

In the end, both Jamie and Tracy thoroughly fed up decide they’ve had enough of London and head back to Liverpool, but at the train station, Tracy has a change of heart.

Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come plays over the credits.

Tracy Corkhill – Justine Kerrigan
Jamie Henderson – Sean McKee
Jazz – Caroline Strong
Santa – Joseph Crilly
Tracy Fitt – Sharon Fryer
Louanne – Faith Tingle
Vinny – Frank Vincent
Foreman – Norman Warwick
Morrissey as Himself

Brookside format and characters devised by Phil Redmond
Written By Frank Cottrell Boyce

Casting Director – Julian Oldfield
Brookside Casting – Dorothy Andrew
Graphic Designer – Ruth Bribram
Production Buyer – Mike Ashby
Make Up Supervisor – Rosemary Harrison
Costume Designer – Jennie Tate
Stage Manager – Pauline Gaunt
Production Assistant – Jenny Hopwood
First Assistant – Mark Willis
Location Supervisor – Denver Thornton
Gaffer Electrian – Roger Edney
Dubbing Mixer – Ted Spooner
Sound Recordist – John Ramdsen
Film Editors – Harry Kyle, Nerys W Jones
Photography – Simon Kossoff
Production Designer – Harry Clark
Executive Producer – Alan Horrox
Producers – Peter Griffiths, Phil Redmond
Director – Peter Boisseau